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Project Review With Q, June 1, 2024

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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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welcome welcome welcome thank you so much for following and coming with me again I am so happy so thrilled to get to do this again my love to you I wonder I just wonder
who is following us there's always someone falling and thank you again for all your love and your care of me and try to get some work done here today auntie cute because we usually do barbecue and go 3 hours everything my goal today is just to remind everybody
forget me I lost my time I'm there.
The goal today is to give some thanks to our Australian lawyer what an experience that was she's so amazing and I didn't expect to have those emotions for her thank you KC and the Sunshine Band this week I will be taking calls today and just wanted to let you know there is advances as well I'll probably do in Plymouth in the show questions for me was this week when I work with everybody
how much of me are you getting to the show and it is a really great question because I don't get to hear me out it would never listen to me I don't believe a word I say as you can tell and what would I start studying is why were different than you and or positive or negative is up to you you're the creators and were the time travelers and you know we've done this on for the people. Space I thank you so much I'm sorry I missed getting to it each day this week what were you realize how much of me is coming through is I usually D harmonized through the multiple Transmissions so it's not it's not on the radio side it's on the replay side so when you download
information and you can you pull information on your computer as your iPhone just Mark the harmonics the reason Rd harmonizing me is cuz you're going to get more light when I speak you're going to get more knowledge when I speak and that in the myrrh the mermaid is passively participate they to do when you feel us in person work will were completely different and or we can help you through the advancement and or Enlightenment process and that's that's why I'm referring as main fuse I can't because she seems to do a little better on these machines and maybe us
or her delivery is a little more patient than actually doing the radio show so I'm I want to get more of the Mind energy through to you because there's there's more mine energy listening to me but that's not that's not really the Crux of the of the topic here is what it would we realize that cuz we're out of time and where what you're calling us a Time Travelers were we're not aware of many of the things that you're going through and so we have to learn we have to participate in a way that is a priest of shoe to our lives here too so as an example
the aliens that control of the world they know that we can control the outcome of many many many things because of our participation so just participating in your lives they know that we're going to be able to create more opportunities time and space for the outcomes that you want because you're the you're the PowerHouse here and where the where the time that was those incredible timing what kind of pterodactyl is that
anyway what does the separation the Delta between that information is really incredible as we go to the Ascension cycle here
lot of people don't recognize us when we interact with them and we have so much fun and interacting with them in but they can't feel information yet and so and they get on timelines and timelines and timelines and they they tell us what we are where we are and how we are
if we laugh our asses off so much they don't recognize
and so as what which what you're going through as light beings is your changing time as well
in case you change that there's no way that's what is that
okay got you
yes if there is rumors that there
rumor has it there's death bathtub light beings because we're changed when we start expand were able to change time and space continuum that's why would say real estate agents are really good at controlling time they want you on a timeline that use their mind they do not care about you they don't no one really cares about you if you're in real estate and that's why I'm so adamant about homesteading and Lamb County and so I'll tell you the story on that milk are in a minute at the end of the show here thank you for calling me and I need you I need you to keep your subscription prescriptions going
when the city when you get killed so many times here for me I got to learn so much about what the alien agenda was a Walt Disney was probably my greatest joy fear to see how the alien agenda works with our food supply and what what the aliens have learned in and then program human aliens are going to stay now or all going to do their best to stay as humans and
and there's no cuz they want to keep up with you cuz you're all now changing time and delineation of realities and Communications with yourself so the more you can stop stinking now you're going to change the time continuum then they're going to try and get so at the end of the Ascension cycle they're going to try and keep up with us
and they have to do it in the most powerful way they can and that would be a mammal in which which you are
did Walt Disney
I'm so glad you asked
Walt Walt Walt Disney was extremely good mind control expert and so when they would rape and torture the children Walt wasn't really involved it but he has many people were out of the control system show people who are getting to advance so example they're using the lands they they went around the land founding process in the Disney family would start buying for and and and they understood that if you lived on energetics Center and you loved that lant
and then you grew your own food with natural spring water you are going to get more awakens you're going to get smarter going to get really Savvy and what that would do is that would get other people in lightning process in the expansion of humanity is so when I come and I live on my land and water and Supply comes natural energetic I become more energetic and I go shake the hand of my neighbor and they become one of the reason that Disney's captured that whenever you got to advance
they usually killed you so not the Disney Family specifically but the whole tribe that their their little club house so that's why they were able to enhance local governments and or Community established a parcel systems in Land Management so your County government you can you can blame on some of the aliens that control the Disney family so that's how you escalation of values money your money system is all alien agenda all your Bible healing agenda so the way the way they work it is to get you on time I say don't they don't really care about controlling money your ass they care that you don't sell at creating
the future for yourself from your heart
so anyway let's answer the question if your queue team has given me how much of me is actually in me that's talking right now
it's always me guys it's always me and I love you and I love you and I love you and I love you
and I can't wait to hear who sings Calling
what is
separation from an experience and what is it how does it work is one of the topics that was given to me this week and why don't what if I if I am this individual
and or have more light is what I'm claiming because we don't have the Restriction to DNA
what would you what would what would you do to help Humanity
well you wouldn't control anything because we have to learn we have to learn what it's like to be here first
and then participate because this is a berry for infliction to the dark planet as you know and it's completely everything's alien here nothing here was created by you if you live in the Western World you ear you've been moulded into a system been moulded into a financial system you actually think green piece of paper with pyramid are not black magic and they're all dark match
you're being mind-controlled every time you get on that iPhone you're being mind-controlled because your reactions your reactor that's house Upland powerful you are you believe what's on that machine anything anything on it
will create another drama for you another assignment
the past the past the past that's that's what iPhones and or the engineering of the aliens created is if you keep reacting to iPhone and keep reacting to smartphones and Jada you are not proactively creating a life for yourself and these are false belief system that you keep reading. Canadian if you keep looking at these machines now how how moronic cuz I'm on a machine right now talking to you
but there's so many people on these machines I had to make the choice one day and said do I tell everybody that this if I Come From Another Dimension another world another frequent night claims or not
if I claim that I can see everything and everyone because I don't have inner tubes of DNA
is quiet is quite a challenge now for me to Spill the Beans be of service how do I help how do I love you so much and we see which way I've done and that is how incredible it is to work with for the people. Space and in All Ships to to prove that I can see a lot and soak in a mermaid because were able to jump forward and backward in time it's not fair State neither were just summarize it so that we can be a service but what would you do if you were in my my shoes is that an opportunity for a song that John to it.
Try walking in my shoes
I will stumble in my footsteps appointment anyway which you get killed a bunch here so no one's going to we know what when I was when I was working a special forces Max Steel and so no one's going to believe that I was Tutankhamun no one's going to believe that I was Yeshua Emmanuel Jesus no one's going to believe that I was Osho John Kennedy no one's going to give no one cares there's no way you can sell that story because the propaganda against how life like being that's all of you come through your physical body and express yourself in a personality
that isn't necessarily yours your personality is fun super fun
in your identity is super fun but it's not actually you your your peace and you've always been in perfect peace and the minute you're not in perfect peace you are you you get to play in this body
tell people what you are what's your not what you're supposed to do and by the way you better hurry up you're late you're always late when you're in the human body is that a fair statement I mean that was one of the biggest tools to make identity really just such a big deal I am this body and this world is just humongous reception they've given us that we're a huge huge wealth and Estates famous characters people of the past it's just such a big deal if it's not at all it's like a tiny tiny little dots in the universe
Gal Gadot kiss Angela eradicated obviously we're going to come in in important large rolls to make a difference it's so easy to fall
it's supposed to say I might be asleep this why do they start and how could you possibly all around the universe is right now doing much bigger people find that hard to grasp it's really not that hard to grasp the biggest trick here is omnipresent is within all of us into were all time travels to some degree and we're not relate so if I have if I was to narrow down the work I wanted to see you while I'm with you
is to prove that manifestation and reincarnation are one in the Sun and so we're jumping in and out of bodies continuously because there's no such thing as time but your duped by a alien that are getting you to believe in delineation of times land or timer to you actually believe that there's a calendar year a minute you still up I was I was in a business transaction this week and every and I and I don't cuz I don't read the e-mails metal react to any emails or anything other than proactively looking at the future so I only call people I don't necessarily receive calls when I call you it is there I love you that's why I call you
well everyone's reacting to the call we could argue but aren't we just creating if I'm going to go forward and now they're going to go back and show her how do we proactively use our creative Force now we're constantly going proactive and reactive to each and each other. Very tricky what I can prove now is if I get involved somehow
I can I can
it if you regardless of time line if I if I can get involved I can actually prove that we're creating another Paradigm in another dimension and I'm working hard to put the articulation of of our Linguistics to it but we were so powerful now all of us that we have to take greater care we have to really love what we're doing or we're going to be on timelines if aliens are creating For You especially around the monetary system and so that's my short and sweet tired of hearing me to statement but surely the mermaids tired of me too because she has to like hearing a lot is that that makes sense that any of that make sense
