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JD Rucker Show, November 13, 2023

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JD Rucker Show
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Is America Doomed?

America seems to be on the brink of multiple collapses. Through it all, it seems like far too many people are placing the fate of the nation in the hands of elections; both Democrats and Republicans are looking to the 2024 presidential election as the determining factor for our future.

While this is partially true, it's far from being so important that we should put all of our efforts into it. On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, we discussed why I've been on hiatus as well as these articles:

FEAR REBOOT: “Health Experts,” CDC Claim COVID-19 Cases Are Rising Again -…

We Should Be Alarmed by the Staggering Decline of Birds -…

Vivek Ramaswamy Hits Mike Pence Over 9/11 -

Is Obama Pulling Strings on a ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ Biden Administration? -…

Newsom Funded Chinese COVID Lab Known to Biden’s FDA -

Shareholder Sues Target Over ‘Billions’ Lost After Pride Campaign Backlash -…

Is America Doomed? -

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Recording: August 10, 2023

JD Rucker Show

JD Rucker Show
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JD Rucker

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

hello and welcome to another episode of the J D wrecker show I am your host and JD Rucker it's a long time since I have said those words this is been a show that is been a long time coming for those who are new to the show you where I probably have no idea that I've been on an extended Hiatus one that has been very good very bad in many ways good and I'll explain why it's been good there's been some great things happening for us bad because I miss the show I miss the audience I missed I missed interacting with people who is talking about stories course I'm still doing my duties over at the Liberty where you can find the best news so long drives a lot like drugs except actually be conservative in and we we actually love American I'm headed over there might be following me on discern America First my sub stack of JD Rucker. So stacked, got a couple of others and other sites out
their dad said that we're we're using we watched a couple months ago but really it was soft launch of this is the official hard launch I guess you could say is discern TV this is a channel that I will not stay lit to it's a website and hopefully it'll be a nap there's a lot of plans for it you know we've had been working on it since last year since late last year trying to put together something that can truly benefit the United States of America do they say there's just a shortage of truly be a patriotic America First networks out there and we're hoping to build one at the CERN dot TV now right now it's basically going to be me and then clips from other people in by clipse on some short clips of the movie long you know we're trying to reach out and talk to as many show host as possible to get them on this turned out TV but in the meantime it's going to be me and then and clips but we hope to be running it in the center 24/7 so that's officially
I guess you haven't even called a hard life this is the mid-level watch it's today we're tiptoeing in and then there's a reason for it and we have taken donations to get it going we're looking at investors with trying to do again do this the right way and I don't want to call this hard line because we haven't secured all of a person out of the weep like we're doing that at another project of mine which is also I wouldn't say it's been going for 2 years but we are advancing which is Freedom Force where you might be watching me right now as well, making some great shows great shows some some fantastic people podcasters conservatives many of the most of them maybe all of them I'm not sure are Christians there all conservatives are all of the all of America and so we're very excited about the Freedom First
so why have I been gone since I've been in since May
and lot of people been asking and I appreciate the thoughts I appreciate the prayers to answer the question. I'm not even been kidnapped and brainwashed by the FBI the CIA the NSA Mossad Kremlin nobody nobody's gotten to me yet praise the Lord and I'll knock on wood and then you know cross my fingers or whatever because it is it is a good thing that that's so far as far as I know we haven't been captured but who knows maybe this is all a g and I'm actually in some some CIA black site I'm not but but no it was so turned off just to give you a quick recap of of what happened in May and why I had an unexpected hey to start it started off really with a combination of a logistical issue just with the with the technology with producers with with the way that the show is was being put out there you know I needed to make some changes and have the exact same time
I was working on a my new business venture which I'll talk about here shortly and then we in love Perfect Storm exact same time I developed a health issue now I'm not going to go into details. It's it's not life-threatening but it is life-changing in many ways and so you know I'm I'm I'm fighting through it and it's you know it's all those things where people listen people have major major health crises all the time and I I feel horrible for them I know that it can be very hard you never know how I pray for them mine is very minor in comparison to head there were times when it wasn't minor at least right now what I'm going through is not something to to worry about it it's not going to take me off the air or get me stuck with anything anytime in the near future probably it Lord willing though no time and even the distant future hopefully it's just basically a health annoyance
we'll just call it that for now but again all these things started happening around me you know getting into June I was hoping to I don't even announce that I was going on Hiatus because I didn't think I was going to be that long I thought okay I'll take a few days off work I'll take a week off well we're going on a month I better say something so I did the show and I think I apologize then to be a little bit more details and then moved on and in Ferris Bueller's Day Off right with what a great 80s movie for are you youngsters out there where Cameron is going dammit you know what he's he's he's trying to convince himself and that's kind of how I felt from really the last month or so.
it wasn't it wasn't that dramatic but it was you know I've been been been kind of kind of Tip Top cuz I don't want to do this ride America's going through some
tremendous challenges is the challenges that even is individual challenges they can be existential threat to our nation what we're seeing is a flurry up and it's a perfect storm it really truly is everything seems to be going against us all the same time I just Trump getting indicted it's not just the Biden scandal you know we can see how that's good news that it came out I'm like no I mean it's good that I'm glad that the people are starting to come aware of it but it's almost like adding insult to injury so yeah yeah they did it the Biden crime family is pure evil and they've been gaming the system and helping themselves on the you know to the detriment major that I would argue that the people have died as a result people that we suffered but at least some people who died as a result of what the Biden crime family has done over the last few decades this information is finally trying to come out information to many of you many of us have known for a long time and we suspected now we have confirmation
Great Is Awesome except what's going to be done about it you still have the feckless GOP hemming and hawing sing Oh you know well we're we're thinking about possibly considering the the the maybe we're going to do like an investigation and then it will it'll drag out until 2026 and then whatever it's funny because you've got the Democrats who they impeach Trump nothing they had nothing it's like okay let's just make something up
whereas you have the Republicans are there giving everything that every grounds to Peach. Just biting but many members of his his regime you have Alejandro mayorkas this guy either sing okay so we just got to prove that you like no you don't not to impeach the the chair the the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security you do not need to prove that all we know we have definitive proof that he lied to Congress and that's going to know I mean fire him for cause you got the statistics you got the results of his leadership at the board that alone
