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Project Review With Q, May 11, 2024

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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welcome welcome welcome
beautiful day to you Roz going to join me mermaids going to join me today possibly or maybe not all right record music you hear thank you everyone for joining me again it to work so I think I'm going to do one more week I think I'm going to think I'm going to do one more week to give people who possess the land that do not have land patents in America only keep them coming if you've already submitted we have them anyone that has is in possession of a home in mortgage leasing or otherwise give it and wants to Homestead their property sending your project so we can get you organized there and align so we can get educated as well on the different
the different types of of Homestead and or variables around it
can we just kill Chihuahuas Chihuahuas the the
possession of land is really important for me because
we get to proof where the homestead is who's in who's in who's on top of it looking for where Homestead Chris Cross
or her intersect on Parcels that have been identified really really important because Homestead results can't remove a very difficult and it's very valuable to me to see if you can help it the entire entire Housing Industry is corrupt and it's not because he's a bad people is cuz they got to can't you can't own real estate you're just in possession of it and so that's my life
was there something wrong did you capture a Chihuahua I just want to say it's not just your going to also be educated people that do not as well I just wanted to say that I know how your land and more importantly people that died in 08 so meanwhile back at the ranch
what we have assembled now is we got the phone lines ready looks to me like we'll do the healers and also do Monday through Friday the admin people can help and fill in some Mondays will look potentially like the healers from Tuesday's would look like collaborations and Wednesday will be maybe the homestead groups food food food food and so forth will be Thursday's farming Friday so that's the way we're going to set up the phone lines for now last message KC and the Sunshine Band yeah go ahead with the direction you're going there perfect perfect perfect thank you
and I think you lost item I had was probably going to have Luchia one of our great helpers and healers on next week if I can get her plant bouncing phone phone calls with her and have it is where it's at I think I'll take some calls
no that's okay
an organ transplant control question John from Canada organ transplant in control can you elaborate on what your question is about below John
hello there nice to finally a talk with you guys beautiful day to you thank you so much for your participation are great love to you how can I how can I help you
well I'm with carries love life playroom and it's a continuation of the questions that we have there so when someone has a heart transplant what higher self do not connect to is it their original or the donor or both and how and is there any other organs that are transplanted it may affect your body as well
great question very easy to answer you should come real obvious to you or you feel that you already know the answer please pass on my great love to carry so what this is not standard but for most people when you take another being's Oregon you are going to inherit those epigenetics but I am so this is why I was I had a vendetta against dentist for a while and realized it was maybe a bigger bigger puzzle there then I wanted to get involved in and encourage other people help but when you go and foot you have a a tooth
backfield you're usually getting Bones from a cadaver well that cadaver epigenetics are going in your mouth when the back fill a root canal and so forth and so the same with an any organ I can you displace the epigenetics from the other human know it would be very difficult so remember their blood type could be the same but they still have the historical information stored in their genes hope that helps you
wow so it's a dangerous game to play for me because you know you're just one step away from being a robot anyway there are there have been civilizations where she already seen part of it where they're putting it in when you get a hip replaced or a knee replaced turning you into the terminal and so if I keep a Star Wars at a pretty good job of explaining I can take your heart and I can take your mind and I can put it in a robot I don't need anything else
answer my question yes it did. Yes thank you very much and the second question there seems to be a lot of controversy over so-called that solar class or lightweight coming in which would heal and upgrade our bodies could you please let's settle this once and for all if there are upgrades from light flashes of any kind how do they have these upgrades
so it's continuous is not one event it's constantly growing so that's why it was amazing well that's your light codes absorbing more of the light codes of source so will there be a recalibration of source at the end of the Ascension yes will it be a life a yes you'll probably receive it as it's like but it's not the purpose and or the nucleus or sentient cuz you're like to you're just like the sun there's a proportion of you for some like in your your physical body you're representing reflecting experiencing and you're constantly getting enough and that's why I'm so heavy-handed and go out on a limb. It's long as you keep demanding your spirit to increase enhance that is part of you receiving more of your life codes from source which
the sun and the highest dimensional relationship you're going to have with sources is from the Sun
and some of us doing what we can to send out the these beautiful healing and upgrading raised all the time so yeah I I think it's very beneficial to sit out in the sun whenever you can and that's why I think too many of us it's just place to get a little bit of sun on us everyone loves to sit out in the sun but he doesn't the sun with you so that's that is a great tool and then you'll get a lot of Freckles to
