Bringing Intimacy Back, May 6, 2021

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr April Brown and Dr Kelly
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Bringing Intimacy Back
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with Dr. April Brown, Dr. Kelly Bushey and guest Dr. Farid Zarif

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown and Dr. Kelly Bushey with guest Dr. Farid Zarif

Guest, Dr Farid Zarif

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Dr Farid Zarif
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Clinician, Mental Health Therapist
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Dr. Farid Zarif is a nationally recognized eating disorders specialist and dietary/nutrition clinician. He studied at Western University, and St. Luke’s University. He is a Doctor of Philosophy in human nutrition and completed his dietetic training at the Center for Surgical Treatment of Obesity.
Dr. Farid is a captivating communicator. He inspires adolescents and adults to manage healthy eating lifestyles using human circadian rhythms. He is also a leading clinician, author and authority on eating disorders, bariatric medicine, herbology, fitness and human nutrition.
Visit to learn more about Dr. Farid, his merchandise, booking services, interviews, education, and testimonials.

Bringing Intimacy Back

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr April Brown and Dr Kelly
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Dr April Brown

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As we look around in this world today, it seems we are becoming more disconnected from one another, even though we have the technology to connect to more and more people than ever before. Furthermore, the lack of intimacy (in its many forms) is one of the top three reasons why relationships struggle and many times end.

Thus the Bringing Intimacy Back talk show is a show dedicated to inspire, enlighten, and encourage intimate connections. This show provides an engaging atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to enhance intimacy in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. The show will discuss intimate connections in many different forms, such as sex, communication, emotional, physical, health, and spiritual. In fact, research has shown that as we increase our intimate connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, and others.  It will help decrease the conflicts, anxiety, and depression in our lives.


Increasing intimacy for all has become Dr. April’s mission. The mission statement of the show is to provide an atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to increase closeness in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. Therefore, Dr. April started in February 2018 to host her own new Radio/TV Show Bringing Intimacy Back where she and other intimacy experts will provide resources and tips on increasing intimacy in all types of relationships. Audience members will be able to transform their relationships through relationship experts’ insights, useful and practical resources, role-playing, and audience participation. The show’s goal is to show its audience members that intimacy can be alive and real in the relationships we desired.

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welcome to the bring intimacy box show we are intimacy is real if you desire to intimately connected with your self your significant other children and family friends community and your higher power this show is for you. We explore intimate topics inspiring life story beer Tuality and insightful tips on strengthening relationships this show is hosted by dr. April and her know those dr. Kelly now let's get this episode of the bringing intimacy back show started because we share with you the secret power to intimacy to create the life you love or love the life you could tell he was your host dr. April Kelly welcome to the bring an intimacy back show where intimacy is real yes. How are you doing hey Kelly I'm doing good I'm up here in northern Michigan enjoying the cold now
May of course it is mental health awareness month which is fabulous which is something that's of course dear to my heart and I know it's it's worth. Dr. Kelly and I both into it still of helping others is mental health
I'm completely aware of my mental health this May 6th
Shelby no really
I'm glad that we are having a month that's helping people become aware of mental health because it's increasingly more and more important
that's definitely and before we get officially started I want to tell our audience who are listening you are like well how you guys talked about a lot of interesting things can you bring to the table a lot of interesting topics so if you want to support us we have a patreon account and you can go to that's b i b podcast subscribe and it's really only $5 a month to really definitely think about that another think that we have that we're so happy to have is a store for bringing it to my feedback we have a store in cell if you go into outside and I'm going to share this screen but I know that many people who are out there listening until they may not be able to see it so I was going to share the screen
definitely go on a site that we have it's called bring an intimacy back in this is store and on the store we have a dating video that is 499 if you're interested in doing dating we also have on the book that I just created with just call and proving intimacy and that's 599 that's actually on Amazon so that's another great thing that we have and we just have a lot of interesting things on the website to please check the website at going back to one of the things that I wanted to say about mental health month we also honor a non-profit
which is called and I'll charity of the month is Mental Health America I don't know if you've ever gone to that site. The Kelly it's amazing sight
