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Project Review With Q, June 8, 2024

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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all right let's get to work here
oh and my love to you all get some
again just a great honor to
Exhale with you taking calls. To something then get some calls and let something down here the last couple hours and a half
you're getting getting that granular with identity is
okay I'm inspired to do only so that wheel you lose a lot of our identity and and that's what I like about this portion of the show is this week we can actually let's go do something regarding identity and and self realization
and let's get you your own property by the way
and then let's get you the resources to mean we're ready to go here for the most part look at me set up
a place where I can work
06 McCall's today in and make sure we keep working hard here to not work hard is my idea you know how that works out you can get at this comedy thing all right let's take some calls that's what we're doing today better start from beginning thank you for hanging in there Joy from Pennsylvania RPA wherever PA is does hot food stamp affect the body is Joy on the line yes you might see the mermaid today but you know she loves the water so much baby I actually look at Princess Diana you can actually see that you can see the remnants of her tail as well from the stern there a few they all have all the mermaid people they have to even today if you look at her body that has three prominent
hey I'm here if you
look up, I pulled a question from Carrie question is ready
okay does hot food the temperature affect the body vibration frequency
yeah so that was cool that one's really great question all right so if you start with the remnants of our Legacy type of man with such if it's little bit of a tricky question for me because you have so much
yeah you got so many different types of bodies here so he can't stand my statements not going to make sense for everyone but if you look at the Legacy and leftover Technologies here why do let's say Scandinavians get in the sauna
so when we get sick what happens to her body
we got a fever huh
and ensure that he is displacing whatever so that heat in your body so if you looking so you haven't yet you have just again this is not a standard but most humans here have enough reptilian in them a reptilian type of genetics that what it does is that so notice when reptiles they get mad they
and and so most of us to end so you're aging yard for staging wrinkles on your face and hands you can prove that you have enough reptilian in you that you would go okay blue so if you want to use the Blue Blood True Blood model I'm okay with that it's closed
what what what you can do with heat is that you can just Place anything that's in your body with heat now what's a degree you use it very very tricky and what kind of herbs spices you use to figure it out yourself everyone's going to be so much different from the other person but for the most part if I can get you so I can get enough heat in you and displace whatever is wrong with you I can in most cases heal you physically but that is not an end all because I also believe you can do it with your heart center to
yes, thank you thank you so much beautiful answer I hope I hope that helps you have any other questions I am so grateful for your quality questions and calling in it's just amazing do is feel you thank you
love you bye-bye call oh my gosh I'm so so enlightened I just got from T-ara while
yeah so that one's that one's a tough one to the medical industry did take care of those so when you used so see if you can remember that most of us are running about
I'd say a bad day for you is 70% water a good day for you is 85% water so is you transfer to treat yourself like a heat exchanger temperature and chemical exchanger so you're able to fly in dr. Neal I can't wait to work with again he's proved the notice said he's promoting vegetation will what is that vegetation come from a comes from the planet what are vegetables come from they come from water etcetera etcetera so what are we exchanged it is not true you can't standardized what you need based on you can't stand her eyes the type of humans here they're all different so you got to figure it out for yourself what your body needs all she helped me very much with that Annette's from Florida homestead possession Pat I would like to take a call from the net from Florida homestead
possession possession Patton are you there
I am can you hear me
the great commercial with the great commercial
can you hear me yes I love you clear loud and clear you thank you so much for everything that you do for all of us it's so it gives us inspiration Florida assembly coordinator and an LS l w s member and it's for families and people that are asking me to help them and I just want to have something to report back to them about the land patents about their mortgages about the stealing of their their properties so many of them are on the verge of losing their homes and I just wish I had something that I can do please tell me how I can help them more and and and
