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Project Review With Q, June 15, 2024

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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alright welcome welcome welcome
my great love to you and I think we might have company today we'll see sometimes the mermaid goes for extend swim so we got lucky we got lucky Pierre Q's not always for inspiration thank you so much for communication and feels the information today and see if it's for us or not thank you so much for updates and then I'd like to take calls for the rest of the time and slavery and be done with it
who are the people. Space my love to you all to review that information it's a lot of information and just take care and really it's a good practice on how you use your heart to evaluate in a broader writer material and who and what we're in hell we are thank you so much thank you so much. Germany thank you for your little looking for the legacies of very very close but I'm looking for the older older handwritten titles and or what I'm calling homesteads aren't necessarily what are going to be called it in your country but if we can get it a couple handwritten the room Legacy ones I'll have though the wax stamp on them very old
if you can't don't kill yourself we can go a different route to so thank you so much Canada looking for a few more from you as well try to get that pull the mini is Regions at the same time Ireland I thank you for your submittal thank you family there thank you as well looking for the legacy of home
did the original owners of the land for sake and and I think that'll sell saw the UK stuff too if I can get the the handwritten one should be and we can get a copy of forgive me if you did send that and I missed it but I just need to get a little bit older Publications
Africa I'll be working working your way here within the next couple weeks and I know time is regarding time to have you in my
Texas thank you for working with me this week and I'll give you a courtesy call tomorrow or Monday
Australia lawyer thank you thank you thank you for offering for power of attorney for distribution and I thank you so much for that
and Hawaii we got we got a good guy on the ground there and I'm so excited to see how you guys do thank you so much the Y for your incredible bravery and I can't believe we would let a population and the energetic the land go so far south was quite a story there and they're going to be a great tool for our sovereignty and and end of slavery
little behind on getting money off of Center and or get him squared away but I will get clothes in BBS has offered to help us expand as you can see we can
it we could we could we could chat 7:00 a time and possibly
talk all day everyday and or what was the last color last week I make love for 9 hours
Let's see if I could smell her items
next week topics because we have the 3-hour time slots I'm going to go in a great grey to detail about situational timelines and how they work and I'll show you how the aliens use situational timeline and how we create supposed to timeline so we don't necessarily understand I'll talk about next week he's fighting who and again we'll get a little more granular and I just keep her eyes open on for the people why do we do domestic communication like this improve who's chasing who
33 email accounts
remove this this year and so if I don't get attached if Donald Trump doesn't get that we can't see where the problems are we get salt so that's why we do this domestic wait why why homesteading is so important for the Ascension cycle is and or praying Manatee bringing in more light has to do with Shopper to you in a very big way so if you don't have to compete for competition survival and you can be free to choose your
expression of yourself you got a much better chance and it brings in more life Springs away more like when you have
a nice exhale to do what you want to do it's very very very freeing so if we can get a few more publication from the other states we're not quite have all 50 states will just focus on North America first because it's a little easier it's easier than you think and I'll tell you a quick story and how it might work
only be real careful here with my words
what if we have 50 states and everyone has a sample possession of land Homestead and we gave maybe this could happen we gave every attorney general in the United States a quick little call that maybe they are committing fraud by my turning in titles that are and taxing parcel that are not really owned by the individual I'm not saying that could happen but what is in one click of the mouse every Attorney General
in America that's only fifty bucks
got a got a call from maybe US military individual saying I you've been taxing people for several several hundred years and or at least 150 and some cases and you can see how Humanity can be free to if we could all be United and or act is one decision making process so you can see the goal was to have 50 countries in America and
look at all the counties look at all the municipalities who have really no care maybe to some great people that really have no care for sustainable living because we we got trained into a system that in order. Related to a system of Taxation and I will go down swinging all day long to say over and over again taxation this is a planetary understanding
