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Bringing Intimacy Back, March 26, 2020

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Bringing Intimacy Back
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with Dr April Brown and guest Dr Rita Louise

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown and guest Dr. Rita Louise​, founder of the Institute of Applied Energetics. A Naturopathic Physician and 20-year veteran working in the Human Potential Field, and also a medical intuitive and clairvoyant. Medical Intuition Evaluations by Medical Intuitive Dr. Rita Louise.

Guest, Dr Rita Louise

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Dr Rita Louise
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Naturopathic Physician and the founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics
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A survivor of childhood abuse, herself, Dr. Rita Louise has emerged as a gifted empathy and talented clairvoyant medical intuitive.  She is a Naturopathic Physician and the founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics that trains students in the art of medical intuition, intuitive counseling, and energy medicine. She has authored six books and produced several feature-length and short films.  Dr. Louise has appeared on radio, television and in movies and has lectured on health and healing, ghosts, intuition, ancient mysteries and the paranormal. Her books and articles have worldwide circulation. 

Bringing Intimacy Back

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As we look around in this world today, it seems we are becoming more disconnected from one another, even though we have the technology to connect to more and more people than ever before. Furthermore, the lack of intimacy (in its many forms) is one of the top three reasons why relationships struggle and many times end.

Thus the Bringing Intimacy Back talk show is a show dedicated to inspire, enlighten, and encourage intimate connections. This show provides an engaging atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to enhance intimacy in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. The show will discuss intimate connections in many different forms, such as sex, communication, emotional, physical, health, and spiritual. In fact, research has shown that as we increase our intimate connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, and others.  It will help decrease the conflicts, anxiety, and depression in our lives.


Increasing intimacy for all has become Dr. April’s mission. The mission statement of the show is to provide an atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to increase closeness in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself. Therefore, Dr. April started in February 2018 to host her own new Radio/TV Show Bringing Intimacy Back where she and other intimacy experts will provide resources and tips on increasing intimacy in all types of relationships. Audience members will be able to transform their relationships through relationship experts’ insights, useful and practical resources, role-playing, and audience participation. The show’s goal is to show its audience members that intimacy can be alive and real in the relationships we desired.

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feeling lost and alone looking for validation from your partner only to find the feeling of rejection and continued frustration your together yet so far apart now your frustration is turned into disdain and resentment your insecurities have begun to affect every aspect of your life ironically you have now become the cold and detached one shielding yourself from the uncertainties of your relationships dr. April Brown has created bringing intimacy back a series of discussions that are designed to help you reclaim what you have lost along the way dr. April will help you ReDiscover and reconnect to the intimate relationship your heart so desires go to www. Bringing intimacy to say and let the healing begin
welcome to the bring intimacy back show where intimacy is real on this show we ain't help you increase the internet connection with your significant other networks Firepower we give you the secrets how to create a life you love love the life I know many of you are struggling with anxiety and not knowing what to do and how to do it and this is difficult to do is about information and I know that we're all making sure that we are 6 feet away one thing about this whole experience. Even to myself I found out is that being at home
now I'm working from home and you have to get a chance to spend more time with your loved ones which is brilliant it's really important and also for many of us have stuck in your life not knowing what to do making those directions to social media through in life it is about Connections and one of the things that we connect with and what we are talking about today is to us so we can eat today I'm honored to have a very special guest with us her name is.