is more than enough to impeach him and I said well you know if we don't have evidence we can't get get the impeachment of stick and send it folks you're not going to talk to Kevin McCarthy and and everybody else who's trying to make the excuse that you need to have enough evidence to to make the impeachment stick in the Senate guess what if you had a video evidence of him saying I am a Russian spy who's also moonlights as a as a Chinese spy and I'm doing everything I can to open the borders of the United States can be invaded and be destroyed your dad evidence video evidence of that you sent send that over to send it you know what they say all is going to be real how he was just kidding
Nancy Pelosi
all of her evil she was smart enough to realize that impeaching President Trump twice
knowing that she wouldn't get the impeachment stick and send it was a matter of a record Kang it's getting it on record it's distracting people
by highlighting something that was wrong of the gop's won't take that that or shouldn't take that same strategy of distraction that should be about exposure
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expose exactly what's happening at the border expose with the Biden crime family has done expose what what mayor Pete has been not do to fix our braking infrastructure there are many many people people that aren't even talked about for the beach but there are many people who can and should be impeached again for cause the rules for impeachment do not require the chest tube to the house has to has to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the crime was committed or that they know they're going off the same Playbook at use against Bill Clinton and that one that they still can get through the Senate and was bogus anyway you know you say what you will about Clinton okay there were many reasons to dislike him but Monica Lewinsky was a minor thing compared to the crimes of his Democrat and Republican predecessor successors
George W bush and then of course Barack Obama and now Joe Biden they've all done worse crimes than Bill Clinton's
blue dress incident we'll just we'll just call it that so when is it ever happening
it's been really nagging me to get the show going but you know you have a choice sometimes you can do it fast you can do it right hopefully Lord willing you do both
but sometimes I want you know as far as I I tend to err on the side of caution I wanted to make sure that not only could I put out a great show on a daily basis for 2 hours a day minimum but also more importantly but I could do it consistently non-stop with no breaks at least 5 days a week if not more than that Matt has been what's been holding me back at least the last month or so
as I mentioned we had some business developments that have popped up that I think you know babe they did it again on the show I'll admit I've been engaged in a business and business venture with a couple of tremendous amazing partners that but the the Giddings company launched really truly washed has been a chance of anything else because basically than one capital and so we paid the price we end up you know if you tell him know we don't you know who have people literally offering to throw money at it and I'm about to literally mean literally like I had one guy say just tell me where to toss it and I will throw the money at you and we we sit there because again we wanted to go to organic when we get to the chase here last year we launched the probe Organics that was great I loved it but then we ran into the challenges with chicken supply for organic chicken got too expensive
too hard so we ended this year again back in May going into June. We settle up in the writing's on the wall beef is is the is the real challenge beef is going to be the real challenge for a long time we can always tell us one of your child's baseball what league has leaked embalm their minions in corporate media and and government and various various organizations climate change organizations you know they're not going after chickens nearly as much they're going after Cal so that tells us we need to get people stocked up on cows so we launched a freeze dried beef company within Under the Umbrella of course I prep raw natural pepper Organics we did this with a strong focus on beef and it has exploded since May just really since June it has taken off tremendously and you can check it out you know my personal website the one that I use for for this network is that Freedom First Freedom you stock up on freeze-dried sous-vide ribeye or New York strip tender is actually high quality meat that has a shelf life of at least 10 years now USDA says you can go to 25 years I've heard of people that have to have freeze dried beef after 30 years they've opened it up tridents in it's no good as far as I know they didn't die but hey we're still going to 10 your number because look and see if we can get past 20-30 wink-wink we can get past 20 30 that's when things are really going to go crazy so I put on we know if there's a consensus that it's at least 10 plus years of shelf life if you freeze dry properly cooked to cook sous vide freeze dried properly put it in my large bags of oxygen absorbers and it becomes shelf-stable you don't have to refrigerate it until you open the bag
this is again we're talkin about ribeye New York strip most of the beef is being sold by private companies out there and when I say most up to almost all of it falls under one or two categories Thursday put in corned beef crumbles really called beef crumbles in because Kyler ground beef would be a joke because it crumbles literally in the bag just aren't shipping alone I mean it becomes Baisley beef power and that's not good and the other one is be scrapped they called beef chunks I think is what what must have caught it scrapped scan this is Xavier find the cheapest cheapest portions of the cow is as low as possible because it's got to have to have minimal fat content but they find the cheapest lean portions of the cab they can get my turn that chop it up and and bake it or I don't even know how they cook it and then they
they freeze right in front of my lower back and said hey you got beef the apocalypse that you don't you got crap for the apocalypse we sell actual real stuff okay I freaking first you get the high-quality stuff sous-vide there's one ingredient I had a lady asked me how do we do what do you put in your beef what are the ingredients in the freeze dried properly when it's called sous-vide when it's put in my lower back with oxygen absorbers it has an extended shelf-life it should be able to last again like I said be well beyond 2031 when things are you start getting real crazy if we even make it that long I think things are going to start going crazy this year. Next year but yeah that's just me so anyway check it out and then this is it has exploded we had a nice write-up in the epoch times last month and last month for the link to the website and cons and tons of beef
it was nice we're going anywhere and picked up by a lot of excellent Partners out there that are that are checking it out we always said I'm sampled you want to try for a phone call at 1 so one of them in particular revolver news anybody who's who doesn't use revolver news Red Revolver. News I'm Dan beanies tremendous website recommended by Donald Trump
someone check that number to you should find the recipe okay with that we sent her some be she took it and she made these lasagna cups out of our beef jerky to our family she has pictures of it I was jealous okay this is against the survival of beef for long-term storage of yours all the time A lot of people are using it to cook today again because the original beef cubes and we will watch with you know those those are tremendous and that's the lowest quality of them all those qualities made up a sirloin picanha Chuck you know it's it's it's the low quality stuff our low quality stuff is far superior to the best quality that other than
vast majority of other prepper companies offer so I can use promo code jtr or 15% off at checkout so there's that that's the first segment of my first show back since going on Hiatus and it's it's wonderful to be back I feel like I'm already getting into the groove got a lot of great stories a lot of great stories today some of it is is hopeful some of its not
get up before me before I get to the beauty of not having a a producer anymore you need to be able to bypass the bypass first break and I'm going to explain something and I'll try to keep this up for you go to break so I know a lot of people have to be probably
but everything that's happening in the world today. All of the thing that makes the news and everything it doesn't make the news all of it is in 100% of it falls into the category of three categories you've got distraction
