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JD Rucker Show, November 14, 2023

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JD Rucker Show
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Examining Israel-Palestine Conflict and Zionism: A Critical Perspective

Examining Israel-Palestine Conflict and Zionism: A Critical Perspective

In this episode of "Examining Israel-Palestine Conflict and Zionism: A Critical Perspective," host JD Rucker delves into the complex and contentious issues surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict. The show opens with a reflection on the challenges posed by technology in our daily lives and quickly transitions into a discussion about the political and social dynamics of the Middle East. JD Rucker examines various angles of the conflict, including the historical roots, current developments, and the broader implications for regional and global politics.

Throughout the program, JD engages with the concept of Zionism and its interpretations, offering a critical perspective on the state of Israel and its policies. The show also explores the role of media and public opinion in shaping the narrative around the conflict. With a blend of personal anecdotes, political analysis, and listener interactions, the program presents a nuanced exploration of one of the most enduring and complex conflicts in modern history.

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News and Opinions relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker from NOQ Report delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective with co-host and wife Tammy.

We tackle issues that most won’t touch. Even conservative and many “alternative” media outlets refuse to talk about “taboo” topics for fear of losing money from Google, traffic from Facebook, or sponsors who are “woke.”

We don’t take on woke sponsors. We don’t get traffic from Facebook. We don’t take money from Google. We know we’ll get canceled by some, but the truth is the truth. We won’t hold back.

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hello my friends in welcome to another episode of the JV record show on your host J D wrecker and we are so blessed to be here apologies for yesterday's replay show it was unexpected in in just a bit was crazy stuff it's funny because we get so addicted to these technologies that when life throws you a curveball and you're you're out and away from your home and and sick and you check your phone if you try to call your producer you realize home
now I don't even have my producers phone numbers in my phone number in my phone that's ridiculous that's like it's like Amateur hour but hey now we we got that alleviate it because I couldn't call him and thankfully thankfully the the amazing folks over at BBS radio were able to think fast and say alright let's say let's get something that's going to pass you up there was an unplanned outage will say so apologies would say we are alive at least if you are listening through wwcr shortwave radio which you can find if you're not by the way listening through wwcr shortwave radio if you're listening to rumble or or sub stack or Friday on Fitz shoots even YouTube The Today Show you know we're not mentioning that the dreaded V work today so today show might actually go up on my my semi worthless
to Channel with which we want to build up and and I know I've said in the past that and how much I hate you too and I still do but but we do want to reach as many people as possible and so for you all for the I think the 9th of Uther still listening on YouTube welcome and I don't dislike you I just dislike YouTube whereas rumble breiding on B shooting all of the freezer speech video platforms I adore you all in that we have quite a quite a few more viewers and listeners on those channels that we do on YouTube but to hear the live we are doing this on wwc our shortwave radio at frequencies 7490 khz and 13845 khz which was just makes sense you know I've said it before I say it probably I don't know three hundred more times here in the future
shortwave is the past but I do believe that it is still the future because let's face it the way that things are going it's not just the risk of outages it's not just the risk of War chaos or martial law or seen from from this government and probably from future governments is a very Authority Marion nature and I can see it as being very very very possible that we won't be able to as As Americans gets unbiased or controversial say controversial cuz no news is unbiased but we won't be able to get controversial or Fringe news on am or FM radio in the near future people like Rush Limbaugh who resting resting in peace sir people like Rush Limbaugh will will not be allowed in the future at least not on am or FM radio yeah they're even trying to get rid of am radios out of car
I know that's that effort has been stalled but but it's going to happen the way they they projecting these things they say okay let's try to get rid of AM radio in and the people say no and then six months later quietly this time let's get rid of a.m. radio out of cars that weight those those silly conservatives that are still listening on AM radio that they won't get the news or they won't get to hear any of these crazy ideas and the funny part is the stuff that we put on the show is a lot crazier than what you'll find on AM radio so yes I think the shortwave it which is it still still regulated will say less regulated in many ways more access more wider potential viewers listen to Ship because there's just there's just the you can reach a broader geographic area with shortwave there are people that we're getting calls and emails from across the globe so I'm very blessed to be on wwcr and working
my good friends at BBS radio call 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 I cannot wait until I get to the point to where I don't have to repeat the number twice I've got a had an email the other day said hey you know I've wanted to call in but you always say the number to Fast I sit there and I got my pen and paper and then I'm doing things and all of a sudden you finally say the number again and I miss it and so I can call him so that's 8 8 8 6 2 7 6 0 0 8 in for those who are watching the replay on the various Chancellor of your listing on on Apple podcast show me the other podcast networks this show does go live at 5 a.m. Monday through Friday 5 a.m. Pacific time so if you're on the on the on the East Coast or even Middle America you don't have to
wake up too early but yes you do have to get up at 5 a.m. if you're on this beautiful, this West Coast that I'm on hearing in California
it's funny because this is the third thing is funny that I want everything's funny I am under the weather so I'm going to try my best to not cough to not sneezed and sniff I can't stand shows where they where you can tell the show host is coughing and sneezing and has nothing against them it's just a you know get get your stuff together for going on are I don't like to go in there when I'm definitely but I am still a bit sniffly today so if occasionally you hear me drinking my coffee that's my My Remedy by the way it's how I overcome illness I'm not big on on drugs I don't even take Motrin or Tylenol or anything if I've got a headache I just I like the more natural stuff in and good organic coffee is to me it's it's the best from the others and of course my wife homemade wonderful beef broth which I had like two gallons of yesterday so stand by for a drink break
there we go see that wasn't too hard you'd rather hear me drink every now and then then cough or sneeze or sniffle
today we've got plenty of sources always plenty of stories to talk about and as I said before they have I used to usually set up a bout a dozen or so stories to them not today I know number one that we're going to get a lot of calls number to that that's I'm not going to be able to make it through all these because as I am sure most of your very well aware
I don't have the skill of brevity when I get on topic I talk on the topic quite a bit and it's not because I like to hear myself talk I really don't I want to to alert you all sometimes their stories that are hey you know what this is this is crazy this is silly other times are stories that are like folks listen to take this seriously we're going to start with a silly one important part now it's silly not because it's funny and I mean this isn't like Babylon bee stuff but it's it's could be laughable will say
because here we have a vote and it was I was actually pretty excited that that it happened to vote in Congress and whatever I say congress you already know that the store is going to be ludicrous I don't care if it's Republicans Or democrats or or whoever gave this is the unit party swamp everything is planned out there is a reason why and I think my wake-up call and this is a no-brainer of course I'm sure most of you were expecting this but but when they have the vote back and I believe it's 2017 couldn't 2018 to to basically officially get rid of Obamacare right you remember all that the drama back in Trump's present you got a majority Republican majority in the house Republican majority in the Senate and it's like yeah we can finally finally get rid of Obamacare
and of course any of those all this back and forth you know we were going to figure to meet you because you go to figure out what to do and how to do this the right way we can just pull the rug out from under people in the state of the other night keep mind if if you work all the previous like 8 years however now I guess I would have been four years of that point five no six six years since Obamacare that's essentially that was that was the only talking point K Republican lawmakers and and perspective lawmakers their focus was Obamacare so at least fund-raised off it and they ain't that the Tea Party basically built was built from that concept and you had everybody was outraged on the right in and every Republican lawmakers swore they're going to repeal Obamacare and then of course once they had majorities they were able to start to to make it happen I think then they had to clean Obamacare appeals past
15 times between Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan in the house at the time and Mitch McConnell in the Senate they were able to easily pass Obamacare repealed it all of a sudden they can do this request because because they had Barack Obama was still the president
with Barack Obama as President they can pass anything they wanted to because they knew he would just beat it with so it was like safety you know you're in or going to talk to up we're going to do it the one in the office like all of a sudden you got to be careful we got to be careful
we got to make sure we don't don't you no hard pull the rug out from under people
and then they couldn't get a past and if you were call it was a course John McCain who came out and he was that That Swing Vote in the Senate that prevented Obamacare from passing him is because he knew that he wasn't going to be running for re-election that's what they do so they do every time they being the unibody swamp cave if they they they know all we've got to pass this way but we can't so who are we going to get to switch sides who we going to get the block this and it's invariably somebody that does never risk
if any Republican who was going running for re-election had voted against Obamacare they would not have been real like I shouldn't say any but the vast majority of them would not have been reelected it's not always just the people who want to running for re-election lot of times it's also the people who are safe that we seen it happen where they can survive they they've been voting voting based on what the Republican base once for most of their term in the morning they're laid out of deep red district and one of their elections by by 20 30 points yeah let's go ahead and have them fall in their sword for this one issue and then they come out with a statement saying I will you know there was just this one is always has one little thing about it you know I'm in favor of repealing that are doing this but you know I just couldn't for my constituents for my the people Nevada the people of Arizona the people in New York or wherever for my district I could not vote my conscience because of this part of the legislation and its house
either party swamp is able to to Baisley control Congress one way or the other nothing is passed in Congress unless the unit party swamp wants it and nothing that the unity party swamp doesn't want get gets passed
I use it as a litmus test sometimes you know this is where you do I do I like my Johnson I think so with that said I don't know if I'm going to like my speaker the house because because by by virtue of him winning it makes him suspect I know this sounds like poor thinking or cynical thinking but it's true mean it's absolutely true
by winning by being allowed to be Speaker of the House you not have to question his his is he corrupt is he corrupted is he somebody who do they have dirt on essentially or maybe he's he's been fake all along and I'm not accusing you of anything at this point