yes there are so many resources yes yes and on that site of mental health Mental Health America on that site you can actually go on the site and they have a link there wherever you're thinking it out I don't know if I'm feeling anxious the prize whatever they have check-ups or you're like no maybe I need a resource in this area for my friend they have resources they have information to definitely check that out okay that's enough about of course with the mental health office right up here you know guys it's up here and guess what when it's up here is held somewhere it's held in our body
which is key and so today would we have if someone who can next be up here of course and the body yes I want to welcome. How are you doing is great to be here I'm ready to go that's great or are you just visiting at Ono I am too I'm from Detroit Michigan I was like yeah oh yeah that's like what is the Grand Rapids area
4 hours from North North
yeah I'm right on Lake Huron an hour and a half from the bridge to michiganders here it's a good room
yeah so I'm going to tell you guys a little bit about doctors Ruby he is a nationally recognized and he does I saw him because he was doing or maybe Phyllis of course eating disorders and specialist yes and that's what a lot of his nutrition and his background is in that but he also is really into being being very fit and having different products and services to work with the body so he is a professional spokesman send a LinkedIn connection clinician side Arthur and Authority on eating disorder or her biology or two men stress in here and Fitness in human nutrition
he has a program called the executive Life diet., which I'm so excited about hearing about and the five steps on that sells welcome how are you doing I'm wonderful lunch was great to meet you ladies this morning I love it. I just know it I just got good feeling it's going to be on this we're going to bring it on and you mention already about being in Detroit and intimacy how do you first Define intimacy being transparent it would be my best answer intimacy is first of all I think that you have to set a ground for you know I think that there is no lack of knowledge I think that is just say was missing this actually the courage to have the understanding to be on the same page about things and then move forward I think many of us
what we do is that we open up and we trust without anybody earning the trust and then we end up in these really very difficult situations and feeling that this was nothing but another long day tour this was just another you know connection and we wiped it off that's just something that happens commonly but understanding or Having the courage to understand that is to have your belief system as a challenge that is to have the listing ability to share are also and into come together as one as one unit is very difficult to come together as one unit when you're not on the same page and it's very difficult if one person is still caught up in their playing days or you know playing the field that's what I mean by that and and not being serious about the things that are involved
with the intimacy the components of intimacy not just your idea of it but the components meaning that you got to be able to communicate
yeah amazing yeah and what I was just thinking that you're saying all that people sometimes find themselves in these situations where they're not connected with someone with the wrong person meaning of us have gotten a food exactly you trust that becomes the surrogate not becomes what takes the place of that that intimate relationship so emotional eating is a huge part of you know illness or maladies because when it comes to the bottom line with the big picture when it comes to intimacy is Euphoria you know we're all looking for Euphoria and some kind of way he is not you know I'm a bad person I'm a everybody has their degrees of euphoria so it's like if I can find you for your in this person and unfortunately
people don't approach Euphoria with homeostasis or balance equilibrium mine they just go for it and they gobble it up and they can abuse the opportunity to be with one over doing it over doing it and talkin overdoing it infects overdoing it and eating over there doing it in all these different areas and it leaves a lots of balance is the key through I don't care what relationship is in balances Tiki knowing your boundaries are those buffets where they have just above a of relationships are people and we just go in and out yep. Buffet to prepare for today's healthy topic I have Buffet on one of those formerly
formerly emotional eater so I hope you don't mind if I eat in front of you some day I can't elope what can I say that looks so good
oh I wish you were here and I asked you what you what you believe is a balanced diet the best part of a balanced diet
okay thank brood and vegetables and what do you think you know the key word that you just said there is what do I believe unfortunately in nutrition science most of what we know our only expressions of a person's opinions you know when it comes to science most science is understood as being an ambiguous however most people when they're talking about nutrition they are talking about your belief system what I believe to be true you say so you have there some most of nutrition that we know of is all political it has everything to do with people with Deep Pockets and being a lifetime customer nothing to do with being healthier and other words nutrition versus nourishment is what we should know
did know more about nourishment if I went to the ABCs of the vitamins right now that would be a couple that will pop out on it in in the audience is mine but there's only a couple that they can in no kind of don't know or no vitamin C okay don't you just that when you take a cold you know that's what we've been taught of vitamin D3 if I talk to any patient any patient I can tell them that they're deficient of vitamin D3 and it would be acceptable because it's just a wide blanket approach to having a person at least have the idea that they're feeling better. I see that you're eating fruit now fruit and I'm going to see if I can share this if I can I'm going to share screen right fast