a lot of distractions out there and there's an example I'm not saying that the trunk and diamonds aren't important not saying that they're not they're not see a really trying to go after me yada yada yada but the timing is many people very pointed out the timing of it has been conspicuous the timing of every single indictment or add indictment extended in whatever they just keep hitting them with more stuff always happens invariably the day after something they don't want talked about drops whether it's Hunter Biden stuff whether it's it's Devon archers testimony it doesn't matter if something bad is said about the binds the next day Trump's going to get indicted they're going to start running out of things to indict him for his free keep finding more stuff to talk about the bidens this is a weaponized traditii weapons Department of Justice and it's it's the sick
what is to distract it's the primary goal here at about getting Trump I'm not saying that's not one of their goals but their primary go for when they released these indictments is for distraction you could say that about you probably 40 50 60 in the news a lot of stuff in this isn't just Democrats in this Discord media lot of stuff that we're seeing you remember right even from republican from conservative news outlets lot of it is just a distraction to keep us from focusing on the importance of the actual stuff that's really really supposed to be at top of mind the only give me shot on UFOs do not get me so that's a distraction
but I digress
second thing that everything falls under falls into one of three categories and can some of the convolver more than one more than one category the second one is indoctrination
they are and then this is particularly true for cultural marxists issues example lgbtqia play Supremacy your portion debate books books they can have in school the scenarios and end with entertainment Hollywood crap is trying to indoctrinate the wokeness all that stuff Dan doctrination is about developing people developing Americans and driving them into a leftist globalist worldview that will make it easier to get to that third step in and they just come out and say okay so boo you know you've got a whatever bugs eat fake beef eat plant-based protein whatever the kids come out and say they are giving people into a certain they can't just come out and say okay so you know we've got all these rules now in place
get a tattoo to prevent abortion
I can't Sharman start at 22 in the Empower abortion to an able to make it easier to kill babies with Roe v Wade full-blown a baby killer in all the way up until they want to do that but I can't get there for the reverse I'm not going to go into details this supposed to short out exactly how they do a part of the credit for this show for me to even do this show is try to expose these things to see things from an angle basically of if I were if I were a global Sicily cabal member if I were were a demon Fallen Angel if I whatever I were any of these bad guys what would I do and unfortunately me a call the superpower I'm pretty good at that I'm pretty good at seeing what they do and why they do it
and what they say versus what they mean
call it healthy degree of skepticism call it whatever you want to call it but but I can often see through their plans and by don't get me wrong this is what people are much better and there's a whole lot of plants that I just don't understand that I don't see that I don't recognize not trying to say oh you listen to me and you'll be on top of everything now you'll be on top of some things and then sometimes I get it wrong with this is where the important part is what the other two are setting up Danny you got to straction from the important stuff you got a doctrination to accept the important stuff then you got the important stuff and I called a development that I shouldn't have called their developments because that makes it sound as if things are you know working up to a face and it's not in the show the case. For every aspect of their their plan their machinations are already in many ways
all I need to say is plandemic okay covid-19 the whole vaccine agenda all of that that was deployed it wasn't set up for future plan that was an action that was a stealing about right that was injecting mRNA into as many people as possible I'm wearing a modifying drugs experimental drugs into as many men women and children as possible that was not a development that was a deployment that was action
took we can't say oh you know there are still planning this all happened in 2030 very good chunk of my skepticism my brain my conspiracy theory mind that says you know what the whole reason they're saying 23 is because they're actually going to watch you know in 2026 the full blown or 2025 or 2024 maybe it's 123 I don't know but sometimes he has come like that whole thing it's a movie Trope one to be a shoe before that's kind of what what I feel 20-30 it's like okay you know we're going to get everything done by 2030 it's going to happen in 2030 is going to happen 2030 you know you guys better watch out they're going to come after us
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Edison 2025 2026 whenever it is I'm just saying that's why I don't like using the term development do you know that's what I said on Twitter this really is about what's happened today and what's going to be happening tomorrow so that folks is why I've been been pulling Cameron sitting in my car trying to decide whether or not to do the show sun to be clear it wasn't deciding whether or not to ever do the show is the siding am I ready to commit to 2 hours minimum per day at least five days per week my ready and able to be able to handle that workload and do it consistently because I didn't want to start with show Today Show number one that I can go uninterrupted until show number 100 going to take a break
I don't want any break longer than one day one day you know something crazy happens I'll take a day off if it's ever going to be more than one day I'll tell you guys ahead of time
is not doing these hiatuses again it is really hurting I want you to know not being on the air for the last three months or so that hurt me
I enjoy doing this I love doing this this is my my cherry pie day this is what this is and with all this other stuff that I do I do it because I need to do because I feel compelled to do it this is the fun part talking about it we'll talk about more of it after the break
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all right this first story gosh it's so good to go to say all this for one quick note before I get into this first story we are going to be having a lot more guests on Van in the past I know I went through a phase probably 20 21 maybe even in the 2022 especially head of the election where I was doing a lot of interviews and then I kind of went basic soul up for a long time no interviews at all and we're going to try to do a measured approach some interviews some not so the show you you probably don't know this but I can actually talk about a single topic for as long as eight or ten hours just by myself non-stop it's it's kind of kind of weird but but I can do that and then I'm not going to so don't worry I'm going to try to make this Snappy and talk about stories for little bits so that's the intention
four story this first story today is one that's actually it's from last week but it didn't get very much attention so we're going to talk about it today it's from Arsenio Toledo from it for Natural Health experts and the CDC claim covid-19 cases are rising against about worst fear control getting ready for the 2024 elections getting ready for the next round of pandemic Panic theater-going the article so-called Health experts and organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and prevention are claiming that the Wuhan coronavirus is making a comeback in the United States after months of it falling cases going to data released by the CDC there were 8035 new Hospital admissions related to go to 19 for the weekend on July 22nd this represents a 12.1% increase compared to the previous week but still march one of the lowest points in the pandemic at the same time during the previous year for comparison the number of nuke
19 relay the hospital of mission was over 44,000 Mount Sinai health system medical director for the infection for infection prevention dr. Bernard kamins said the health system in New York City is now seeing about 40 new covid-19 patients a day compared with just a day earlier in the summer he added that only about 5% of the patients who need to be hospitalized are sick enough to need intensive care treatment which he said is a very small number compared to earlier in the pandemic Bill Hennig and associate professor of epidemiology at the Harvard th Chan School of Public Health claims people are more likely to get covid-19 now than they were earlier this summer yada yada yada yada yada we get the idea doctors use the sub headline doctors claim America needs to embrace the new normal of covid being resurgent in the summer
