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Courageous Conversations, March 20, 2024

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Courageous Conversations with Leila Reyes
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Guest Kim O'Hara, Topic: No Longer Denying Sexual Abuse

Courageous Conversations with Leila Reyes

Guest Kim O'Hara, Topic: No Longer Denying Sexual Abuse. The Impact of Denial

Wherever you are in the book writing and publishing process — whether you are looking to confirm that a book concept has legs to stand on, needing help with the writing process, identifying your unique expertise in the marketplace or ready to submit a proposal to publishers, Kim O’Hara can help illuminate your narrative so you and your book can shine.


Courageous Conversations

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Courageous Conversations with Leila Reyes: Finding Freedom from the Impact of Sexual Abuse, is a transformative talk show inspired by her influential book, "Freedom from Shame.”

Leila invites listeners to join a space dedicated to healing, compassion, and triumphing over trauma. In each episode, our discussions, rooted in the wisdom of the book, create a groundbreaking environment for survivors, allies, mental health advocates, and even those who have caused harm, to navigate the complexities of the healing process. Through candid conversations, expert interviews, and personal narratives, we illuminate the intricacies of childhood sexual abuse, weaving in the principles of restorative justice to foster understanding, empathy, and constructive dialogue.

"Courageous Conversations" is more than just a podcast; it stands as a sanctuary of support, guidance, and hope for those touched by the shadows of this deeply sensitive and impactful issue including individuals on all sides of the healing process. It serves as a beacon, providing a roadmap for resilience and the journey to reclaim one's life after such profoundly impactful experiences. Join us in this transformative journey toward healing and reclaiming lives together.

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