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Bringing Intimacy Back, November 4, 2021

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Bringing Intimacy Back
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Guests, Tony and Alisa Dilorenzo

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown, co-host Dr. Kelly Bushey and guests Tony and Alisa Dilorenzo

Title: Transforming Your Marriage with the 6 Pillars of Intimacy

Bringing Intimacy Back

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As we look around in this world today, it seems we are becoming more disconnected from one another, even though we have the technology to connect to more and more people than ever before. Furthermore, the lack of intimacy (in its many forms) is one of the top three reasons why relationships struggle and many times end.

Thus the Bringing Intimacy Back talk show is a show dedicated to inspire, enlighten, and encourage intimate connections. This show provides an engaging atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to enhance intimacy in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. The show will discuss intimate connections in many different forms, such as sex, communication, emotional, physical, health, and spiritual. In fact, research has shown that as we increase our intimate connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, and others.  It will help decrease the conflicts, anxiety, and depression in our lives.


Increasing intimacy for all has become Dr. April’s mission. The mission statement of the show is to provide an atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to increase closeness in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. Therefore, Dr. April started in February 2018 to host her own new Radio/TV Show Bringing Intimacy Back where she and other intimacy experts will provide resources and tips on increasing intimacy in all types of relationships. Audience members will be able to transform their relationships through relationship experts’ insights, useful and practical resources, role-playing, and audience participation. The show’s goal is to show its audience members that intimacy can be alive and real in the relationships we desired.

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welcome to the brain and Timothy back show we are intimacy is real if you desire to intimately connected with yourself your significant other children and family friends community and your higher power this show is for you that we explore intimate topics inspiring life stories spirituality and insightful tips on strengthening relationships this show is hosted by dr. April and her doctor Kelly now let's get this episode of the bringing intimacy back show started because we share with you the secret power to intimacy to create a life you love or love the life you create with your host dr. April and she is real hello. How you doing I'm doing pretty good I'm up here in northern Michigan and it's 31°
it's coming back but and my hair is frozen this high
I see you so how was your week this last week I'm sorry I missed the show last week has been good yeah it's been a week for life I'm interesting things on my fourth book just came out about breaks so definitely check it out on Amazon yes and I'll Costa Rica Retreat is filling up quickly you only have two more spots left so if you're interested out there and I definitely got to be a couple for that Retreat yes you do have to be a couple yes I was a program director at a conference center and they had singles retreats it was in Upstate New York
you would think I would have enjoyed that right but it was scary what was so scary about it
well people came in with what I call a huge sucking sound all kinds of needs and I was like
oh my let's just have lunch here
Glenn Wayne I got better at it and I realize that it was just a social at Social Anxiety for some people in group situations yes yes and I do think I'm because that's where we've been at the last two years a lot of us including myself have had sufficient I mean it's been hard to get out you never saying yeah and communication been difficult you know but what I'm happy about today if that's a little bit about what we're going to talk about is spirit communication getting through life finding Joy even in the mess of everything going on in your life and Suites lost a lot of people missionary Journeys in one of them he was put into jail in Phillipi and he wrote the whole entire book of Philippians from jail
it was on Joy so yeah joy in the midst of Trials is something that I'm very interested in learning more I'm looking forward to meeting more and having our show today let me go before I see this ring I just want to let the guests know that how I came up aquamarine and she's one of those beautiful souls
that when you need help or you're trying to start something new you know that she's open and she's giving information so she's the one who was this been helping me and Retreats really yeah yeah yeah definitely yes yes so let you guys know she's internationally known all over the world and she's a spirit medium a teacher I lecture holistic healer and an author of the best-selling book to medium next door Adventures of a real life ghost whispers I know exactly did spend decades this mystifying the overwhelming subject matter of death definitely in the sense of helping us realize it's about you know some people think there is a dimension where there's just this time
and then this pipe but she just mystified that and helping individuals to flex their intuitive muscles and tapped into the messages from the spirit at each of sorts ring has brought joy to a lot of people and today she's going to talk about how grief and past relationship and how to find joy and a great journey and Inspire us and helping us so let me walk in the rain welcome Lorraine thanks for having me I'm so excited to be here I know we plan this like many months ago so it's finally here and I think it's so timely and like you both said so many people are suffering extra hard right now with so many losses and I don't know about you but so many of my friends are losing loved ones and family and it's just started so hard so I like to bring that LMAO