what's the stop right there because I don't have to read that snow that's what I'll read a little bit of a quote from CDC spokesperson Kathleen Kathleen Conley us has experienced increases in covid-19 during a long period of declining rates
oh goodness goodness goodness gracious folks there they're just trying to scare you the trying to scare me to try and scare everybody they're preparing for something they're preparing for the I don't sound like oh my gosh it's some big mystery there preparing to try to to roll out a new level of new new plan for their control agenda this isn't the population control agenda the control aspect of it is to take those of us who are still alive and and control Us control us any way they can covid and the two weeks to slow the spread which turned into two and a half years of totalitarianism here in the United States and cross the Western World matching matching many third world countries matching China in many ways know they weren't literally hammering boards over people's doors but that's next
you don't think that can happen here in United States you're not paying enough attention you can nap and then we will happen in the United States if we don't step up and stop it
they want control the depopulation aspect of it you can look at obviously the vaccines you could look at a whole flurry of things that are out that has 5G its nuclear war it's whatever course everything's going to be blamed on climate change
but don't fall for these rises in covid the spikes
don't don't believe it and if you do try to fight back the more that you hear about it the closer we are to the next round of lock downs and we cannot allow that we cannot allow a single an iota of locking down everything okay if they want a quarantine people because there's some crazy hemorrhagic fever that's one thing there's a difference between lockdown in quarantine quarantine or where you take the people that are sick and prevent them from going out lockdowns take the people that are well and are undergoing a lot of bad teams usually good at least necessary leaving that they could be taken advantage of so I probably should encourage him to even do that
so I like the Vikram swamy I'm not going to go for him in the primary but I like him I think that he's got some good ideas I think that he's a smart dude probably arguably the most well-spoken of the candidates you might not like his style but the dude's Wicked smart and he's got some good positive things about him again
I wouldn't vote from 4% I mean I would love for him over Joe Biden okay but I wouldn't vote for him in the primary and then I've been trying to get him as a guest on my show so maybe maybe that will that will dissuade him then again then again maybe you'll take the challenge and he'll come on my show and try to prove why I should support him the people in my audience should support of who knows when you're out there we communicated via Twitter DMS before so I'll send you the email with the link to this video if you're out there then yeah maybe maybe you should come on the show try to convince me and others are the right guy I like yeah I think that you're I think you're smart and I think that you have have a lot that you can do for the nation
should I Miss Shirley's present will see a tweet that he posted on on Tuesday that is dated since the strait fire I mean it's it's amazing and I am going to read the first I want to set it up let's get the visitor there is a Queen. By Mike Pence himself by Libby Cathy Hughes with ABC politics this is Mike Pence wife said Vivek ramaswamy in the interview with union leader after ramaswamy said he doesn't believe the findings of the 9/11 commission and there's a quote from pants I understand he was probably in grade school and I'm 11 and I was on Capitol Hill what are you you got to give it a pence in one way in one way only he knows how to really piss people off so let's go to Vegas response
this is directed at Mike Pence versus just going some making claims on some news Outlet interview says Mike Pence since the day he was deeply offended that I don't trust the government told us the full story of the full truth in the 9/11 commission report well I find it offensive that our government repeatedly lies to us here's the truth the FBI classified documents in 2021 that definitively reveal the government lie to the public about basic facts of Saudi Arabia's involvement in 9/11 until documents were Declassified they change their story 20 years later Omar out by you me a forty-two-year-old graduate student welcome house set up bank account and gave rent money to the first to Al-Qaeda hijackers after they landed in Los Angeles in January of 2000 claimed to have met two terrorists entirely by Chance the 9/11 Commission report
five dead by Amir truism was the name was in the name of hospitality as he claimed
the FBI 20 years later changed its story in documents Declassified last year the Bureau of firms that buy Amie was in fact an agent of the Saudi intelligence service who worked with Saudi religious officials and reported to the Kingdom's powerful Ambassador in Washington US government officials continue to lie about other matters of public importance the origin of covid-19 knowledge about uaps Hunter Biden's laptop our money is actually being spent in Ukraine the National Trans shooter Manifesto with a complicit media that just accept the prevailing narrative that question this fuels rampant public distrust there is no credible evidence that 9/11 was an inside job I disagree there but whatever but ironically when the government systematically lies about Saudi involvement in the media runs interference that lends plausibility to an otherwise unlikely claim there's no such thing as a noble lie
with all due respect to the former VP the reason people don't trust the government is because the government doesn't trust the people like I said I mean folks who knows how to talk in the right no one is doubting ramaswamy intelligence nobody's doubting his way with words
and you know and I again is to say the 911 was not an inside job definitively I don't think she could say that especially if you've done any Research into into it and I'm not talking about you know Fringe conspiracies I'm talking about like real full-blown investigation that are very compelling
maybe we should do a show about 911 you know it's funny in all these years I've never done a show specifically about 9:11 maybe the time is coming maybe I have been Spicer some for that alone, Swami respect in in a compelling me prompting me to do a 9/11 show soon
speaking of wicked smart or at least Wicked an article about Barack Obama and questioning whether he's not the guy who's actually running the government and I think there's many of you out there who believe that he is running this government for for Joe Biden the Joe Biden is just a a Mindless Dimension wooden puppet that everything is actually happening through the White House is being orchestrated through Barack Obama Riley's bio Brock Obama been promoted to being a member of the the global sleek and ball I think he's up there with class Schwab George Soros Bill Gates and the like I think that he is he might be their proxy into the US government but say that he's actually sitting there you know making decisions as the shadow president I'm not sure I buy that but you know it's
nazia Iqbal isn't doing that I just don't know if if if Obama is the guy or if he's just the the middleman the person making the introductions to the actual string pullers will see this article does make a pretty good case for where the ladder this is by over the the daily signal by Jarrett stepman is Obama pulling strings on a Weekend at Bernie's II in the administration government continues to demonstrate signs of severe physical and mental decline the present often seems barely-there it strains credulity that a man who can hardly put together this point is is fully carrying out his duties as Commander in Chief tablet magazine author of the book Rising Star the making of Barack Obama in 2017 what's happening in the White House
who is really directing the executive branch headlines in, the tablet interview focused on in the more salacious commentary by former girlfriend America's most fun media did little to reveal who Obama really was before being like a present politics to bring hoping change alongside racial reconciliation many of the details discussing the interview should have been revealed or at least explore before Obama became president in 2017 or 2023 in the tablet peace as far as what Obama is doing right now influence our government and the country it's been more than six and a half years since Obama left office United States is far from being unified the notion that there are quote no red States or blue States is even more of a farce in it wasn't 2008 Americans are Bleecker about the future and then it pretty much any time any of the time in our history
instead of a post-racial America racial and gender identities are becoming the only thing that matter to Elite institutions These Hoes are trains that began during Obama's second term and have only some American institutions are mostly ideal actually captured but they are being guided Along by the federal government to so it was directing the fundamental transformation of America Obama according to Samuel Samuels wrote that while the Legacy Media have generally portrayed Obama as somewhat aloof from the politics of today and uninterested in power former president and his most loyal lieutenants are heavily involved in directing the federal government and politics in general the Obamas never left the nation's capital and is a quote instead they bought a large brick mansion in the central Washington's kalorama neighborhood violating a norm governing transfer of Presidential Power which has been breached only once in post Civil War American history by which
who couldn't physically be moved after suffering a series of Strokes
the excuse the Obamas gave we're staying in Washington was that their daughter's daughter Sasha was still in high school and they wanted her to finish her education in the Posh Sidwell Friends private school but Sasha has since left for college for the Obamas stayed in Washington Mills Road then it's clear that their decisions stay was not just a personal matter instead Obama remain to orchestrate resistance to his successor president that Donald Trump and to continue the work even doing while in office and here's a quote from the Amish have is from tablet or the book itself it will say that has never been meaningfully reporting on the Obamas served as both the symbolic and practical head of the democratic party Shadow government that resisted another phenomenon that defied prior Norms the fact that they were not normal times that the these are not normal times could be adduced by I even a sorry I'm its
I'm having trouble bad eyes alright bad I might even a passing glance and the front pages of countries of the country's daily newspapers which were filled with claims of the 2016 election had been stolen by Russia and that Trump was a Russian agent all right back to regular the tablet piece pulling the strings to orchestrate the federal government's domestic and foreign policies with fine reduced to being a Weekend at Bernie's like puppet is a quote from Samuels when the Obama turned up at the White House staffers in the Press
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you can see that the Bible is actually pissed that ever be paying attention to a llama and an Obama is not paying any attention to him a powerful charismatic politician with no official power from the Shadows is calm for countries with a long tradition of authoritarian government that was how I held onto power in Russia when he was constitutionally barred from serving a third consecutive term in office Dmitry Medvedev became president but Putin was the man in charge it was a good way to uphold the illusion of a free Society without having to deal with a whole world government of the People by the people for the people business again these sorts of Arrangements aren't unusual through the scope of history at one time our way of government was seen as merely an experiment over time can we prove that it wasn't just an experiment but the best way to organize a society Obama wants to Smith's the idea of American exceptionalism thanks to him maybe that's closer to being true
political commentator bed Dominic roast in The Spectator that we appear to be living through Obama's third term in the DC press Corps is entirely uninterested in digging into who is really in charge or how this historic departure from American Arms is happening a free press worth its salt would be pressing in this Administration for answers so will that happen now the White House is pretty reporters unless I'm at the White House Press Corps and who might ask uncomfortable questions so I wouldn't count on it
you could not summer one for those who had no sure you have it just in case it's important the salacious information that was in the tablet magazine that that statement was referring to is the notion that Obama's ex girlfriend said that he wrote told her that he has fantasies about gay sex was that just in case you didn't know and then is he took all the air out of the rest of the article which was long but fantastic long book long article but it was dealing with Reed never last
gay sex about McGee sex that's what I said in the opening about you know some news is distraction and in this case I would say this is distraction on the right and there was there were many many of the most conservative Publications they were referencing need tablet tablet article referred to that rather than is very important than hey by the way maybe Barack Obama happen to be running the government and Joe Biden is literally just just just their figurehead just aired up to pretend to be president and Obama is still in charge of this is his third term I don't doubt it clear that I just want to be specific about how and how this operation in my humble opinion Pierce be working they make it sound as if he's running the Democrat Party Democrat Party is is essentially just a puppet of the video I was in the sea is as well Democrat vs Republican thing Obama's
I think that's below him I think it again that he's been your after or during his term has as president that he was elevated within the global suleika ball to the role of an actual you sitting at the the evil round table so to speak I think that he is one of the one of the minions of Satan he was groomed to be this by the way I don't know if he if he was always a member and that you know he was just a young star Rising they put them in in the white house and then the elevated in from there or if he made it to the White House with help from outside and then ended up going in working with and eventually becoming a part of this club has leak evolve a new world order if you would like a lot of people as the New World Order of the liver world or whatever I look at them as the ball is its being is that I think that Barack Obama is in just leading the Democrat Party I think that he's not operative and a very
high-ranking member of this cabal which and they in general do run in my humble opinion D the the federal government so it's nuanced you know is he is he in charge of the presidency I would say there's a very good chance yes he is
is he doing it for the Democrats no
doing it for for the globalist this is a global destruction Global destruction attempted destruction take down if you will of the United States of America and Barack Obama is one of the ringleaders behind this is he directly doing it no I don't think so I think that this proxies are operating operating in d.c. outside of DC I think its proxies are some of them are his old allies and some of them are or have been basically granted to him get to put under his charge by the globalist elite cabal
you don't have to find myself compelled to read very long articles by dr. Joseph Mercola the guy knows what he's talking about on such a wide range of topics just the medical staff the the diet and nutrition which is a clear expert on and I have actually made some changes in my life based on his recommendations that's how I'll do that very often music with doctors so did I do trust dr. justrycole in that regard but that's what other things very intelligently I don't know if the dude just has he can just bust out content of long stories very quickly or if he has a staff do it or whatever I didn't either way doesn't matter as long as we get the content content is usually very spot on I would say probably 8 out of 10 articles by dr. Mercola I I love I read it thoroughly and it's at Mercola combat this new story the most recent store
is one that said frankly I hadn't seen him post anything like this before styling we should be alarmed by The Staggering decline of birds I've had no idea there was a staggering the cleaning Birds that's why it's good that people like dr. Mercola come out in an alert us according to the story with Lance worldwide one and eight bird species is at risk of Extinction another 223 bird species are critically endangered in could disappear from the planet and that loss of 2.9 billion birds or 29% occurred in the US and Canada since 1970 industrial agriculture with its rapid expansion in the use of toxic chemicals is driving bird losses the world over and represents the greatest threat to birds birds are a crucial element of our control pests spreading seeds in pollinating about 5% of plants that humans use for food and medicine again industrial agriculture with its rapid expansion