for some reason your microphone about the song healer for relationships and which is even in this time and day like now because relationships are we still connected that's how we are motivated that's how we're doing a lot of things not so much about what you want but you don't have until let me give you a little bit about she is Survivor of childhood abuse herself she has emerged as a gifted and pass and a talented people are going up he's a natural physician and the founder of The Institute of Applied Energy and a genetics the trans students
types of medical intuition intuitive counseling and Energy Medicine she has offered six books has several teachers short films and several features list and shorts bounce dr. Lewis has appeared on radio television and in movies and has lectured on health and healing ghost intuition ancient Mysteries and her books and articles have a worldwide circulation thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me on your show I'm honored back at you so and I'm looking forward to this so yeah it has definitely and this is I think the topic but what's going on in the world today dealing with connecting
how to make sense of relationship gone around me and so there has just been a lot of Discord in energy that people are dealing with right now and and I think a lot of people don't understand you know they're just feeling uptight and chance like their world you know they got place to live they got food in the refrigerator there still working you know there is getting snow but then there's just this unexplainable tension that's going on that affecting our ability to be intimate with ourselves as well as our ability to navigate our relationships you know and I think you know I just wanted to mention that people that if you're just feeling out of sorts you're having this like weird anxiety that you don't understand
it's just part of being a part of this woble community because we all pick up on each other's energy each other's Mojo
but you definitely if you're feeling anxious right now that's normal because we're doing with dealing with things that we've never dealt with before yes I'll be sticking change it exactly a lot of uncertainty in a lot of fear
definitely so you are a nature of path exhibition yes ma'am what is that is someone that works with someone using non evasive methodology so to supplement diet and weight loss Energy Medicine falls under that category Homeopathy working with essential oil I mean I don't do all the things like I'm not a Homeopathy which is a sign unto itself but it's actually fall underneath the naturopathic category because you're not doing surgery and you're not giving them medications it's more about cleansing your body and living a whole and healthy lifestyle versus chop it out or give you a pill to cover up symptoms
what's the high season started in this journey how did you even get in the field so my background had it was working as a psychic person and as an energy healer and I joke around a you know I just wanted to be read of the psychic check you know it talk about people's relationships and I was good with that but what I found you know everyone that works on intuitive levels has different channels and so some people are mediums like I'm not a medium I don't talk to dead people which is what a medium is some people who are better able to tune into this kind of an energy or that and for some reason really unbeknownst to me I was very open to receiving people's health issues
and so you know I'm noticing like there's this issue going on with your kidney but I wasn't even really sure with her kidney was there it was just a spot in their back and then the first question they would ask was but what can I do about it
and I had nothing I have nothing but once I signed up for you know when back to school within the first semester I knew that's where I was supposed to be just came very naturally to me and I feel blessed and having to know having listened to my intuition and that little push that Spirit was giving like okay
hey I like so you can pick up on people energy and now you have the invitations with the resources on how to help them with that correct show using that kidney example I mean I remember in this was years and years and years ago I had a woman and I was doing some energy were on her in that sport shows up I saw this on one side of her back but it was so I knew it wasn't a back issue that you have some kind of a issue with your kidney now emotional things can show up as stuff in organs you know as issues
and you ought to find out that she was like 10 years old and had kidney stones and had been hospitalized and it was this really big deal but I wasn't sure if it was for kidney and now I work with people where they're having some kind of back pain or some issues going on I have anatomy and physiology and I can look to see if they have kidney stones or if they have information or if there's an infection in the kidney and I can get much more Diagnostics with what I'm saying the people were there energy in your back and it's been a wonderful experience in the world today with covid-19 how is that impact your business
I went from being really busy to if anybody wants an appointment I got openings you know when you work in
alternative areas you know like massages or you know things that aren't basic necessity things you know you go to the doctor cuz you need to go to the doctor you know sold work that I do is and it's not that I'm not working at all but it has you know I kind of falls into that kind of massage category where you know if I really need it I'm going to get on the phone but if I don't really need it then I'm not I'm just going to hold off
right of course yeah
exactly yeah you know and there are so many again people being affected by what's going on that
they don't even know what is what's happening you know to them exactly what I mean you know this to me the soul is the port like the uncorrupted part of ourselves you know it's the part of ourselves that in my opinion connects the store's connects to God and it keeps us on track of what we're supposed to be doing that again
our soul
we can cover over our soul with bad thoughts and bad emotions but that it's that nugget within ourselves that I connected to. Now we don't have to listen it's that place that we can go inside and ReDiscover ourselves because it is the core of our being
okay okay yeah it's still as a Healer what does that mean I mean to me I know it was like in the early nineties where I was looking to get a Internet domain and and and I really like that concept but I didn't feel like a soul healer okay and it's taking me a long time to expand myself expand my practice to that I can feel like I own that place now but me because I can be it is about working with all of our aspects you know working with us physically working with us emotionally working with us spiritually so that we can come back to being one with ourselves become one with
persol that we can move forward from a place of alternate authentic Issa tea and integrity
definitely and what you saying I'm especially a good time because we're isolated now so I go back to do inside and not that's so exactly what's going on in and get back to Altru so exactly you know and
I'll be the first to admit it you know this is like connect Advanced science because when they're so much Discord took I like use words like chakras are your listeners familiar with that concept probably not know so he can you do when there's a lot of stuff going on especially fear fear is a biggie it makes its that we end up holding onto everything and it just swirls around his side of us and it makes it so that it interferes with the ability to like really think it'll interfere with our ability to ground and release and so
now is your free time till I go out in your yard and hug a tree or work in the garden because it's going to allow you to reconnect because if I left a radio on a cycle.
