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Sudden I Impact, 25/03/2021

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Sudden I Impact
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Guest, Dr Anna Harvey, psychologist, professor, author, speaker, increasing a person's frequency

Sudden I Impact with Lee

Guest, Dr Anna Harvey, psychologist, professor, author, speaker, increasing a person's frequency

LEP Frequency Tool to work with energy

Sudden I Impact

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Sudden I Impact (sii) is a talk show about discovery, helping people raise their awareness and identify their gifts, finding things in life they enjoy doing, finding their uniqueness, and potentially turning their passions into businesses that thrive, and most of all, living life by plan and design to earn a living doing what they love (the essential thing).

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discover the power of positivity identify your kids then plan and execute your passion and ultimately exponentially in life and most importantly with your hoes lie
the Environmental Services VA greater than and greater than
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does your life kennels in who's the oven definitely make the difference hello and welcome to the sudden I am packed shows with your host lead coming to you from the DFW metroplex want to make sure we have fun together we learn together and we encourage one another 100% personal responsibility support systems accountability accountability Partners Creative Vision belief systems the powerful the power partnership awareness becoming be out of service Innovations finances relationship image
concept of choosing goal-setting golden payment to name a few or I shall we sure concerts principles processes and systems that work if you work them that deliver good and great results the show Mission purpose and intention isn't simple basic to help Everyday People experience more Health mental health and overall peace Layton Wii sports that lie dormant within you the show is spiritual inspirational and motivational expressing electrifying energetic and transforming to change your life for the better or to change your life for the best
on Today Show we have a special guest so the next voice that you were here part of the introduction will be doctor and a heart doctor in a harvey is a retired psychology professor and author of several successful book in the genre of Education in metaphysics that teach people how to increase the frequency that rely on the tools they need to live in a world with whelping abundance and prosperity Dr into master's degree in Psychology and public administration from Northcentral University and Meredith College respectively in a Bachelors of Science from Marist College Dr sleepy seminars and books bring a fresh interpretation of scientific psychology and metaphysical philosophies to use as tools when working with energy to create the future each participant a reader wants to face
and the life they wish to live further do we bring to the doctor Anna Harvey
thank you so much for having me on the show it is my pleasure to be here and I feel very blessed to be able to not only communicate with you to meet you but also to really announce the new LED frequency tool that will really assist people to change their lives and really create the future that they want to pay not only change your life but create the future that they want your face aligning the emotional mental physical sensory and spiritual consciousness feels very happy to be here
wow you have the floor and you open to go right into it I know you have a powerful Dynamic message and I feel that it needs to go out to the whole entire globe
spell thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity and very very very happy to be here and I'm so excited to share the new book that's coming out this April only good comes to be introducing the LEP frequency tool it. By Waterside Productions and you can get it at ww.w. Let look at the combination of many years of research on vibrational frequencies and what I have found through by other three bucks and being on the road with seminars is that is not enough and that the concept of change your thoughts change your life here was a wonderful concept and it really does work you do people get it they're aware of it but it doesn't seem to work for them and that is because awareness and just working with your mental mind is not enough you really have to work with your entire Consciousness system and that includes the mental physical spiritual
history of Consciousness field you have to be able to align them all in order to vibrate at the same frequency to attract what you want in your life since you're all a hundred percent energy you can only attract to you what your vibration is so when you're working with the law of polarity the law of vibration and the Law of Attraction you have to combine your mental emotional physical sensory and spiritual consciousness field in order to be able to create in order to be in the house or text to bring whatever it is that you want into your life you can't just think about it in other words if you are high in your mental mental intelligence and you maybe you know very disciplined seems logical that you can make great decisions but you are vibrating love in the emotion of Consciousness means you're feeling emotional maturity or or or being emotionally tortured you're never going to be
in order to attract what it is that you want because she doesn't doesn't work that way you have to be in alignment and buy in alignment I mean in harmony with all of your Consciousness feels that operate with let me just repeat them again it's your mental it's your emotional it's your physical sensory and spiritual you know if it has to be high in the stock transforms to images images activate Felix and feelings activate your your behavior your actions also do something else the combination of those Consciousness field determine how you live your life so if you are vibrating use a vibrating at a lower vibrational feels you're so nice they activate the lock is the Bible energy and what you would you like it's really just cause and effect you know you're not making things happen things are happening to you what are happening to you because this is where you are by Brady
