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Donna Seebo Show, November 27, 2013

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The Donna Seebo Show
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Unfolding Our Light & The Crystal Cards

Michael Eastwood lives on the Isle of Wright, in the United Kingdom.  He is considered one of the top experts in using crystals for healing and with his cards we'll find out more about his fascinating background and how crystals heal.

Guest, Michael Eastwood

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Michael Eastwood
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Chairman of the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisatons & Author
Guest Biography

AristiA was created in 1989 by Mike Eastwood, after listening to a series of intuitive visions that informed him that an important cycle of humanity was about to begin, and he acknowledged this with the creation of the company AristiA.

AristiA sells conscious tools and products to assist in these ever changing times and to help with this transition in humanity.

AristiA is a unique and independent shop based in Southsea, England. A worldwide mail order company, serviced through our web site and The Magical Forest Press publishing house. AristiA and The Magical Forest Press are owned by Mike Eastwood and Marius von Brasch.

Our vision at AristiA is based on the feeling that human consciousness is opening towards an exciting multi-dimensionality and that this will give rise to profound changes in society. Our products are an expression of the growing desire in humanity to reconnect to a deeper place of unity and co-operation. Mike still chooses all the crystals we stock personally, dealing with only the best and most ethical sources that we are aware of. We have customers from all walks of life and from countries all over the world. AristiA operates as a team of nine individuals who are all skilled in different holistic practices which aim to give an open, friendly and personal experience that supports each person's unfolding path. In our Southsea shop building we offer a number of different holistic therapies, workshops, events, book signings, and are home to the School of Soul Medicine, The mail order company and web site are run from our Isle of Wight office.

Crystals from around the world - Crystal Jewellery - Crystal Carvings & Statues - Vogel Wands & Vogel Jewellery - Crystal Singing Bowls - Crystal T-Light Holders - Spiritual Books - Ascended Master Pictures - Audio Books & Guided Meditations - Alaskan Essences - Aura Soma - Hazel Raven Sprays - Tibetan Statues - DVDs - CDs - Spiritual Games - Spiritual Magazines - Pythagorean Tuning Forks - Tibetan Singing Bowls - Tarot Cards - Oracle decks - Incense - Smudge Sticks & More...

Donna Seebo Show

Show Host

Donna Seebo is an international mental practitioner, psychic, award winning author, teacher, counselor, minister, speaker and radio/television personality.

As a talk show host Donna really excels. Guests on her programs include CEO's of Fortune 500 companies to working mothers. Her interviews embody a golden voice that shines with passion, purpose, sincerity and humor. She is one of the few media hosts in the country who actually read the material authors submit before booking them on the air.

Tune in for an "Hour of Mind Power". Callers are welcome to call in for a live on air psychic reading during the second half hour of each show.

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