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Conscious Thought with Leo, July 20, 2016

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Conscious Thought with Leo
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with Magdalena Winkler and guest Cheril Goodrich

Conscious Thought with Leo with Magdalena Winkler and guest Cheril Goodrich,  Miracle Alchemist. The topic for tonight is On the 8th day., the revolution of the Spirit. what is a miracle, what's the purpose, what we can do in this times of extreme changes? We are moving from linear timeline to spiral and what that means. Pain in the body and the meaning and more...   

Guest, Cheril Goodrich

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Cheril Goodrich
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The Miracle Alchemist, Coaching and Consulting
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The 8th Day

Miracles and placing the Spirit first in time

Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now

Releasing the Inno-Sense Spirit

Living Water Frequencies


After being a hairdresser for many years, Cheril was drawn to begin something new. Her first inclination was massage therapy. After studying and working as a massage therapist, she began to study hypno therapy, and then NLP psychology. Adding to her education, she studied kinesiology, Bach Flower Remedies, and then became an Ordained Minister. She also took other classes in addiction and how spirit possession is disrupting inner peace.

She had a mentor named Mary Simion who spent years helping her understand astrology. On her own, she explored numerology, along with classes that dealt with the science of the mind/body.

What really placed her on the journey that led where she is today, was a result of a simple question. One day while she was doing a massage on a client, as is customary, she asked the massage client if she was having any problems she wanted Cheril to focus on. The client told Cheril that she had a pain in her back. Off handedly, Cheril asked the client how long she had been bothered with this pain, It was the client reply that set into motion a new journey for Cheril that would last over 30 years. The client told Cheril that her pain began 4 months prior, after which she went on to say, “this pain in my back is the same pain I experienced 20 years ago.”

Out of curiosity,Cheril asked her just what happened 4 months ago, to which she replied, “my mother died.”

The question was, how could this woman know that it was the exact same pain that she experienced 20 years ago, and why was there a 20-year lapse between the incidents?

With this, Cheril began to question other massage clients about their specific physical pain, and low and behold a pattern began to emerge.

The more she learned, the less she understood, so she kept asking more questions. Once a question was wholly answered, a new question would emerge. The more Cheril learned, the more she wanted to understand.

As Cheril began to understand the mind/body connection, she began to notice that a whole picture began to emerge. It was at this time she understood that she was being directed, but at this point she had no idea towards what.

After many years, she began to understand that her method of learning was coming out of time.

The next step she took was to explor the 4th dimension. She began to understand that there were memories in time that could be accessed that would help the individual understand their own probem, and also their own solution., Thus, she began to explore memories that had been lost in time. Within these memories whole new understanding is available. What Cheril was being shown  during the time she was a practicing massage therapist was how to help individuals access these lost memories in time.

The Plan to help individuals put a whole picture together to understand these lost memories in time is called One Wholeness Now.  It is this Plan that allows individuals to wholly reconnect with their unlimited Spirit. Once a whole picture in time has been defined, the Spirit gently moves into its natural first place in time. This is called Miracle Alchemy.

Cheril is the developer of the Living Water Frequencies.The frequency in the Living Water will connect the consciousness of the individual to the 4th dimension, and will also place the individual in their proper alignment with the Heavens.

Living Water is also in perfect alignment with the Natural Flow of the Earth. This Natural Flow is also found in the 4th dimension. With consistency and forethought, the unlimited Spirit will begin to be acknowledged as having the Identity that must be accepted first in time, over the body identity.

Listen to Cheril’s podcast, On the 8th Day, on Real Revolution Radio on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm EST

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