Disconnecting you know I think right now really disconnecting from the TV or the radio are going to be ways to help you get to that place where you feel more yourself Maury County with who you are really thinking there's a lot of it like you said get stuck and I had we watched a lot of new and it's good to be in storm but you can have an overload exactly and now I mean Back in the Day Newsies. Just make the same with specially with what's going on and not just over but I thought if so can you explain to us how is he
stop the energy the soul how is all this connected to what you do and what you provide
okay that's a pretty big question and so my goal is to help people feel good you know whether it's mentally or physically or emotionally and so many times people will put will approach me because they have a health concern because that's kind of what I put out but one of the things that I have found in my work is that 85 to 90% of the issues that people present with there's always something else going on you know it's not just a physical thing you know so you know if you break your arm you break your arm you know if you have a surgery done if you had a surgery. And if there are consequences to the surgery you have you know
hi tendons or whatever it's a very functional thing but for the most part when you're talking about kidney disease or diabetes or anyting there's always an emotional piece or a thought piece going on and so I really work to help liberate people from what's going on inside of them so that they can experience radiant help because we all want to feel good and there is physically feeling good but then there's just being happy and being whole with Who We Are
and if you know we can be intimate with anybody or make choices that I don't want to be intimate with you and kind of take your next up exactly yes definitely so I'm like how you were saying in this is it being healthy to being healthy and relationships and making healthy decisions in relationship with Piper watch you in the State of Florida I am certified telemental health so if you're happening siding you really thinking about him I need someone to talk to me up
info at dr. Com
okay I'm out back so I was just talking about when you mention the word intimacy which is what the show is about
best kind of evolving for me you know and I'll just be up front you know as you read in my bio you know I am a survivor of childhood abuse and one of the places where I am at personally is learning what healthy and relationships is all about because it's not something that people teach you it's not something is that you will learn if you come from a place that's not healthy and it's not on the menu and so I don't know that I have a very good definition of
how's that being healthy iced out it's very important because that helps us make healthy choices in relationships exactly you know and you know I'm there is being physically healthy but then there's also being emotionally healthy you know and so I feel like
you know what I mentioned this earlier you know this whole concept about being congruent with ourselves you know with what is we're going what's going on on the inside is what we communicate to the world around us you know so can I give a quick example you know so I'm sure everyone listening has a friend who you get them on the phone or whatever and they're like so you're listening to this and on the inside so if you're not if you're congruent with yourself then you would say to the person you know I have to go you cut the conversation short you know you you exert some kind of a boundary but if you're not helping on the inside or
you still sit there and you listen to this person and on the inside you're going to wish they would shut up you know I got things to do and and you have this little internal dialogue going on and it's not what you know so there's this stuff going on inside that you might be worrying about a ruminating about but you're not communicating that's the outside world when you're not communicating it to that person wasn't they are romantic interest or a friend or whatever and so when we're healthy we communicate what's going on inside of us to that other person and have boundaries around what's acceptable behavior and what's not acceptable behavior from people that were hanging up
why did you decide to get into this whole relationship asked.
Do you know if dr. April I really wasn't planning on it so I you know my books I have two books about psychic Energy Medicine book about ghost attached entities I have two books about ancient Mysteries and looking it kind of like ancient alien type and Ashley had just released a book year was actually at this point time will be 2 years ago in October but I was in a relationship with a very
dysfunctional man I'll just say he had issues okay I'll just say that he had some definite issues and I didn't know if he had psychological issues or pee was just drunk and I really couldn't separate the two out and so I got rid of him but in trying to understand him and come and address him from a place of compassion you know cuz if he had a mental health issue that you know there was possibility that he could get on some kind of medication or go to council and so but as part of my education process you know I came up on the whole concept of Narcissus and what is coming to find that is pretty darn narcissistic fast forward I get rid of him I'm in the process of moving his stuff out of my house and I get a chance
my ex-husband current wife
so I met once now his ex-wife but at that time current and she wants to talk to me because he's acting strange and we get on the phone a little bit later and the first thing she said was he's a narcissist
and my ex-boyfriend and that husband were kind of a lot of like
and it was like this light bulb went off in my head and I started looking at all of my relationships and all of these dynamics of people that I've allowed into my life and realize that I have surrounded myself with a lot of very unhealthy people lot of very unhealthy marriages and needed to find my way out because I didn't want to do it anymore.