so there would be waves and Paul says where there's time for it would be what you're going to do it would be higher and lower is that correct yeah but it's mostly because of your atmosphere all the electronics around you right now are just out of microwaves are was prohibiting you once we can remove all the satellite Communications microwaves radio waves you're going to get it very very quickly that the weaponization of communication is what you're experiencing and the limitations of this type of human body for as a summary as a generalization otherwise you would have already probably be on the hip extension right now
alright okay and cute with is deja vu one per person actually witnessing cutting and pasting
Deja Vu we've been playing up there we have a couple clients that
are powerful enough to create a Love by located in the future like myself so they can go backwards and forwards in time like myself but don't really control it yet so I have seen many people in that scenario that aren't really controlling their time travel yet and it's confusing and are also being cut and paste which would in most cases always be
so very rare most Deja Vu you're not supposed to be reliving your life over again
and I supposed to be reminded you were supposed to do this you're a hundred percent for a 24 so I'd say 99% of the time
okay thank you both very much I've been working on a couple of cute little jokes I hope it's okay that I tell them you know we don't like being upset I don't know you might like that and they're sitting in a bar and they're having a couple of drinks and they start to loosen up a bit and one mermaid says the other don't you think that that Q is a lovely boy and the other mermaid says yes I do he dresses so nicely and the other one said yes and quickly too
next one the next one is there's these three guys I would
and dumb is Jesus Buddha in this other fella sojjis are Buddhist that's up to the tee-off ETS off and the ball goes straight down the Fairway of a 200 Jared's great ball in the Jesus steps. He hits the ball and goes down of a 225 yards it's right on the Green in this other guy steps up he hits the ball terrible slice bounces on it goes into this pain second later alligator pops up with it is not expensive in the air just in a seagulls fly by text it eats it and it just says he's going over the green light go straight down the hall in Jesus looks at Boudin what's up with the other fellow says I'll come on Q quit screwing around play golf with you
okay so now it's back in the western days he was on his horse he rides up to the bar and he gets off the bartender's the horse just ran across the horse right back Tales horse in Kissimmee on the bus so you point to the Space Needle
thank you thank you thank you thank you I will thanks guys I'll by God bless so much blessings for all of you thank you so much I'll see if we can get another call in here there's only been like $100 on hold buy BBS so they're their bucket I'm sure is. For Kevin has a question about cell phone usage Kevin cell phone usage question please go ahead if you're still there
I'm here
my favorite favorite game show IQ
yeah he must be another Canadian transplant in Florida
okay so I wanted to
I wanted to continue the conversation you have last hour about the cell phone usage and you know practically everybody has a cell phone so one of my questions is how to deal with that particular issue in fact maybe they had phones I don't know it could have been told and I was wondering did they happen to have cell phones in and how did they deal with that problem
yeah there's a lot of civilizations I only use them because that seems to be when people have knowledge about there's been a lot of them it's a great question we've talked about this and you know if people from the Galactic Federation that that would like to see the inside of the hall Glide turned off and of course I'll find out there in that category just pull the plug make it all go away and start from scratch because they're higher perspectives at the whole the whole world is this internet if you just imagined it like a web it's just sending this control system and it may be that simple
I can go back to the old time
yeah so I'd say
we can use the orions Bollywood most efficient they would use first of all they would they change the technology so it is purely vocal recognition so the reason I'm so heavy-handed on the technology here is cuz we're in rev a machine in her and that is tremendous amount of microwave transmitter and receiver to your biofeedback so just holding a phone is going to give the phone a lot of information about you your emotions can read all of your feelings where as some of the Technologies all use the orions it would only be a radio very very low and voltage they use crystalline transmission so if you go back to crystalline technology like you had when you were a kid making your
radio that would be what they would do but it eventually you don't use them anymore because you get so powerful so when you're inspired to do something that synchronicity is your new Communications. I'm inspired to go find someone who makes bicycles that I love will that inspiration will be your next phone in between your growth and development as a human that make sense
it does so we're still going to be using the cell phones through this transitional phase to go ahead in in
communicate I'll give you a number B B 2121
I'll say 2100 you won't have me more right in there alright
okay it was concerning to me because we speak for everybody listening to you we definitely want to ascend so how do we solve that solution I mean do we need to go ahead and fix my landline with an answering machine like it was back in 1980s at that mermaid mister I mean
yeah so I'll I'll speak for people that do interact with the Galactic Federation and some of those are not in my opinion speak to the bulk of the US military around the world that is all around the world I said you asked it's all around the world and the Q teams in order for us to heal we're going to have to get sick berth cuz everyone's opinion my opinion is to take the tablecloth off the table and let everything fall but for the most part if we look at the global decision-making process this topic