how do you get through it how do you get more signs have hope and then find your way right answer the phone call and a woman was saying how she lost a father and a twin sister and her partner doesn't feel like she doesn't feel like she's going to come for that she needs yes yes so I'm glad we're really talking about this grease hair yeah yeah change don't you think and with especially parents who have lost children physically and that's kind of my specialty and you've probably both seen this where you know couples kind of break apart and it's you know they grieve in their own way and sometimes that causes friction in a lot of the couples I work with end up breaking up where they go their own separate way and so by helping them to create a really strong non-physical relay
with their child it brings them back and just bringing them back to when they first met and they created this beautiful life and and that he or she is still with them so I think that ties right into what you both speak of work so it started as a child I had lead poisoning now this was back in the day when everything was lead paint based and I grew up in 20 minutes south of some kind of a Boston grow if you couldn't tell can I choose the window sills and the paint tasted like Necco Wafers no lie I don't know if that's a black man no I didn't even know people chew things like that it had a sweet like paint was deceiving
because it had a sweet taste and it really tasted like candy for kids and that's why there was such a huge around the whole country and not the world like paint poisoning so I slipped into a coma I was in children in Boston for three years I was wasted years I was in party leader Encephalitis and they created chelation which is now used to draw heavy metals out of the blood but that was created and I used to see spirits walking around the house when I finally got home I went in at 2 years old like a moment five years old and a lot of kids are seeing spirits and things from me it was scary it was like for these people and they were like they going to take you back to the hospital so Cuts in Minecraft
reach out to me say that the kids The Same Spirit and especially now this so many when I call like The light workers coming in or the sensitive children and their seeing spirits their hearing them to woken up by them and I teach them how to do you know protect themselves from me you know it's Saint Michael the Archangel standard every door and window because you know the good Catholic and I was in a car accident at 25 years old I fell asleep at the wheel I had just taken my seat belt off it was a stormy March night I was almost home and I was like the song and boom I hit a tree broke every bone in my face they brought they kept saying to me like her and I said nobody I open the door and they will like look at your car and it was one of those Vehicles Crush that you would say that person did not survive no way and the woman who called 9
one was shaking out of a sound sleep she lived alone and she said somebody sit in said in her ear go downstairs to the kitchen and wait and there I was so I was set up all kinds of surgery ship to Boston rush and when they went to do surgery did another Cat Skin and I felt my grandmother with me she had just passed I Heard a Voice I yelled I felt a warm Rush go through me and then I didn't need anything done we're talking skull sheets were fractured my eyes were completely crushed my no stitches right down the middle didn't need anything done and then I started to hear dead people kiss so so overwhelming and just a side note I was litigation manager at Logan Airport to the 9/11 happened and I was doing stand-up comedy in Boston so I became the comedian medium so I try to do
that's in a way that is more accessible on the medium next door like my books so that's my story and I'm sticking to it that's what you sent the size that quite specifically thank you been doing this awhile I have its 22-year is now what was more significant to you the the Toma as a child or the one where you fell asleep at the wheel or they equal in their impact
no pun intended get it I get it
flight you guys it's a way to Avid acceptance lately my car accident only because I don't remember a lot as a child I mean from two years old 250 really remembers a lot of that I mean I was in and out of hospitals even say years after that but when I was a I do remember as a five-year-old because the Sacred Heart of Jesus picture and every good Christian home with speak to me and tell me things and I told my little for 4:10 Irish mother the guy's lips are moving
and amazing things like I said he said Graham's going to have a heart attack on Wednesday on Wednesday even though my mother was like this is weird she was ready her mother my grandmother live with us she had a heart attack that Wednesday my mother was ready saved her life I could just go on and on but I remember the scary people walking around my room I do remember that cuz it was so overwhelming and scary so at 25 I'm hearing the voices so I'm litigation manager at Logan I was overwhelmed by the voices of 9/11 I say cuz going back after I just had my second child
it was too much and I ended up leaving I started a Cancer Foundation and doing Hands On Healing holistic healing I open my own place finally I was doing shiatsu which is an acupressure acupuncture praying over the sick and dying bring bringing natural healing to the masses and that's what I do now I own a large yoga studio and we do all kinds of Wellness as well