or you can he know the higher aspect of that is the absorption of that I'm sorry the dedication Consciousness which this already you have moved from the lack of survival energies into the dedication Consciousness which is a I'm more of an expanded Consciousness feel and then so on and then you know once you're able to dedicate yourself and understand that things don't happen to you that you're very much in control of what is happening to you that you can actually now moving to even a higher Consciousness because now that you've aligned those two lower level you can now contemplate you can use the power of intention you can use the power of elimination that means eliminating discourse on your life and insulation insulate yourself from from Jeopardy question
not so far that's so far okay when you're done with that you are moving to the connection Consciousness and this is what you really have mastered the other four level you have now understood that the experiences in your life or really just an expanded Consciousness that you have learned through negative or positive perceptions that are painful you learned your pain or you learn through love the higher you go the more you realize that it's All About Love Actually is because that is the true that is the truth everything because if you have a lot and approach everything from a love vibration which is the highest vibration you can attain you can solve daily Problem by changing your reactions to them when you change every action has no problem going to come into your life and look at them from a love for
you literally change your life and you change the future that you want to face because you are now opened up to Bringing things from that hire level energy things that are happening to you negative things that are happening to you is Just Energy there in personal yes they may come in the guise of your mother-in-law or or maybe an angry boss or you don't see too many other ask what may be a child that's misbehaving and you don't and that's getting you into a lower vibration because now you are reacting to his to the two that energy so when you realize that it's really not your mother-in-law mother-in-law that's not a child it's all vibrational frequency we're all 100% energy that's basic physics we all know that it's been proved Einstein's it's to Hawkins to Dyer to Tesla will all 100% energy so you aren't you seeing that energy and the guy that got angry boss
opportunity for you to manage got energy and when you manage that energy when you know that this is not just your perception is looks like an angry boss just energy that must be managed and if you can come from the love perception saying all you know what maybe that person is just you know very unhappy in their own life and I'm going to change my attitude how I viewed the situation and not let it get me into a lower vibration of reaction you want to respond to life not react and when you are responding to life you are literally responding from the love vibration which is the highest frequency of all the all the other frequencies that I've mentioned before the Latin survival if you are living in the Bible and you're constantly thinking somebody has more than you and tragic things are happening only to you and why is it like that are for me I've been creative aging and using my thoughts but if you're never an alignment if your
thoughts are not in alignment with your emotion because again. Activate the images in your mind what you think about you see those images in your mind after that your feelings and before you know it you are feeling what you are thinking about and seeing in your mind and that before you know it not only are you thinking that you're seeing it you're feeling different now you're believing it so what is your perception was born I mean maybe you're just not looking at it from a more evolved back to Maiden. Energy is there to expand you and if you look at life any tragedy in your life or anyone's anything or anyone that you perceive as you know being hurtful to you or frustrating you if you look at that energy as simply energy to be managed and controlled now you can change your thoughts and change your
speak up now from that perspective from that understanding that's what I think about and see and how I feel is in my control I'm going to think of it differently and if I think of it differently think of it from a higher perspective of giving that person a break they might not even know that you're being frustrating and even if they do just remember this if they're attacking you they're really attacking themselves that's how they're doing because energy is being mean to you and making you feel bad what's going to happen is that person the minute they leave that room that energy is going to come back because that's how energy works energy can only give you what you put out since that person is frustrating to you don't think for one minute that that's a happy person you should feel sympathy in your heart for that person because you know that they must be living in emotional turbo also social compassionate
even though they were talking to you you know Jesus said turn the other cheek you didn't mean turn the other cheek so I can get slapped again he meant look at it from a different perspective that energy around and look at that energy as if he's attacking me there's something within him that he's unhappy with this is a lovely in his life support compassion in his life or he would not be attacking you because energy is not personal but by the same token energy teaches okay because I can either learn through love and understand the first a little bit better understand and respond as opposed to reacting or I can live in fact that because when you're attached bathroom okay if it doesn't
