Planetary Makeover Show, August 17, 2020

Planetary Makeover Show with David Mynott
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Planetary Makeover Show
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Dick Larson showcases Frances documentary about the healing Crosses of Light

Planetary Makeover Show with Dick Larson

In the midst of these global crises, the voices for justice are revealing what really matters. This show features solutions and modern miracles. Each show is built around one of Frances Oman's forty years of documentary videos that offer facts that inspire optimism for our future & remind us of our spiritual source.

ON This first episode Host, Dick Larson showcases Frances' documentary about the healing ‘Crosses of Light.’

For three decades Dick has Inspired audiences with hope and well-documented facts pointing to the creation of a new spiritually-based non-partisan civilization of justice & brotherhood. Dick builds each show around the work of:


Trained as an investigative journalist and artist, Frances teaches Time Banishment and is a lifelong meditator. She has received numerous international awards for her documentary work of over forty years – like her Miracle Healing Crosses of Light, which is featured in this first show episode. Her work has appeared on both the Discovery Channel and PBS. She has documented seemingly unrelated happenings that many assert are actually all connected:
• various physical miraculous phenomena
• cures from AIDS to cancer and addiction.
• the future barter economy of sharing,
• crop circles and UFOs

Planetary Makeover Show

Planetary Makeover Show with David Mynott
David Mynott

Planetary Makeover Show with David Mynott

In the midst of this global crisis, the voices for justice are revealing what really matters. It is time for Planetary Makeover. Here we feature solutions and modern miracles in documentary videos that offer hope for our future and remind us all of our spiritual source. Long ago it was forecast that at this time in history, extraordinary teachers including the World Teacher, would emerge to help us as we build a world that works for everyone.

Tune in for the next Planetary Makeover show, as we watch and discuss another video by Frances Oman in light of the timely and non-denominational Ageless Wisdom teachings that will fill your spirit and inspire you with hope for our future … a world that works for everyone. So be prepared to call in and share your views and questions, in another uplifting episode of Planetary Makeover!

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