and use of toxic chemicals is driving bird losses the world over and represents the greatest threat to Birds now I'm one of the few I do we tried my family we try to eat organic whenever possible okay and by whenever possible is pretty much almost all the time I would say there's there are circumstances where I might grab some Popeye's Chicken to hey
it's okay because it's rare maybe it's not okay maybe I should stop maybe I should have mentioned that. But here's the thing in this is yeah we've all heard the term Canary in the coal mine right the phrase so this to me is most concerned because that fourth Point as far as the use of toxic chemicals in the rapid expansion of industrial agriculture driving bird losses around the world
the concept of industrial agriculture in this is not an insult to Farmers I know that a lot of great Farmers out there they do whatever they can they they're forced to him anyways to do whatever I can to to get the food out there to Get It produced for as little money as possible because that was facing the money in agriculture is exactly big is the whole reason why not the whole reason but one of the reasons why the Farms are often so so heavily subsidised by governments because it's not just the US government's other governments and their country they keep going because they know it's important but they can't jack up the prices to make the prophets make sense because then it hurts very very poor farming techniques if we could and should definitely should go back to you in a bit and I'm not saying take technology out of the equation but let's go back to I guess
picture former for me that to me makes a lot more sense then then that we have the type of farming that the people like Bill Gates for example and trying to push in Africa we can do some of food as a people we can produce more than enough food to feed the entire population of the planet we have the seeds we have the skills we have the land we have the people we still have the organization and most importantly we are far far far far too many regulations that prevent Farmers from being able to just do their jobs I understand oversight I understand the need for certain regulations to make sure that from a health perspective the things are raok there's a vast difference between the the safety of food and the control of the food supply you know it was of course Henry Kissinger way back in the seventies said who control the food supply controls the people
that's one of the reasons that we're seeing for example the Chinese Communist party as well as other four nations coming in and buying up as much Farmland is possible here in the United States it's dangerous it's not a good thing it's not xenophobic to say that our food supply is our food supply we can Import and Export when you start getting our own food supply here homegrown Foods play control by external forces special forces that have been known to talk about the Chinese Communist party and have been known to take food in it for themselves as much corn as much rice of course they can possibly get their hands on
that should concern is greatly what do they know what are they expecting why are they why do they have enough they have enough rice alone to be there in Tire humongous population for like 3 years we don't have enough rice or or any food to keep us fed for 3 months and then States not stored away if there were to be a major catastrophe that greatly impacted the food supply we can expect such a thing to happen at some point in the future if that were to happen we will be in trouble. I shouldn't say that everybody would be in trouble with China would be our last roll and yet they're buying up all of our that's not good but I guess I don't want to talk about the politics of this I wanted to get more of this article because this is the this is went when we start seeing Birds dying that is the canary in the coal mine quite almost literally can they will call us feel about the whole reason she should die faster than humans if you start losing oxygen
I'm getting a toxic toxic fumes the canary will die before the the human so once the canary dies that's the sign a human back away you're going to die to be keep going and yet still we keep going down this road we have to pump up let's get to the meat of the subject very lost 94% of industrial agriculture is the leading threat to birds that's real life culture with its rapid expansion in use of toxic chemicals and represents the greatest threat to birds their last report stated across the world birds are impacted by an array of different threats nearly all of which are caused by human action agriculture through its expansion and it's an important habitat and the increased use of machinery and chemicals as it intensifies is the leading threat to bird species impacting alley 73% of threatened species he study
by Environment Canada suggest the agricultural pesticides alone may lead to 2.7 million bird washes their annually it's also been shown that birds exposed to widely used in Euro toxic pesticides called neonicotinoids there's a reason why I was in the doctor Neo and the kids in the woods
neonicotinoids that's great work unless accumulate last body mass and fat stores and ultimately delay migration which can affect survival and reproduction habitat loss yada yada yada so what is it that they're putting in this what what what are they putting in our foods not just that's killing the what are they putting in the foods that are killing us
Furlong the article what do we lose if Bertha spear burst play a vital role globally I don't read this now let's get to the the solution seems are seven steps to health Birds according to dr. Joseph Mercola Windows safer install screens or phrase you know what I don't want to I love I love I love the environment I am I am a cortical conservative environmentalist I would love to protect and be good stewards of this planet from a Biblical perspective I would love to get off fossil fuels here within the next two or three hundred years they want to technology makes to it's cost-effective and non-damaging to the rest of us sure I'm hey I'm off for green stuff for screen I don't want to get rid of fossil fuels today because they're cost-effective and they will they work that makes sense you want to drive your your Tesla your Prius great you need fossil fuels in order to have electricity in order to drive that
Skylanders some some European nation that cut down like 8 million Acres of trees so that they can write million trees or something like that so they could have put a wind farms take my gosh are we really that stupid while I'm forcing the answer is yes oh regarding the birds again I'll post this article over on my grave sites to Cerner places like that and you can read it with Doctor McCullough's articles with permission never stolen content without permission but the reason I do it is because his articles only stay live on his site within 48 hours so I like to have a permanent record of them then again I don't do without permission we are allowed to publish his articles so with that said you'll be able to read through this but
but here's the thing let me cut to the chase on this particular story
hand should do what's best for the environment and for us simultaneously they're not mutually exclusive the climate-change called wants you to think that the only way to help the environment is to harm ourselves
this is part of the global Sleek boss plan so the reasons why to send example they're going after cows for the sake of cow farts that's such a blatant lie cow populations nothing compared to what the the Bison population was 120 years ago
we can have problems in such as cows that that create methane gas pretty much all mammals do cuz I know not a scientist but I'm pretty sure that most animals have some sort of farting
why do we listen to them at all are we paying attention the answer is we shouldn't
at the break I've got some stories about about the reboot and all that good stuff. We've got some credit crunch numbers and all that good stuff was this story and see this one was at Target but good for them they're suing of course there's the story from earlier in the week and last was over the weekend that again didn't get nearly as much attention as it deserves about the the the Chinese labs in California under by Under by Gavin Newsom and controlled by the Chinese Communist party and barely ready to spread all sorts of diseases across the the nation so I will get that story right after the break
folks are coming after the food supply they being the global Sleek a ball of course they are coming after us they want to control the food supply and one of the most prominent aspects of the food supply they want to control is protein in a particular meat they want you to eat bugs but perhaps what's been emerging lately is more important to them than eating bugs to eat lab-grown meat cultured meat cancer grown meat ever look into what cultured meat really is going to find that it's it's it's pretty pretty bad stuff and I want you to embrace it while we're not going to lie being my family we're not going to embrace that at all we're going to fight back we're going to stock up we're going to store long-term storage beef granted I am biased because it is my company that I'm part owner of that is selling this freeze-dried sous-vide long-term storage beef and has a shelf life of
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to wait for the apocalypse to enjoy it go to free the first you a check out for 15% off and eat well for the Apocalypse
is a story that's most of you probably already heard of his portion of it there's a new update to the story but for background loud keep it short there is a Chinese Communist Party lab in California that's was randomly busted basically they I was just inspectors checking on a warehouse and they like I always say why are there always dead mice in the dangerous bio agents and viruses and stuff what's this what is this while turns out that this lab was not only well known by people in government California was funded by Governor Gavin Newsom himself and now we're learning that the vines FDA family knew about it as well according to an article by my good friend I've never spoken to him but I can call him a good friend because he emails me fairly regularly with some breaking news overhead line USA
great site if you haven't checked it out good stuff they they they really stay on top of the news in the you think it started out very quickly very well written stories as well so I do recommend checking out headline what is this I need to give Mark a call I like to to talk to I'm old school. I don't like texting I like to talk to people on the phone or in person so maybe I'll just go knock on his door maybe I should do that
or this article on new some fun to Chinese covid lab known to Biden's FDA to imagine that on the article the discovery last month of Chinese covid-19 California shocked the nation will shock those who found out about it if you get your news from corporate meeting you probably didn't even hear about it because I didn't talk about it because it's just too damaging to the narrative shocked the nation but likely came as no surprise to the state's Democratic governor Gavin Newsom he helped fund it they now know Toria secret facility which contain a massive stockpile of infectious agents including coronavirus and nearly a thousand dead lab mice and vials of unidentifiable biological fluids my gosh this is like a bond villain lab also likely came as no surprise to the B Administration FDA last year issued a recall warning for nearly 54,000 covid rapid test manufactured by the company they don't know why I'm so in other words this company that's running lab
Chinese Communist party company running lab in California named Warehouse that has an identifiable biological fluids dead mice laying around infectious agent viruses Coronavirus
they were also producing things that you stick up your nose to see if you got got the covid-19 test laboratory in a warehouse owned by Prestige biotech which has ties to multiple Chinese pharmaceutical firms and a president who lives in China and can only be reached by email conveniently enough the company's CCP length extend to Barry Zhang a who's listed as president at Prestige biotechs registered agent by the Nevada Secretary of State Zhang it reportedly had was a leader of the Chinese American Society of CPAs and its work with China's united front Espionage and propaganda Network the funder of the law firm representing Prestige biotech Michael and Lynn is reportedly a regular sponsor ccp's united front of vents in Nevada this is just tweet by Dr Lee Manana back on the show she was as funny as you can get to a JD Rucker.
SEC. Calm her interview is still the most popular stacked that I've ever posted and I post that like a year-and-a-half ago so so even though we have about I don't know three times as many subscribers than we did back then it's Still Remains the top dog so thank you Doctor Doctor Li Meng Yan or Scarlet Su first be called don't tell her that I told you I could do her tweet let's see updates for the illegal lab in California according to court filings least 20 potential infectious pathogens in that lab are listening cleaning bacteria to cause tuberculosis meningitis pneumonia versus to Costco in 19 have tied this being see how much does it connect the CCP and the ccp's Espionage Network lot of information I will post it gradually and as somebody more governor
provided doctor Zhang is listed as Prestige biotechs registered agent there's more to the the tweet I will get this posted over at the CERN so you have a link to the headline USA article received by a text to cover the lab is back the article Prestige biotech took over the lab from a universal meditech after the company went bankrupt following a series of fire Universal I didn't know that that's convenient hey we need to lab just start some fires so that we can take that one over
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we went there because we need help from from gruesome Newsom
I wish you could make this stuff up I wish this was fiction I wish this was was the the premise for the next Bond movie but it's not this is happening in real life in my backyard here in California, for me as I like to call it backyard we Universal meditech a company that also has strong CCB ties receive nearly $40,000 in tax credits credits from new office of business and economic development for going bankrupt awarded its business license from the new some Administration exactly Gotti Gotti on it so we knew all the stuff. The takeaway here and the I guess the new information is that the deal the FDA knew all about this
they knew about it
so why didn't we hear that in the here's the biggest question the question that really truly need to be answered about for arguably allows if there's a slab in California that we didn't know about that just happen to be discovered by inspectors randomly yeah we we kind of lucked out to find out about this one how many are there actually operating in the United States my Chinese Communist Party Laboratories biolabs producing infectious bioweapons how many of them are here in the United States how many of them where are they how could they spread out are they really really wanted to know that it's something they probably really will actually really really want to
they really will really really anyway how many of them are out there how widespread are they and if they do want to will the Chinese Communist Party use these biolabs to unleash a an actual destructive pandemic on the United States
we know respond to review sites that at least for the last decade and a half the Chinese company's party has been striving for for the the
please buy weapons these viruses that can attack based on race in the pack they spun genetic disposition will say up take a races in other words they can create something that perhaps people of Asian descent or Chinese to send directly are immune or resistant to disease whereas other races are less resistant if that's the case about the ability to really crippled and eventually take over or destroy one of the other United States of America
the binders you knows about this
the new some disease regime is funding it
and we don't know anything about we I mean the only reason we heard about it is because we got lucky by the grace of God okay this was exposed and not expose very well and again over media barely touched the story they touched it all
makes you wonder why we already have enough to worry about with what we know what other stuff we don't know about it or even worse stuff lurking out there for us we'll see we'll see
is America doomed? Snyder asks anybody who is not reading Michael Snyder they should he's got a few sites out there the two most prominent are the economic collapse blog. Calm and end of the American dream., this particular article comes from the economically a swag which is odd because it's should probably I mean that the title alone is America doing this seems to kind of fit in perfectly with end of the American dream I really like Michael sliders riding in his perspective I don't agree with him on this end the time there are many times when I completely disagree with political case
in case he is I think spot-on looks dark part of it real quick and in the opening is there's a few points that need to be made from the start but in the opening he actually does