I see here I'm probably making you hungry no I'm actually on this I'm going to share with you this just so I can you see this everybody so here if you you can also go on my site and get this you can download it after you just put in some my little basic information but this is what we this is how we should be eating according to all of them and I've been you know studying and and testing and everything you can observe mean over the last 30 plus years that we don't have a Rhyme or Reason for eating we just eat because usually we are hungry or somebody told us it's time to eat you know is that come on we got to take a snack or something no kind of control when it comes to this and then we have people that really have good intentions of eating correctly
get the two things mixed up I'm eating good and I'm eating healthy you know a person to that man I mean you can be just a rhythmic ingestion this is a one of the papers that this is a peer-reviewed study that I have on rhythmic ingestion but I put it in simple terms of the Rhythm diet now the very first our theory that you wake up the very first hour so if you wake up we have all different types of sometimes I have to get up at 3 in the morning because I'm talking to doctors in Bangladesh like to get up at 12 a p.m. because
or you know I can shift things around because I have to talk to somebody that convenient time for them is 8 hours difference in Sea so you know it does change this is the point that our human our system of systemically I was systemic physiology simply says expresses that our body is doing something differently every hour for the first 12 hours that we're up so just eating just because doesn't make sense but eating For A Cause is what really makes it so we can we get up at the on just like the sun it rises and then it gets to the Pinnacle of the Zenith the highest point of the sun this is where is hottest and then it goes down the human body works very much like this it gets up in the morning the brain
and the heart the heart is beating slower the brain waves are slower and as it in ghosts continue to move through the day as you see third I was just our 7th hour is the peak of our bodies this is where we're getting more blood per stroke in the heart this is where our brain is this where we most active this is where we have the most energy also so this is why it is a very appropriate to eat the largest meal at the in the center of your day eating dinner is all of the stuff is set up by employers this is amazing because it an actual I was just counting the hours and I usually get hungry that's why I talked to Kelly being around two or three food in my mouth just now before I started this but yeah which is basically
this is also is a cure for anybody with you know bulimia and anybody with anorexia nervosa even a nocturnal especially not eating disorder because it gives you a balanced throughout the day see when people say I'm hungry hungry that means it's already past the point that they should have eaten we've been taught to eat when you get hungry when will you eat your so famished that we over eat so that means that we caused a problems again with that when we come back from your face is right and that is about balance why do we say drink so many like 64 Oz is a day 8 oz of / 8 oz of 8 oz glass I don't know who made that up but that just simply means the intention is that our body is doing
is at is optimal and when we talked about optimality that we talkin about when you feel your best when you're thinking your best when you you can take a blow and not even feel it because you just do you know you don't write a balanced you know nothing can move you from that now people that aren't balanced you can say boo and they'll get offended they get right up to the defensive mode you know what are you say boo to me I don't like right now but when you have this balance and the balance can be emotionally or physically and otherwise but balance is the key homeostasis so let's run through this really fast the first meal has a purpose and the purpose here and according to what the body is doing as far as the brain and the heart is that the best thing to do here is to eat those foods that will stimulate a bowel movement that will give you a refreshing your body from the night
before you just got up and I'm not supposed to stabilize you ask you're getting up and getting involved in this day what do you eat the detergent Foods what are they fruit the fruit bruise fresh fruit and water why fresh food in water because they're the best equalizers out of all the fruit group whenever you feeling like you're a little bit on the side or something is usually fruit and vegetables that you going to use in order to get that balance so off he is okay as long as you don't drink over three cups if you drink it over three cups of you know I just see what blind copy and does coffee count as water cuz I use water to make the coffee you do get water from coffee however is absorbed very slowly there isn't any immediate hydration from it whatever it is most of it is about 5% is just the coffee is so
95% is water so you're going to eat mostly water and you're using the caffeine during the metabolism of the caffeine so it is good for a diuretic however it can make you use the bathroom more and that's good to keep a nice strong string and now the the the third hour is this is when it starts is supposed to be gets up to the 7th power the more complex it gets so you add a little protein dominant food protein dominant food doesn't mean that you know like a steer or a chicken I mean any the foods that
but here is what was happening with the food that we've been taught that protein soon to take a protein is all in meat and this is really really it's it's this is totally erroneous because it's the animal becomes like the middleman you can get direct protein from what they're getting protein from and that's plants so you know where will you know if we have to we go through the nitrogenous stayed and how is extrapolated and how he take Diaz from the air and how those amino acids are then changed into amino acids that the human body can use and those amino acids are the components of protein is that most of us we've learned what it's called manufactured we've manufactured ignorance as a matter fact.
