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A Fireside Chat, September 12, 2015

Duane Heppner

Duane Heppner returns to delve more deeply into the structures of the Matrix and the layers of reality running Creation.  There is increased awareness of the 3 "Gods of man", and the control systems which keep humans incarnating in a human farming operation.  For those who enjoy David Icke and his exposure of the reptilian blood lines, this will be a "juicy show".

A Fireside Chat, August 28, 2015

Julian Rose

Sir Julian Rose returns to share his views on a wide range of subjects, most of which are leading humanity in an increasingly dark direction.  As he was instrumental in winning the ongoing battle for a "non-GMO Poland", confronting top members of the EU, he is quite aware of the many struggles humanity faces.

A Fireside Chat, August 22, 2015

Duane Heppner

Duane Heppner shared his vision of the All Solar Research Vessel, which is going to be built and stationed at the Huntington Beach Pier.

Guest Name, Lori A Peters

Happy people pic
Lori A Peters
Speaker, Writer, Radio show host, College Instructor

Credentials: Lori A. Peters

  • Over 23 years of presentations provided to very small groups and up to 1,000 participants. Topics include many soft skills, personal development, happiness, making personal connections, Live Happy...Live Better and many more. 
  • Writer for The Magic Happens (TMH) Magazine
  • Independent Consultant for Wellness Works for You.
  • Several years of college teaching experience in counseling/social sciences.
  • Over 23 years as a professional in higher education working with students and employers.
  • Certified Program Planner from LERN®.
  • Thirty years experience as a professional volunteer on a local and national level serving 3 terms at the highest national level. Honored to receive the highest local and national volunteer awards.

Contact Information: Lori A. Peters, BSBA- Marketing Management and MS in Counseling, Certified Program Planner I can also be reached at 330-207-9375.

Guest Name, Jean Jacques (ohn) Ranger

Jean Jacques (ohn) Ranger Psychopsema - Child Protective Services Human Trafficking of Children
Jean Jacques (ohn) Ranger

Such actions are clearly << CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY & in fact appear to resemble state party backed and openly run semi-sophisticated modern day HUMAN TRAFFICKING SCHEMES >> - which acts have equally been permitted to ESCALATE IN NATURE & OCCURRENCE ..... this mostly due to the endless FUNDS & RESOURCES used on EXTENSIVE & LARGE SCALE COVER-UPS of the latter mentioned - this by the same LAWLESS, RECKLESS & DANGEROUS CPS - Foster Care agencies who perpetrate these UNSPEAKABLE ACTS .

Provocative Enlightenment, May 7, 2015

George Noory

Provocative Enlightenment with Dr Eldon Taylor

Interview with George Noory of Coast to Coast AM


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