but I'm going to keep my eyes on him he seems like a great guy he's been a great congressman
will he be a strong speaker of the house we will see you at the store today
browse yesterday but the story that were talking about today is another example of there's something that the unit party swamp didn't want so they selected a handful of people in the majority of this again it does matter with his Republicans Or democrats is that a handful of people in the majority that they can lean on that they can say okay so you pick the Short Straw today you're going to have to do something and vote something it's going to be unpopular to Republicans and popular to your base but hey you know three of you aren't running again and the other guys are safe so so here it is and that's what happened this article comes from a red State boncheva tredsafe failure theater headline publicans join with Democrats to shuttle impeachment of DHS secretary May orcas I supposed to see you as I know maybe three months ago 6 months ago so it's been awhile but I post an article basically is a very short one
but obviously said look you want to search for evidence which is what they were doing the time you want to look for a reason backing for 4
from teaching Alejandro mayorkas its job performance that loan
the sheer fact that he came in
and as soon as soon as he was there soon as the the Biden Harris regime was installed we started seeing the Border crisis explode and has gotten worse and worse and worse they don't need you don't need to look for corruption you don't need to look for for lies you don't have to look for any of this stuff by Merit of his absolute and utter failure at the border that alone is enough to beach. Okay. Just so you know incremental increases it's not just all we tried this and it didn't work so well so we went back this was hey we went from the most secure border
in modern history
under Trump
to essentially not only tearing down that wall and opening the the the floodgates but and not only just inviting people to come we were practically begging them to come
the vine Harris regime was practically begging illegal aliens to come please come here bring everybody bring your nephew bring your cousins bring bring whoever you can get over here in a walk take trains will fly you in hop on the hopping cars Whatever Whatever It Takes get the United States as quickly as possible we've got a window here a window of opportunity we don't know when it's going to close so before now bring as many people as you can come on America's wide open Pinterest doesn't matter
Lil Wayne check-in do you want any you know what you don't even have to wear a mask you don't even have to be vaccinated even though we were forcing at this point it is back in the early 2021 work or forcing our citizens to wear masks we were we were practically demanding in some cases mandating they get back to you but you guys just come on over about it if you can get across the border you're fine you're fine we will bow down you will get better treatment than if you are an American citizen that was the message it worked and it's important to note that it worked because all too often
Republicans in particular but sometimes sometimes not all Republicans Republicans in particular fail to notice success
we we see what's happening and you hear all these Fox News people saying how you know this is been an absolute disaster total failure by mayorkas total failure by then no that's incorrect then fail
leaving extremely successful at implementing their plans
Alejandro mayorkas is doing exactly what he's supposed to do
if I didn't mention he's just in case though so I'm just throwing out the Secretary of Homeland Security DHS secretary and he he has not been a failure not by their stance has he been a failure for America absolutely but has he been a failure for the Democrats for the unit price swap for the globalist Alief cabal for the Deep State and now he's doing exactly precisely what he's what he's doing he's doing exceptionally well they from their perspective he has been he's been Rock Solid
because he has
open the borders he has made America less safe he has made us more vulnerable and that Folks at the end of the day is exactly what he was supposed to do
so we got this opportunity right Marjorie Taylor Greene puts out this files of emotions while I'm out of 4th or 5th motion they filed two to consider the possibility of impeaching secretary May orcas this time it looks like it hey it looks like it's actually got legs this could actually happen of course it didn't go into the article of a red State fey'lya Theater probably cuz you are the Democrats to Scuttle impeachment of DHS secretary mayorkas Republicans joined with Democrats on Monday to block articles of impeachment filed from advancing from advancing against Department of Homeland Security secretary Alejandro mayorkas the resolution which was introduced by Marjorie Taylor Greene was referred back to the house Homeland Security committee effectively stalling out the effort
open of the gambits ultimately the Gambit failed 209-2201 and this is rett's they were first to Fox News which you know if I rip on Fox News a lot this is how you do it this is what I like red State I like a lot of these and that I know none of these conservative Publications are perfect nobody's perfect except for God but you look at this and they're quoting Fox News I've got no problem with that this is how you do it but I don't like is when I see these people and especially on Twitter which I'm never going to call back spell a b Twitter you see these prominent conservative celebrities will say either sharing Fox News or or Washington examiner any of these known known members of the ecology controlled opposition on the right that you don't have to if you fight us Fox News show you like somebody's talking about in this case it's it's
it's red State and so so this is what you want to do you want to find the stories that are quoting and because this will give us a better perspective bought you will tell us more about what's happening in what Fox News or any of the the swamp swamp thing will do so great to Fox News crash with the help of a small Cabin Republicans on Monday successfully block Yadi Yadi yada yada the final vote tally was to 9221 with State Republicans joining Democrats in support of the Ladder parties motion to stop the that for vote and the statter for the impeachment resolution introduced by Green to the house Homeland Security Committee of it with 24 members but of course they did not vote on the measure the eight Republicans listen up and see if your your guys in here the eight Republicans who joined Democrats include Ken Buck from Colorado are Lysa from California Tim McClintock from California Patrick Henry from North Carolina John Duarte from California Virginia Foxx from North Carolina
Cliff bands from Oregon and Mike Turner from Ohio
remember those names
unfortunately some of them aren't running again so it's not what I should say unfortunately fortunately for our ability to hold them accountable and it's easy just like McCain who knew that he wasn't going to be running for re-election it's easy for for those who are entering the private sector shortly after easy for them to say yeah I can do it I'll fall in my sword I'll take the the heat because they know that Republican heat is lukewarm at best
you think Darrell Aisa is sitting here thinking oh my gosh how am I going to win re-election after after not voting for to impeach mayorkas mayorkas Alejandro mayorkas will never be mentioned not by any primary opponents not by the Democrats not Buy corporate media not by conservative media okay this time it's going to rain on this time but we have to be like in 2 months 3 months 6 months heck coming next week
Paris by next week there'll Isis will no longer have any accountability whatsoever about this nobody's going to mention it
it's a feeling on that part and when I say are part of my just talking about conservatives or America First Patriots or Republicans are Libertarians or anybody like that I'm saying our part is in the media we are so so driven by the new cycle that we don't hop in and then say no it's it's enough we have to move on to the next story that's unfortunate I didn't either I know what I'm doing and yet I continue to do it because I know that's what what the people want sorry I shouldn't just take all the blame
I know that if I I sat here and in this time next week I started really against Tom McClintock for this phone nobody's going to care cuz that's not what the listeners want so you know it's a catch-22 we know it's important we know what we need to do you know what's important you know what what we need to do we need to when people betray us especially that's when the garbage Democrats willing to go for leftist it's another thing altogether to go after those who are
we're supposed to be on our side
such as these eight Republicans but we don't because again we just keep moving on
so remember those names I'm not sure what we can do with it and I hate to be Debbie Downer but I don't know what to do with it I wished it that we can hop on there and then hold them accountable and say once and for all know this is enough the line is drawn here
and maybe that can happen on a bigger issue another this isn't a big issue with this is not going to drive a lot of lot of people most
well we'll see all everybody can serve medium and everybody who listens to reserve watches conservative media by this time next week won't even remember at least they won't talk about the fact that the worst
Secretary of Department of Homeland Security in history who has caused more harm than arguably any any member of government in two decades
and yes it does include Joe Biden another Joe Biden's unharmed but this harm that the the borders is destroying us it is it is making it impossible for us to recover if this isn't fixed soon there will be no recovery we will become like Europe in Europe is if you look at Europe today you will see there is no recovery that they are beyond the half that lived beyond the point of no return
I don't want that to happen in the in the United States but it is but like I said by this time next week notice and we talkin about the failed impeachment effort against Alejandro mayorkas not a big deal because it's not like they would have they would have actually done anything in the Senate anyway okay fine
still get it done
you have you have the majority in the house get it done
can I moved on that's it
have a trial
get the information out there use that as an opportunity to inform people especially you have your ear average average independent average Fox News Republican maybe they don't realize how bad it is maybe they don't know what's been done over the last three years to allow The Invasion at our Southern border
888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 call in to the J D wrecker show back to the article real quick as the Republicans have voted it to boot the articles of impeachment voted to boot the articles of impeachment back to the committee have given them their reasoning and they probably won't this isn't one of those things where they have to try to excuse themselves because again this isn't that big of a deal is not in the eyes of most in mainstream and corporate media they probably won't be held accountable at all so when I say this was going to be dead next week it might be dead already by the time you listen to this
it might be dead already many of the names of the list are more moderate house members of dozen other Republicans didn't vote at all I had they done so the outcome of the vote could have been different those likely the absence of Democrats would have then showed up to vote as well just for those weren't aware that that's standard operating procedure it's not like the absence on one side of the other generally speaking the let's not a law or even a rule it's just the corn me know if you're missing five Republicans and 0 Democrats ahead of an important vote you they're supposed to five Democrats are supposed to not vote to compensate basically will say now that doesn't always happen sometimes too if it's an important vote to them it's like okay well sorry you guys should have been here where we're going to go for this but in this case they they they did what they thought was the right thing and yet
we are stuck with Alejandro mayorkas
if you are in the cities
I have a warning for you
it's time to get out it really is it's time to get out now is the time
Esther here
from Michael Snyder I would say that of all of the people all of the writers that right for my sites over at the Liberty daily or disturbed all the people that that do guest posts or was it we cross post with their permission of course Michael Cyrus probably the most controversial I get more comments on his stories than anybody else's and usually there's there's no Rhyme or Reason to them some story so get like like 50 positive and 30 - other stories will get the 50 - in 30 positive some stories who get who get to comments other stories we'll get 150 it's the strangest thing I have but I appreciate his work I don't agree with him.