will rats that process
well I've been waiting for this to inspiration finally someone's getting off their couch
I thought I thought if I could take every hour of a BBS radio then we might have something here this should be our conference call system
it would it would have anybody can anybody catching on any anybody catching on we're going to buy us all the time for us to BBS radio or make her own radio show all right thing you do is you get down everyone get down to pull get get to Bureau of Land Management and your region and pull the Legacy the very first title we have the templates already made for you
and we we want this inspiration so my love to you and we we are going to do more Legacy organization alignment with the systems IE making a company made a company doesn't feel right all the time so we we we wait for you to pull us so thank you get your legacy get your legacy deed of trust out of the the Baylor wreck here it doesn't exist the homestead. So everyone who has who thinks they have Idol Proclaim to you because she got to get that that is all garbage it doesn't it doesn't come with God's Purity it doesn't come with energetics that are pure
number one and number two is how you protect yourself so if you can go to your of Land Management take your title and you'll have a latitude longitude explained where you're at on the planet and you take it there and you match it with your Bureau of Land Management office so on the west coast of Oregon has most of the West Coast the beat b l m. They started shrinking all those but they're still there I'll still there so BLM has to give you your
your definition of your homestead don't give it to you in a probably about I'd have to see one under a hundred acres is so when you go and make your own subset so let's say you only have an acre you just have to redefine the latitude longitude and then you recorded in your your county so that you can you can defend yourself so I can tell you we've had a Sheriff arrested for claiming this and that this that doesn't really matter the sheriff doesn't get arrested for say he just gets educated on what Homestead is in realize he has no Authority whatsoever that the system it what would it what we really need to work hard at is defending that we get Keith and hold our land in a lot of title and so everyone who is possessing land right now you got to get that original
Homestead definitions assoc Andre Associated to the volume of land you are in possession of so in my case I have two acres and I have to read a lot of the title those two acres and then I do recorded in the local government but it's only to defend myself so that's that's why I said if you can get the original Homestead of BLM where you're at so you can if you have an acre just get that original definition of the exposure of subsets of 160 Acres just get the original definition of that Homestead and I'll have Jim Jim Brown's name on there no problem and then you just make a subset of yourself that's how that's my suggestion
okay so the ones that we all sent in they each need to do that or someone's doing that for them
you want to help people that aren't capable so we do have someone who's going to do it all in one dash cuz we're going to hold so first of all so I have one I have several people who are ready to do it all for you
is that feel good
well I'd be happy to help them but I know we have to make these these other people put some skin in the game they have to fight for what's theirs as well I don't know fight is the correct word but they have put some effort into it I get that for sure
yeah yeah so in one click of a mouse I can tell you that
everyone who stopped us from patenting is going to be accountable and they're going to all the arrested all right so if you don't if you don't if you don't have if you don't have appreciate the respect for what was God given to us good luck to you good luck yet cuz we're coming out yet so one click of the mouse and all these people do not have title
I'm going to get you and my love to all of you
thank you thank you so all over the country putting together Melissa so hopefully he'll come in and protect real men and women and are you suggesting than that that's the way it's going to we're going to take this country back
we will wouldn't we what we'll I'll ask you what would be the best way to do it
well I personally dressing me I just shut that hole craft show down and start over because we're already assembled and we have our own people elected in their positions like pre 1871 and so we're ready to go but most people are in la-la land they just don't get it and until the whole system crashes I don't believe we're going to get there going to get it
yeah so yeah so proving local government is corrupt is is we just using America we could you know I'm doing a globally obviously so probably I got a few things to do tonight is not working is it
a kid appsolutely and so by the way don't get tired of paying everyone's fan ships
I get that I had that I didn't deserve it.
