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Guest Name, Dan Perkins

Dan Perkins
Dan Perkins

Is the author of a Trilogy on terrorism called the Brotherhood of the Red Nile. He has been on Radio and TV and been interviewed by newspapers about his books. Dan believes that money is at the root of terrorism and taking away or diverting America’s wealth is a way to bring America under Islam control. With 40 years of global investment experience Mr. Perkins is uniquely qualified to talk about financial implications of terrorism.

His book web site is and has links to his interviews and more information about him.

Guest, Mike Malloy

Guest Occupation: 
National Talk-Show Host, Newspaper Columnist and Editor, Writer, Rock Concert Producer, Actor

Guest, Rita Cosby

Guest Occupation: 
TV Host, Veteran Correspondent, News Anchor, Broadcaster, Journalist, Keynote Speaker, Stress Disorder Spokesperson, Author

Guest, Frank Joseph Collin

Guest Occupation: 
Author, Editor in Chief, Explorer, Archeologist, Historian

Guest, Adrian Salbuchi

Guest Occupation: 
Author, Political Analyst, Speaker, Media Commentator, Consultant, Researcher, Strategic Advisor, Writer, Blogger, Talk Show Host

Guest, Alan Hart

Guest Occupation: 
Reporter, News Correspondent, Researcher, Author, Diplomate, Fierce Thinker

Guest, Adam Shapiro

Guest Occupation: 
Television Reporter, Investigative Journalist, Activist, Documentary Producer, Author

Guest, Maggid ben Yoseif

Guest Occupation: 
Editor, Theologian, Spiritual Seeker, Torah Teacher, Native American Minister, Intertribal Elder, Sportswriter, Journalist, Columnist


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