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Guest Name
Cher Tanner
Guest Occupation
Community Coordinator for the Pachamama Alliance Tampa Bay,,Relationship Coach
Guest Biography

Living in Harmony with Nature and our Planet

Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream 

Cher Tanner advocates for Pachamama Alliance 


Since retiring from real estate and the homebuilding industry, Cher Tanner has thrust herself into a “Heart and Soul” Sojourn, pursuing meaningful experiences that juice the capillaries of her mind, body, spirit and the planet.  

Most recently, Cher devotes her time, effort and energy to being a Community Coordinator for the Pachamama Alliance Tampa Bay (PATB) community.  Pachamama Alliance (PA), headquartered in San Francisco, was inspired by a 1995 ‘call’ from an intact, indigenous group in the Amazon that reached out to the modern world requesting they change their lifestyles and activities that were decimating their environment and the pristine world they had harmoniously lived in for centuries. The co-founders of PA responded to that call.

As a result of their visit, the group returned and took the request seriously. The Pachamama Alliance was formed and they developed a strategy to help transform the modern world in the form of a Symposium, called “Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream.” Today, it is being delivered on five continents, in eighty-one countries, and has been translated into sixteen languages & counting!  Quite an accomplishment!

In 2010 Cher was trained as a facilitator for the “Awakening the Dream, Changing the Dream Symposium.” Through that experience a mystical net captured her awaiting the perfect time to release her to her authentic destiny.  That came after taking the “Game Changer Intensive,” which is part of PA’s “Up to Us Engagement Pathway,” she now declares herself an “Evolutionary Pro-Activist.”  This revelation led her to accept “her call” which was to focus on broadening and building the membership of the PATB community and by arranging and delivering Symposiums throughout the Tampa Bay area and around Florida with the purpose of “bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling & socially just human presence on this planet.”  

With a Summa Cum Laude Baccalaureate degree in Psychology & graduate work in Counseling, Cher was a natural to move into the dynamic field of Personal Life Coaching. Her moniker “The GPS to Happiness” evolved out of this previous incarnation when trained as an Authentic Happiness Coach by the renowned psychologist and Fox Leadership professor at the University of Pennsylvania Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D.  She was also trained through Coachville, Coach U, and became a Relationship Coach through the Relationship Coaching Institute and had membership in the International Association of Coaches.

Her business, Fast Track Happiness Coaching, offered individual & group coaching around signature programs she developed including "Five Steps to Get You GPS on the Fast Track to Happiness," and "Single, Over 50, but Not Over Love!"

She lives with her sweetheart of 24 years in a sparkling waterfront home on Indian Rocks Beach, FL. When time permits, she loves to travel, “tread the boards” as a stage actor and performance artist, is a writer and columnist, and spent the last three years as a docent at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo educating guests about the potential of tremendous species extinction due to human activity.  


                    The Pachamama Alliance Is Coming to Florida!

                        Meet Jason Bayles and Rogér Knoren

           from  Pachamama Alliance's San Francisco Headquarters

                               Game-Changing Community Day

                                         “Reaching Out”

                                   Sunday, July 17, 2016

                                          1:30 – 5:30 PM

                                    1:00 Registration

                               Faith United Church of Christ

                                     1650 Pinehurst Road

                                       Dunedin FL 33698

                                            Love Offering


Given the current state of Planet Earth, it is clearer than ever that it will take collective grassroots actions to affect significant change.    

To that end ..
Let’s expand our connections both geographically and across political, business, nonprofits, and interfaith action groups. We'll come together, learn from each other, hone our leadership skills, and work more collaboratively.

  • MEET, greet and acknowledge each other and our unique actions

  • LEARN about collective leadership and gain cutting-edge “Co-Active Leadership” training.

  • FIND others regionally and statewide who share common intentions

  • EXPLORE conscious, collaborative actions with measured outcomes

  • CELEBRATE the possibilities of shared support, FUN, and wisdom

  • IMAGINE how you might share your gifts and ‘pay it forward’ to …

Bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just

human presence on the planet. ~ Pachamama Alliance’s Purpose