and I'm just as you telling your story I'm thinking about your mom and we talked about how you said great form relationships and and children sick yeah where's your parents able to make it through ohmygod my parents and they're both in heaven now but they were married 45 years when Dad passed and then mom passed about seven or eight years later what the strongest because their faith got them through and my dad was laid back just to kind of a chill cool Irish guy my mom you know I hear me roar I'm one of nine children so you can imagine so very very strict Catholic and yeah my sister I'm not even the best story my sister Mary Grace was hit by a car at 16 and she was pronounced brain-dead Rushton
General in Boston and she laid in a coma for a year so I always say where they call my family from Boston butt and was tested and their face and she came out of the coma she was completely paralyzed brain dead came out of the coma after a year and paralyzed and we had our confirmation together in the hospital and rehab and she stood up she's paralyzed out of the wheelchair and my mom almost had a heart attack everyone's screaming the doctor said she stands up and walks up to the slowly but she said I'm going to walk and she walked up to the bishop
so so many inspirational stories but yeah my parents were like that Maureen who in your family prayer warriors people that just pray who in your family either on here any generation or whatever you know just
prayed all my gosh so so my grandmother so I got my sort of safe Beginnings from my grandmother so she looked with us like I said and just she would squeeze the B's every day you like that squeezed Every Praise every day morning till night cuz she got it from her mom I might not find it in a brick building but I definitely have my own face I was visited you know Jesus Age The Blessed Mother Mary in my accident when they said I wasn't breathing and I was basically dead my grandmother said do you know came to me in a vision and she had the Blessed Mother
how much with my body and soul Mary's my homegirl really strong so that's where it came we call it the god Squad you can steal you know you said that you don't use yours isn't from entering a brick building and I walked in a garage and I didn't become a car so I'm quite of the belief that it is not about the building truly in fact our bodies are considered temples so I just we all have the same part I ate and that's where it comes from the heart yes wow faith and medium all a connected I will be back in a moment
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welcome back to the bring an intimacy show where intimacy is real I'm so one of the things is on the show we talk about intimacy and submarine what is your definition of intimacy
so my definition of intimacy is
for me it's like that steak with Scott within that you allow when you feel comfortable others to tap into or see or that part of you that so Ross that can be where
love resides you know passion even grief or sadness and I just you know I have no idea where I'm pulling this from but I was like talking is this Whoopi Goldberg Orlando that you don't you think it's like the deepest place of you that is so sacred and that you you honor it so honoring it can also be being raw and honest and talking about what you need and what fulfills you and what is working for you and what is it by definitely you put that so as we are merging into a medium can you explain to people may have all these different definition so damn it took me years to even come to grips with saying that
like I would go to say the doctor and it was a occupation I've been speaker out with that for a while and then my mom helped me do you know just working with grease or what not to say there's a lot so a spirit medium is somebody that can connect to the other side Heaven Beyond Beyond the Veil whatever you want to call it I call it heaven but it wasn't until the accident that I realized that I was seeing feeling hearing and having dreams visions and then I started to when I would put my hands on people Ojai I'm her father Bill and then I started
oh that's my father I was like oh God so I didn't like it at first I was like take it away I had a lot of anxiety you know growing up and so it just added to my anxiety so I used humor to marry the two so that I could deal with it and make people laugh and cry and maybe he'll a little it's a celebration of life and memories when you open up to the possibilities of it and you don't have to go to a medium you all are medium so maybe on this intuition it's a god-given that we've all been given to survive to be able to get signs be able to have dreams be able to feel like I loved ones and spirit are still with us to pray to them and know that they Hira right
how old is when you when you first like put your hand on somebody and it was like Bill talking so many or whatever when was when I was always a new things you know Growing Up So as the child with the LED paint and sing the spirits and then giving those sort of my messages from Jesus and whatnot that's how I got it done and then at 25 after the accident as I started to hear things and I would just be half asleep in like someone poop to head out like oh you know I'm your friend Kathy's dad or whatever so but when I actually started to do body work
and laying my hands on with Reiki Hands On Healing shiatsu and what not I was in my early thirties then so but I always had it but that's when I left the cat out of the bag and I was working at Logan enough for it and then you know 911 happen 2020 years ago I think Bryce and that's when I said I'm going to start doing this I need to share this I need to get it out there and I always had this ever since I was little my mother even told me people would say what do you want to be when you grow up to me and I would say I'm going to work with cancer people