a basic definition of a person who sells Pacific is someone he really cannot show empathy they cannot really stepped in someone else's feel what you're feeling and there is really no type of medication to if you can take it happened so many times those people struggle because they are let me see life themselves so many times it can be very abusive and very young and so I thought you were saying earlier sometimes people kind of stay in that unhealthy relationship
and you called me more into that if as you were saving earlier if you're in that help yourself exactly what I feel like I mean to be honest the whole thing was actually pretty shocking to me because I've spent years working on myself and you know I think I'm a kind of cool person and I'm pretty upfront about most things but
I didn't see that I knew it was just it was just really shocking I think would sometimes people make the mistake on that I seen a lot of therapy where sometimes someone's trying to save another person are you staying in relationship because you want to help that person become better you wanted to help them become a better woman or better man and I am a strong believer you cannot be someone's social worker and love her at the same time you know in my case I didn't know what help you look like that come from dysfunctional families don't necessarily know what healthy looks like
and I see you can't say oh well if you're treating me this way
that's not right you know because society says to us well you know when you get married or you're in a committed relationship you know you're supposed to work on a relationship too hard you know but they don't they don't tell you but if they're jerks that you should be like audio to me though you know he has to be boundaries in a relationship if you have a background of abuse you struggle with boundaries
boundaries it's like really I have to I mean you know I don't really have an issue sharing
it was shocking to me I mean like my pattern but then it was shocking to me to realize that I could have a choice and say you know what I don't want to do that this is this isn't good for me and I don't want to do this anymore and I have to okay wait for it I have to love myself enough to say no. Yes you know how many people struggle with just saying the word now you know so to answer your question that was why you know I dip Adele decided to delve into it because
you know my book The dysfunctional dance to the empath and narcissist it's not a memoir it's but it was kind of my journey to understand what was going on you know what was going on inside of me what was going on in my relationship why was I choosing this because if I was understanding why I was choosing it then it gave me the opportunity to not do it anymore make a different voice cuz I think a lot of people don't have a choice
exactly what you have you have a choice everyday how you change yourself and you have a choice in how you treat others
yeah but if you don't realize that they need
yes but thank you for writing that book because I think it's definitely going to help others and we're going to take a short break and when we come back we're going to hear more from Doctor me. How do you what's a Wendy's on healthy relationships how to heal how to take out so's and connective and start to love ourselves again
during this difficult time that we are all facing
many people are in need of someone to talk to
when option is speaking to a therapist to express your anxieties if you're feeling isolated or just need someone that will listen and help you with coping skills to get through
dr. April Brown is now accepting new clients and is working with her existing clients through distance video counseling the services are through a secure online HIPAA based practice management platform called Simple practice this technology can provide a secure two-way interactive video counseling session over the internet
good morning formation about video counseling please email dr. April Brown at info at dr. April Brown
dot-com or you may call 239-565-6921 thank you and remember we are all in this together
what combat's dipping in intimacy back show where intimacy is real and I'm talkin and talkin about unhealthy relationships and what is finding oneself and a predicament or they're unhappy in the relationship what is 7
things that they can work on
you're so one of the thing is that they can do is to you know just take a step back you know if there's a situation going on just take a step back and go but what's true for me you know what's going on in this Dynamic what you know is it that they are doing something that is wrong or bad are they doing something that's just triggering something in me from my childhood you know because if I'm getting upset because you know
40 years ago my mother said something to me and you know and just start to evaluate but we allow our own junk to get in the middle of everything and so I think that's kind of the first place is to identify is this really a bad situation or is it me and I need to address me whatever the case may be
yo cuz I don't
there was there a lot of people that want to fix the other person change the other person think that
issues in a relationship for all their fault but I don't think that people take the time to look at what they're bringing into it you know and what their part in it because it always takes two to tango you know and if you're in a dysfunctional relationship you know I've got some paint on this commentary it's like you've chosen to be there you know I show you have to take your card in the whole thing
people don't like hearing that
yeah and but you can't get stuck in that shame of my God this is what I chose I'm going to be in this relationship forever there's nobody else nobody else is going to love me exactly what's the next step
you know I'm having this whole realization you know I've been married four times okay my last husband died so I don't really count that as a bad relationship if he's a really great guy but he also came very dysfunctional family and said that was something that bound us together was because we would never do that to another person it's so he was always the one that and it was a guy and he was always treated very well by his wife you know because of the assumption that when you are in a dysfunctional relationship it's always the guy that's the abuser and it's not you know it's a pretty equal opportunity situation
yeah I do I think I do better in a relationship than I do myself
so once we'd like you said you just got the flags and we realized this is my part
and this is this person's pop