there was the other line and hopefully I get some calls and stay self entertaining myself there is one I want to tell you if I profess to been to other worlds and other universes and there are there is a there's one planet I won't tell you the name because you're unaware of it not want to create a belief systems in you but there's a planet in your realm very close where are the individuals they play a game that's a lot like ice hockey soccer combined and they're like indoor soccer not quite like that are indoor hockey
and the whole floor is made of gold and the reason it made of gold is because you can energize it in this is just for entertainment purposes I can energize gold in a way in which you can make it a binder a connective Force to the planet your aunt so you can almost see if you don't have levitation capabilities you would be able to levitate yet slides with almost like an ice skating ring cuz it's slippery but it's because the energetics of your body cuz you're the electromagnetic etheric field of that planet works really well with the conductivity of in this case gold for this type of gold I say it's almost a white gold it's not quite yellow it's like a white gold anyway the games are played
only based on defense so you can't actually
win the game by scoring you win the game by stopping as many attempts at squirt this is my first star sport anyway
these these fields will call them what you're able to do in this in this is a point how ridiculous money in and buy metal products are there that much gold as you can imagine their least if it's probably I guess in our measurement device should be by 6 in thick and so all that gold what is a lie and so if you're alive it's alive and so it's an incredible experience to be on the field because the harmonics that comes to your body turn you back out of your physical body anymore into a crystalline body so that's why it's so so incredible to do that in the course in the Mayan system as an example they tried to duplicate that in several ways
that's why you would you would win and then get to die so that you could in the end that's the definition of mine of course has it all illusion together because it shows you how far apart we are from
here and there that
maybe we should just make a rose gold maybe we should like on the Twilight Zone The the
the information I want to give you guys today as we can see everything so when you when you go on for the people. Space when we bring conscious Gateway here to Area 51
it is so vast in all its you all have now and that's why the computers were engineered to not give you any.
If you just use your heart center you can get the truth out of everything everything no one can lie to you anymore
it's just brilliant
What kind of bird is that
how do you not know what I mean
that's the Amazon Willie will work
set the volume lower the blue really bar
yeah at the risk of being arrogant flip it's another show all right when I get to my notes here I'm missing a few people I'm supposed to do shout outs for Ireland I don't think I saw your
Ireland family I did not see your lamp and stuff please submit again forgive me what we're going to do is we're going to get you all tax free on your lunch all over the globe I'm going to do it and I feel like right now based on our meetings this week getting your identities Spurs seems to be a little more efficient before you get your sovereignty so at least in North America the Stray Leah Ireland UK seems to me we go ahead and use the system we've got and get you a tax-free from the Imperial Injustice system
and then Due South 32nd and I'm on the fence on that but it looks like I can get everybody their land using the system it looks like it's a little faster then doing it the other way I would prefer to go the other way would be an assessment now in or most of people that ask me if I think that would be the easiest way to go ahead and keep our identities regardless of the slave numbers on your back
that might be the fastest way to do it overnight so keep your Chief coming keep coming to us with your your your renewals prescription subscription so I have the Rolodex I just want to keep the Rolodex populated because there's so many resources in the Rolodex when you guys sign up for BBS radio in the show
Spell serenity
seems to me homesteading is turbot we cuz we can break through financial anybody their own plan right now I can get you tax free right now that that's that's that's easy
but you still are as I've stated just spending your right to Homestead and patent is is the real cuz it's so easy to get out of system with your land and then the next step is to free yourself and be Sovereign so you know most of the people that are doing Sovereign Gene systems for people that they're all getting attacked minutes late and it's just it it so I'd say we do it and that's why I did bring up a Walt Disney in the in the gang in the pedophile Club hurts is in there you know is what they did is they they've learned Federal so I'll just talk about North America that is pretty strong for most of the world
what is it with these Jokers did you can use Microsoft the puppeteers that control Microsoft I can see Paul Allen what they do is they realize we're the most energetic places were in the world and they took over those lands but they wanted to do it
in trade in in have a system that endorse it so originally the United States Constitution allows you to go and Homestead 160 acres and a human being in America was allowed 150 acres you turned in your your definitions latitude longitude geographical description
your possession of lent with with with an identity
and I'm not promoting that that was the most life and or Universal knowledge way too good but that is there for you I'm on the door saying that this was the best way to participate on a planet I'm just saying that's what's there for you
what's what was then subject rated by Chase & the Gang forgive me this is a lot of repetitive information we've got a lot of newbies coming in here so forgiving
what the Industrial Revolution did Hudson Bay companies in there came out more again although those are those are all alien controlled human and they knew that we are going to grow in Frisco I have to displace a society that was living from a hard base that that's the Native American of North America