is my my commitment to work hard and that is taxation is mind control complete mind control and I think we're all tuckered out and I wish you all well and I love you and I'm going to because the rest of the show and I thank you thank you thank you for listening to Chatty Cathy here again so
give me a miss one item will have no memory anymore so let's start from
start with Liz from text from Texas what commands can be a way man. We're having the merkabah guy she's not there anymore I guess okay what commands can be use to heal rivers and lakes Liz from Texas please let's see what you have
Aloha q and don't have a mermaid show up I'll be traveling to Arkansas and I just wanted to know if there was a command to help the waters I know we don't have the technology yet to clean the waters but what's what command would help
oh are you sure about that Aloha to you thank you
yeah so all water as I was talking to a lady about a month ago who wanted help healing a property that went the way they dug out there long drive ahead of a drive is about a mile and a half tomorrow and she wanted help re-energizing the land because they really didn't do it with great care even though the next driveway so the land is a little more little more time to work with because it it is obviously I got to get a good joke your granular water always and be one do a 180 in his memory system so it's very simple to you don't you're not you don't heal water you ask the water permission what you want from it as me
if Upstream of a river as it is going through a nuclear Refinery for a rottweiler cooling going to be probably needs to be cleaned a little different is example of somebody snoring sewage in in in the in the river you got me so when are you water charging I get some placement forgive me for not touching on this topic but if you do look at Doctor Motors work hopefully hasn't been too contaminated yet but if you do look at the doctor Motors work and and see how they do and I highly endorsed at
okay alright thank you
thank you thank you Mahalo mahalo Hawaiian language has closed all right questions about pyramids I wonder wonder when we're going to use it again
daddy too cute and beautiful
beautiful day to you as well
thank you I'm curious Q I technically speaking and spiritually speaking you're my father aren't you and mermaids my mother we don't we don't we don't want to be at to be so rude
well I'm high I wanted to get Lisa in the United States wish you a happy Father's Day tomorrow is Father's day and spiritually you've been very cruel prolific so I thought maybe I was just wish you a happy Father's Day my love to you. Thank you so much thank you so much I'm a playmate in the lovelites playroom and I have a question questions would you like would you mind if I ask you a question please thank you for your courtesy and give all those folks my love and I look forward to getting closer to them thank you
thank you you look scared of the truth and the true use of the pyramid however what are the purposes of the Sphinx
I forgot to mention anything about Spence's so I wanted to ask you about the purpose of the stinks
yeah so we did I think we did a section if you find one of the sections Billy Hollow Earth did a pretty good A summary and then I believe I did want a couple off a couple weeks later today basically you've got a historian section and an ear marker for the Legacy individuals that were on our planet it's also proved that we can put Consciousness into multiple types of body and still have even more constant a human being as today and so that's what misery remark is just a hay waiting we had a race of beings that
took over may be controlled enslaved in a different way but that is a chance that the transfer transfer station right there and there is a switch on the left side of the Sphinx and so you could reap our and that transmits the energy to and from several different systems are there is a library underneath there that works with your Consciousness so that when you whip that that's why they won't let you under there and then through the system many many systems under there
because if you go in there you'll get all your capabilities back and you'll see this natural history of that region and so yeah that's the that's the PowerHouse basically and the transmitter for the infrastructure and you can turn it on right now
but they won't let us right you'll get all your abilities back and and it in there may be a good argument for it because you may go too fast in this type of human and you you go you could could go crazy spends on the individual but imagine if you went and then that's why I was very scary or means when they take implants out I just very difficult to adjust very good and so very few people are capable of going from 1 to 100 in a split second and it's it's a lot of information it's just so much information to get it all at once
is probably there's there's probably a good argument 22 maybe stair stepping us. I I want all the I want the tablecloth off to him and that's that but I can see both sides to hope that helps cleats
when most of us read we read silently is that a form of thinking so could we be getting hijacked while we're while we're reading silently and if so would it be better for us to read out loud instead
yeah so great great question it's one of my favorite so Ronnie ametron and I will have the same dream we will I don't believe we've ever disagreed on any subject but I used maybe different communication then we would be on the opinion that all of the English language is a swear word black magic and it's called selling and putting Stones very dear friend
murdered for this topic and
many many reasons that you do not want to read books and as entertaining as they are
the the opportunity to enhance your heart center to get your knowledge
look at information
it doesn't really matter which way you go either verbally or in the mind is easy to mind control people and that's why I called out Eve said other serpents book is they they're doing their best work against the mind control of the English language so I can put codes in word get you to read them and I can put codes in fought so one of those little secrets Microsoft didn't tell you about Microsoft Word is each each one of those letters has a code in it that replicates your printer as an example so every every funds from a computer will be just a hair different than the fonts from each and other other other excuse me computer so a lot of tricks to the English language
symbols are your real language so that's why I was encouraging people to start see if they can practice with you gypsy language there's even mind control codes in Egyptian language Legacy hieroglyphs I should say and so we have to be careful that we use our hearts and discern the information so forgive me for not give me a definitive answer our hearts will tell us if the information's quality or not but our Dream dreaming to our heart or knowledge and then creating it is our natural and our telepathic waves are natural communication to I hope that helps
it does thank you so much for your time Q much love to you and Marie
Farm swimming love you love you guys all right let's move on move on what do you think about that I mean I was inside don't read books cuz you don't do whatever you want to do you say that three books because it's is outstanding
starting to look at other people's point of view when we drink our heart center we will realize it as one Consciousness we wrote all the books anyway so if you take the subject matter and study up to your heart you get to Noah Jennie anyways this my opinion of this version of human has his capability to look at presents as the tool not necessarily knowledge omnipresence collectively would be our book now and if the more we exercise has more capabilities will get
all right sweetie pyramids Lauren Lauren from VA must be Virginia Moseley Virginia questions about unconditional love is Lauren on the line about unconditional love
haikyuu High mermaid
can you hear me okay
I'm clear. Clear thank you I'll send question please define your question a little more if you don't mind
first thing I want to say and I'm sorry I have an echo on my phone but every time I see a male and female cardinal come in my backyard bird feeder I think of you and mermaid and it's so beautiful I love you guys so much and mermaid I've been wanting to talk to just connect with you. I love you so much okay I have some questions questions for kuester room and I'm first mermaid can you please tell us what we would experience with a mate if we were expressing unconditional love for each other
can you say it one more time sorry for the question is can you please tell us what we would experience with an H if we were Express unconditional love for each other
I think that's the first thing is yes that was used really really am slightly in our culture and people probably done it many people probably don't really understand this on your love for another day without that would mean that would mean there's not a judgment of them said really that's nothing they could do that would make you
that would make you really like mad at then we'll be able to you know I'd be mad at me all night long because of something I did or I mean because it does not conditions on you love you love them sent to comprehensive later that she cannot do anything that could upset you even if it was something that didn't mean I obviously we don't always see eye-to-eye with people that's totally not true but you would say something happens and then you would say it and feel it and make me not feel the same way that you do and then within quite a period of time so it's just already gone because the love for each other is too strong that we will do anything we are we would want to see we would want to stay at the same place I will die as deep as we can to see the other person's perspective it's just a natural thing it's no. I tried really and then it and then and then it can just dissolve and disappear as well because it's just wet