even as a five-year-old. I already came in no way so I do all kinds of work with the death of those that are end-stage cancer or any terminal disease or Challenge and whatnot so I help them not be afraid of death I help them to set up signs for those left behind I help the families left behind and I've witnessed a sense of actual passing so I've been in the room the energy is like this it's magnificent and so many who can't even talk will come at that moment and it's beautiful that's what I've seen time and time again so I know it's beautiful and no longer sick anymore and you can I help them create just a beautiful environment so everyone's not fighting and you know maybe a music or candles are some nice incense or whatever it maybe instead of everybody breaking up so speaking of
ice chips so many families break up after a physical past thing you've seen this right right slide to the spirits come see you have to touch a person for the spirits to come to know so I do something called Postcards From Heaven it's a live event that I traveled around the country doing and now I'm doing in a Retreats and Live Events and I stand in front of you know to to 500 people every weekend and I just get feelings but I don't just throw it out like a like a lot of medium still I'll say okay in the second to last Row 5 seat over purple shirt your son is here I'm hearing the name Kevin he passed in the car accident so I'm hearing definitely like the channels and whatnot but no some some people will work with pictures or objects and that's called psychometry and I don't have to do that but I can do that
and I also teach people how to do this so but no I don't have to touch them and if if I do Hands On Healing especially with somebody that and Stage cancer like my hands shake it feels like it's beyond beautiful but it's so hard to because they're getting ready to lift out of the body yeah I think that's 18 months it's been tough too many people out there what are some of the lessons that you're hearing from the people who have passed away your
The Healing Center
well I mean I think the biggest thing is forgiveness so and I never throw that out there like oh you have to forgive this person but I will connect them in a way that they can communicate like while we never got to say goodbye I'm so sorry that I've had a life with you and I see my should have could have would have his and I'm deeply sorry so I've noticed a lot of healing takes place when a loved one and spirits and come back and finally take responsibility I mean if it's not going to happen here and I've noticed a lot of acceptance with folks with like wow I've just really always wanted my father to acknowledge what happened and take some responsibility and if it has to be this way to see it so I think that's that's the biggest sort of lesson and I also will tell people
spend time with them now cuz I wish I'd spent more time with my mom she was always like Moby when he's going to come over and mow mow and that's what one of my regrets so not having anybody spending time with people and especially after what we've just been through just making sure that you make memories and you know everyone here except like sometimes just acceptance like I accept who you I miss you this is how you are and I'm going to love you anyway right and you mentioned forgiveness and I was just thinking that she and I had earlier where is sometimes people have passed away and there's this pain you know that I wasn't good enough for it just for that and Vinny therapists include myself in that people write letters or stayed out there you know sorry whatever the case maybe do you believe that
the spirits are around us that they can hear what we're saying so it's when you are willing to sell so you hear a voice and it and a lot of times that voice will try to help you and it will be like look over your shoulder while you're driving is a car coming and you get this nut and Spirits voiced will repeat over and over without without without with until you finally oh my gosh you know like this so I can hear you without talking out loud so if you want to have a conversation with them it can just be like this
I just like a meditation or a prayer or whatever maybe and you just talk and and they they listen and they talk back so when you get to that point that you trust and you know that it's not just your wishful thinking it's not just you creating this it's really a communication I had a dad who lost his daughter come to my event last night and I I said you know she really loves that you can hear her because I have complete conversations with her ask a question and she answers me and that's what I want to get all of your your viewers and listeners to get to that point where you trust so that's also a big lesson trust trust in something you cannot always see or explain okay if I go like this to you like I'll look at this can you see that know well that's my that's awesome
can't prove it to you April but I know it and I know what's going on but it's physical how do you teach people how do you teach people to trust that Intuition or to trust themselves to be okay to be open it's a journey and it's almost like I could hand you a guitar and say I'm going to show you three chords and you're going to play 60 songs and you're like no way it's not until you actually do the work and practice and trust it I think seeing is believing right but when I say to people like tomorrow in trust in your abilities easier said than done but I just can't stand that prays that because I always answer with then do the work
easily write how many times have you started something new and you like or they know they might lose interest cuz they don't see immediate results so I just say stick with it and they can try different things and you know I'll do easy easy things like so that you can't see them and put your hands over one and see if you can get a vision of like a color red or black right look it over then I say let's go a little bit deeper