yes manufactured ignorance is when people purposely purposely make up lies and they continue to repeat those lies to become the truth so went earlier and Kelly said yeah it is is really about you know bully when she said belief yeah a lot of people amongst the program said I could get on with other doctors and then we're registered dietitians and and so forth old man is a lot of times you and they just have the wall up and it's like this is what I truly know how do you know that most of the information that they got their their knowledge from are nothing but suggestions and then subjectivity it has nothing to do with clit Clarity of how it affects most people it is all about selling the product and us become
lifetime customers. That's where it comes from so
said can you be convinced that eating a half a loaf of bread at a restaurant for lunch is hell but it starts with some America hey that's another big lies that have been told a manufacturer manufacturer ignorance as a matter fact there's a Science and Technology Magnet ology is the study of ignorance and this is you know when you study the ignorant so that you'll be able to teach people how to take science to fight science how to make threats and smoking when people were smoking is like you know they knew smoking was just
terrible for your help however they knew also that they had the money that they can keep putting the advertisement in front of you so you so people can say oh oh yeah oh this is Palmetto with this is Viceroy oh this is the best or the day read e-cigarette this most desired by a surgeon even had a cigarette that was most desired by pregnant women is like it was just it was as you can look up look but anything that I that I say you can you can look it up but this is a particular saying if you like to look at his 1969 also 1969 this is when you took all seven of the major a cigarette companies were subpoenaed to come to the White House and they had to sit in front of Congress and in front of Congress those leader
every one of them lie about it because they actually agreed that we're going to go in here and we're going to create this science will go against the science that they're using against us in other words something that make they got their own scientists they got their own studies and they got their favorable results to say that what you've been told about nicotine and tar what you've been told about tobacco is all in correct now let us tell you this new line and that's where we are now with food most of the things that we believe about food and diet diet you know diet all day has work for maybe 2 days 3 Days To months or what-have-you because the body is transitioning to a different way of eating so that's why you can have some people like and it's usually like I just
little difference here and there but they feel the difference but we're creatures of habit if you don't change the mind you don't change the fact that I'm sorry I'm taking care of your mind and your body because many of us just eat and eat and don't think about what goes into a body is just about the taste just as nice a day and I mean those people that are in the food industry they capitalized on our ignorance and as long as they keep us ignorant meaning the distracted we're distracted with calories how much sugar is in something the kind of butter is it margarine saturated fat what kind of saturated fats are they you know okay we have the South Beach Diet we got the Cabbage diet we got the spaghetti diet we got the ice cream the cookie diet you know all of these think it sounds like I'm exaggerating but I guarantee you if you don't
and we got so much information do you know yesterday I was speaking to a university and while I was talkin you know of course that everything I said oh yeah I found it you know things are are are studies and they are the history and they are also the Consciousness that makes up our mind today that leads us to the types of decisions that we make when it comes to food OK Google and you said yes that is correct the summer so we want to clear out are you know we do the the initiation I'll come back later for the Y the digestion it and having that bowel movement in the morning is super super important when you miss this a lot of people miss the 1st the 3rd and the 5th they don't eat them to lunch they might have a
coffee down here somewhere between the 1st and the 5th hour they'll have a coffee and maybe I know a few beer nuts about I don't know but whatever they're eating is hardly any fish it did for their after they eat the large they eat the large meal and that's usually lunch what where you see largest milk still have lunch in the house but Pastrami and fries or whatever now I'm here the largest meal should be protein and carbohydrate dominant food when I say dominant to Simply means that bread friends and you give me bread that is protein dominant it is like Francis Wade Barrett and if you eat this type of food this is Dominic like nuts protein dominant you have beans or legumes are protein dominant you have Plankton or you have the things that plants that are high in chlorophyll for instance and blue algae you know you.