everyone is going to have to see it for themselves in order to condemn it because it'll just backfill into another system so unfortunately we don't understand things very well but we definitely understand pain wouldn't you say
and so that has been the model that has been used for money the RV the technology that's been shoved down your throat and I'll hold my tongue whether I I feel that's the best way or not but certainly that's how most civilization have done it they just stopped preferring this kind of communication but it's pretty hard to explain to people that they're being mind-controlled with fine lines that are not theirs when it's just their mother's birthday
sorry I think so now I mean I wish it would disappear on the hole twice as he said it will in the future but United States start with yourself and maybe everyone in your household will follow suit when they say how faithful you are but if you just stop with your controlling South Williston and it's not a big deal if you still do feel you need to use that it's just it's just a shame it could be holding you back and it's it's in the way of timelines and maybe stop weaning yourself. Riding back to people and stuff answering phone calls when you don't feel like it and turn off all the apps that a dinging at you all the time
at least go to an old switch fine because it's not got the stupid toxic mean I terrible energy coming from it all with great care I I I'm going to need some help today. Can you help me those kind of things when you really really am looking for this do you have one of these in a phone call because the energetic that you are so powerful now when you talk the intentions will be very pure when you text your those those are fake and I hope that helps it's not just obviously we know the radiation things like that from the signs people having a body like physically they're not having the near children and babies and soft head
and things like that is just really bad but it's also it's like the chat with a friend and you find hunting in the in the room and then suddenly I don't know anyone that has information about the people that know about it so did Steve Jobs
I really do not and I just love you guys and I just can't I'm so excited every Saturday when you come thank you so much thank you so much years ago
thank you David you say maybe we're making we're making an impact that maybe we're making some people in Florida disc golf and sat around at the at the Country Club. OK Google, tell us when you online one question
are you there yes I am yes I am and love to both of your love seeing you
my son started having this the bun I around seven or eight years old but she's 11 now saying everything what's the question of the word looks like a blue filter over everything like he would look at white color and it looks blue or it's like for example purple tie and then sounds like a few months ago it's but the second I spent getting a sexy just call him
okay very good thank you for that question I think we did a segment online visibility last week or so do you mind if I ask you some questions
please okay so how old is your son
11 and when you describe the colors notice the age is a something when he described the color is the is is the is he lost as the visibility and or dexterity of the detail of his vision is well
know if he said she's sympathy everything perfectly fine it's just the color
well I think it was
so it's been probably about 4 years now I don't know exactly when it started for the boss getting worse
okay is it in tearing his vision though
okay alright so what's so when you give me the information I'm able to read the situation through you and see him and it looks like he's pretty close to you right now yes probably if you heat the way what will work on now is why and so so very very obvious as I see him that I thought he is playing without control of the energetics of the dimension and the Metro so what we're really talking about based on the information so far is learning how to tune and calibrate as I told you before I've been blind and
a human body and that's basically what I would see to some each color is going to represent a different frequency and if you can if you can calibrate it you'll have you'll bring back the colors to what they're supposed to be some speed and or but you'll still know the energetic to them so the short version is your son is looking at things
aligning the energetic and then the representation is represented by colors
start working with animals living things they'll have different colors and different conditions in different moods their friend or as excetera
look at plants start comparing the to start there and see if he can organically calibrate so look at a plant or maybe several minutes maybe an hour then go look at your pet dog for several minutes and maybe to her body of water things like that and see if that helps recalibrated otherwise Commander Spirit to heal and balance the way you want it to be that's why suggestion if if you don't have if you don't get any results within a month go ahead and see if you can reach back to us and I'll I'll work with the more in-depth it for me it looks like we just have a calibration with a very special individual
thank you so much and your spirit with your son the healing balancing is that is that fair to say say is that sometimes it feels to me that the key is hijack by the dock and then he it's kind of strange because then he would refuse completely he was not want to do it she was just in and out there I'll say it again just very special individual and we special individuals you we get special treatment don't lie
doing great. You're going to do just fine you can do just fine just fine and tell your son my love my love to thank you so much it has it has to do with with children I've been so excited too and in my heart so much love and gratitude to you for that putting it into words and putting it out there for us as far as how we just flow out of our heart and inspiration and all of that been trying to push myself at my best in life but also I'm trying to do it in the license my kids and also you know show them with my example or but sometimes invitation where you were kids it's it's where it's hot and I feel like it's hard to follow.