try to get a suit put your hands over see if you can see the soup flip it over and then even go further so it's like just like any earning you're going to take one easy stuff in a little bit harder than a little bit hotter or you know you think of somebody and they call you how many times has that happened yeah no such thing as being we question everything we get stuck in these heavy layers of brief and so that I call it peeling the artichoke so you can find your heart again you're better than feeling well I'm people say and I didn't like it so I came up with artichoke kill two birds with one stone I say how about we feed two birds with one crumb
so I have a question than this may be a bizarre question but you know where doctors and we work in mental health field and people that sometimes if they hear things or see things that they're going to be like typically the first thought is not Spirit medium but that's around the Spectrum while you were going through this were there people in your life that were trying to tell you that was a mental health diagnosis is that ever come up or am I it just way out of there and they did not happen for me and you bring plastic point is that I've had over the years thousands of people that have come to me to learn and there have been a couple of times and I always say first of all
seek out a grief counselor this is just kind of an adjunct or something that can assist you and your journey but that you should always be a counselor but I I've had people come to me hearing voices thinking their medium and there is some mental illness there that needs to be addressed and they need medication and I'm all about it and I you know I'm not a trained Physicians but I will send them in the right direction I've had to recently and one it did end up being some type type of psychosis or like she was schizophrenic and and do we have gifts absolutely and then the other point you brought up about being on the Spectrum I have noticed that especially children with autism and Asperger's they do have special sensitivities and they can sometimes there just at a higher plane vibrationally than us and my husband has a nonprofit for
kids with karate and they say the most amazing things that are Beyond any explanation so there is that sort of like Catch-22 like I'm always like I have somebody reaching out and I have a gut feeling that this person needs help that I cannot provide and they need to get that squared away right and are they old souls yes who came into this life with heavy agreements like bipolar or you no different have the agreements I never heard a word of what is that true that we all come in with a soul agreement which I do for our learning and growth and you know if you noticed that you keep presenting with the same types of people in your life there's usually a reason
supposed to learn and grow and release our forgive or whatever and realize oh I have certain patterns and when you finally get it and you can you do shift and switch that up I can see you know I feel that we all come in with the solar payments and I've noticed that the oldest Souls of these beautiful beings of light humans that are Spiritual Beings that came in as a human you know special needs whatever that may be physical mental challenges Asperger's autism bipolar is just this is just my feeling you could let me just help help in this one are you allowed one way to rule out if there is any schizophrenic not rule it out completely cuz we're not doctors you have to be a psychiatrist or a medical doctor to diagnose
but I always find out how they'd been sleeping but if you have somebody who they're kept it here sleeping do you find that to dr. April I just had that today yes Ha-Ha funny I had that last week so so you can say oh so okay so you have some audio and you have some visual how are you sleeping lately let's ask that are like I sleep 8 to 10 hours and if they say they haven't slept in two or three days then that would be hey
reach out to your medical doctor or whatever because if a person truly is not you know I certainly believe in the spirit world I do and and until but I wanted to ask you that because people do it even took you more in years before you could write Spirit medium on your what you do for us so so if you're helping people in it sounds like you and your husband are a fantastic team and that you do so much for people around you and those are grieving or with special needs you're quite dynamic
yeah oh yeah I want to spread the message that we all have this and we can use it to our life's Advantage right and yes
at different levels so it really just depends like let's say so I say okay you have it and Kelly you you aren't over the you know you were an over-thinker so sometimes it will take you longer to quiet down and meditate instead of getting to the space and I think you're like me like I get bored easy so like yoga and I own a yoga studio but I have to get your ass is going to be walking yours is going to be getting out in the woods and water and you know where are three things she said yesterday I am but that's all you find that's where you find your peace by do you have a dog
don't know why I travel too much maybe you had one since I started driving around you
so I think I actually said to you
but but yeah I love though that you can now I'm going to use that how was your sleep go see your doctor or what not and people are being bothered by Spirits sometimes will be woken up the witching hours between 3 and 5 a.m. so a lot of wake up and look at the clock at 3:15 every morning 33 for me my mom's number to me Maureen
oh my God Mom it is positively I said she passed it in the Heaven's Gate I was in her house alone with her when she passed and then at 3:33 or already came and then they laughed and I slept there in her bed and at 3:33 the door blew open
sudden it was December 30th in Michigan