a blue-green algae all of those are high in protein chia seeds high in protein and this is how we get protein from any foods that are not a part of the animal kingdom when you eat here in the middle of the day you eat the largest meal so you have the rest of the day Ashley Walk It Off dance it off running off work at all after all of this food to bed with you because it's not enough activity once you retires to sleep after the largest meal you weigh all of these are from the first or with the 7th is 2 hours between you take a 2-hour break and remember small amounts of food very small amounts of food if you have one of those big dishes where you have like look like you or you know like a setting
Thanksgiving dinner reduce the plate and have a smaller plates take a dessert plate and then Serve Yourself on a smaller play if you think you're drinking too much of that get it even smaller plate if it's if it's too much of that like if you eating a lot of sweet tea cups and put a part of the Sweden it worked on reducing it little by little the transition is very important to the success of whatever you're attempting to reach the tenth is 3 hours afterwards and this is when you eat your comment if you stop eating all protein dominance of course no protein no Dairy after this because proteins fats are difficult to break down this makes your heart work harder that's why United States still leaves after 100 years in cardio myocardial infarction
that means sudden heart death but we keep doing it because his habit is tradition and it's also very superannuated nobody eats like this anymore the old way of eating is the work your butt off and then come home and then dinner is ready it's like you know Dad out in the field he comes home and get the big chicken
when when can I eat popcorn corn is it it doesn't popcorn doesn't yield any energy therefore it there's nothing in popcorn it is good when it if it's something the curb your appetite a lot of times if it is a if you're looking at TV or something like that again and balance you know popcorn hasn't ever poisoned anybody or you never heard anybody somebody ate too much popcorn and you know had to get some medication for something but it is important to have a small amount popcorn is just mostly just fiber and it is it just you just for that but the butter the salt that goes along with it so I may not be favorable to your system it's just you know if you're going to eat popcorn have fun with it just it's like a little you know treat
going out for for dessert you know you just like they give you a little slice of pie and some of the restaurants give you the big trunk like they're they're giving you some for the family too and it's really too much but that's where we wanted to problems is not so much that the food that we have available is bad it's just that we have too much of what is good and when we eat it we overdo it we over drink we over now there's some things that wouldn't do at all and that is like to suppress my immune system by smoking smoking is just a No-No is like some people still do it some people swear by it I don't think that I don't expect the whole world to agree with me or anybody else however I think that it's really important that I we know the things to keep to focus on just to make sure that we're balance not overdo it
like that when we come back I would love for us to talk about how all this eating doesn't prove intimacy with us elves and with others will take a short break and when we come back we'll finish up this conversation thank you so much for all that you provided yeah are you and take a vacation in Paradise medication to rekindle the Russian vacation without a vacation where you going to learn how to communicate where you and your partner actually hear each other and game inside if so vacation counseling is your next vacation don't wrinkle Brown has created vacation Counseling in Southwest Florida as a perfect option for you and your partner our Retreats are one couple at a time we have a variety of packages available to choose from including virtual Couples Retreat if you and your partner interests in the vacation counseling please visit us at vacation for more information
Kitchen on pricing and packages also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep track of the latest news stories activities or coupons on vacation counseling and Doctor April's other services encourage you to sign up to receive a monthly newsletter called intimate connection at dr. April Brown. Calm remember if you and your partner are struggling with communication and intimacy and you are looking for a retreat to connect vacation counseling can be your next vacation in Southwest Florida
welcome back to the bringing its missed a show where intimacy is real so we've been talkin with. This is a reef and he's been explaining about the different times that we need to eat and even starting off that when we wake up in the morning that we need to make sure we have our vegetables and things that help move us so we can clean my system and how we eat out most male I think it said it was 7 hours and then how we should really have proteins that just really need to cut things down moving toward to really go to rest now my question is so how does this or even before we get to that let's talk about how does eating poorly affect relationships and then how every word Exchange in to start eating you know in this healthy where were
little bit by little bit and not just like
can affect our relationship with ourselves which is one of the most important of course eating and eating and emotional pain it is if you can't control what you eat you can't control your emotions if you can't control your emotions you can't control what you need it's just controlling your emotions with food is very important because we're taught to eat emotionally when you see an advertisement on TV you'll have people always laughing Smiley feeling good around food I hardly have ever seen anybody that would show a very sensitive or anything that would be negative when it comes to to eating however it does slip in there every once in awhile if you if you think of like big movies like