I don't feel like doing it but there's a mom you know it's my responsibility to bring a check by the doctor and they don't want to do it so how would you suggest damn it since it's such moment
yeah it is a constant study constant study for the most part situational decisions is what was pretty much the topic today in the last show how did we get ourselves in the situation is like my question and now why do I react to someone else's situation the solution is the Slowdown the decision-making and really catch yourself getting in a situation that as you said is not your inspiration so do we let our kids B free do we does our heart pull us so much we have to go clean their skinny when maybe they could do it themselves things like that is maybe an idea are we getting in situation do we have to get involved in every situation
that's my question that's how it is that's how we started work backwards I hope that helps thank you so much I love you a question to their assigned many parents out there especially Willow parents and mothers and single parents and people that I'm going to Ascension on that parenting a 30-day trial then you already know that site from a little more attention to Ascension with children absolutely and every one that's doing it is doing an absolute extra amazing job than
people that don't have kids and all my kids are grown ups and stuff I thought we talked about this a lot so like you have to drop them somewhere and you don't really want to hear you're really comfortable at my minions and you could take them to soccer practice things like that just really play with a time it will start to flow a little and they might start doing things I don't want you know drawing or doing something else and then I guess at the end of the day and sometimes and we don't really want is a highest joy to give them Joy cuz I really want to do something so then we do it anyway and that's fine because that's part of being a parent
yeah just play with it I would just play with that I started just
stopping During certain the same with it that's still a lot of things you still got to do when someone else cycle is just having a blissful day on that Ryan and I just want to watch the sunset with a glass of wine and yeah we just have to keep doing our best and balance it as much as we can for sure that's a great suggestion so maybe someone else doesn't joy as an is inspired to the Cook you know I hate touching things like that and by the way why are we eating anyway
thank you for your question my love you I love to you figure out a few no more help if we need to save that hopefully this is a good step
oh my my deepest gratitude to both of you I will reach out if nothing changes yeah the kids thing is is fun well I mean how did it how do we get kids in the first place what happened
okay so when I just saying that was it from a place of Love or was it from a place
okay so don't is my kid
a problem because he came from love or from Love sometimes they just wanted the child and then who's going to come into the body
how what spirit is going to come into physical and how come we love them so much even though we can eat them sometimes how does that work
you can tell I don't have the kids right now. I got about billion a billion a billion is what the shows about is about children talking to Children everyday course I love them or I'll just move on we are going to call someone called Annie Annie calling us give me new greetings for Q Annie are you there so I keep so long Annie Annie Annie Annie can you ask you a question
what is a Bogan
Austin Moon
I know everything's have got a y on the end of it like you have a bracket how can I help you any
yes he is I have been finding very difficult to greet somebody saying hello good morning so I was thinking that maybe we should come up with another greeting B we all can feel comfortable leaving his little vibration in it
LOL hahaha
everybody's please not alike from my heart to yours
oh that's beautiful I things you can say that the people that are on Snow White
so what was this thing about the Ascension Cycles love love your observation so the language we are appreciating that I do not appreciate is all black magic and so your spirit is going to catch on to it as you've mentioned said I don't feel like putting in to see where you come from your legacy
you would never have a constant in your work and that's why it's bothering you so as you can see the wines that have probably good morning to my husband
good morning then I don't know what I want.