it's the most powerful Angelic number and it's also the trilogy so box on Holy Ghost of the most powerful like spiritual number and I'm not just saying this after the fact every time you spoke I'm like oh there's a mother doesn't mother and I just feel like she can breathe again and she needs you to know that she's not sick and I feel like you. How did the eyes and you cross the t's to like advocate for her and help her make decisions and all that so she's thanking you for that she's very proud of you too yeah is it a you want to three
I'm a twin and the Third born and they're six but there's only well it depends how you look at it you know how it is with a divided family yeah so is it for into what's the welders 3 left for like 4 and 2 was it for girls to boys like with five girls one boy
twin also went to heaven when we were sixteen hearing about how you use this to help people grieve than that it really means a lot because as an adult person in my 50s who have it has lost a lot of people and a been there the last one with them before they entered Heaven's Gates I understand that I had my own group process and I like to help other people but unless we do our own emotional work we will not be good at helping other people so thank you stop it I'm fine I'm fine I'm sure you see that with everybody not even great but even like grieving can be a relationship you know like just divorce is they have to go through that grieving process sometimes the you know five stages of grief it's still going to apply
yeah and someone's like Mark I might too I kept hearing that name
Mark a Mike or me
I think I remember that could be living living sometimes they just shout out shout out a name out to you either of you have dreams do you ever have dreams of past level as does your mom come to Kelley terribly and I would I would I fell asleep this was a couple days, maybe 15 years ago and I really want to see my mom and I prayed and she came to me in the dream and sat on my bed and said and you maybe believe that this was her actually coming to me that on my bed and said I'm okay and you're going to be
yeah that's a dream desert dream visit yes what about you dr. April that you ever had in my grandma passed away
definitely they show up in your dreams because that's what your most relaxed State when you wouldn't question it is much I overthink it and they're able to slip in so if everybody wants to try to have a dream visit I say think of your best memory with that person for like 5 minutes before you go to sleep and run through it as if you're there maybe it's just me world may be a special vacation or a spot used to go or Christmas Hanukkah whatever it may be and run through it put yourself in their see them smile and go through different motions and what you did what it's like what's on the table everything the smells The Sounds music and then when you fall asleep it opens a portal to be on so that they can pop in and meet you halfway and you can have maybe a hug from heaven or they'll be able to talk to you and with all the dreams I've seen with
they speak they say I'm okay you're going to be okay that's what they say
wow wonderful yeah yeah and I think the dimension of a fight you know I'd rethink let me go into this one door I'm stopping by I think we're all here in the same
I don't know if it's Dimension or atmosphere but
I didn't know if moving if you see the same thing like I steal that they are one sort of vibrational level above us or the higher vibration is like the angels and Saints and then God Jesus whatever so depending on how we live our life is sort of the vibration where we are when we come out of the physical body I called the leased vehicle when the lease is up the driver gets out and continues and instead of the vibration so where you know those little crack house like I've only slipped into the next room they really are just a level above us that we can't quite access unless we do the work and we trust and we meditate and pray and and say I know you're here when you give them credit like I know that's you and stead of our human brain so that's probably a coincidence but when you say thank you thank you I know that's you
it allows them to come in with another sign and some of the most common signs everybody 11:11 on the clock right yes exactly 11:11 I came up with this 11:11 hello from Heaven the one one one one is similar to that eight of infinity so it's busy trying to like it's never-ending it keeps going with the 111 and then finding pennies and dimes I don't know how they're able to get coins to show up in your past but they can I want everyone to look at the dates because dates start to go inside and they need something birds like seeing the Cardinal most of us can you ask your spirits to help you with stuff
yes you can ask for help but this is the language it might be this is what I say and said can you fix this for me I say can you give me the strength to fix this so find a way or leave me in the right direction or guide me but when you do this like okay can you make the Patriots win the Superbowl please like things like that has to beat War can you give me the strength to accept when they lose me and has to be at the show me show me
but if you listen they can guide you so let's say you have a decision to make and it's about you know should I take this job okay how does it feel is it feel right feel like a lot of anxiety or goes against the grain how do you feel in and maybe that's part of your work to like how does that make you feel but it's actually seal not so good like I said I don't know I have trepidation because it doesn't feel right it doesn't feel good trust your got your got so