I don't agree with him sometimes but he's kind of a a bit of an alarmist and he's been I mean let's face it his foot up his blocks is literally the economically laps blogging he's had it up and running for for a long time that that should tell you that that he is he is focused on the focus on the end which we all should be but he's been folks on the end you know one of those guys that it's been it's a no it's it's it's going to happen it's going to happen anytime you know this is it you know it's over it's 2012 it's over we're not going to make it out of 2012 to put in perspective and of the American Dreamin by the way he's been crying like Chicken Little not saying that I'm saying that let's just say that he is very acutely attuned to dread and doom he does he does fine stories
the Highlight the negative and if I were in if if let's say he was writing for from South Rouse bullying stories back in 2017 for example of 28 and I was looking by putting them on my site I probably wouldn't do those Doom and Gloom back there but here's the thing this is Michael's time to shine because the Doom and Gloom is there and we are faced with existential threats that pretty much every angle they are trying to kill us in a thousand different ways so and so he's not wrong anymore he was wrong back then it was just a little bit premature for he was ahead of his game will say the most his articles to are pretty much do been blown and we don't have to live in Doom and Gloom the show is very blessed to have Genesis Gold group paying for pretty much everything Genesis Gold group is a Christian
Faith driven
precious metals company that specializes in retirement accounts specializes in taking your old 401k or 403b easier Ira as our government accounts taking the money that you have their your life savings and it's supposed to get you through from the time you retire until the time you are passing it on to your to your your relatives to your heirs and I don't care if you got $20,000 $50,000 2 million dollars if you have retirement to protect you should consider protecting him with physical gold and silver and if you are considering protecting your retirement with physical gold and silver there are many many reasons to consider Genesis cold brew they are faced with their values are aligned with
with Christians
does that mean they only work of Christians know we had a lot of people that are that are not Christian who do you want to work with a company that has Christian values not because this early they want to be converted or anything like that they do it because they know hey you know the Christian those those Faith driven people there they hold a a hold themselves to a higher standard there their they're not going to rip me off like a lot of these other gold companies admit it's whatever their reasoning is
my reason is that I like the guys over there my reasoning is because I can trust them I can trust that if my audience calls or reaches out to Genesis go group in any way that they're going to get taken care of I got a five stars with the Better Business Bureau never had a complaint from any of my listeners any my readers any my viewers never met anybody reach out and I can say that I've worked with in the past it was always hit-or-miss it's okay congratulations you know you you you got this big fat commission so ye great and then I can get the call or I get an email do you lose guys real me off why did you send me there with Genesis girl group I haven't ever have one of the conditions are much much lower it two Genesis Gold group you know but that they don't pay they don't pay me nearly what the what the other guys do and that's why I was reading this blog
and they were pushing these guys are those guys I don't see a whole lot of people talk about Genesis gold but you know why cuz they don't pay as well that's it they can't pay as well because they don't charge as much there's a reason why just to be clear there's a reason why and I'm not trying to go after those other companies are those are the blocks to show host but there's a reason why they are in bed with with cortical big gold because big gold companies that are out there in a sponsoring all these these big guys out there and conservative media big gulps pays and in the same amount of money the reason they can pay an insane amount of money is because they charged an insane amount of money
as Christian company Genesis Gold group is not and that's why they don't pay as well not to me they can't and I'm okay with that cuz I would much rather prefer Mike my readers my listeners my viewers to company that I can trust that I know that they're going to have their retirement protected properly versus a company that's going to rip people off and then pay the show host for the blogs or whatever pay them fat commission checks so you can check them out Genesis gold blue jay Dr it's Jay Dr then call them at 800-200-5800 200-4653 or you can always call me and I'm can't do anything with gold but at least I can you can talk to me live on the air Monday through Friday 5 a.m. Pacific to 7 a.m. Pacific at 888-627-6008
it is time
if you haven't made the move already
it is time to get out of the cities and yeah I say American cities get out of any City if you can I don't care if you're listening in India if you're listening in Australia if you're listening in South America Africa Europe whatever kind of Asia I don't care where you are
if you're in a city trying to figure out how to get out of it
cities are where they're going to start they being the globalist leak ball that's where they're going to to make their first moves to try to get rid of us all
it would not all that they they want to get rid of most of us at least if you're listening to show chances are you're on the list of people that they do want to get rid of right so part of the depopulation in control agenda is to get rid of the bad seeds and control the the sheep and sit mean that's literally the plan literally the plan
to get out of the city because that's where they're going to start now people ask how do you know are you going to be safe are they the only going to grab the city's know nobody's going to be safe
unless you can be hidden in a bunker that nobody could possibly fine there's no safety or security anywhere in the world at any point
the challenges that your face if you do move out of the city move out of the suburbs move to a more more whirl more agrarian lifestyle you will at least have a delay I would say
because it just makes sense if you got one you know where like where I am right now if you go 100 miles in either direction, towards the coast of course but a hundred miles into Los Angeles or 100 miles into San Diego I'm right there smack dab in the middle to wear to wear within a hundred-mile radius there's like millions of people write 6 million seven million people so yes I am stuck here in an area for now where this is going to be a folk when they make their moves
to martial law through whatever those moves will start here
and if you're in New York City or Chicago or Dallas or even if you're in let's see here in Pittsburgh or Jacksonville or Oklahoma City or Albuquerque you know big city but not too big it's no safer there or at least it won't be will see you in the city of 200,000 people are you safe safe you're probably a little bit safe okay in Springfield Missouri you're probably safer than if you were in Albuquerque or Oklahoma City over a million people
but it's still going to come for you too so I would recommend get out of the Cities as soon as you can because here's the thing once it does start it's going to be a lot harder to get out of the Cities at all
one of the reasons that we want people to get out of the cities is because of the control Factor but it is worse than that this article by Michael Snyder is what titled 10 examples from 10 10 different cities of the Mad Max environment that now Reigns in American streets
he's no he doesn't hold back Michael Snyder does try to tell her how he sees it and like I said I don't always agree sometimes it's the most the time it's pretty pretty spot-on Court in the article is just your imagination we really are witnessing a full-blown societal meltdown earlier today this is yesterday or Monday earlier today a song entitled We Don't Need Another Hero popped into my head
of course the song was recorded by Tina Turner for a 1985 film called Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome which which featured Mel Gibson in his prime is also having the future Tina Turner we're just as a side note she demonstrated two things number one she should have been an actress Kay because she was really oddly good at it and you see these these rock stars he's these singers 8 they take up acting in the cameos or whatever and they're awful Oscar winner who was the singer that but I'm not saying crossovers impossible but turn it was fabulous okay she was great in that movie back in the time when Hollywood was still putting out half decent movies she did a very good job at it that that last line if it was it how did it go you know what what a pair we make
but she called him raggedy man what a pair we make raggedy by and see you around Soldier as a terrible Tina Turner impersonation and all of my impersonations by the way or Tara but but it was a great great great movie and she did a fantastic but then you say well you know if she or an actor which would just take him out and take singer hands down because she is one of the top five top five best female vocalist in America of all time fantastic in that one because it we do need it we don't need to just be off hardcore Focus 100% of time on all about all the negative as soon as we have to
sometimes we have to take a little palate cleanser break any way back to the article I haven't thought about our hadn't thought about that sorry for many years and so I pulled it up on YouTube listen to it which we have what I should probably do then you should probably do it to needless to say it really is a great sign but why wouldn't I why would I be thinking about that today there had to be another reason I started going through the news and I quickly realized what that reason was in the United States they there are millions upon millions of people that are completely and utterly Lawless we really have become a Mad Max society and the future of our country is going to be exceedingly Bleak if we continue going down this road I could provide countless examples of proof but today it's proved my point but for this article I have selected just 10 which is a lot for Michael Snyder usually like one of things I like about his writing
is that he will select he'll take a subject and he'll find 4203 Simmons for usually about five five examples or or news article said he then quotes like his style he doesn't just go and you're blah blah blah blah blah for for the entire article and talk himself he keeps referring back to and Embassy says this and red States has this and because you examples I like that
a person don't write like that but at least I like reading other people the right maybe I should run
yeah it's time if you have not made the move out of cities if you are still in the city you need to get out right away and some people say oh you're a hypocrite you're still living in Inns in the cities early in the suburb it why don't you move and I know that in my personal situation and in many of your all's personal situation it's challenging and in many ways I would say it's nearly impossible like we would have to make a choice
for me at least we would have to make a personal choice that would put a family member at risk and we have to maintain a very close proximity to very particular types of hospitals and there aren't a whole lot of them around the country we have to be able to get there very quickly as we have to do even recently so our situation it's V it is part of God's plan for us to be here at least for now