So I can imagine how you feel because I'm overwhelmed trying to help hundreds of people and then you're trying to help all of us so my heart you know what makes my heart just feel like hugging you and crying and thanking you so much for everything that you're doing let's just keep the collaboration going is is I don't have all the answers I just can show you what's been taken from us that we can get it back and so for me all of you who bring in your possession of land and say I want a homestead I want to be free and I want to be tax-free and by the way why are you text me
now we we have something we can actually defend ourselves with all of these people
deserve a place to live on planet Earth is what I am working on and if you don't let me live better you're going to go to a very high court that you've never heard of real quick
and so the more I can get so I just need more and more of them if that's your passion please keep going I just need lots and lots of them and then the communication will get better with me here but we we just need a lot more I need more numbers need lots of numbers I need lots of passionate people it's it's just the cultivated to to get get this established a hundred people is not enough for me and in America I want Millions I want millions and millions of people they have their land so that we can have done an uprising I want to do this with great great care great class great we're going to do this very fashionably heart heart tistic when it works way hey it's a it's a it's a
the pen is mightier than the storm we're going to take care this is going to work just fine
I want to thank you so much for giving us so much inspiration and
I'll take back what I can to the hundreds of people that are depending on me to help inform them it's just there's a lot of scared people don't wait to see the first thing you do if you're in foreclosure the first one it is to prove that they have time and when when you when you're in a position like that if you prove that they don't have title is your best fit so they're still all errors on the haunts of when you pull your your your b l m a d I don't like using the term when you when you see that that Homestead deliverable get the document out read it many times have written and everybody got to get the stamp seal
you can always prove that the bank does not own the land can always do that okay so if you do want to participate in the Mercantile chords great I'm not a huge fan of it but you can if you use if you use an original Homestead even if you don't have the 160 Acres what you can do is you can prove that whatever Bank need the quitclaim deed if you can prove that they do not have higher titled Jim Brown does or whoever's on it and you can say you don't own the property where you gave me alone but I don't own it either and so you can't kick me off so you can do it so many different ways you can defend yourself some of the voice of the store you can prove that they built on land they own a deed of trust
right. It is extraordinary I would say probably 90% of the people are actually fighting the tax man who is wiping down on taking them even with 11 year of arrears getting blatant
that's correct
thank you for your call Beautiful will stay on top of this
every time you talk and you come into this field we learn and then we do something about it so just never never stop I'm always here to all of you thank you so much for what you do
all right it is RadioShack I said keep talking in here
mother lawn at 6 a.m. alright for 9 hours or more clarification okay make love for 9 hours should be great
thank you can you do
I'm going to show you expressed that there were Advanced being that said that there was no reason to make love for 10 hours a week
is that true
okay one more time on that one forgives annoys what was that
attention attention
we're going to mix love we can make love
when we going to do are we going to make love
when are we going to do it when we going to get like when do you want to let me start again when do you want to make love
well what is it
I love you
what do you think
can it be a valid tool to
learn who we really are
so the mermaid and I are working really hard on this topic because of the Mary Magdalene shandling's and things of that nature and we recognize it's a lot of our leftover material so being in a state of to win and it is uncomfortable for her to embellish your personal life because we would assume that
your peers and identical to us when we talked about making love for say what you some standard terms we aren't able to do
physical love making but we do physical lovemaking so we merge and so we're working hard to to work with
how do we
how do we merge
explain physicality so that that makes sense everybody so we don't abused lust the luster of physicality because the ego mind or the representative mine out and worked out it's a week we work so hard with we were we were
heart of the examining sensuality and how were essentially as a standard we've convinced that were essentially dehydrate here is that your opinion too
yes the hydrated end
where is the nutrition need to come from what why do we want more love regardless of the Avenue is where we're at now so is it a sensual. When we are physically together
no it's not no no talking to her abroad is been absolutely nutritious as blank with other term
so why aren't you in a state of Love why do you only need 9 hours
well there's no need to put any numbers on it but it's raining
so it was a quote from you from a past show it was it was 9 out it was 10 hours actually I'm pretty sure but it doesn't really matter it was just extended love making and it was a poor choice for this exact conversation so I could get it so someone would bounce a bag of love that I love this I love this I love this
banana opportunity to get free inside these bodies with our expression
yeah so obviously procreation was engineered in these types of bodies but I was adopted so our natural procreation process was initiated by pure desire pure desire just absolutely no doubt what's up so if you have any doubt or fear with your desired
then you know that something's off but if you have pure desire
what's it's just that it just now it works it just it's Flawless and it's works the same way when we defend her so we have no tolerance for children being harmed
every one of us if you harm my child we will destroy you well if you have pure desire you will have your desire will you
and to remember to return to the yum
yep that's a Rodger that is how it works it just to quit thinking and just have fun