now so an hour later with putting together a honey help her change and now we're now so whatever that. Disagreement was on the way someone handled something or whatever it could have faded is already is already gone. I don't know if I'm explaining it well but that is just so so so where you come from you don't have an emotional body that hangs on to the Past whatsoever you never so so when you come from the light from where you came from you don't really have a deliberation of the experience it's just an experience and so when you're in the societal to fight with dancer question societally imagine having all your knowledge at the same time now the synchronicity is all you really focus on in your creative force in your inspiration
unfortunately but how people feel towards their children younger children and another example would be I love using the animals isn't as a toilet to hold onto past events preschool nicely and I remember all those horrible things
anyway yeah so you can scold your dog for her pain inside and slides that and put it outside and 5 Seconds late I want it you know so he's allowed to run in this going to be kissing you and loving you and it's already forgotten that you just got him in trouble and put it outside to me unconditional love that says it's just I can't stand for anyone ever does that help
that does thank you so much I have one more question if may I ask another question this person writes if our pets and animals take on diseases do we also take on theirs
of course we'll just skip right on through synchronistically what way was okay when when so remove Pat and replace it with being can I if I have cancer and I live with you can you can I give you cancer
I guess if you believe you think it can happen energetic, so look at how emotional you get when you see a dog get hit on the road or something like that. That's the most about this very emotional planet is very emotional type of human so think of yourself like an amoeba now what degree of sickness you get is up to your faculties and your tuna Chasity and and but you consider yourself a glass of water you can do almost anything as your relationship, but will you necessarily get that as he's not consistently I don't I don't believe you could do the consistently but you'd have because you feel so much from the bean
you're going to have an emotional symptom of some kind unless you take great care and he'll heal the being and take care of yourself as well hope the help
what does thank you both so much I just love you both so much and I love you before I before I get off the phone mermaid and Q I know that you've spoken about twin flames and you so graciously shared your story that your story of how you both reunited with each other I was wondering maybe if maybe a couple of questions that are little bit more specific but it's not for now but it may be armed with someone sometime down the road you know talkin about a little bit more if if you choose to do so
thank you both so much.
oh oh well it is our favorite inspired she does Raven look like brother and sister
thank you so much and I'm going to be quick because I know that there's other people that I know that mine is here I know it I just feel it and I know it oh there's the birdies is it a possibility that you can recognize them before they can recognize you
and that's why we took such great care is because the Delta the percentage of the enlightening process from one twin flame together could be miles apart you could be a 10 and there are three and they will all still be looking to their ego mind for their mate must etcetera etcetera imagery whereas when you your lightning process is more even it seems to be more similar to put for us that we might not be the best model because we've done so much I'm jumping and so we're studying that we want to do we want to take great care where we work almost every day on the subject so that we can get you a good information and presented properly that thank you we will we will continue it is very important
play just waiting for them to wake up most likely you're just going to or not necessarily but y'all was going to be why you saying the time is because you're waiting to come to the side like I feel like usually they mate when the vibration and only then will it work and if you made before that one one level to the other you'll know that it's incredible that it'll it'll be quite difficult cuz you not buy ready yet I'm very likely in the future you'll take a break and I don't like not endorse this person now cuz I haven't listened to have a couple of years and I'm everything changes and in the past on magenta pixie
really great books
oh did the call drop Q mermaid
all right just hold on everyone not quite sure what's up I'm sorry I'm here
so sorry
can you hear me down
yeah I'm just waiting for Q and the mermaid she just stopped at the stop sign difficulty with the phone line I'm not sure but the folks we're going to they just dropped so it won't be long so in the meantime we're going to
well maybe we should just listen to a little music what do you think
yeah thanks Don
oh thank you appreciate it
they came back there where those folks are back there we go. OK Google free to look up its really really helpful information anyway bodies and one of us recognize the other and the other didn't recognize that
very interesting so we want to get really good at at that modeling and it has a lot to do with the genetic manipulation here and and so so if they even if we are getting duped that means everybody's get to eat this is very very different frequency band than you've ever been in love cost