what's I can get the heart based spiritually based individuals displays teach you what guns are liquor and blankets I can get them out of the way I can make my true alien technology which would be local government I need a taxation system to get the slaves
subdued so that I can actually control them through the Ascension cycle so you're getting so strong now they have to figure out a way to come back around on the two thousand years since Michael and that's why you're going to see Christianity the Bible's getting picked up here because it's all alien technology all Bibles will be most appreciated will be all alien technology with good information filtered into a straight like a lot of the religious stuff is really being questioned so we could possibly be free
and your late your time is it
I'm going to do some rap music after got to do it.
Why would they call it Run DMC the yeah so
what is what is what is funny about this now is when everyone gets free of financial tyranny while
for myself being in the middle of the RV so I'm able to also get you the resources on top of belt so finding me a safe place to do this is obviously Paramount and and that's what we're working right now is make sure that we can be autonomous and still help you answer that I'll tell you that that is not that he's so once you call out aliens are controlling the planet I guarantee you your life changes quite a bit low, so you're an alien control system here my apologies and I love you very much so I had to air on the side How would how would I help you if I know the secret
oh and indoctrination indoctrination or propaganda soon on propaganda now I'm in a propaganda system playing with prop again and I'll take any of your phone calls from warrant
and so I just know when I realized that getting the volume of life to a physical body here was Shrek and just because I have all endured strong portion of light in me and we know how the creation of the universe works because we got our knowledge back how would I support you how can I help now with no one's going to believe me anyway and the arrogance of my statements are even fantastic
because the de propaganda against me for the last two thousand years or a thousand years six thousand years a thousand years is still here nothing
and to be murdered by aliens over and over again why am I still alive now and I'll tell you why because because
we give them hope a lot of Hope cuz they want out of here and so if you study for the people. Space Jam very slip it to fetch your new Bible I'm kidding it's just another opportunity to do true disclosure from your heart you'll find the information take-it-or-leave-it I love you I love you and I love you and I can't wait to take a call today what do you think mermaids a stickman costume
alright let's try it
maybe there's someone from speed and commanding Spirit back2body how do you say pickled herring
how about a pickle having I don't know that word.
Hello and you can hear me right
very good very good you some Swedish
oh that's good I love you nice to hear you again
I have a question if I understand this means to ride I'm doing we're doing the command about to bring back door into the body that we learn this very important and an endless and learn that we have scattered all over in Many Bodies In Like A stairs are scattered is that correct have I forgive me for intruding I want to answer your first question very prominent thank you for store searching for knowledge what's the what's the cloning process here genetic cloning process here they've duplicated the way our merkaba a cob of math self back into physicality so so when you go pick the best of the worst so you're Miss Sweden right
well there's a the delineation between the universal 3 Universal Power your etheric field and your intrinsic field that Gap in time if you like or space they've mastered the aliens have mastered how you're picking a body and getting you to pick multiple bodies out but not in real time. So when you go make a decision and it's from the heart you're actually in a different dimension here and or farther ahead than the other body that you're in in the past and or the other dimension so use Dimensions as your definition for time now so when I get parts center here I'm going to gather more of my life and our dedication to a individual physicality but when I'm inside line and I keep in judgment before it's gone
jump around a bit about that house
so if I'm doing my work to come back through the body how do I know it comes to just be spotted or another buddy of mine supposed to say do the same thing trying to come on back. How does that work how can I get to skip back to one more day
right so when I command my spirit to increase my life force energy out loud what you're doing is you're getting that percentage of the light column that's coming into physicality here
to be a primary focus point so instead of multiple bodies the horsepower of the life, comes in his account here is going to be dedicated to you and if the joy that make sense
yeah yes but if it's another part of me so to say. That's exactly our new view segregated the more you bring and dedicate yourself to this reality if you would grow so for me the reason the reason the military implanted me how much are the industrial terrorists in the US military ducted me is so that they could just package it to wouldn't expand didn't want too many of me out that because they saw what how it works and of course there's a lot of different agendas her so when when you do like you're just like me everyone's the same here in their their relationship to a light column how much percentage you're using an individual body is what I'm doing my best to explain and the DNA that was constructed
agenda if if we have the DNA restrictions removed you would have Commander Spirits increase your life force energy by Lorde I think what she might be interested in also I would be all the other the other buddies that we are in and what about the light coming into all of them right so animating all these bodies so you're you're so if you looked over the course of two thousand years
for us it's one minute that's that's the difference between that that's why it's time is is such a trip to you all cuz you can't see yourself in and out of front but we can that's why we do these shows to help you so in one minute how many people have you been is the true definition of reincarnation your multiple people can you remember it starting to and it gets tricky.
Yeah yeah yeah thank you thank you mermaid nice to hear you yeah go ahead
I was reading that article about a week cuz I wanted that was called we are many I think it's called and it's about several things I'm not going to say the text about this 12 North weaknesses
I'm trying to understand if it's possible where do we connect to that I mean to 12 4th Street and came in and how does it connect to us how do we even know how to face all right so we're all one is what we're doing our best but we initiated as as a mark of us as one and so we're doing our best to give you metrics because all all all numerology is is a lie but if we were going to give you a linear description that's how you came into the universe as a shape of a Merc about that was multi-dimensional and so Each corner land or angle of the merkabah could be described as a primary 12 that's how work
help moving not moving on moving out we love you love you love you bye bye Google I had a relationship or she probably has a picture of me on her wall but she doesn't even remember me will the mermaid the minute we talked to each other
we we just know exactly who we are so that's some of the hearts and he gets so I'm talking to this person has no clue who I am thanks I'm an ass-whole I'm a piece of crap and doesn't even know that it was me talking to her and it's not that I have a relationship with her but she is a subset of the of our light being she's part of our family but they can't recognize they don't see me they don't feel me in so that's what you're going to you're going to start feeling information out instead of seeing information sharing information reading it you're going to know if it's if it's interesting story to talk to all these individuals that I have a relationship with in the past so to speak but they don't know isn't that pretty fair with you are true Essence they only hear and feel so you can use a realtor
use the realtor we we were talking to them so they can't see that's what I'm talking about
that with that Vision as well
how would they not know who robbed
I would say not they would not feel your energetics interesting isn't it all right moving on Christina from a-z about calibration calibration question sorry to keep everyone hanging daddy Kathy today I'm so sorry I missed time I got left
AZ what's going on Christina hello hello hello
thanks for calling. Mermaid with just with all the other colors like I feel like when some of the people call in on my phone I want to talk with them I want to connect with them and I just feel like like you were talking about the harmonics and the transmission of the words and the energy and the enlightenment that you're giving with your
with your shows that you're doing I feel like we do that with each other and I just have this urge in this this desire like just to connect with people and especially when they're of you know they're seeking and they just need a little a little encouragement and we can be that for each other so I wanted to offer that just you know for those who who have a hard time getting through to you because you're hard to get ahold of once a week so I just wanted to offer that support two to the others
would you like to publish would like to publish how to get ahold of you because I fully endorse how you work with people in your business services you provide already do you want to do you want to promote and how you help people
well I just talked with them and connect with them and what you were just talking about with the realtor like they don't see see us for who we are it's because their perception is so limited by the whatever is going on in their head and the way that I work with people is I see that you know I feel I feel into what's going on with them and I may not have all the answers but just sitting and holding space with someone can really grow not just them but me as well so it's you know it's just connecting it is really just connecting the end and doing it authentically with No Agenda nothing I don't know it just feels like people are hungry and they're they're sick and tired of the way it's been and it people need that intimacy
the light and so that's why I don't know how to say what I do other than what I just described but I just had this urgent like oh I need to offer this just last night to call in and and offer that like I think last week is either last week or the week before Sarah from his New York I'm like I just want to give her a big hug you know and and just be there with her collaborate together I think for sure sorry wheel pump each other off and we just grow so much from Wheels collaborate and speak with each other I totally agree it's it's I think it accelerates everyone's individual process when they get to speak with others on the same Journey totally agree I'd love to see more wise that we can come together
at this stage it's electronically it seems but well I guess what they are doing great and Brazil or whatever it was and give me if I forgot where it was but we got a real schedule there for that we can share it why do we why do we think we own land by the way what way do we get that when we only live 5 minutes for us to be like 5 minutes what why do you suppose if you don't mind me asking how did we get duped into thinking they own some land or anything for that matter
