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A Fireside Chat, January 30, 2016

Alfred Lambremonte Webre
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A Fireside Chat
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Guest Alfred Lambremonte Webre

Alfred Lambremonte Webre returns to share new information about the secret space program, the Multiverse, the Omniverse, the Spiritual Dimensions, the Mars and the Moon Bases, the Breakaway Civilization, the negative timeline which represents the Dracos, Grays and A.I. vs. the Positive timeline many awake and aware humans are presently creating.  There is a predatory form of advanced A.I. from the Dracos, which is called the "Red Queen".  We covered some, but not enough, of his new book which delves into all these questions and much more, providing a vast overview.  This is essential reading for anyone choosing to discover the truth about the various "players" and what they're doing here on earth now.  I highly recommend his book, The Omniverse!   Lance White/Zany Mystic

Guest, Alfred Labremont Webre

Guest Name
Alfred Labremont Webre
Alfred Labremont Webre
Guest Occupation
Futurist, Author, Radio Show Host, Chairman of Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS)
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Alfred Lambremont Webre is a futurist whose book EXOPOLITICS founded the science of intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse and expresses a positive timeline for Earth. Alfred's 1974 book THE AGE OF CATACLYSM integrates Earth Sciences and the psychic remote viewing of Edgar Cayce of a global coastal event and expresses the catastrophic timeline for Earth. 

Alfred is chairman of the Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS) educating about life on Mars. A graduate of Yale University, Yale Law School and a Fulbright Scholar, Alfred has taught economics at Yale University and constitutional law at the University of Texas. Alfred was general counsel to the New York City Environmental Protection Administration, a futurist at Stanford Research Institute (where he directed the proposed 1977 Carter White House extraterrestrial communication study).

Alfred's new book, THE OMNIVERSE, transcends the MultiVerse, integrating empirical data from intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations, from souls in the Interlife and the Spiritual Dimensions.  What is revealed is a functioning ecology of vast intelligence in the multiple dimensions in the Omniverse...Trans-dimensional Intelligence, Time Travel, the Afterlife, and the Secret Colony on Mars.  Validated and documented definitions of the major forms of extraterrestrial life are also covered.

Alfred is Director and a Faculty member of ExoUniversity, a non-profit educational entity for continuing online education in ExoSciences, PsiSciences, and Exopolitics.  He has many groups on Facebook, where you can also interact and discover the latest research!


EXOPOLITICS.COM: "Relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse" "Continuing education in ExoSciences, PsiSciences, and Exopolitics"

A Fireside Chat

A Fireside Chat with Lance White, aka Zany Mystic
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Lance White, aka Zany Mystic

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