soul food for instance I don't know if you are singing a soul food is a movie about a grandmother that got her family together every Sunday and they got together in this huge palatial table and it had everything that you can name as far as good food macaroni and cheese ribs chicken turkey all everything well grunt grandma or big my she was referred to eventually dies of diabetes and everybody sad and crying they're going to miss her because there used to be visiting every week they after burying her get together during the repast they sit down and they have a discussion they're holding everybody holding each other in and you know consoling each other and they're about to eat the same thing that killed big mom is just that kind of message it didn't and there wasn't a message
that that would Express eating that certain way would guide you to or you would end up like big mama in the grave but instead it just made it like that's just one of those things you know if we look at the culture in my book slaves I wish I'm sold out now but anyway this is a book slaves of the time and Amazon
I like to buy the okay this Factory deal with this is apartment yes is a man's body yes it is yeah I see it looks like the man has breasts but that's just from obesity fascinating topic
why are you so loud that must be really good are they going to reorder those I please read that on the phone with them today because we actually sold out last night and I didn't know how it was sold out cuz it's supposed to be digital so I'm going to get on the phone with them just a digital book and then we have the what's the other one that you can upload my deal is when it comes down to the culture the same set that in my studies when I was studying for this particular but by the way I found information and compared it in each culture why do we eat what we eat and what I found was that each culture in Deers the bay
Dairy food that they suffered the most with
so slaves in the same food that they were deprived of you have each of the cultures have different dishes that remind them of when they were the closest and when they were the closest is when they were under attack from you no other woman ever you know like the Jews had to deal with the you know the Hitler thing the whole Holocaust the black folks with the slavery the Asians were held down by you know maybe another set of age I don't know but what all of these different things it comes to the food that they were most exposed to what they had on hand at that time of struggle or the foods that became endear the things that they embraced today and and then other of the Persian
they were oppressed also and doing their War one of the things that was taken from them was animal food and now when as a show of opulence they overdo it with the meat they show they eat as much meat as they can because this is to them or way to show that they are not impoverished in anyway and that they have enough money to eat whatever they want to eat and they also lead and especially like in Los Angeles and probably Southern California and gastrointestinal problems because they eat meat all day and all night that way and I'm glad you explained the whole culture thing cuz that was something I was curious about if you continue to eat that way
you may end up ending your life sooner than expected because your body cannot process
Olive Garden. So inconsiderate of a person that you love and people that love you because when you tell people about these things that are how they will harm you this can be interested this system that system is so poor and they say this is my body you can't tell me what do it my body is my body well yeah maybe so however considered those other people that love you those other people that are affected by your presence your importance in other people's lives so when people don't consider that they're being very very cold and and and now I'm thinking when it comes to other people they're just thinking about themselves and I think that that's definitely a travesty
no earlier you mentioned what we talked about emotional eating and those using food as a comfort and then you mention nocturnal eating a nocturnal eating disorder diseases that a person actually has insomnia they wake up but they are unconscious and they do know the way even if they have steps or stairs or even if they have difficulty Pathways to the the refrigerator some kind of way they find it and they open the refrigerator they leave the door open usually and they eat from it they just eat, until they're satisfied during the night until they are awakened or they may just stop there and leave the refrigerator open in their lie down
like where they are into somebody discovers them or they'll send in the chair or something and put your head down and go to sleep with lb is somewhere else in the house asleep however they do this during the night hours so it is something that is off with the suprachiasmatic nucleus which is found in the hypothalamus it is in our brain and it could be something that the endocrinologist to look at it as far as what type of hormones are being secreted at that time how much or whether it's too much or not enough but nevertheless it's pretty common
what tips do you have for individuals who may be like you said have a emotional relationship with food like when they get depressed or sad they eat a lot of ice cream and cookies and sweet how can we what's the Jetsons to get it to Marvel positive relationship when the Cravings are there it's the same page with the whiskey whiskey with the patient to see if there is denial that that they're doing that is there a denial of which they usually would be that you know I'm not doing that you know no I just do that because of whatever the excuses it's the change the language for the auto suggestion that they are hearing because that autosuggestion is supporting that particular Behavior once you get them on the same page with you then you can begin to offer certain alternative
such as when you feel that you're going there or when you experience these particular triggers here are some constructive things for you to do and you do those repeatedly because what happens when you do things over and over and over they become happy and when those things have become have it that will eventually translated into the new behavior that that you see if I have a question from the audience wants to know how it what you would suggest for them they have a more positive relationship with food