Yeah. Completely understand turn in a project you can build us a new language song is your best vacation
yes yes I wish I can you can set aside to everyone hate my uncle unconditional love from my heart to yours
but you can't look at you do you have another question I have I have put in project I'm working on now I call it around yoga which is said and done I know I got so much to do and I've been like you and I had to heal myself and then I've been looking at everything and I came up with that
how everything looks you up in there are ways we can wait till 2 to bicycling help a lot of people and using this system together we'd come on some information we can achieve tremendous results so I know that I have to be out there in the whole world and you said last time that it would be very hard to get out of Australia and I can see what's going on because I like the both parties of the government they are working together to basically
I control the speech and everything
I have to get out of this country I think I just don't know how I'm going to do it
I'll just make sure it's from inspiration and and enjoy to go somewhere else so I'm not just leaving out of being nice that's important
absolutely need you for the flight if it gets stuck and you can certify the travel then how can you get out there and help so many people who need help you need the freedom to be freely to be able to do things freely
absolutely thank you for your call you have a beautiful beautiful beautiful day
thank you you too I love you we're moving on the other colors for give us
all right that was a fun one.
Maybe she should be teaching her she should be teaching in June to June High haikyuu High mermaid
hello are you there
loud and clear here meet your question asked me cute you said you wanted to hear my phone that I can do you want to hear hello okay so I need to know how the balances cuz I don't care I don't care how can I help you
how do you say okay hold on
I'm hearing a lot of background noise I can't hear you very well I'm going to sing my song for you I hope you enjoy
just stay right there please
tell RJ we're having having some technical difficulties I could you hold on one second okay thank you sorry
go for it I think we got through it
can you hear me
I can hear you okay okay so I created three songs each one minute the last one that was 45 seconds long is it you want me to do one of them for you
please hello okay I have to put the music on so and you have to tell me how the balances but I created the song it's familiar music so he had to put you on speaker phone I don't have a smartphone so technology so here I go all right
silly girl from my home
a song that I have every single one
in my head drop them all in my heart
no, take those. And drop off
know that I have every single one
from my house to drop them off in my heart
did you hear that
you gave me chills that was so beautiful and it's just so beautiful thank you so much. I have some more if you want to hear that I have to mark you want to hear it
yes yes yes yes yes okay by my house all day on the couch okay
are coming in Spanish
bring me out of my life
all of my life
bring me all my life into me now oh my life
I told nearest my Prime video and 5
four three two one now that's the second one
well thank you so much for doing that you are so so talented thank you for doing that but I'm going to I think I've betrayed my heart even put a thank you so much I'm sorry I hope I didn't get there okay talk to you I'm sorry I love you love you love you New York is on the line I say who wrote A Vonage manuscripts okay Vonage mentorship there is more than one so they make sure I get the right one if you have New York on the line
yes you do
okay hello to both of you to you is all my rabbit holes I have not found anyone who can provide an answer as to who wrote the Voynich manuscript why it hasn't ever been able to be decoded what on Earth those plants are that we don't have on Earth and why is it here
okay thank you I ask you a question
yes you may please do are we talkin about Vonage or Voynich
Voynich toyosu minutes what is it what does it feel like
it feels like we're certainly a civilization before us that had entirely different fauna and Flora and clearly different practices of the practices I I don't know very very little bit it's even online I guess jail hasn't now so we'll never see it but but it doesn't seem it doesn't deal
as it was intended as instruction for future societies so much as almost someone's Personal Diary
yes okay so let me get your real quick before I run out of time for the intention so that that individual is taking credit for but that's nothing to do as you can tell who wrote it
yeah okay so what what what it's really important that we know why it was written. Who and how so that was your roadmap to prove that if you live on the land you so the nutrients and frequency codes of your land from your planet from the earth through the food you consume our living and then you would be more stimulated you to be a higher frequency you sustain a higher frequency demand of yourself from the area you were sewing the the planet would also be infused with you and vice versa
that's the purpose of them is approved and that's what I've been working on two with a lot of these Farmers if it's one thing to have organic food is noticing to have highly energetic food that you grew and nurtured and loved that make sense
it does and it's a water supply the auction Squad
did some occasion technology or ever going to find out is what you get is what you get and so when you you really take care of your land will you take care of what you're growing in with great Passion by the way then you become that as well and so does your phone
thank you thank you I wouldn't give anybody credit be used to know that right when we are born every second we should take great care with everything we do and in most cases except when your Chihuahua interrupt your show thank you so much do they call Isabella is going we're going to be able to call me 1 800 kuester Monday through Friday soon and will let your Hammer me all day and the admin people help me we assume and we'll see how it works out so we will have different topic I steal and I love you
say hello to yourself for me and my great great love to you what do you say mermaid he wants to see all of you thank you cutie I'm Russia Ron Abbas radio don't forget to read for the people. Space my love to you
bye for now

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