duration of frequencies wherever you are wherever you are vibrating you were going to get that energy back okay now they make a correction when I say that you were going to get that energy bass is it has to be from that person in other words you had a big fight with your spouse this morning okay
you said some unkind things were very mean-spirited and you showed a lot of
hostility let's just put it that way okay now you're going to work your day is going to go down to get reading. Vibration is giving you exactly how you are feeling thinking of that moment because energy can only return to you and it will get back to you last time us it will give back to you what you have put out so yes the frustration was with your wife or spouse but it's that energy that energy that you were going to get back and making you feel now and Siri right back just have to come back for that person but it will come back if Michael. From another store but you are going to see exactly what you thought out
in one way or another and also by the way, works on frequencies as well because you know response until the perfect moment until when I say the perfect moment until the energy Alliance to give you back what you had dished out in the exact same so why am I telling you all this I'm telling you all this because I have developed and LEP frequency tool LEP stands for a live experience phenomenon frequency tool and what is too. If it works with energy to identify where you are currently vibrating and that's a beautiful thing about this is in your current moment they will tell you where are you guys and your mental energy in your Consciousness field Where Are You by Brandy and your emotional Consciousness field where are you vibrating and your physical
seeing seeing I'm hearing all your five senses
it will tell you where you are vibrating it will tell you if you're the type of person that is walking by a Rose Garden. Even though there's a card in there or it will tell you that your trash that Rose Garden you're not only you do smell it and appreciate it but you are one with it you realize that we're all one energy and it when you are realizing that you are a part of everything and everybody around you you are coming out from a higher vibrational small you are appreciated okay and it's enriched in your life because now your mom is so we can rethink your life is giving you the energy you are putting out you stop to smell the roses and you're appreciating them and you're feeling up fuck up dog that is a higher vibration and that is exactly what you were going to get back throughout the rest of your day so the sensory spiritual the same thing
okay even if you went to church every week even if you're a minister or Pastor okay none of that matters and if it does not have a horse in the race you can always tell you the truth hey you may think you're vibrating hide your spirituality but I left you a little obsessed and see where we buy and it's going to tell you exactly where you were vibrating so well because this is where this is the key to it all to work with the law of polarity to work with the law of attraction to work with the law of vibration when you find out where you are vibrating on all of those Kakashi face feels you will get an overall Collective frequency is your signature and that's how you were in your life because you are
understand get expansion still get Universe not because it likes you the energy doesn't like you were just like you but because it reads that vibration will now start changing your life it will change your future for you without a lot of effort and if you are aligned with its vibration you know this has been true for eons of time this is what Einstein was talking about this is a gyre hey Tesla dr. hakan was a whiz and vibrational frequency understand but not only you. PhD but he was also a medical doctor years old Counseling Practice What are the biggest ones that you can find and he left it all he left it all because he decided he needed to work more with energy and that's what he did for the rest of his life he donate he literally donated his time and effort and energy into changing people's perception and keeping people
I said stop but it's all here for you 100% how much you want to work with it but in order to know what you can do and how much you can do you have to assess yourself you have to know where you are vibrating because it wants you understand what you are inviting you know where you what you need to do to improve to bring you into Harmony and 12 - 3 and that for pets of creation you are a Creator read anything but you got to be able to be aligned with your frequencies before you can create all right and that's what the book is about him that's what this is about your life and allows you to store a huge mistake that you think that you have made and you just can't move on your paralyzed with fear or guilt or regrets emotion because
these things are to be looked upon as yes I was really wrong and tragedies that happened my God I wish I could take that back you know this person died or something to something horrific has happened and I do know and I'm so sorry I didn't see it then
LEP frequency to teachers you to look at every single experience in your life as a teaching tool to expand you for your Consciousness expansion when you die you may leave your physical body right here and you will be one person that you know that didn't die or won't okay not going to happen everyone die and when you die whatever you dye your body die but no one really dies because of Consciousness moves on the Consciousness moves on to a spiritual real the continents moved on to a vibration that you have had on this Earth so if you are vibrating on this Earth and I'm not talking about being a pushover I'm talking about understanding that life is going to give your challenges but those challenges are just vibrational frequencies that you must control and me