I think it is a game that they like to play hide and seek with the light like they are hiding the light within us and they distract with what we don't have when we have it all to know but they've they've tricked us that way because we're like yeah let's experience and play and then all of a sudden what do you mean I'm not good enough to to own this or to even sleep here and it's it's just that it's an abusive game that we've been sucked into under under terms that we didn't we didn't read all the terms
but I think it's just that I think it's just you know there's some commercial with some guy with a dollar at the end of the fishing rod is like all you almost got it and it we just keep running and trying to catch it and we're never going to catch it and we never even wanted it in the first place so
yeah very good I have your contact information and will get will get you will get you a line here coming soon we're just going to put me in a new office here and then I think I can get us some traction with the rest of there's probably 100 people just like you they all want to collaborate and they want to be a service
and the momentum is picking up as you can see thank you for your patience and thank you for your participation I love you both so much and keep doing what you're doing and we're all growing we're all growing so thank you love you
want to ask what do you want to do
alright doctor let's see what Christina now K dr. Tom from California putting together holistic hospitals worldwide
what you got Dr Tahoe now
how are you doing
I'm glad you're doing well how about you
beautiful beautiful beautiful day
it is I'm very good friends with Billy and Jane and I speak with Billy and probably once a week and so I had a one-on-one with you while back somehow the recording disappeared off my computer can't find it anywhere used to get used to it exactly meeting up with Billy sometimes we go to lunch once in a while and he took me to the stories about you characters so it's it's always fun good stuff will Area 51 was quite an experience and we got some good work
okay my question is I'm putting together holistic centers were calm hospitals because people are identifying with them I'm using GSP Julia architect and then locate because of the rides and water on some looking at you know Tahoe Colorado places like that and then also the education
my question is will we be able to use broad-range replicators to make our
Mad Dads and Celestial B in those type of things
yeah great question I'll I'll get a hold of I'm working hard to get ahold of Billy right now and I make an appointment with keys to to Billy
okay so basically what you're going to see here the evolution you're going through to the more and more you turn into a crystalline body or more for Spirit you use the word you like beer but as you do that you're going to Neil more with other natural conditions of your planet so if you do look at the the the hollow Earth metal Earth people do if they're going to combine the light energy from from the source and or the electromagnetic field the water is going to be a great tool for you here because the planetary system is changing too so I'm I would suggest everyone heal with water initially from is Pure Source and then start start sorting where you might need other minerals and so far as good as you are just as you know
I'm on the fence on the technology around healing beds because I have yet to see one that's crystalline base and or aquatically base
and so I think you're going to speed or light be so harmonics found your true choosing that I've yet to see any of those yet I have seen him in behind doors here
industrial military complex does have them things like that underground there's a bunch of them
doesn't look like we're getting them distributed to a sense of time
no not lately haven't I haven't why would you start if you wanted to heal someone why would you charge for it with green piece of paper with pyramids on it that have black magic and connotations in them to kill and create death you have to truck you have to charge it to be healed apparently is that correct
no we're not charging we're not just there's no
of course they would and then my last my last question is I'm a private group that I'm with with the RV and I'm old and we're getting ready yet should we be happy that we're we're getting close
show me to make a point with Billy and I'll give you that information. And that's why I'm getting ahold of Billy okay and I can definitely tell you I'm definitely ready and I'm ready to go and I just need everyone to keep their keep calling in to me I need to phone numbers contact information need to really keep my Rolodex going I'm running out of time sorry BBS radio thank you, I'll make an appointment to feel sorry for the other callers Oklahoma Steel in Ireland please keep calling on me please keep calling me thank you Tom beautiful day to everyone beautiful day to everyone

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