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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 May 2021

Uncommon Sense - Children and School with David Willson

Uncommon Sense - Children and School with David Willson
Show Host:
David Willson

Uncommon Sense - Children and School with David Willson

This show will provide the following:

  • The opportunity for all school and family members to ask questions
  • The opportunity to better understand your own role and the roles of others
  • The opportunity to learn about the importance of all school staff roles, including teacher aides, kitchen staff, maintenance staff, bus drivers, secretarial staff, and administrative staff – everyone!
  • The opportunity to question changes not well-understood
  • The opportunity to discuss matters such as school shootings, suicide, bullying, cell phones, classroom management, separated/divorced parents, grading, etc.
  • The opportunity to discuss the needs of grieving children, parents, friends, and school staff
  • The opportunity to explore the gift each child brings to the table regardless of regular or special needs.
  • The opportunity to discuss all things school-related
  • The opportunity to to truly look at career exploration and post high school planning for all regardless of regular or special need challenges.

The goal is not just for Mr. Willson and the caller to pick apart and understand many issues better, but to also have all the listeners pleased with learning something new, or maybe just said in a way that is better understood. Every call has that potential.

Do you want to see a decrease in the probability of school shootings, teen suicide, bullying, classroom behavioral problems and an increase in a safer school environment, happier students, grades increasing, better home-school relations, teacher/staff satisfaction, and the success of ALL students?

*The show will not be used to hurt others. Egos must be left at the door in our schools, classrooms, and homes and for this show, off-phone. We can describe situations without naming people, schools, and the communities to which we are from. That being said, frustration can still be vented appropriately.

This is a show full of all kinds of opportunities --- Tune in!

Let's fight the good fight and maximize the potential of all students!

KEYWORDS: understanding and stopping school shootings, understanding and addressing school bullying, teen suicide prevention, classroom behavior management, home and school conflicts, parent-teacher associations, grading our students, special needs children and success, maximize all, student potential, schools and grieving student losses, divorced parents and school needs, preventing school staff burnout

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David Michael Willson, MSW, MS, Ed.S.
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Author, school psychologist, practicing Christian and founder of a non-profit helping families deal with child loss

Bio: David Michael Willson, MSW, MS, Ed.S.

Mr. Willson has earned three graduate degrees from the Florida State University and has worked with children and families for over 35 years in a variety of capacities: residential settings, emergency shelters, yet mostly in school settings as a school psychologist. Bursting to truly help parents, teachers and all team members maximize the potential of all children, Mr. Willson self-published a book, Uncommon Sense - Children and School, available on Amazon. The book describes the need for a deeper understanding of each team member's role in today's culture. A major shift began occurring approximately 25 to 30 years ago within the public school system. Mr. Willson believes many good things were tossed aside along with the bad. He is invested in looking at what worked, didn't work, and will work now! In October of 2011, Mr. Willson left his career and returned home to help care-give for his parents, which is a big part of his life to this day. Mr. Willson is also a practicing Christian, yet you'll not hear him judge or force his passion for Jesus onto others. He is invested in modeling the behaviors, not talking them (unless asked). He recently self-published another book called, A Wisdom Child. This Christian fiction was also developed to help mature teens and adults see the light and spirit that is inside every child. Mr. Willson's passion for grieving families led him to develop his non-profit, A Thousand Brothers – serving families who have lost a child or children. Mr. Willson has been building this program for a couple years and generally invests half of whatever he makes from side jobs, book sales, etc.