Lord willing I will be able to take my own advice and get out of the Cities but today I can't and I know from any of you it's like at all I'd love to get out of the city but I have this or I have that you know I have this one lady she sends me emails every couple of days and sometime seeking advice sometimes giving advice and her situation is that she needs people she's older and she needs people who can help her including me out of this is where her friends and family that can help her are all in the city and she said if she were to somehow leave the city cuz she wants to but if she were to leave the city she could be in many ways very helpless very vulnerable she couldn't she can't go out and get groceries and she can't afford to just continue to order instacart what she occasionally has to do now because she doesn't get all the help that she needs right
we all have situations that that may keep us where we are
but if you can find a way to get out of the city now is the time for the article
are the 10 examples from 10 different cities of the Mad Max environment number one that has become so rampant in Washington DC and that CVS has replaced toilet paper and paper towels with framed photos of these products and a buzzer that customers must press to buy them yeah I've seen this before course many of you have also to go to an electronics store if there's like a a $3,000 computer television lot of times you have to buy the somebody to to get assistance you can just grab it and throw it in your cart okay maybe the end of its technology allows for preventive security and you would think okay so that makes sense or even like a $50 item or whatever this is this is toilet paper is a picture of it and you have to buzz to get the toilet paper that I get it okay I live through we all went through the the craziness of the 15 days
slow the spread that turn into two years to slow the spread of whatever we all look through Those Days Inn in March April May maybe you in June of 2021 when I'm sorry 2020 rather
those are those days in 2020 when they went well the paper it was hit-or-miss sometimes depending on where you lived depending on your grocery store convenience store drug store where you get your toilet paper on Amazon. It was hit-or-miss whether or not you can get some or there's one we found all my gosh there's toilet paper available get it and I clicked it inside okay honey we got toilet paper coming and that and as it turned out she's like no it's it's coming in like 2 months but I remember standing in the line
there's a line for the grocery store grocery store around the corner was opening at 9 a.m. I got there and it's like I never been there 9 a.m. before but I wanted to make sure to get toilet paper cuz I've been in the day before they're out and said oh yeah it should be coming tomorrow so I can get there the next day there's a line for the door and I get in line like everybody else must be in the toilet paper toilet paper shortage and get there and big sign as soon as you walk in toilet paper 111 package per customer back next week where can I buy it all everybody else had the same idea so go through get in line go to go through and then get my one piece of toilet paper and then I fell back in line if I did I thought this is smart so I got back in line went to go get another thing of toilet paper I know it's bad really do but you're not being a very good citizen look as bad by the time I got
the second line there was no more toilet paper so I had to end up wasting about 25 additional minutes which I couldn't afford to do but I did it anyway and that's what I get for trying to take take more than my fair share as the Socialist which would say but anyway today you want to get toilet paper and DC CVS got to push the buzzer and somebody's got to bring it to you because it's getting getting stolen number to an ax-wielding carjacker in that downtown St Louis was shocked when one potential victim that he approached decided to pray that's kind of weird it's article article from Breitbart
St Louis man did something unexpected when he found himself in a dangerous situation on October 18th please say his decision to pray and not let fear overtake him resulted in an ax-wielding suspect leaving him alone after an attempted carjacking in the city's downtown area in North Stevens 7th Street KMOV reported Sunday the suspect identified as well as Taylor 37 year-old was charged with first-degree attempted robbery and felony robbery I regarding two unrelated incidents now listen I'm not going to tell people at any point to not pray we need more prayer we do as a nation we need as much prayers prayers possible as individuals we need as much prayers possible the Bible tells us to pray always always
so yeah I'm I'm very happy that this with that said it's somebody's coming at you with an ax do what you want if you want to pray pray I would say this might be a one-off the story might be one of those one of the situation but you know what maybe I'm wrong maybe maybe the best thing to do if you are being attacked by an axe Axe Murderer and I guess in this case in the actual tempted robber is to drop to your knees and pray maybe that will will distract them maybe it will confuse them maybe maybe you will be protected divinely I don't know again I'm never going to tell people don't pray if you're ever any reason, that's coming at you and I going to tell you maybe that is the best choice
I don't know if I could do that I think of a guy's coming at me with an ax I'm probably going to run away okay that's Jen for those you always tough guys would run about you know what did the old rule always applies if if they have a a knife or gun or sword or not some gun if they have an eye for an extra a sword or a sharp object a weapon of any physical sort that is a handheld that a projectile then you run away
it's hard to defend against even a week or opponent if they're armed with a a tax or a knife or a sword it's hard unless you are special forces ninja then it's it's hard if there's if they have a gun you run that them that's that's what we're told I'm no I don't want to get sued for giving bad advice but that's just the be standard belief is that run away from from a handheld weapons run towards projectile weapons so that's probably what I would do if somebody with a knife is coming at me I would run maybe I pray while it's running but I don't know if I would drop to my knees and pray if he asks guy is coming at me who knows but maybe I'm crazy
number in St Louis number 3
four criminals wearing black ski masks recently robbed a jewelry dealer right in the middle of a highway in Los Angeles and New York City gets a lot of attention for all of their crime and and that Chicago gets tons of attention for the shootings despite having some of the most Draconian anti-gun laws in the nation La doesn't get nearly that big it's probably the 3rd or 4th most maybe behind cities like Houston or St Louis or Baltimore
he gets to the third or fourth movie fifth most attention but it really deserves the most attention and I will disagree with Michael Snyder cuz it's not there's nothing crazy about this this is LA on a daily basis again for criminals wearing black ski masks recently robbed the jewelry dealer right in the middle of a highway in Los Angeles driver was robbed by group of Thieves last month after they crashed into his car on the 10th on the 10 freeway was a jewelry dealer from Hong Kong according to California Highway Patrol for men in black ski masks driving a black Dodge Caravan crash do black Alfa Romeo at 1:30 p.m. middle of the day 1:30 p.m. October 24th disabling the car on the Eastbound 10 Highway near Arlington Avenue CHP investigators said in the news release a Ford Mustang was also hit during the crash
middle of the day very obviously a plan Heist are you wearing a ski masks they knew where the guy was they knew where the plan was or where the guy was going to be driving they knew we'd have diamonds guys like like the 1995 movie Heat right where are they they crash into him once again also in La by the way I think it's funny I think they are actually under the 10th if I recall right there that way the crash into into their their Target and then they they robbed the target
skin crazy folks getting crazy. Let's go North to go to San Francisco number for unconscious addicts are sprawled across the road for hundreds of yards every single morning in downtown San Francisco
every single morning except for you know when when there's not going to be these people sprawled out
every every everywhere you see right now why because Gavin Newsom and London breed the the mayor of San Francisco that they decided you know what let's go to get the streets clean. Let's get some some tall fences around there let's make this place super super clean Super secure they ordered in some some planters metal Planters with Warren Moore Shrubbery his it's crazy all the sudden the massive homeless population there more homeless drug addicts in San Francisco and there are Elementary School students I'm not kidding this an actual fact or where are they now we don't know
you don't cuz I moved him why because their boss is coming to town
London Breeze boss Gavin newsom's boss coming into town very soon
and I don't mean Joe Biden no judging ping is coming they want to impress their dear leader there the the leader of the Chinese Communist party and the sense of the dictator of China he does own in control Gavin Newsom in London breed and good chunk of Democrats special on the west coast so yeah they cleaned it up for him and Gavin Newsom is so smug he didn't even didn't even try that to make anything happen now that he could no excuse would have everybody would have thought he was a liar so he would do you do a double down is it yeah of course we cleaned it up and that's exactly why because we got dignitaries coming to town you know it's kind of like somebody coming to your house you know if you got you got so many important coming over to your home you're going to get it all cleaned up where do the same thing the question is why don't you do that for the people actually live there
why didn't you clean up the Streets of San Francisco for the people that have to live in that filth every single day why didn't you try to help those those mentally ill homeless people before you had tons and tons and tons and tons of money that was spent on the special in San Francisco
I knew you were one of them as a father we often have to
be concerned about things that are beyond our control right specially when they're kids get the younger they go on field trips for example if they've got younger children they go on field trips we get put on the gray face will okay yeah you know you have fun be careful but but there's always a hint of what if there's anything crazy going to happen at the at the Chocolate Factory that they're going to or whatever wherever they're going for the field trip
I have an experience like that and it was the most harrowing experience as a father in my life where my children were going somewhere and I was concerned about the safety to the point that I strongly considered quietly going with the middle of me is my two daughters by the way my two daughters we're going to San Francisco
and I was so scared I know that's probably a rational but I seen that I know it was like the last time I was in San Francisco's probably 8 9 years ago maybe yeah and back then it was bad but it was this bad today is horrible and I was actually concerned about my daughter's going there
they're adults by the way it's not like oh my gosh you know who my my eight year old daughter has no no there there there but one is is getting there when is almost an adult the other one is a full-fledged functioning adult
going up to San Francisco for a couple days and and I strongly considered shadowing them like a total creeper dad I'm going to have to do that in my life I thought about it I thought let's go there almost keep an eye out then. I'll just just tell them I'll be the creeper dad from you do 40 yards away just got my binoculars keep my don't don't tell them but yeah I actually didn't even consider that I did not answer I just pray and that's as you should do in pretty much every situation I prayed about praise God they were brought back safely so it but again I seen the others been instances where my family or or people that I know we're in danger this is arguably the scariest one of my life more than my two daughters are going to be in San Francisco for it for 2 days that's that's what San Francisco has become
forget the fifth one and we do have to do a short station identification I don't know why you have never understood the whole station identification thing but but hey it is what it is I will ask them if anybody knows you can always tell me at 888-627-6008. But will take about a 30 minute 30 second 30 seconds of Silence I'll pray you guys pray and we'll do some station identification so so stand by
what is the things I do a lot when I am out and about on about what I'm out online I'm always keeping my eyes open at the ads on various websites because it it behooves me to take note of what people are advertising and press more importantly who's advertising with them I'm not talking about Google as I'm not talking about yeah it was probably consider two sites I've got this side ads or revcontent ads or mgid as I don't put any of those style as a nut no offense to those who do I don't use any of those those I got with a call but those types of ads because mainly I do not have control okay if you and I've done it many times in the past and I've gotten complaints about it it's like I remember getting emails of advertising with you
Google on my site the they have these Google ads over for for Planned Parenthood is like you got to go through Google doesn't make it easy for you to eliminate advertisers you have to do manually and soon as you have service or something sometimes our clever you just doing a search for Planned Parenthood ads did not eliminate all the Planned Parenthood at sometimes he's Planned Parenthood ads weren't even call Planned Parenthood she had to get get very creative with what you were searching for if you wanted to eliminate Those ads foot fungus or or whatever you know the creepiest of the ones that have the gifts plan and it's like oh my gosh you know why did I I didn't want to see that I wanted to read about repealing Obamacare I don't want to see you see a picture of some dudes flitter whatever her gif animated gif of that anyway I'm trying to get at is I do take note of what people are advertising because the advertisements are
I would drive those sites I know there's there's a lot of people to like how you know I wish the the sites were ad-free and those sites out there that do allow you to go ad-free that's good you know you can go at 4 if you pay a monthly fee I'm I have no problem with that okay I do have a problem with with pure you know subscribe or else I'm not a fan of that I know a lot of good sites do that where you have to be a premium subscriber to unlock this I don't do that I never have done that because to me if content is important for people to pay for that means it's important enough for everybody to read or videos you know if there's a video I don't like I actually had an old show that I used to do and one of the points of contention the one the reason I end up leaving was because they wanted to do premium shows look I get it I understand why they want to do that model I'm not a fan of it
reason bringing all this up is because I do look at at are usually turn my ad blocker off and left the site is just so obnoxious got far too many as but I turn the car off so I can see who we would companies are supporting this site that side this guy show that guy show whatever
helps me to get an understanding of where the directions of the that particular blog lie sometimes people will just take a you know what most money possible just I don't care if I'm if I'm advertising Hollywood DVD used DVDs or something nothing anybody does that the kind of dated me a bit there who buys who buys DVDs let alone use DVDs anymore let me know I I'm not so old I still have a DVD player VHS player yeah yeah whatever some some people just go for the most money by the time they would do something this ideological and I'm one of those and then what's the advertisers that we take on what it's for the show for my sights we take on not just those who are ideologically aligned where is they another beneficial to Patriots to Christians or or both I also take on only advertise that work exclusively or with an in America
whether they are I don't want to wait we actually have one that we took off because we found out that their products were the products with it was based out of China I have no idea you know I shouldn't this way back when four I started doing a lot of venting but I was told by my somebody hey yeah you know it was some kind of survival gear and those out of China the reason I'm bringing all this is because there is a reason that our show in particular is is sponsored by gold and sponsored by Pepper beef sponsored by by our you can find it at the just as an FYI our freedom for Speed if you want to and easier one to remember Freedom first but it's not because we are these are the best paint went by not not even by a long shot it's because these are important
I believe in what Genesis Gold group is doing I believe in what hotels is doing various names hotels pepero Naturals pepper beef but the freezing fresh peaches than one to remember its long-term storage beef it is it is high quality ribeye or New York strip tenderloin cut up into cubes sous-vide cooked cooked in a way that is retains the nutrition and the flavor and the consistency as much as possible and then freeze dried and put into mylar bags with oxygen absorbers the reason this is important is because I do believe that in the very near future beef is going to be at a premium the prices are already going up
prices are already going up the skyrocketing and have them for over a year now but recently they've been skyrocketing even more
and so yes I do and we do take on advertisers not based on who's going to pay us the most money we take on advertisers based upon what I truly believe people should be doing
and right now I think that you should be stocking up on long-term storage beef be said they can remain shelf-stable. Refrigeration shelf-stable in a mylar bag for
25 years
I will stay just for this for the sake of being consistent what's a 10 years because 10 years of the USDA says that freeze dried beef with oxygen absorbers in the and non-rem keeping a cool place yada yada yada that you can last thing after 25 years I'm going to say 10 years because that's that's something where we can all rapper a heads around within 10 years I believe it is going to be difficult if not impossible to get beef that has not been grown in the lab where to get beef that is not actually made up of cricket protein or to get beef at all.
so that's why I tell people stock up you can go to Freedom First you can use promo code at j.d. are at checkout for 15% off and now is the time to stock up prices will go up by the way I know they will they're going to have to
they already are but at least with with free the first beef. Calm the prices haven't started going out up just yet so back to this article for those who don't remember from The Break It by Michael Snyder 10 examples from 10 different cities of the Mad Max environment that now Reigns in America streets and if you have any opinions about this by the way you can always call in 8 8 8 6 2 7 6 0 0 8 got elected with the help of George Soros just had elapsed from her own vehicle I laugh but it's really not funny
how bad is the crime and theft problem in Oakland California so bad that soars back da just got her laptop stolen from her car while she attended a community meeting she called the police to report the theft and no one showed up so she was forced to file a report online oh my gosh that's awesome I'm not sure long for the somebody's Misfortune Cheryl on crime and not saying that I'm I'm saying that it's it's fitting because the sores back to yeas they are soft on crime that's there that's their badge of honor or dishonor if you
they're very soft on crime so
I hate to say it but Pamela price district attorney in Oakland
you get what you sow I don't think that's actually the proper phrase but you know what I mean you reap what you sow there we go you reap what you sow she called the police report her laptop stolen and nobody showed up in our city
it's perfect it's unfortunate but it's perfect
mursix have his crime in Dallas well it turns out that retail theft in the city was up 73% for the first six months of 2023
let me repeat that in case you were you were not paying attention turns out that retail theft in Dallas was up 73% through the first six months of 2023
Gordon the article which is over at is acknowledging the shopping experience in Dallas is starting to change as retail theft increased 73% for the first six months of this year according to a report released Tuesday Dallas and Los Angeles where shoplifting increase 109% experienced the highest reported retail theft in the first half of this year going to an analysis of 24 major cities by the nonpartisan Council on criminal justice you know it was at Southridge who put out the song I don't remember the name try that in a small town or or don't come do I don't know the idea was of the song it's pretty good country song that's pretty good but at the idea of the song is that hey you know all that stuff all that BLM stuff and George Floyd stopped
antifa stuff in retail crime stuff to guys are getting away with in bigger cities you can't do that here try that in a small town and you will not have the same same luck you won't have the same success
and this is again just reason number 542 to move out of the cities that just because a crime but hey let's face it that's a big part of it and here's the thing folks if you think at any point in the near future that crime is going to get better in any of these places think again you know Giuliani I used to live in New York and Rudy Giuliani did a very good job of stopping crime scene crime basically taking one of the one of the most dangerous cities in the world and turning into one of the safest big cities in America New York City was very well cleaned up and police chief Braxton from those who are familiar with the broken windows concept applied that idea and it worked it worked
okay it I mean between that and other other things that they did they were able to really truly clean up New York City and when I was there I was proud to have to be that I used to walk around the streets of New York City at least every other weekend with my buddies we never felt unsafe we never be once that one time I remember that but that's you it's a long time ago today I wouldn't I wouldn't want to drive to New York City in a tank let alone walk around New York City that's how dangerous it's become
they turned it around and I'm going to give kudos to radical leftist
after Giuliani left Mike Bloomberg it was a quote-unquote republican at the time Mike Bloomberg
how to clean up even more
granted he did it in a way that was
constitutionally questionable I am against the idea of stop-and-frisk
it worked
it didn't work they were able to find a whole lot of bad guys with stop-and-frisk
let me know if it's it should be it should be extended now I don't think so. I think they should continue to do it now because it does it is the Baseline is the the establishment of a police state when the police can say that guy looks suspicious let's Frisk him
that's that's not that's not a good thing
message it doesn't it doesn't stop crying you are going to be able to find people
you know it does it is it is it racial profiling yeah it is
it is not Universal
like people not that I'm supporting or proving of the stop-and-frisk that happens at airports but at least it's Universal write me at least everybody has to go through the scanner or get stopped and frisked
where it gets bad at airports is when certain people are treated worse
