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A Fireside Chat with Lance White
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Guest, Jo Ann Richards

Jo Ann Richards' husband and father were involved with top-level military intelligence operations since World War II, including on-world and off-world contact, and battles with various alien species.

In this show, she speaks candidly about human-ET relations, technologies, and the different types of alien species, some new to my awareness.  She shares some incredible stories, and talks about areas on earth that are portals for incoming aliens.  


A Fireside Chat

Show Host

The focus of these inter-connected shows spanning 8 plus years is the practical and metaphysical application of ancient wisdom and future technologies. 

The shift into 'new dimensions' is instant and already is... visionaries have paved 'the way'. Let's unite as a unified quantum field of Consciousness, Light and profound Joy. 

Change the world within, sitting cozy, warm and loved with: A Fireside Chat with the Zany Mystic!