and to really get present to with present and everything that we are not and just deserve it and let it go and get back to the yard and it translates into making love and every moment in the slow-moving meditation and it has nothing to do with sexuality or sensuality it has to do with the pure essence of living love
absolutely man you should you should write a book
well it was an experience and I wondered if it is something to share in a project
what's the quote of no reason to make love for 10 hours a week from Advanced beings put put a pause on things
I love how slow
you are I love that you're truly really playing with your soft so amazingly thank you so much
thank you
beautiful job do you mind if I go onto another call
do you think you so much nice to connect with you
that's growing call Ono I have to talk to Kathy from Florida
because I'm not running that Kathy and now I have a real Kathy who's calling about questions about parasites and then homesteading and benevolent ETS okay that's going to be like 17 shows Kathy what would you like to talk about Cathy
Au computers. The program
is there anyone there let's settle down on the radio show host come on now
thank you I am with Carrie's group questions for kuester
love Carrie can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait
so my first question is there's a lot of discussion about parasites and we're learning what it's doing to the human health and
we would like to know what your feelings are on this according to detoxing the body
okay Define parasite because that's a very broad question regarding parasites but can we can you compartmentalize a little bit of a physical spiritual or otherwise
okay more physical as in worms different types of parasites and this is actually a kind of a personal to me because I dealt with psoriasis and I am attacking those parasite
as in a detox cleaning my body and I'm doing it spiritually but I would like to know what your feelings are on this for people that are dealing with all types of health issues that are resulting from parasites because a lot of Truth is coming out about that
yeah okay so parasites lips
intrinsically so if so that's why I'm a bit of a problem sometimes because I'm seeing everything from a multi-dimensional level until I even I have to relate to what it's like to have the in the understanding Integrity of being here so with great respect the fishes I can see all the information I give get you all the information I observe all the information on participating volume formation but each individual's issue with parasites is very unique to them so stiff you start their gets a little easier so usually your biosphere is not the problem it's you usually can defend all issues whether it's chemical suit because you're just you're just an amoeba you're you're you're living in your basically living in water if you want to plan her so water planet do you do you know the percentage of water
listen your oxygen level you don't even understand how much volume of water you're in taking now you don't even know if you're above water or below water right now interesting because the percentage of of water your your breathing right now is bass and that's why Tesla was displaced is because he figured it out you need to get a lot of oxygen through you and in the net and that's why the Frog people you have gotten so many parasites so to speak is because we need to breathe lot need to walk a lot I think Tessa standardized around eight miles a day of walking but it wasn't walking part it was a reason to breathe that much that we have to like we're basically underwater right now
it's not under water for say it's just we need to exchange a lot of energy here cuz it's a lower Dimension frequencies so parasites so if you don't exchange a lot of this place through you that's where the parasites come from does that make sense
yes it does and it is so that's why I want everyone and so I'll probably do I don't know I'll probably do 3 4 gallons of water today and I'll still know I wouldn't say that's that's probably what I'll do two gallons of water today and I'll still feel dehydrated not from dehydration from exchange of energy so it is long as you're exchanging just keep it as long as you're going to the bathroom you're doing well has been my experience with of all of of exchange of energetic so water charging is really really important and that will get rid of parasites in the water and the water to give me perfect peace and joy
anything like that drink the water and it will change the the the molecular body ever and that the parasites can't hang on to it does that make sense
yes it does and it really goes with what I've been doing for my so-called detox is I'm oxidizing myself I'm eating a lot of fruits and vegetables but you just stated while ago on how it carries water and I hit men going into the ocean as much as possible and with all of this actually when I read through the Great Adventure on for the people and you were explaining about well maybe not you but explaining about soft and that place is a parasite and oh my gosh did that click with me on what I'm dealing with in my body trying to get more of the water that I am an oxidizing and taking in the deep breaths of bringing in the water into me and like flushing it out more so and it just connected with me right away it is
like wow but yes
thank you very much any other question
yes the other one is as we are getting back our true light and claiming our homesteads when we be sharing and living among peace with other another one ETS walk-ins clones Etc
I don't care for the term extraterrestrial that's pretty tough for me
you're an extraterrestrial I'm living with you on it
the question I'm doing questions for to stir I didn't write it
you bet you're going to respect you know I love you very much. Oh don't worry I can't judge you or ask me anything
I love you too too and mermaid oh you know what I was thinking I was thinking if you guys ever get a band together I could be your backup and it's be called m k q & the Sunshine Band
that's not funny that's not come on that's too good I got to use it and I use that
and you sure you can
thank you for your questions thank you for your call I am so lucky to receive you
please keep calling please keep pulling on me I'll deliver I will thank you so much
lucky you
I was wondering why we would do yard work at 5 a.m. at 5 a.m. let me ask if I'm not going to take Rob call yet BBS I'm going to go on to the the ones in order but I do want to answer that because we're on topic could everyone in USA have a Hundred Acre Homestead based on availability there's plenty of availability and yes to the question answer scuse me in from Florida did we get what about make love tonight we did that one OK questions about parasites did that one Sarah from okay Consciousness Gateway Sarah from Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
how are you
isn't Steve Martin like brilliant at some comedy he's pretty good comedian
you there sarah sarah sarah either thank you so much for all that you're doing for us I have another question another cute cute scare question 3
are you cute
I'm a big huge hard
really big is that okay
I'm kind of a mermaid card to
mermaid mermaid card there's nothing about that
well that's that's the way it should be right what if what if what if you're with Princess Diana what are you going to do like you're going to just
I was just trying to keep up
I would and I would ask her if you know it since you have said that she also is a mermaid or has been a mermaid which would make sense I just love the ocean myself I said let's go swimming
we can't even keep her dry she's has been at all the time
I don't blame her I'd be in the ocean too if I was near it but I do have a couple questions if I may ask please and the one question the first question is with our group with Carrie we are curious and wanted to get more information on how to increase our conscious Gateway abilities and it is there any is there any way that you could expand on helping us to be able to do that
thank God,
nobody understands the
I understand your question and I don't mean to make light of it I didn't mean to make light of it so here's how it works brilliant that you would bring the sport brilliant thank you thank you thank you this is this is why I'm taking his call so we can all help each other on the volume of light you're using
is dictated by you and so once we start engineering these bodies that's in the NFL
remind everybody these bodies are not always your friends because they're so good at receiving information super good at it you're like an amoeba you can steal information now and then processed through your brain and then you'll go. I'm pissed off you're so sensitive now that this is a great game and so to get more of your lighting you and you work with it
as the volume of your life you would and you would ask yourself one question if you could see yourself outside here and in inside here the first question you would say why do you keep sinking
what what why do why do you keep thinking stop thinking and that's why we did and you know we work hard today on the meditation Tapas you're not used to thinking your brain is receiving so much information so much information over and over and over again do you record it in your memory you so stop remembering is my suggestion
yeah it does
if you look at the model of society here you can actually see the engineering against you why do you have another email why do you have another text message while you have another voicemail but why is the television on it said we can see the engineering against you we would assume
I said we that's all of us why would we answer the phone if we don't if we want to go play with the kids in the backyard when we want to do that instead
there's your proof just remembering that next text message so if I don't see one for me if I don't have DBS Radio I can't I can't touch you with this if I don't have BBS radio and they don't remember to pick up the phone call in the email I can't get a hold of you right because we've been so delayed processing machine
and we're going to the the absolute Ascension process of being massive creative incredible power houses
it tricky isn't it is this our creative Force to collaborate on machines
and or reacting to each other or are we going to be proactive in our relationship with this planet it's it's interesting.
yes it is which brings me to my next question is is
we have we have learned
Ashley but also we've learned a lot of truth from you on the Egyptian culture and and what
all that was about but we haven't touched on anyting
here in the US and I just had a huge
I don't know what the wonderful wonderful feeling driving through Wyoming that what what is there you had mentioned Wyoming at one time
was that was that a spice trade area I mean what what is it that makes that area special
and you tell us
I want to watch watch the English language that are energetic so you can add some more energetic so
oh my gosh driving through there I just was both my husband and I were in ecstasy all the way through Regent what what what what's in Wyoming come on give it to me where is it located
it's beautiful and it's in a basin and it's
where's it at geographically in relationships United States of America North America and I should say all of the continents as well where is it at
it's in the middle is it sure is
oh my gosh that's what it is pretty cool you know what do you think the Native Americans ran up and down there so if you really look the reason Industrial Revolution was just waste all the Native Americans going up and down so we're going to call I don't like using identity but if we use our lessons here if I can go up and down the top of Canada to the bottom of Mexico I'm going to go where the heart center of my bottom of my land mass is so Wyoming is a really good camp spot for for going north and south street doors to get your deer or elk your care but you can go south to do the same thing as the seasons change and you're going to want incredible water so when you look at how the Buffalo traveled and you look how the elf
travels in the Caribou the only reason they don't go north and south anymore is because you put a bunch of cities and trees and you are supposed to be a big tribe that went up and down the consonant but instead you put in a bunch of cities and you stop that whole whole Channel system that went up and down your cunning with animals people unbelievable experience in a trade you went from tribe to tribe you mingle you changed your demographics because you wanted to be an immediate altick system you wanted to be in a Northern cannabis has all of that was a big river of trade and it's all in you changed at all that's what's happened to
that is incredible I felt it my husband felt it and it's just phenomenal absolutely beautiful places on the planet that you did not construct any City you lived with the land that's what you used to do you were nature people and now your city people is the standardization I would say
I don't make sense
I hope that helps the plant what are the plateaus
what are the plateaus they're not really plateaus are they the way we've been taught
there that is cracked it depends on the region but yes I can go into it.