and if you look at it from a higher perception perceptive you're going to get a higher perception so where you leave this product and you have turned your life around GIF of mind your frequencies the country concerts is filled and now or coming off from a higher perceptive you and you die you are going to reach a higher frequency in the spiritual real because that's how you work. He's also a hundred percent energy it cannot not be because Rodger percentage of God it's all 100% energy tomorrow so you don't watch your animals and learn from them you know absolutely you can learn so much from animals so whatever frequency that you leave this earth may God bless you because Daddy
frequency that you were going to go into in your spiritual real so you want to get as high as possible so that when you die your Consciousness evolve to a much higher frequency in the spiritual realm so that you can tap into those Powers Next Band even more so don't waste a lot of time on regrets or guilt only know that you're human and you're in perfect and no one said you had to be perfect we all understand we all make mistakes don't hold on to that if you've learned something from that experience from that tragedy from your mistakes tragic as it may have been okay and onions that let's see let's be clear no matter what it is because life is fleeting is just an experience you are here today with in this life you will let you will come back and live another life and if you choose to do so life is just an experience when you make mistakes you actually expand your Consciousness through that but you have to have learned from the experience
that energy will come around and come right back in right back into you and another dies but will be the same frequency until you actually Master it and can move on to a higher place so this is why the book is so important I'm so excited about getting it out because it teaches people not only to forgive themselves understand that every negative experiences Just Energy that must be responding not reacting to do that but also you are you are you okay you can take that test every single day and see if you're maintaining your energy needs to be done you know so if it's just I'm very excited about it and I and I honestly I can't share I can't wait to share it with the world
yeah I would like to ask a question cuz like during the time I mean this was happening before but I know that it's happened even more since the pandemic so I just want to see if possibly you will be kind and generous enough to touch on the subconscious and then like doing this pandemic why why is it so much trouble with like money and finances and what role does all of this play into the LEP cuz I know it's it's a challenge area I mean across the world but I know it's best in the United States during the time of the pandemic of it
very simply put there is no lie or finances you only perceiving that lack because you are not suing because you are not aligned with that
if you are stressing out financially you are stressing emotionally you are stressing mentally and you have anxiety over that so what is the energy going to bring you because that's what you're putting out so the more that you worry about your finances the more you are going to have a perceived latch There Is No Lack in the universe let's be clear there is no lock your universe is abundant its abundant it's yours for the taking it is all your perception that you are saying and that's because you're out of alignment
Jonathan so I can play a role in this and what can the listeners in the audience to begin to move forward and get unstuck
the first thing you need to do is identify honestly where you are mentally in terms of emotionally physically and spiritually you have to look at yourself and see what baggage you're carrying when you want to reach higher frequencies and then bring that money into your life that you're talkin about or any kind of abundance or any materialistic things and you have to clear the baggage first person in your life if you're depressed all the time and all you do is talk about lack and you know I'm no good and you know nothing ever good comes to me if that's how you feel and look at the world you can be impersonal only brings to you what you give out what what energy
do you have to look at yourself honestly honestly look at yourself and what's in your mind what are the images if you say you're putting in your mind what are your thoughts like how are you really feeling about things you know are you meditating and saying all you know I'm using creative visualization all his money to his company but you don't believe for one second that it will or if you are actually doing all that and you believe it's butter, are you actually a higher vibration knowing that you are loved and you are loved and everything that you do is going to come from a place of love which is a higher frequency of baggage and and forgiving yourself and letting go of regret and guilt again tell yourself this happened it just a vibrational frequency this this tragedy or whatever it whatever Mom heard about her can't let go in my heart it's just frequency and I'm choosing this pain
what if I'm choosing to stay I can choose not to be in today so you have to let go of the baggage and understand that you're just a person is perfectly okay to make mistakes and be free and clear for that's really the number one step if you want to raise your vibrational frequencies to create the future that you want to stay for the next money relationship anything that you desire you have to be clear first you have to forgive yourself you have to let go of regrets you have to let go of chill and come from a place of acceptance and allowing I accept myself asajj yes I did but look what I have learned from this experience if you're high
the let go of all that but I don't have money or I'm done there so I've done that come from a clear conscience All Is Forgiven this is a new start I love myself I'm going to start responding as opposed to reacting to every situation and you will find this is a beautiful part about frequency that you don't have to do anything else it's all going to align itself for you because it's not responding to your mental emotional spiritual and sensory to physical vibrational vibration
standing fan
why you don't want a lot of people spending like it's so important and this is where I go over on 7 on believe it or not I spend the majority of the seminar talking about learning through pain as opposed to going through loss because I'm finding that you do most people are finding themselves in a place where they can't create they can't bring to them no matter how many believe in yourself and all that no that's great but unless you can forgive yourself let go of the regrets and Gil and know that there's really no such things as mistakes or accident that it's just Nick manage energy that has to have happen in order for you to learn because truthfully and I think it's in my book it would have been a greater tragedy even if something serious even if you just up and try but you're somebody else
it would have been Annenberg from it it would have been a greater tragedy in the whole Universal scope of life not just your own little personal being but in your Consciousness okay it would have been a greater tragedy if that did not happen because would you be as a Spam and has evolved like you are now if that did not happen because that's tragic flaw in you that needed to be corrected maybe you have a change of conscious maybe you have a change of perception and bee stings are now going to get into your life and Shake who you are at your core without that tragedy that would have never happened if you would have never been able to get into the higher expansion to be able to work with higher energy so we are all here for each other and whenever you bring suffering up on someone and you know you feel like
oh my God years later I should have never said that
if you suffer for someone but it changes somebody's life wasn't worth your suffering
completely is it so why isn't the reverse true you might have heard that person but if that person also learn something and you learn something rotten. Stop tragedy or that mistakes were that expansion for the both of you because it get its Just Energy to be managed everything that happens to you no matter how hard or how painful it is is Just Energy that's all that is energy to be managed and controlled so that great tragedy in your life as long as you could learn something from it
it would have been a greater tragedy if it didn't happen because we're all here to learn to it's not so much longer but expand our Consciousness so that we can vibrate higher or we die and we are closer to God because we're a higher frequency in or evolvement it's is meant for us to evolve to be with God directly so don't ever look at tragedies or or laugh or or any mistake in your life as something that oh my God it was a Calamity there's no way to fix that the very fact that you've learned from it was meant to happen. Is too perfect for accident you just chosen to learn that lesson 2 supposed to that's all that's all
I want to throw two scenarios out there and I kind of known of the situation I know like there is not only one I play the incidents of this summer to do this for the audience so it deals with demonstrating a home to say there's a couple out there they're set to get married and then
it was supposed to buy a home and then they find out a few days before they getting married the deal fell through
and throughout their marriage think they tried over and over again to to demonstrate a homobile and I really really want a Home of Their Own but for whatever reason
it just doesn't happen for them can you walk us through what's going on. For whatever reason there's always a reason of why things happen and everything else is vibrational frequency they were simply not ready for that and they may not be ready for another home until the perfect home materializes for them even work in that house okay to acid or something else OK or it would have been highly I'm not getting that home that's a sign that you shouldn't have that home because if Dad home was meant for you and your resonated with it you would have got it ok you would have got it and if you force the energy and buy something you don't want to give me to pay the consequences later cuz you're not aligned with it you know patience is a virtue has also worked on frequency and they will get the home that day
that is perfect for them in the neighborhood that they want in the square footage that they want okay and the right time frame of when it is supposed to happen because the universe works with a lot of energy not just you may be back home that's perfect home was supposed to be there but that person that was telling you suddenly decided they don't want to sell without you through the whole universe out of wax for just a moment okay because we have free will and to free will even the best laid plans a person can change within a second due to their Free Will which was but ultimately because God is perfect of the universe is perfect and if you deserve and want that home or another home will it will appear
okay so it's never about you're not getting it be patience you will be alive stay in the moment of Love okay stay in the moment of cooperation with the universe and instead of wallowing all my God you know another wholesale to do I'm so disappointed why don't you change that reaction to you know what I'm still didn't happen because it doesn't happen for half their home without right for us and we would have been unhappy in it okay because things are destined for you if you're in the right vibration they will appear they will appear and it was extreme efforts either they will appear at the right time for you to change your perception from all I didn't get this I wanted this I ingested go with patience and swap shop at the University of something better for you because trust is a huge part of the police system all right or if you're over anxious about getting a home
what do you put it off you're putting off your anxiety okay well you're putting anxiety out there you're going to get anxiety back you're not going to get your home because that's what you're putting out there you're falling through to you until you start trusting in yourself in the universe that it will come to you keep searching and it will come to you the right person the right home will come to you not just any home the right home where it's perfect for you in every single way I just be patient and Trust the universe and do not put out their signal signal okay I'll come back so trust in the universe allow it to happen and he's okay because everything is done in God's time
okay the universe time when it is carpet women is a lie so it will come stay positive keep looking and anything that's that falls through lesson I bless you for falling through because I realized that it was not wise for me that's something even better is right around the corner and it will come I don't have no choice not to come because if you put it out there without even guiding without the frustration but it's your allowance and trust it has no choice the universe has no choice but to deliver that again not because he likes you because you reached a vibrational frequency of where your man if it's your in your mind what you desire has now being brought forth into the physical reality. Alignment
nicely stated and just a further question cuz I know there's many out there that has situations like this was similar situations or exact situation doesn't have to deal with credit and money
you mean your home
yeah Part of Me by buying a home maybe they come from generations of poverty and you know I just don't see how they can ever get a home they think that it's always hot
if you are starting
working with frequencies and vibrations and you're starting without pattern or have bad credit no one's going to give me a loan you know when you're starting with that you're already starting a negative energy as opposed to again having trust in the universe and trust in God and you're also doing things like maybe help me to repair your credit or a job or physical things that you need to do in order to improve yourself or is it only perceive the last okay so your credit may not do you know it's a realistic things to the bank then she you but if you're coming from a higher perspective energy where there is and I will get money to do this because I see it I believe it I know it's I feel it and an alliance with s
gen George that you were. We're forever closed will open because that's how energy works okay so it's all in the mindset again don't ever perceive last don't ever proceed limitation because if you're perceiving the limitations of bad credit then what is out something today you're not going to get a loan because of your bad credit okay but if you come from be expecting from the allow from the truck you know what that's right I do have bad credit I accept that but I know I know in my mind in my heart and in my belief system and the images in my mind and a thought pattern that there is no lack in this world and I will get exactly what I want
simply by using the energy to do it or you never thought possible opportunities will come out of nowhere to serve you because when you are cast into a higher vibration it's really very simple when you are tapped into an abundant universe and never proceed laugh for the mistakes in your life the universe will deliver been you you never would have even imagined never imagined
but you've got to keep up that whole keep up that day and don't ever allow lots of limitation because that's what's going to stop it not that bad credit okay that's right because everyone's speed limitation and although you may be worried about it that's what's causing delimitation all right that's what's causing limitation so lift yourself out of the last lift yourself are the limitation okay positive thinking and belief in that never having to go through and let you know I'm in here by the way let me clarify something to
when you have this positive perception is mindset of being Unlimited in the back of the limited mindset George open up to you they will and it doesn't matter what credit you have what credit you don't have the universe will serve you because you're coming from a high vibration okay so you might have gotten turn down 20 times for a loan so guess what if you're with each time say that's all right no problem comes to me eventually it will if you are persistent because against the universe only works on the universe works much time frames as well because it works with everybody's Consciousness so it got it have everybody alive at the 20% you know what maybe they just got a new rule or you know what we're going to approve people wear if you do bad credit
okay and that's when he first bank is going to give it to you because you are persisted persisted in your mind and your emotions in your belief system and you held onto There Is No Lack or limitation in this world can see if we're on a hundred percent energy and it is true that the law of vibration The Law of Attraction lost to laude is how the universe run it cannot not deliver it can't all the takes is for you to be a live with the fact that there is a limitless universe that there is no lock and that you will get what you want and eventually you will because you don't vibrate then that energy will reciprocate your thoughts and your signature your vibrational signature of expectancy of trust that this is so
and that actually works because again it's a law of physics it cannot not work this time. Was the problem with people proceedings limitations and back is because of what happened last year and they lose hope and I will stay and once they do that and then you stopped believing
you stopped believing
and it couldn't deliver to your what what what was it desired in your mind into your physical reality
so it's very important persistent you know you know if we're all the vibrational frequency of the universe only responds to vibrational frequency it cannot not deliver the only have stopping you is you get persistent positive mindset and bless every single turn down all that long if you know what I bless you all. It wasn't meant for me I'm going to keep trying to relax is in your mind and no matter what problems you are perceiving weather weather is credit relationship it's really just your perception about the lock and and delimitation that you think you are facing and if you continue on with your positivity and continue on without try