alright what's up I love you both
little little attention on the 23rd for the day
I don't have any question nearest BBS sorry to get the chat room. I don't know who my next my next person
thanks sorry about the distractions everybody it's thank you so much Don okay John from Eastern Canada let's see questions about the you said whatever what's your question love the question please
hi there how are you tonight
beautiful beautiful list you wonderfully wonderfully
High mermaid and we have there is it would like to know more about the mercava or and what can we do with it so I feel that it's probably a lot to do with how we are connections to rating for example but it would like to know more about that
outstanding thank you thank you I'm thrilled anybody and everyone who's working hard to understand how how Avast we are nuts in that's what I start with with the merkabah is it is endlessly capable of fascination of anything and everything and creativity first and foremost calibrating and configuring it to the relationship to your universe is what it's used for as as it relates to its exploratory I desire and so the best thing you can do is to calibrate with this sound and light if that's all you are as sound and light to that merkaba it is constantly constantly seeking that's what what it does just speaks and seeks and seeks
so when you exhale
it'll start speaking it just wants to keep looking Desiring
inspiration I do my best to use this language just exhale and you can watch it work
works every time by the commands were created to give you some more horsepower so it'll keep growing and seeking and growing and seeking better does that help
it sure does so it would be the the photon energy being acted upon by cymatic frequency so to speak with that I'm careful with that word because so that word has most meet meeting Smith but harmonic balancing so that's why you know the tuning fork work some people do is very very authentic does the sound bowls residents Bowl find frequency for the day that the item of the theme with light it's incredibly powerful if you have them both and you should probably see one of the reasons Max Steel was terminated by the real bad guys is he brought the auditorium box or word and then he was creating a redundancy there so he can hear if we would use the arcturian Box
Russia have harmonic frequency resonance frequency devices but for me if we would use the Legacy so I'll take a technology that was taken from us Emerson was a radio company back in the day and they use crystal to power the radios as I'm sure you're aware as I sense your 84 give me the if we optimized crystalline radios I could heal you with when you turned it to the right radio station trust me they're coming
so I could give you a radio and I can send you love over the radio station just like I am now but wish you had a pistol in your radio it would actually transmit the actual emotion and feeling and harmonic resonance frequency to recalibrate Rican to you so obviously if you have light beings here so individuals that just have a little more horsepower and they were talking you would get all your Enlightenment back if you had the luxury box and or what we were taught was a crystal radio it wasn't it was going to be a resonant frequency calibration machine vibration light beams making music you're going to have really receive that beautiful life cards for the voice with a record player
do stuff now you know this is not is not really our savings to our music on when we listen through these modern devices as well as we would if it was for a record or the old ways
it sure does my first radio ever had was a crystal radio and I don't recall a conversation that we had you and it got me interested in making a statement and that's why we're here
I think I told you folks couple of jokes for you and and I got jokes for us older older folks that are out here now
okay so there's this older couple and they're celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary I have a big party and so on for them later that night the wife said her husband you know I remember our honeymoon and how you like it was yesterday and he said yes so excited to be with me she said you wouldn't even give me a chance to take my socks. He said and the way I feel tonight I'll give you another one when are the one who Thursday these two older colors in there reminiscing about their jobs if it was working for my uncle he was a mortician and he had a bad leg and used to walk when out they came in this one night we got a call to go up to the local motel and pick up a couple
and he says we got up there we got in the room and here's a man and lady in there Stark naked laying flat out on the floor and I didn't know it's really special to me and I'll show you around like it was a golf club and took a swing at we were in the wrong room
Easter Eggs for Call of Duty means the world to us my love to you by love to see you and thank you I can't imagine where we'd be if you gave up on us I know it's not something you would ever do but you know we were all living in this crazy luciferian hell and now you showed up and manage the whole thing.