certain people who are on whatever list when they're pulled aside when they have to go through through certain Hoops now Idiot look as if there is there's a viable threat is reasonable threat than I guess I can understand if somebody's on that on the no-fly list because they are terrorists that's different story but even then maybe maybe they just shouldn't be allowed to fly at all if they have committed crimes such as terrorism and yes you know I have been been relatively sick lately so I can understand if you guys think a man's Sky sounds loopy it's because I am is I'm not on NyQuil or anything like that it's just been one of those last couple of days has been pretty darn pretty darn hard on me going to take a quick drink as a matter of fact but thankfully I haven't caught that's the important part
I hate when people including me cough on air or sneeze on there or sniffling Aaron happens I just don't want them to me cuz I don't want to happen to you guys okay that's why back CR7 in Miami MMA fighter Javier Baez had to fight for his life after a knife-wielding maniac started attacking him in the parking lot of his apartment complex and I laughed but again that's not funny either the Miami and remember how I said you know yet you run away if they've got a sharp knife and you run towards them if they got a gun when the case if you are a an MMA fighter maybe you just run for it to me either way maybe maybe you could disarm the wife that than the wife wielding that's funny knife-wielding Maniac but most of us cannot look I can handle my own. I want to sound like a wimp here but I have no problem finding anybody right but I do have theirs again the common
common advice from self defense expert doesn't matter how good you are unless you are an MMA fighter or special operator or a ninja does it matter how good you are how big you are I'll talk to you or how strong you are nice will cut you and even if you know if the knife wielders half-decent wielding his knife and you don't have a knife and you don't have a sword or a gun on you at that moment then yeah you should probably run away from the knife and if you can't run away from the knife and you better better figure out a way to to disarm them or incapacitate them physically and that's what what's up Javier Baez did according the article from I-4 MMA fighter used his combat skills to open a can of whoop-ass on a knife-wielding assailant in self-defense and the dramatic scene was caught on video I wish I had a video on me I want to see about it we don't have it I'll be there by has drove back to his Miami apartment complex after 9:10 and yada yada yada so on so yeah
a Miami we got Miami we got Oakland we got Dallas from God. San Francisco Los Angeles St Louis DC all with crazy things happen now it's moved to Nebraska Gordon Nebraska I know that that was not my top 10 list of places to look at but apparently it is the break it is being alive is that a 16 year old girl in Gordon Nebraska slit the throat of her newborn baby and stuff the dead body into a bag of dog food I'm not going to be that story
or anything from it
so you get the idea there
moving on in Chicago conditions have gotten so bad that immigrants are fleeing the city in large numbers and one even declared that the American dream doesn't exist anymore
it's funny because we have to hear this and I know that I said it for a lot of people said before Michael Snyder and she has a Blog title end of the American dream
is it over you these these illegal aliens come across
and they're not getting what they were promised they're not getting on the expected they're not getting with perhaps their relatives who crossed 10 years ago or even five years ago then I get in the same treatment same conditions did not sing America the way that it was their see America as of this today and it's not very good and as I said illegal aliens in America today get treated better than citizens so it's not like I do you know they're the only reason they don't like us because they're getting hassled or they're getting this or deported or whatever know they're getting put up with luxury hotels that are being handed handed cars of money and phones and all sorts of stuff for simply because they are illegal aliens that's it that's their their redeeming quality in the eyes of the US government you're an illegal alien break his hotel room here's a here's the phone for some money
okay we'll just keep keep refilling this card for you you want to join the war prop program now okay
it is crazy but it's true Michael cast John 39 and immigrants who came here with his family told the Chicago Tribune that because he was unable to afford rent and unable to get his work permit he was taking his family back to Venezuela quote the American dream doesn't exist anymore there's nothing here for us how many more months of living in the streets will it take no no more it's better that I leave at least I have my mother back home we just want to be home if we're if we're going to be sleeping in the streets here we'd rather be sleeping in the streets over there the report notes that one station over at one station over 40 people have left to either move home or to a different city within the US forces were talking to Sanctuary City
Chicago the place where they they are the ultimate contradiction ever mention how bad crank crime is in Los Angeles I mentioned New York City as where I it's so unsafe and I wouldn't walk around there I wouldn't drive around in a tank out of fear that a tank Buster will will hit me from a window on Park Place or something
I definitely wouldn't walk around Chicagoland it's been a long time since I was in Chicago with C I think I stayed or call I was at the Hilton there in two thousand and
13 will say 2014 is that it was one of the unsafest times I've ever experienced it personally you know that I don't mind being your lacking safety as long as I'm by myself as long as I'm not having or with with adult male friends I'm okay where I get really antsy and concerned is when my family is with me if I'm with any any anyone who's vulnerable I don't like being in the cities but I wasn't at the time it was just me and and I did feel that I was unsafe I wasn't concerned. But I did feel like like I did keep my head on a swivel
that was over Dam around a decade ago today I couldn't imagine I don't know if I had it I would want to even do if somebody said a having this event this conference in Chicago I will probably pass inside because the contradictions that are inherent there wasn't when it comes to all we know no gun gun-free zone except we've got 60 shootings every weekend right
well they're also a sanctuary City that can't handle
the illegal aliens flooding in there and there's not much
yeah maybe maybe Martha's Vineyard had it right we used to make fun of them because all they had like 50 illegal aliens bus there and they gave me this big huge who pop out of him and the community came together to the move the mountains I found them they found a new place to move them in Psychology I remember that as you're getting on the bus you you think of it that these people have gone through these people being that the people of Martha's Vineyard not the illegal alien the people's Mark Martha's Vineyard you think they've gone through a harrowing you know a five-year-old deal where they were just detection the the illegal aliens as they're leaving it's like we're going to miss you you know you fly are you sure you you go and you be you just do it somewhere else we don't want you here because we go and go and go and be free before he's anywhere else but here because this is our Swanky get away and you can't have any part of her get away because this is why we paid a whole lot of money to be here
we pay a ton of money money that you let you know is as you're out there working working cleaning hotel rooms or or doing whatever it is that you guys do
you know you'll never make as much money as we pay in one year
you never eat if you were to pay if you were to to work here for the rest of your life you still wouldn't be able to afford one year's worth of expenses to be on Martha's Vineyard so you got a bit but when you go to be free you're going to love it that you're going to love America. They were crap you're going to love America
I took that too long but you get the idea maybe they had the right idea maybe they they had the best idea that some of these other leftist cities should be embracing and that was my obligatory illegal alien ramp for the day let's move on to number 10 I don't want to talk to me it's funny I am on Article 2 and here we are
almost 3/4 of the way through the show it's a good thing I didn't go ahead and do like I've done before and pick out 50 nautical number 10 like this and leave New York City the Big Apple is being overwhelmed by so many immigrants that mayor Eric Adams is considering handing out let tense and allowing them to camp in parks and outdoor spaces New York City officials have discussed Distributing tents to nearly two newly arriving migrants and creating encampments in parks and other outdoor spaces according to people familiar with without deliberations among mayor Eric Adams and his top advisors
tents in November that's good idea you know I'm sure the December January February I'm sure that none of these tents will will hold up well in New York City
I'm sure people wondering hey you know
if we'd gotten here a month ago we could have been in a Swanky Hotel on the taxpayers died now you're giving us a tent what is this about sorry but those are if you wanted to make an investment if you wanted to you could take go back in time A lot of times we will sell you know what about what's talking in Facebook or I don't know how do you know how Facebook stocks are faring yeah I would have bought bought stock in the in Google back when it was whatever so you go back in time if you could could go back to to say 2020
I'm in perfect time to go and buy a bunch of cheap hotels cheap motels in New York City
at the time in 2020 when people weren't going to hotels as much more traveling as much because of covid lockdowns some might maybe would have been a good time to use that time machine go back and find those up because now they're guaranteed. Free medium premium prices it's a city pan it's a state ban it so yeah so there they are hundreds of full hundred percent occupancy at all times
you might have to pay a little bit extra for security to prevent of the drug dealing and prostitution is happening out of the Swanky Hotel today you know that's that's costume business otherwise you know makeup
get it on the cheap in 2020 turn into a money printing machine by 2022 and 2023
but that's if you have time sheet which I do I just I just won't share I'm not going to read the rest of the article you guys get the idea let's see do we have enough time we do all right so I was going to say she was going to play a recording of a an interview that I did last night actually and this interview I thought went very very well it was for me. I've done that I didn't this is going to sound like I'm bragging and I am so I can break the last night was the four fourth interview debate will call interview / debate that I've had with with leftists with Democrats with whoever on any particular topic okay I don't get I'm not I'm not super popular guy who gets invited to all of the the left of shows but when I do I'm very in this
the bragging part when I do it so I think I do very well and the previous three the previous three shows that I was on never aired
they never aired
and I would ask why you know in a one this one there was these two guys clowns really is two clowns that that they had me on and now we're talkin about the vaccines
it was a long one it was an hour and a half and so I sat there and waited after this done and at the end and it has been about 2 weeks of my head guys was a show so yeah you know we decide not to post it was like why it's like well there's just a little bit more this information that you put out there that we just don't like I might beat you guys have it was an interview as a debate you guys were able to to di pump me to counter my my narrative
yeah but you know you were just a little bit over-the-top and like I didn't whatever
whatever that was that's happened three times that something some of the other two aren't nearly as dramatic but but that that one was pretty traumatic because again as an hour and a half of my time so I could take you want me to promise after that one that you know what I'm only going to go do interviews or or debates with leftist if it's life that's it I'm not going to to waste my time doing these and well I got a
you got a lot to call but I got a text from somebody that I've I've known before somebody who actually used to be conservative but I knew I didn't realize you'd become a leftist so until it docks are looking at stuff like oh crap what happened this guy a couple years and now he's he's football left as it's weird but hey will go with it so he wanted to talk to me about and the article that I posted over at my substack titled anti-zionists are Jumping the Shark by teaming up with anti-semite and he his
his stance on it is very opposite of course of mine so he called him or he text and asked if I wanted to come on the show and I did we did it on Twitter spaces and I was going to play that today but I think it's like 30 minutes so I don't think I have time for that but I will do want to talk about the story and by the way that I am confident that he will play it even though once again I do believe that I
I won that particular debate the I did something different and you'll notice I'll play it to play at least part of it tomorrow you'll notice that there are two times during the show this debate that I I laid off I held back I had what I consider to be the the ideological and intellectual High ground and I made the point and then rather than going for the jugular I allowed him to move on from that particular topic and reason I was doing this cuz number one I don't want another incident where waste my time getting on these left it shows and then it appears nowhere but it's because you know it if
if we're going to have conversations it doesn't always have to be a destruction you know because that doesn't necessarily reach the masses nearly as well as having that can we continue this discussion in a cordial and intelligent Manner and I'm not like that generally speaking I'm a jugular kind of guy which might be why those previous three never aired
if I eat if I'm talking to somebody if I'm if I'm beating them with my argument I'm going to continue to beat them with my argument and sometimes I'm going to try to beat them so hard that they they try to you know and and if you know beating a dead horse so to speak
but that's my idea of going for the jugular sometimes you have to do that I did not do that in the debate last night or that wasn't even at the bay the interview was as cordial that tomorrow because again it's like half an hour but the article itself has drawn a lot of controversy K I would say generally speaking it's the comments on my subject that that's where the real money is not money is in like physical money but but intellectual money will say I love Subs. Because the audience not because of some s self okay I would much rather just posted on my site which I own but I like to publish to sub Stacks some articles not all of them but some of them simply because the conversation is fantastic there but in this particular case I knew that I hit a vein was hit a nerve
when I did not get a ton of tithing and I like 55 comments but I got about two dozen emails that's when I realized this is this a different one this guy often post controversial stories but in this case it's like wow a lot of people had an opinion that it didn't want to share publicly and those opinions were mixed you know some people are very much pro-israel others are don't like the fact that I essentially tied anti-zionism to anti-Semitism and there are still others that got mad because they didn't think I did enough to tie anti-zionism to anti-Semitism and I mean I actually have 11 paid subscriber tell me that he was on unsubscribing specifically because
I did not directly say I said that that anti-zionist are not necessarily anti-semites just that phrase alone was enough for this person to unsubscribe because in his personal belief and anti-zionist must be and they say he had think it was actually a woman for a call but her belief was that anti-zionism in anti-Semitism are the exact same thing
I get it I understand why people make that argument
I disagree
we are seeing is that many of the people that claim to be just anti-zionist are coming out as straight up anti-semite it's been a rather surprising element it's been it's been that I would not have expected there to be this high of a positive response for the quote unquote free Palestine movement did not see it coming I knew there was going to be a lot I just had no idea that here in the United States will be so pronounced is why I firmly believe that within a week's maybe months will probably weeks we're going to see the biden-harris regime switch sides right now they then they start off by saying we fully support Israel's right to defend itself okay
it's been shifting towards man maybe Israel should back off
that's where the vine Harris regime is basically a month later
and soon we will see them saying you know what is NFC enough you guys need to stop you know people equate that the death toll the reported death toll and by the way it's were the reported that the actual confirmed death toll reported that stole out of Gaza they use that as a reason to hate you know it's fair now it's more than fair you guys have killed more than they did and it's not it's not that the purpose here that's not why Israel is going in it's not about my friend I from the Bible is that hey you know what you guys killed whatever 1200-1450 kidnap 200 you you raped you hundreds thousands
so we're going to we're going to go out and we're going to kill five thousand or ten thousand Palestinians that's not what this is about that's what they want you to think it's about him by they I'm saying not just the the and I design is not just anti-semites but also in many ways to bind a regime itself indefinitely corporate media they want is equated into a numbers game they want this to be dehumanized weather ignoring and what Israel continues to reiterate is that this is about stopping him us forever to make it to where Hamas is unable to ever commit these atrocities again.
what's keeps getting ships I know if people such as the Mazda is Palestine and in general the Palestinian people continue to be shifted to the continued to be moved around from country to country that the history of this entire conflict is pretty insane and I don't think go to the vast majority may be more than the vast majority I would say that that less than 1% of the u.s. population actually has a a competent grasp of the history and I'm talking this message I'm talking about just within the last four years, will you tell Will how about 75 all the way that's fine just since since Israel's birth or rebirth
since Israel's rebirth
less than 1% of Americans have a competent grass what I'm saying less than 1% actually you know they might you might see all we know I have I know this out of the other when I say, play grass I've seen taking an extraordinary complex scenario an extremely complex situation
and understanding exactly or understanding with a a degree of certainty what
it all means in other words knowing the history of not just the fact that Hamas supports Palestine rules over Gaza and hates Israel knowing that Hamas was created at least in part by Israel by these really deep State granted it wasn't it wasn't like the Israeli people who made a mouse but it was the Israeli deep stain and members of the Israeli government and Military that helps you to not just I don't want to take free time but to empower its growth from the very beginning
very similar to what we did here in the United States with Al-Qaeda
you this this notion the enemy of my enemy is my friend that's where both America's help helping the rise of al-Qaeda as well as Israel's helping the rise out of Hamas
that's how that came about
because both America and Israel had strong enemies now they also had this opportunity to create a new Enemy new front to help to establish to to empower these new enemies
in a time again and then new enemies for for their enemies
at the time it was Hamas
how was have to be created by Israel and Al-Qaeda which was held to be created by the United States and its examples of this but again all based on the premise that if if they're busy fighting themselves then they won't be fighting us
the theory the concept it's funny because even the phrase the enemy of my enemy is my friend is actually is actually a year from is our call my Star Trek history is correct and actually is a a Persian saying so it's ironic that number one that it's a person saying that is that is driving both Israel and the United States have done a number to it's ironic that it came from Star Trek because that's just crazy
this article
drew a lot of controversy and rightly so I'm going to read parts of it
I want you to stay with me on this because I think it's very easy for people to if you're only pro-palestine side if you're on the the Israeli side is matter which side you're on you are screwing me Parts want to say that you don't like
the important thing is that even if I were on the pro-palestine side even if I was promised this article would still be relevant and I will probably still ride it almost just a slight variation because
in a way I'm trying to defend the anti-zionist who are who are aligning themselves with the anti-semites I'm not a law protecting the anti-zionist because I support their idea ideas I'm just telling look
only read the article instead of just telling you what I'm about to read that probably makes more sense again don't forget for those who who aren't aware I am a little sick so I am a little loopy I'm not Medicaid it's the pressure behind my nasal cavity so that's obviously putting pressure on my brain which is why I'm talking slower today I would think am I I don't even know maybe that's how I always talked I feel like I'm talking slower will see you give me a call 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 in the article. So stick that calm anti-zionist are Jumping the Shark by teaming up with anti-semites that's why this course needs to start somewhere
and as I wrote this are not necessarily anti-semites has been the argument by the vast majority of a i in his four years as they campaigned against the nation of Israel the last month betrays that narrative many if not most of the self-proclaimed anti-zionist have a live perfectly with unabashed anti-semite
in other words they jump the shark and negative and the Gated The Narrative that they've been building for a long time rather than simply calling for two-state solution or wanting to end apartheid many anti-zionist have joined the calls for free Palestine by changing from The River To The Sea justify their shift by claiming Israel is engaged in ethnic cleansing
those who are truly anti-zionist who hold no ill will to the Jewish people but who want a solution that allows Palestinians to possess some of the land and to truly self-governing should avoid those people should avoid free Palestine protests at all costs they should listen to distance themselves from the pure hatred for Jews there for me is to narrative calling for the extermination of Jews and the cleansing of the lands of Palestine is a far cry from the basic tenets of anti-zionism
arguments against the government and state of Israel are often sound
and let me repeat that because I think this is where I sort of land arguments against the government and state of Israel are often Sam look I believe
I firmly believe that these really deep state
parts of the Israeli government and Daphne parts of the Israeli military as well as their intelligence apparatus that parts of those
allowed October 7th to happen
there's no way that
a group of twenty nine separate gangs were able to breach
the wall
Antigo unabated
to these caboots kabu team as it's called
and to do what they did commit the atrocities they committed without Israel or at least parts of Israel knowing about it and sanctioning it was controversial to say I know that especially those who are prone to Israel don't want to hear that
there's no way that the most heavily guarded heavily surveilled Border in the world
can be breached the way there was there's no reason why 90% of the military that was position around Gaza happened to be pulled and moved to the West Bank because of separate threats that never panned out no reason for that
unless this was another setup they were saying that this is their 911 they may be more accurate than then they intended to be
is this is like the 9/11 I do believe this is not a false flag attack I'm not suggesting that it is realizing it attacked themselves or that Americans attacked Israelis or whoever not suggesting that suggestion is as if they coordinated with a moss they said hey guys we're going to be over here and we're going to go to take us about 6 to 8 hours to respond even though we're in the country size New Jersey
so you guys just just not saying I'm just saying but I got to tell you what to do just saying that we're not going to be watching
the gates watching the the the fence watching The Border very well at all for this window anything happens
and by the way we're going to we're going to kill you after that but but in the meantime you know you can do it I can do what you need to do
that's it exactly how it went down though I don't think so but I don't think it's far off I really don't
so I am very critical of these really government I am very critical of the deep State whether it's in the United States is real England Japan and Australia there are there are deep State a apparatus is everywhere
even in some of the Eastern Nations they exist I got an existing that's real and they definitely exist in the United States
so something happened there and I am very critical that but let's get back to the article that all day again arguments against the government and state of Israel are often sound those who do not believe the land of Israel was returned to the Jews by God for his namesake described in Ezekiel 36 minutes for history and come to the conclusion that Jews are occupied Palestine only through sound exegesis can we know this is incorrect Jews were not called back to the land as a reward but as an inheritance undeserved but promised the last in other words they are there and will continue to be there because they are God's message to the world
again as described in Ezekiel 36 and before I can move on I want to hammer that point home if you read Ezekiel 36 and if you if you
do as I do witches I read it and it seems to fit perfectly and I'm not one of those guys by the way I don't worry providencial you know that must be nice and that must mean s I'm not because whatever we come up with his raw you have to make it stretch its had to take a leap in order to make things fit in the prophecy and I'm a firm believer in the idea of the prophecy is not the intended to tell us what's going to happen it's until the to tell us that we're in that time when it does happen right it's got like a marker God says if when this happens then that's your marker that that something is coming right after that or shortly after that
I think of the idea here is that we are supposed to recognize prod by prophecy as it's unfolding and when I read Ezekiel 36
of course I read 37 38 39 as well which all have their their degrees importance but when I read Ezekiel 36 that chapter to me seems to align perfectly with what we seen the last 35 years I don't think there's any doubt
this is why when I say that they the Jews are God's message people say all the gods people there got to be why I get that
and I'm not going to get into any dispensationalist arguments here that's not my thing okay all I'm saying is this that if you read Ezekiel 36 got very clearly says that's not for their sake it's for his sake
do they deserve it know
they don't deserve to be in their own land going to God
did they profane his name when they're outside of their land yes they did according to God against anzhi q36 and we'll get them I got some I do actually post some actual scripture quote later in the article
but how to get back to to this
in other words there was no that they
they're they're sick trouble reading in other words they are there and will continue to be there because they are God's message to the world again as described in Ezekiel 36 they are there because they are superior they are there because God wants the world to know that Against All Odds by human standards I was you know iser to tougher God by human standards by Against All Odds by human standards he is still in complete control and that's prophesying is he can 36 here is 22 through 24 therefore say unto the house of Israel thus saith the Lord God I do not this for your sakes o House of Israel before mine holy's name sake which ye have profaned among the Heathen with her you went and I will sanctify my great name which was profound which was profane
among the Heathen which you have profaned in the midst of them and the Heathen shall know that I am the Lord saith the Lord God when I shall be Sanctified in you before their eyes you being Israel in other words when when Israel when the Jews are Sanctified in front of in the eyes of the heathen
those who are not Jews then they will know that the Lord is is there the Lord is real
for I will take you from among the Heathen and gather you out of all countries and will bring you into your own land the folks that verse right there for I will take you from among the Heathen and gather you out of all countries in and we'll bring you into your own land this was during a time when its people say okay to this is the Babylonian captivity in retrospect is this is it what what could this be that if if this has already happened
Lords if the Jews were scattered and then brought back then the argument can be made that this is it is happening again based on this prophecy that prophecy will have been fulfilled
and people can say all you know what if the prophecy is fulfilled then that doesn't showing me that it can't happen again we saw the abomination of desolation in in 70 AD doesn't mean there can't be another Abomination this late I get I'm not going to make those arguments what I'm going to say is this that to me when I look at history when I compared to the Bible especially this particular series of verses and Ezekiel 36 I come the conclusion that what we're seeing in folding for the last 25 years with Israel is what's been foretold here in Ezekiel 36 and therefore
I cannot oppose what I believe to be God's will
so I cannot be in favor of a one-state solution or a two-state solution in the one-state solution on talking about the current state the current one state of Israel I'm talking about the most a solution is being proposed where hey you know it just becomes a secular democracy and and everybody's allowed in you know that every spread out intermingled is good as it is in America don't go to l.a. hair or Chicago or New York to use that as an example to Europe see that as an example and then it'll be totally different in Israel when you get people who hate each other together because that's never going to work but whatever
I digress the article but I'm not here to argue Bible prophecy or debate whether the Jews in Israel are really the the spoke to the people spoken of in the Bible I want to highlight the message coming out of the promise camp in one of those who are embracing it I've lost a few friends over in the last month they aren't happy that I'm not joining in on their condemnation of Israel for responding with forced to eliminate terrorists groups that committed heinous crimes against their people they're upset these being the people that have no that these friends that are upset with me that I blame the cows are Moss for using their own people including children as human shield I'm not a fan of that those I hope you're not either
they have ghosted me these friends have ghost in me because I'm not echoing their sentiment that Israel is engaged in ethnic cleansing
some of these were friends have been exposed as full-blown anti-semites it's been shocking to see them shift from a two-state solution to driving out all Jews from the land of Israel but others who have ghosted me or trying to make the argument from an anti-zionist perspective those friends are people and people like them are the ones who need to separate their narratives from the jew-haters from the Nazis from the radical islamist
if you are truly look if you let's say you're living in America okay and you do not believe that that Israel should have it should be I don't want to say have a part types that would be acknowledging the left is talking with but let's say that everything was spread out as one. One government it was a secular democracy is a lot of people like to say and in that particular democracy there Jews Muslims Christians everybody is is just living amongst each other free and equal rights and all that stuff right let's say that that that is is your stance
yeah you're nothing else to choose your friends are Jews you know the Jewish people especially knives using America talk to them that you don't you haven't see her hatred for them if 0 hatred towards the Israeli people you just want their defense say that's the type of a Zionist you are if you are that person
then you do not want to be
working with
protesting with act being an activist with the pro Palestine Pro Hamas groups that are out there chanting from The River To The Sea they're not helping your cause they're not helping you you know this is there a lot of excitement is there is it you know great to be part of this group that's in 300,000 people marching through London marching against Israel does that feel good to people sure but that message in those three hundred thousand people are essentially saying that they want Israel to no longer exist and they want all Jews to die
so if your messages want a man that Zionism if your belief system is one about fairness or equality
I don't associate yourself
with the anti-semites don't chant from The River To The Sea and no that's not something you can be construed as to what we're saying is from The River To The Sea who's going to be a liberal democracy that's not what the phrase means Praises never meant that there's no personal interpretation that will make that phrase mean
sorry if you will save you me and you can't tell me what I believe and I can't but I can tell you that the phrase from the river to the sea in the history of it
that's enough for me to realize there's no nobody chance that I don't care what your intentions are the message is that
the Jews need to be eliminated or at least driven out in the land of Palestine needs to be reborn in the land of Israel needs to go away or be gone never to to come back that's the message
regardless of what you think it is
cuz that's the message that's supposed to be sent out I know a lot of my my listeners out there are in total agreement with the idea that is real shouldn't exist or that Israel should not I should say that Israel should exist a lot of you out there want Israel to to be wide open when Israel to be that secular democracy or just a democracy in general you don't want it to be
but as I argue often would you say the same thing for any of the Muslim nations there are 50 muslim-majority nations in the world would you make the argument that they should all open up and allowed juice have equal rights Christians whoever else they persecute gays women you never see those arguments do you
only Israel but they like to attack or matter who mostly Israel
that should tell you something folks the really shut that
tell you something about the motives which tell you something about their ideology
we'll talk more about it tomorrow
I like that this when I didn't get any calls but that's fine Lord willing
we will be back very soon with another episode in the meantime you'll stay strong stay safe and God bless

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