about face and being aligned with what you deserve it is very important that you realize that you deserved it because that also raise your vibrational frequency is that confidence in yourself and I'd God that you deserve all of that but do not be worried about any past problems or anything else because the universe aligned for you just do not lose hope to not lose stay continue on positive mindset that there is no such thing as limitation if wall 100% energy and the universe works on energy you will get what is desired in the mind is your physical reality just be patient and do not worry cuz if you worried in place of Gaia tea that will come back to you and it's going to destroy the positive vibration of that manifestation in their life
nice to say to you live on the sudden I impact show we bring on gas
that teach on a phenomenal and fanatical level with simplicity
what the purpose of exchanging great service with gray value
to help each person
improve their life experience more satisfaction
Polar Express and just expansion
is there anything else that you would like to cover today and if not I would just like to encourage people to go to ww.w LEP for a lot more information books or seminar schedule says ww.w LEP you will find that you cannot own me create the life that you want but you can create the future that you want to say thank you so doing the pandemic is there a way to do anything virtual View
I'm absolutely but I can find out all the information I'm so proud different. I'm Blown Away by guest today doctor in a harvey I know this has been amazing show we had some technical difficulties and challenges to work through but I believe that it was for purpose I would say that she's one of the
most amazing speeches the great Supply form definitely
go to the DDS website and review this archive over and over again once it's available she got to the meat of the matter and I believe that she even caught on the iron level so it wasn't paying for me just milk I mean she talk on the strong Meat level and on the honey level she discussed principles on how you can bring Heaven to Earth in your relationship in your finances in your career and your personal relationship with yourself your your relationship with money and I understand that money relationship yes energy is a form of energy that has to be controlled and managed she talk
principles strategies that can help you improve that relationship to because your relationship with money is a relationship first you have to identify that just overall she she caught on the spiritual level she she taught about mine said she taught about meditation she thought about prayer those words might not have necessarily been Express but if you dig deep and deep dive into it is there so she talked on the fanatical and phenomenal level with great Simplicity and he's so I'll encourage I know myself once it's available I'll go back and we listen to it so I encourage every listener out there that Earth is broadcast please go back and listen to it over and over and over again go to her website
churches her book support her because she's doing amazing work and she's so humble and and she's just
giving service she's giving value she's making a positive of great positive exponential contribution so please support her go look at it video subscribe to our Channel Partners social media supporter she is a teacher that separate from the crowd she's just not teaching the basic stuff she's teaching stuff that works so I just said mohnish everyone encourage everyone to please please please visit our website anything that she has please please support her cuz the content is great it's it's realistic cool it's it's applicable and it is something that you can Implement something that you can integrate and something that you can appropriate to help change your life transform your life for the better and keep working at it to transform your life for the best
I'm going to leave with a few quotes
Buddha said
all that you are the sum total of your thoughts
Ralph Waldo Emerson said a man is what he thinks about all day long barrel Nightingale said The Strangest Secret is we become what we think about
Solomon said as a man thinks so he is
Henry David Thoreau said if one advances confidently in the direction of his or her dreams in the Divas to live the life which they have imagined they will meet with success unexpected in common hours I believe us being blessed to meet dr. Anna Harvey was a Divine gift please do not take this lightly go to her website find her social media by her book support her she is a gift to the entire Globe we have been blessed today by dr. Anna Harvey we thank thank you so much for all your worries I just wanted to add real quick to find me on YouTube on the doctor phenomena because there's so many free videos that will help you identify your personal vibrational frequencies I can give you immediate help that's Again YouTube Doctor phenomena
YouTube they will definitely change your life and I wanted to thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to be here today still a beautiful beautiful soul may God bless you always and I still admire and honor you for the service that you provide to really help Collective Humanity so thank you
my pleasure I mean I got a present today I mean you are a gift and we need to hover around you and support you 100% whatever that looks like for each individual that how are you today I know I'm going to do my part we thank you and I'll say until the next Sutton eye impact show
keep walking and using your face daycare may God bless everyone
thank you bye-bye discover the power of positivity identify and execute your passion and ultimately exponentially in life impact with your hoes at your house

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