Yeah it's this phenomenal thank you I don't want to take all your time today or you have really thank you thank you BBS radio let's see if we can get one more in no way no way I'm going to skip BBS I'm going to skip I'm going to skip a little bit BBS thank you cuz I want to get to Annie from Australia she received a psychic tax through the internet any any any any from Australia all right what's up my tea
we were talkin about 3 weeks ago I got there but this news anti-aging yoga I want to I'm ready to do some trials and it really works and radio BBC Radio donjon previous radio need to go to the next call or forgive me Vaughan from Bulgaria I'd like to go to with new questions thank you so much for your call Don can I move on to a bond from Bulgaria
how do you question my love to you
my love to you too so my question is about the tire and a lot of information shift started to come out about 4:30 until the storm history of mankind been possible architecture of feces water channels and it's all around the world the cathedral's the electric power stations that we call Church's and so it is a relationship also stole a passion of mine for to renovate and rebuild the structure so we can use them for the Houston 6 minutes yeah I've been conspired with you
yeah do you think we should do a show on which one do you think should have the prominence of a show do you think the relationship to the scale the planet you're on or what what is what what do you think should be the priority
I think both are very important but probably. Arya and the distinction technology that we have in our cities and the water channels how we can utilize this and how we can use it and benefit and then the shape I guess I don't know it's huge
yeah so it's
it's important of all those topics are important to me too
and so I have to be to take great care cuz you're the ones telling me what
we we should prioritize and so for me
listening to you it seems that scale not that's not the fact that you don't know where you're at on your planet and how big is that you don't understand scale yet might be one opportunity so we we think we're Big Shots we think where we think we're just incredible the mermaid reminds me of this all the time. They think that they're really important and this is probably the worst will ever be in the universe we've never been this never dated before but we want we want to be helping service that's why we did it we want to be in here with you so we can like go do they don't even know that this is their own they think they're on an anthill and there's nothing else and so we always work at how do we how do we do it in a in a in a way that with Grace when we're all getting all our ability
he's back with everyone's a different level that's my real question you and I forgive me for not asking permission is it okay to ask you a question
of course how do you how how have you gone through we do have a lot of fun last year how do you go through the process of recognizing yourself and what was the big caveat what was the real thing that said oh my gosh I'm more than just this finger Wing wiggling Bill payer
yes it's been a struggle and it's been a constant battle between this pattern can mothers that are installed in our lives and this timeline I learned that from you and I realized it's in my life I've been copy paste it to repetitive patterns and timeline and it's quite a challenge to get out of this system of obstruction in three sections that we got from this friends of ours coffin called Larry I'm so it is been a challenge challenge him financially looking in this money my big sister so a lot of challenges
America has been exciting it's very exciting and I guess different from anywhere else cuz I feel that I'm coming from a very different world than this one currently living in that's all I can say is just keep keeping up with me I love you I've on Ivan Yvonne I always get it wrong sorry we're going to call it a day BBS radio thank you so much thank you for your Q team KC and the Sunshine Band I'll be calling later I hope you guys are in peace thank you for the people. Space thank you I sure forever forever endless my devotion to all of us Devotion to all of us
thank you a Ron thank you so many others that all on this my great Devotion to all of you my great love to you all keep your subscription going to keep your prescriptions going I'm going to find solutions for all of us I know they're shortcuts and I'm going to find them in that is through you for your hearts and I love you have a beautiful day thank you BS

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