I just think you we got the gun everyone you know
we got this we got this thank you thank you okay for me anyway Annette is on from Florida law for Waffle compared to law and whether we risk being incarcerated lawful compared to law please
thank you sweet thank you for your mermaid queen of hearts we love you too are you guys Inspire rest and it's some fortnite likely the last call her about that we're trying to be part of the Reconstruction of America will working with pasta and Global 528 and and of course we're lwf members and we've got our family and friends very concerned that we're going to get ourselves incarcerated because we are sharing this knowledge from you and from all the other sources with the community thing hey we the people that three men and women and and the children have to take back our power that is our God given right in that they're really concerned that we're going to be tossed in jail
so we have a solution and we're working very hard on it and we and we have a documents that we are editing a little better I won't tell you the document you had to because then everyone to run around in and promote it but I should have you covered on that I'm not going to get to it this next week because I'm taking one with the following three hours section I will I will have will have a solution for that no problem
incredible thank you for sharing that Homestead information as well one last thing we were in the both of us so we can all learn the truth
when are they going to allow the Grand Canyon to be able to go in the Grand Canyon so we all learn the truth which type to Egypt of course it would
the military has extracted tremendous amount of assets out there and they and they had to take on on some some bad dude and what they do is realize they can't move it because they're so many assets
and so it's easier just to publish in and that's not the only site there's many many many other sites all over the world used to see how the pyramids in Australia it's a very subject so so we are free and all over the world so we need to pop that the conscious Computing systems show you where they are anyway because it's all a collective Consciousness so it is really more about when are we going to be able to get the information organically to our hearts so if I can do remote what you got your car remote viewing around me presents that means you're going to get that capability to the real the real question for me is why are we not getting the conscious gateways to shoot it into the world and I know the answer is because you can't handle the truth I've started that
cuz if you get that item the whole thing comes out
it's tough. My it's not my opinion it's just the way they're doing it Global this is a global topic you're talkin about thank you so much. Thank you very very much thank you love you
all right with you last time you have left here we're doing pretty good I think
let's see let's see here
we have Robin has a question I think the Michigan to question about for the people that's face please Robin what is your question
okay I was on the site this weekend and I was reading you know all the latest information but the one that I was kind of fascinated and you I do believe I talked about it a little bit last week I was Club 54 and I am actually a young 20 year old from the 80s decade that was my my air off or you know the 20 my my decade of 20 and so I participated I was a dancer during that time and I listen to a lot of the 80s music and I'm I'm just curious was the 80s beginning of the infiltration of the music business or were they still getting messages out to us because there are some songs by Robo Funk goodbye Earth was one of the songs that I came across this morning when I was done my exercising
there's a very Wicked 2 hours and hours and hours on this topic to the mind control with the aliens would do is get a mind control pattern recognition system and make sure this was this is just a way to make the mind-control a more attractive to us you wanted to get into their you wanted to be around these people are so this way they can abduct you and they just wanted to abduct the signature of your spirit so they could have manipulated a cut-and-paste you many many tools for that Studio 54 and then of course there's all the sexual black magic that went along with it and so all of that was the beginning of Summer very similar to what you're experiencing with Epstein Island cloning potential cloning all of it is already beginning there as way I would say
don't tell very interesting because that was in the sixties so you're well on your way will you always had it here at some degree Medieval Times you see the Iron Maiden tools that the torture systems have the degrees of a different colors but certainly that was an opportunity to do sexual black magic mind control programming and profile so you might want to get your hot shot out of somebody very powerful like you and you could do is survive hypnotize you I can get you to do things you don't remember doing
can't I
yes and I will and I will work with you and I will I will help you and I will give my love to you
oh I appreciate that and then I have one last question if you don't mind so I'm I'm very curious about the spirit merging is that something we should be partaking in or what would it what what can you share with us in regards to that
I'm I'm a
I'm on the fence so far it's a work-in-progress to the degree in which we should be doing it if you're going to leave your body you're going to leave your body is one thing you can count so that was the answer yet twin flames have a very easy ability to do it is that a first date with you with others
okay yeah hold it there as well thank you so much for all your love you thank you let's see before I get to food down the road here
prq team I'll be calling roughly same time as I did yesterday thank you thank you for keeping all right Kevin California we're going to have to go pretty quick here sorry about that front ceiling Kevin from California
you got a question
I got an answer
Kevin Kevin Kevin and Kelly
feeding the birds are trying to call you or maybe music
Okay cool so I'm going to go ahead and call today here everyone would you think about the show they were all right so the couple of topics Believe It or Not There is a lawyer in Australia who has today's topic and she has the body of material I summarize for us because as you can imagine movie We inherited the cool while when we homesteaded in invaded America so we are working hard here and I'll have more answers. Stay tuned for next week that's going to be a strong one and I have done a pre-recorded show with Luciana Coal Oven that mermaid I will put that up and work with PBS radio since a gap in the radio station
incredible incredible missed you all I love you I love you we love you

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