you know but once you have some clarity about what's going on then you can make different choices you can choose to stay you can choose to communicate with a person you can choose to go to counseling or you can choose to cut your losses and go you know I think is kind of a general rule if you spend everyday not happy or the vast majority of your day is not happy or fighting or in some kind of conflict with your partner then you have to really take you no think about it as to whether you want to stare
and you've mentioned a few times this word happy thinking about relationships and talking about oh what you do one of the things that were not taught is that it's our job to make ourselves happy and a lot of times people look for someone else to make them happy but it's not their job you know it's kind of like loving yourself you know if your loving yourself that you're going to be happier in general more authentic with yourself you're going to be happier you know but looking for it from the outside isn't going you're just going to end up disappointed in everything that happened
and happiness of icing yourself is the full package mean by the full package of kind of what we talked about earlier it's also. If you yourself put yourself down and have these negative thoughts of a cat
he was disconnected with yourself impact a relationship
will a my sink
you know really you're paying attention to what those thoughts are you know so if something happens or it doesn't even have to have you know something doesn't have happened you know but if you're constantly in the negative metabolic process you know I suck I can't do anything right you know I think that that can be a huge indicator of what's going on you know I sold in the bigger picture I'm not an expert on this you know but that concept is called Mike just paying attention to what's going on in your brain and using that you know
there's something in our brain are called neural Pathways and so if you are used to having kind of a crappy life you developed a lot of neural Pathways that are become like the knee-jerk reaction you know so
the phone rings I'm trying to think of a sheet example but it's what happened until somebody looks at you the wrong way even though you know I don't have any idea what's going on with that it's like a knee-jerk response is like oh my God they know that might not be the reality of what's going on they might have a sore foot and they to step the wrong way and their foot hurts and they looked at you because it was in that moment that their foot hurt and so
but we can learn a lot by paying attention to where our brain go and going wait a minute I can choose to not go down that route I don't need to go all the way over there I can stop it and and bring in new thought you know bring in new things that I suggest my clients that tend to trigger really easy is that if they do find themselves over in that negate a place over there to use some kind of a mantra you know or something that they repeat because the reality is that we have one sloth in our you know we can only have one thought at a time that we can have 20 thoughts all competing for that same slot we can only have one thought at a time
and you can choose what that thought is sin so I can shoes to repeat a mantra I can choose to focus really hard while I'm washing the dishes or raking the yard or
whatever going in exercising it's so you can overrule the negative you know with the whole I'll say hope that it's just kind of Fades into the background and just goes away by itself you know what's the bad concept is really the basis of any kind of meditative practice journaling you know a journalist is another great tool to just really focus on that one slot and then all of this has the opportunity to fade into the background but it's usually the negative stuff that Fades into the background it's not the good stuff it's like he gets on it's like I'm happy now commercial limit in this commercial I would like you to tell us about the books in about the services you provide
is that the meeting you can see and sew the book that I just released which talks about this relationship dysfunctional Dance of the empath and narcissist which really looks at how are Early Childhood influences created this
negative place within us and buy going in and addressing what's going on inside of us we can change us to that we can re-engage into relationships from a much more healthy place you know so there is a lot of information that
illuminate you know our internal world and gives you bring food because a lot of people you know they just go day today and don't really know what's going on you know and this gives a lot of Brave food and then also offers a lot of information advice as to steps you can take to make changes so you know earlier I was talking about my other books at Dark Angels is a book about Ghost spirit attached entities I have a book called The Power Within which is about developing your psychic abilities using energy medicine as a modality I have a book called avoiding the cosmic 2 by 4 which talks about subtle energy movement through the orange choppers and why we develop physical disease with the goal of not getting sick that's avoiding the cosmic 2 by 4
my name is it to ancient alien books are icky Chronicles with myths and legends have to say about human Origins and stepping out of my web page is soul healer. Com Soul healer. Com books that you how do you tie all this together like it's there
because I know that you do a lot of natural medicine decide that in with the under which helping people with unhealthy thoughts
very much so I mean I have a lot of clients I do a lot of energy work which you know house to clear the subtle energy body I do a lot of an August a spiritual counseling with my clients and helping them to understand what those core beliefs are and what those limiting beliefs are that are keeping them call Hodge from moving forward you know whether it's in their relationships or their jobs are with their family or you know even though it again physical levels because there's always some core belief that sitting inside as a nugget you know what I think people don't understand it's like
if you're being affected by core belief then down the road if you get sick that core belief is going to show up somewhere in your you know it's so addressing it while it's still a thought or emotion is much better because then you are not going to let it gets the point word actually manifest in the physical body. Released a listeners. There we all have these core beliefs and many times has before Clayton how we perceive the world and how we perceive ourselves and that many times in Staunton times impacts our emotions and feelings with thin and sometimes called us to feel good
but you can also in Thai
exactly we're on the same page that way that's all kind of connected.
