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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 18 May 2021

Sudden I Impact with Dwight Lee

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Sudden I Impact (sii) is a talk show about discovery, helping people raise their awareness and identify their gifts, finding things in life they enjoy doing, finding their uniqueness, and potentially turning their passions into businesses that thrive, and most of all, living life by plan and design to earn a living doing what they love (the essential thing).

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Sudden I Impact, May 6, 2023 Guests, Donielle L, Monique H, Howishia M, Michelle W, Qiana W
Sudden I Impact, September 24, 2021 Guest, Nic Morphew, Husband, Father, former athlete, Leadership coach, entrepreneur, but most importantly a child of God
Sudden I Impact, September 9, 2021 Guest, Arthur J Rutledge, Motivational Speaker, JMT Certified Speaker, Mindset and Leadership Coach and Mentor
Sudden I Impact, September 8, 2021 THE LAW OF ATTRACTION with guest Victoria Gallagher
Sudden I Impact , July 31, 2021 The Sophomore Project: The Experience Vol XIII The Law And The Promise II
Sudden I Impact , July 29, 2021 Guest, John W Mallett, America’s Mortgage Coach™
Sudden I Impact , July 26, 2021 Guest, Morris Lothian Better Known as Morris The Connector, Author, Keynote Speaker, Transformational thought leader
Sudden I Impact , June 21, 2021 The Law and The Promise with guests, Bennett Gill, Tanaya Amar and Gabriel
Sudden I Impact , June 6, 2021 The Sophomore Project: The Experience Volume 12 How The Universe Works Something Like An Unexplainable Phenomenon
Sudden I Impact , May 31, 2021 The Sophomore Project:The Experience VOL. XI The Law of Vibration, The Subconscious Mind & The Law of Attraction
Sudden I Impact , May 9, 2021 The Sophomore Project: The Experience Vol. X The Law of Vacuum Food For Thought & Thought For Food
Sudden I Impact , May 3, 2021 Guest, Coach DeCarlo A. Eskridge is a certified Stress & Trauma Care facilitator, certified life coach/ trainer, and...
Sudden I Impact , April 26, 2021 The Sophomore Project: The Experience Vol. VIII There Can Be Miracles Through Your Thinking
Sudden I Impact , April 22, 2021 Spiritual Basic Fundamental Mastery
Sudden I Impact, April 13, 2021 Guest, Coach Micheal Taylor, author of, The good news is, The Future Is Brighter Than You Think
Sudden I Impact, April 8, 2021 The Sophomore Project: The Experience Vol VII Spiritual Alchemy & Metaphysics Experiences Creating Miracle & Mystical
Sudden I Impact, March 29, 2021 The Art Form, practicing the art of forgiveness
Sudden I Impact , March 25, 2021 Guest, Dr Anna Harvey, psychologist, professor, author, speaker, increasing a person's frequency
Sudden I Impact , March 18, 2021 Relationship Restoration Unblocks Channels of Energy and Opens Doors to Opportunities
Sudden I Impact , March 15, 2021 The Sophomore Project: The Experience Vol VI: The Element of Surprise Part II
Dwight Lee
Keynote Speaker, Creative Financial Success Coach, Facilitator, Prolific Writer, Poet, Trainer, Transformational Thought Leader, #1 Best Selling Author

Dwight Lee is a Highly sought after Keynote Speaker, Creative Financial Success Coach, Facilitator, and Transformational Thought Leader, and the #1 Best Selling Author of the Book School of Self-Transformation available on, The Audio Book and Autographed copies are available through my website listed BELOW. Dwight Lee is one of the most Electrifying Speakers you will ever hear his ENERGY is INCREDIBLE, INFECTIOUS, and CONTAGIOUS. Hearing DWIGHT LEE speak is REVOLUTIONARY and working with DWIGHT LEE is totally LIFE TRANSFORMING. DWIGHT LEE teaches with great simplicity on a Phenomenal and AMAZING level.

Additional Contact Information Website: email address: