Guest, Juan Mendez

Guest Occupation: 
United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, Visiting Professor of Law at the American University - Washington College of Law, Co-Author of "Taking A Stand: The Evolution of Human Rights", International Advocate for Human Rights

Guest, Richard Falk

Guest Occupation: 
Author, Writer, Editor, Public Speaker, Human Rights Advocate, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights

Guest, Huwaida Arraf

Guest Occupation: 
Human Rights Activist, Lawyer, Co-founder of the International Solitarity Movement, Researcher, Program Coordinator

Guest, Adam Shapiro

Guest Occupation: 
Television Reporter, Investigative Journalist, Activist, Documentary Producer, Author

Guest, Greta Berlin

Guest Occupation: 
Activist, Speaker, Media Coordinator

Guest, Fred Matser

Guest Occupation: 
Humanitarian, Financier, Developer, Spiritual, Communicator, Creative Thinker, Advisor

Guest, Ramsey Clark

Guest Occupation: 
Lawyer, Activist, Public Official, Attorney General, Lecturer


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