You know in addition to doing the health stuff that information comes to me
okay A little blunt
hanging out and I can't help it because people's bodies whole statements I mean he has very interesting about everything but it's interesting because it comes to me as a statement I'm invisible
I hate myself I mean it's just very basic statements is to them I say them to people because that's what their body is holding onto and then I don't mean to make you cry but I know I'm doing my job. That's a healthy weight yes yes you know I sometimes
well actually not sent a lot of times people think that they have dealt with stuff and sometimes they have but many times it's they've throwing it over their shoulder they've stepped it over here they stuffed it over there and their bodies will
you know and it seems very evident to me you know of what they're hanging on to it because it's like okay because people can have different organs carry different kinds of beliefs and so you can you might have like a liver issue going on but as you're starting to work it's like well you know but your lungs has this belief and this organ has this but then you take them all together and they're always kind of ancillary NHL this whole story and what I find interesting is sometimes they might have a gallbladder issue happening but the real issue isn't that it's their gallbladder that just happens to be the weak Link in our might be that they have a lot of sorrow or they have a lot of Shame
where are they you know what I mean that sitting in their lungs you know and never know where you're going to go along with other covid-19 and maybe some of the stuff
what would you advise some of the steps they should take
I think you know at this point in time you know the most important thing like in this moment is loving yourself and maybe giving yourself a little bit of slack you really didn't bring this upon yourself you didn't decide to have the world blow up around you and yes it's stressful but
it's not your fault
you know and so I think that that's like the first step is just
you know having to be okay you know I'm then doing things to if you're in that negative pattern you know that we were talking about and you're just in that worried place and you don't know what you're going to do is spend some time journaling spend some time with the TV off just in a relaxing place you know go for a walk by some cities are shut down we're not touching we have social distancing but we're not shut down you know but if you can go for a walk or
you know anything to help let go so that you can find yourself again sometimes especially with what's going on is take a personal inventory do I have food to eat do I have money in the bank you know okay if I had no on any of these items what do I need to do to remedy that what can I do what are my options and then follow through on them because if you're just floundering around going on my God oh my God this guy is falling you're not taking effect of staff's you're just kind of whirling around in your own secret security and not doing anything productive or proactive to get out of it exactly and you mentioned earlier you know if you're starting to worry and goes like you found yourself and do what you said earlier
what time does minute by minute I'm safe now Touch 5 things around you bring yourself to the present moment I'm safe now but what can I do to prepare it's so stressed out
you know in one of the tools that I work with my client is that I have them put their hand on their heart or if their chest and go what do I need to do now you know because to me this is where our soul lives and so it's like what do I need to do now what is my next step and it only needs to be one little snack which might be make a phone call which might be anything and whatever that incite you get just do it
I've given up arguing with myself a long time by Oasis might just do exactly and I think now more than ever being your best friend is the most important
yes being your best friend is the one of the most important aspect can help heal yourself as we've been talking about today thank you so much for being so yes if you wanted to reach out to talk to me. Can you tell us again your social media so you can find me on Facebook is dr. Rita Louise on Facebook I am psychic dock on Twitter don't do Twitter that much but every so often or you can reach me via my webpage Soul healer., and I am doing session work all remotely so if you are having some stuff go on feel free to give me a call if you car and I'm going to make a little disclaimer you know if you do I have covid-19 I probably can't tell you because of Cold and Flu manifest as a cold and a flu and
don't know
I can tell you whether you need to go to the doctor in. How's that you know what you're not dying so thank you so much for being in the show and listeners out there I know all of us are in this time. Where we are all scared you don't know what's going to happen next but one good thing about this whole thing is We're All in This Together you got to think about it we're all in this together and if you're starting to feel very anxious and stuff I would strongly advised to limit your mouth Washington pointing for the chi much can make you stressed out make you anxious like she suggested and I suggest also get out and go take some walks also connect with people you haven't connected with before it's too we will get through this together if you need me
take care to the next time

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