but yeah I wanted to throw out there to getting back to it like relationships with so many people that you know have broken up after a loved one has passed on or family member stop speaking to one another they always come through like I wish it wasn't that way or if I were here that wouldn't be happening and can't you find a way to let you know how clear and open communication forgiveness or what not I know some are you can't repair and I feel like the spirit I have a lot of folks that my mom will come through and be like okay you're not speaking to Carol it's been 10 years and then the mom will say I want you to know I understand that you did everything you could and you tried and it's not your job to fix it so I love when they can come through with that kind of relationship advice like because then they'll say I felt like I was just explaining her like I should
get everyone together and you know but you know they took all the stuff's and you know they took all the diamonds they took all the furniture and it's always about stuff right what you fighting over like the money in the the lower vibrational ego things and if our parents were here like they wouldn't allow it to happen like I want to go back to that the old the old days right when we just wait gold made out of dirt right so it seems so meaningless gold and things are so meaningless they're going to be walked upon in heaven
yeah like the streets of gold it could be interpreted and when we got there that like oh it's not. Somebody gave that to me and I just left beautiful I like to go in the woods and tree babe how do I relieve my anxiety I bring the dogs out I'm lucky that I live in a conservation area and I take them in the trails and I just the minute I get in the something to be said for sort of like the heartbeat of a tree or getting in the redwood forest and the energy is magnificent so to me everything is energy that's you know living in some way and dumb but yeah so that's where I find my peace and before I go to an event
and I'll pray too but I'll go out in the woods and a mountain bike and I suggest to everybody ghetto and nature because that's where you're going to be able to clear your mind and then you're better able to receive not only your intuitive hits but loved ones messages and signs and communication but when you're full and you're heavy and and you know anger and you can't help but having anxiety or depression in some way but finding a way out of that Darkness so that you can see the light you know just where it is I have a property that I purchased and I called at Tommy's they are in honor of my twin brother and I sit in the motto is make memories not money
and you can go if there's a hammock swinging their I bought a bunch of hammocks and you are welcome at property and it's in the beautiful part of never been built upon and it's right across from Lake Huron and you are all welcome, Kalamazoo and I did I think Ann Arbor and I did Flint Hills are the bigger places like spirit communication cuz I get the Red Barn Theater Chino the Red Barn Theater big is a 600 seat theater inside of a red barn and it's literally like live towels and whatnot around and Jennifer Hudson was there the night before me
I couldn't get in a barn doing and are you still doing it again how can people find you how can our listeners find you so I interpret the comedy into my Live Events so it's either like the medium next to a live or Postcards From Heaven so I don't do private readings anymore because I'm working with the sick and dying the kids and parents who just lost children tragically so that's all volunteer work and just helping them but they can find me on the Maureen Hancock Stan page on Facebook they can find me on Instagram at media Marvin Hancock and I'm on tiktok what's up and I don't know what I forgot to mention to I do work with police and FBI so I do a lot of work with missing people missing children
play in the beginning stages I've had a lot of luck finding them alive so being guided so that's really wild but on my one of my tiktoks I looked at maps of Gabby Pitino and I I said on the tiktok where she was a few days before they found her and I said I keep seeing this area the spread Creek that's exactly where she was so it's really wild I thought it goes into a whole lot in the area where it takes a lot out of me like I'm in bed for days when I do that work but it still snowing
yes wow thank you so much and then my book is the medium next door and it's everyone seems to love it it's a quick easy read it's just like having a cup of coffee or a margarita with me and at the end of every chapter I give advice how to open up and I have an online university called the Marvin Hancock University to teach me how to be your own medium but also natural healing chakras are as energy and then we meet once a month and I do readings and teach you over them so it's pretty cool check it out how well thank you so much we've learned a lot about finding Joy through grief today and spirit communication Made Easy and you certainly did make it sound easy and and also dr. April you had mentioned your book earlier and we would like to offer listener
are there listening and sign up for our newsletter bringing intimacy back and it also is that on your website doctor April if they sign up for newsletter yes we'll give him a copy of a look at the books they're moving intimacy
and this is finished fourth book in a 7-part series so we're proud of you Doctor 8-ball and next week we have Jason Gaddis relationship is personal growth and intimacy would like to thank everybody for joining us today on bringing intimacy that yes and thank you again for being at the show at spending and just spied us to connect with our loved ones are people that passed away but also that connection that we should have without cells and being able to trust our intuition so thank you your welcome back here anytime thank you for having me yes and thank you so much. To Kelly again for being in the show and hope you feel better as the day progresses and thank you for speaking in the author April as always this is been back there where intimacy is well thank you guys thank you

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