beautiful relationships with food or just like relationships with people it comes down to First appreciating yourself anybody that has a bad relationship with food as a bad relationship with themselves understanding that you're just don't deserve to eat a great or a really healthy meal understand that you're born with that right to you are worthy of it you say it's a big difference between I am worthy and I deserve I am worthy you can hear the difference even when I said you know deserve hardly has any weight and it's almost I'm begging I'm beseeching for somebody to acknowledge me for why I deserve something but when you go in with the attitude is I am worthy of everything that was here before me everything that would be here after me and everything that that's here right now it's claimed
the worthiness of filling your optimal self so when you eat things instead of just eating them like been in a relationship you have no idea why you with the person we have no idea of their purpose you have no idea of their contribution is the same thing with food have an idea of who I'm eating the spinach all the chlorophyll is going to really do great for my digestive system who I love this fiber I'm increasing the fiber the doctor said I need to eat about twenty-five to fifty percent you know fiber every day or time regulating my bowel movement with it or with a purpose you know they have mindfulness but like we've been taught how to eat mindlessness and it's like is changing that whole narrative around have a purpose for every
thing that you do
I still eat my cereal protecting it from other people cuz I grew up with six siblings and I still find myself eating fast and then gardening and cooking my food the fastest eaters on the planet if you ever around people with like real busy schedules or people that like and I have I have colleagues yeah did that short little break ya that you are a man of surgeon I have few I had don't know one surgeon that eat slowly not one it's just just is just like tossing a bowl of cereal it to a fan and this is all over the place but it's really taking step by step a starting off with a small amount of cereal you would eat less and you would eat slower why because you have left with you eating a big bowl of cereal and you have everything that you know you can go over to the another box
two boxes if you want to get has a tendency to dictate your speed of her frequency of eating so do that get a smaller bowl and take your time with it and then you probably going to want another bowl and you put a little bit in but the size what you're seeing visually does affect the speed of your eating. Stop by if you have shared so much and so I'm curious how can people find you what services do you offer tell us yes a little bit about how we can find you executive Life diet., executive Life diet. Cam or you can search me on dr. Fareed zarif you know Google whatever search engine used in I'll come up and you can also form as far as my services are concerned I have a lot of services available everything
from personal consultations in Eating Disorders like we just talked about personal conversations we also have group therapy where we have you know how many people that may be addicted to a certain thing or you know but I don't know speaking public speaking we have all of those things even self-defense you know so anything that has to do with Nutrition By the way nutrition I don't cheese nutrition from the food aspect I teach nutrition from the nourishment SSA we don't die from need that the lack of nutrition we get sick and we die from male nourishment so I talked about nourishment we need to learn nourishment not the nutrition cuz nutrition will be ten years from now we'll be still saying A is for apple cuz that's all we never took it farther than that you know
day keeps the doctor away man flees but when it really comes to it I teach a very Innovative way and a way that you can become your doctor takes on my window to your website and I noticed that there is one thing that I got want you to mention this quickly what are the five immediate Life Changes Life Changes one of the things that that I think without looking at the list the very first thing that you have to do is be able to to communicate with yourself and in that that's a super very a very important part of let me see I don't pick it up so I can actually go with you but the one of the so yeah yeah all right good all right I'll take them off but the other thing I'm what I want to do is just to see if I could get on here with you and and go through those steps have I ever let me let me just forget about
what are the five steps in order to change your life is his first of all by habit doing those things that you can do that you want to repeat on a daily basis those things that that are healthy for you the other thing is to include the a balance of nutrition or the way that you eat physical activity and deep sleep deep sleep is super important because this is where you do all of your repairing and refreshing okay so those are some of the things and then are also making the better decision on the the foods that you choose eating the right Foods at the right time so those are some of the things that would be Life Changers thank you so much for being in the show we really do appreciate it definitely I am very happy to be here was fun with you all I'm looking forward to seeing you
great questions to right away okay awesome awesome so I'm just laughing out loud show here
next week we will basically have the whole mess is Chronicles podcast on May 20th we have enough Ford for the five characteristics of a good morning relationship, May 27th would dealing with on children in the sense of the emotional connection and on June 3rd we have a Ashley cop she's all sex influenced shine educator listeners thank you so much for listening on please follow us on Twitter Tik Tok Instagram and if you're on the podcast please give us a rating would love to do that or if you want to review us all so we're on club house every Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. and also like I said I like an intimacy is what we specialize in check out my new book call improving intimacy and definitely check it out on patreon is has been to bring an intimacy back show where in Tennessee is
and thank you again. The Kelly and doctors Louis for being on the show today