any opening he does bring back some facts that that I want to dwell on for a bit let's get to the article first in his time running out for America draw human history great civilizations have risen and fell and many believe the United States will be no exception in this point we have already drifted so far from our core values that our Founders would not even be able to recognize the Republic that they want to establish if they were alive today was most Americans realize that something has gone horribly wrong but most of all so believe it's in the right people that to Washington is the answer but is that really the solution to what ails us going to a brand new Rasmussen poll that was just released 40% of likely voters believe that Joe Biden must win the next presidential election for the United States is doomed to repeat that 40% of likely voters believe the Joe Biden must win the next presidential election or the United States is doomed here's a quote from the Erasmus and pull itself for the pole 40% of likely voters agree with the statement quote
Biden must be re-elected president next year or the United States is doomed which includes 25% is not scoring too much lighter nearly half the country literally believes that our nation's due to Joe Biden does not win in 2020 for the same poll also found that 45% of likely us voters believe that Donald Trump must win the next presidential election go figure to Rasmussen 45% agree with the statement Donald Trump must be re-elected president next year or the United States is doomed which includes 26% who strongly agree 53% discreet which includes 40% 44 % who strongly disagree wow
wow Insider I'm assuming there is no overlap between these two groups if that is true that means that 85% of likely voters believe that our nation is doomed if the candidate there sportings not win the next presidential election I never see numbers like this before States in 2024 are incredibly High and the side that loses is going to be absolutely devastated over the next year there will be endless campaigning as the upcoming election protege's yada yada yada we'll get to that there's other aspects of the store that I want to get to hear in a moment but first I want to stop and well a bit on that that series of Statistics 45% believe that Donald Trump must be present next year that makes sense then take office in 2025 that does make sense if anything I think it's low I think that that there's probably probably about half over half the people would say that Donald Trump
it should be president
in order to save the nation because people do see what's happened OK Google orange number of Americans do see what has happened to our nation of the last two-and-a-half years and they squarely blamed the binary fishing for this and they should not that they're the only ones or is it the Obama regime referencing the earlier story
but you know you got you got 40% of Voters likely voters who still think that Joe Biden must-win I would argue that of course a lot of those people are just saying that we can't survive on a truck they're not say oh my gosh Joe Biden's doing such a fantastic job now they're saying oh my gosh Trump will kill us and these are the people to watch The View for example okay but here's the part that gets to me
people are blind to see what's happening around them to see what's happening to the neighborhoods what's happening to their cities or states and see what's happening to their pocketbooks and see what's happening in the grocery stores
the hero Lee some of what's happening in Ukraine China and Taiwan
Middle East Africa
they see what's happening at the US border
they see what's happening in the streets as a result of what happened at the US border
and yet they still cannot get around the fact that this is their political identity that they voted for this they've embraced this
it's their fault we're talkin about a degree of cognitive dissonance that we've never seen not here in the United States not anywhere as far as I know
okay people haven't learned their lesson and you go back it's funny there was a reason pull of shows of Joe Biden is the S popular president in the modern era next Jimmy Carter was used to think Jimmy Carter back then back in the late 70s guess there were still going to be crazy people those things that Carter is doing a great job but but even most Democrats thought wow this is terrible this is awful we can't support this guy
weak me a date they had they were loosing they weren't indoctrinated into a leftist worldview that says that they have to be right or no matter what it is they could say yeah I voted for Jimmy Carter and it will I was wrong
you don't have as many people saying that about Joe Biden and it's not because Joe Biden's better Joe Biden's worst Joe Biden is by far worse the worst president we've had in the modern era maybe in the history of the United States of America use the more damage than even Brock Obama was able to do an eight-year Joe Biden or lease to buy a regime has done more damage to the United States of America then more to Cripple us today and to collapse our future and even eight years under Barack Obama that that should tell you enough right there near 40% says he must be re-elected these aren't stupid people these are brainwashed people people that are doubling tripling and quadrupling down on where they realized he has failed because again because of this cognitive dissonance that is so strong within then now that we've never seen in our history they still think that they have to at least publicly support Joe Biden deep down I think they have to know they have to know
is this video about to play also from the from the article
reference by my side in the article is this video this lady in San Francisco you know what happened to her her experience with with somebody they suspend their face will the video doesn't tell you is that this lady he was living in San Francisco was talking so badly about how unsafe it is even during the day in San Francisco now she won't go out at night very affluent City gang the city that should be among the safest in the nation and yet it's the exact opposite is devastatingly dangerous right
as it turns out she's complaining about it she voted for this and she is it looking back in her path social media while she was all I was after George Floyd she was ready to unify with the rest of the white leftist and just just virtue single for four years if they needed to because that's what they wanted to do was that match their ideology that match their worldview they've been indoctrinated into this concept they will never back down from that they will never back down
the point after that I was going to say that first and then I'll get the point of trying to make because it's important
so clearly
clearly she's scared clearly she's she's literally shaking
and yet
you know she came back later somebody asked if the assailant was black and she claimed that it was it was A well-dressed white man. That's that's the embodiment of everything evil in the eyes of these radical leftist white male straight affluent you got those four attributes you are the most evil person in the world in their mind you are dangerous you they see walking on the street and they want to run at least that's not reality but that's what they want you to to believe
that's be the story
I'm not saying that she's lying about that but she's probably lying about that I'm not going to say definitively you know that that it was it was not as A well-dressed white man has been in her face Maybe was San Francisco there is no yes I like I mean everybody's crazy if you're still living in San Francisco you're either stupid or crazy or leftist which makes you stupid and crazy but whatever I like
I'll just say it
like the 70s or the 80s or even the 90s. Like even the years under Barack Obama
President Trump one of the reasons he was able to win is because there were Democrats even as recently as 2016 there were Democrats who voted for Barack Obama twice came to the conclusion that maybe it wasn't the right thing to do
there are fewer people like that the people who support Joe Biden today supported him before and will support him as the nation is literally burning they will still support him because to take away that support is to support a Republican or a and anti vaxxer like Robert of Kennedy Junior what does they would have to take
the worldview that they built around himself heard that's been built around them for them through indoctrination and brainwashing don't have to take that rub you and say it was wrong they would have to knowledge to themselves and then they can do the devil can't acknowledge it to the world do they can't even acknowledge to themselves
they've been misled they've been been conned they've been wrong is the same music we seen variations of this you see it everyday if you go out now you see the people who still wearing masks you know it's been demonstrated scientifically it's really was going straight from the beginning back in the days when tati was saying how you don't need to wear a mask won't help you know back in the early days of the plandemic yeah we we see these people are so slow today still called still calling through for the unvaxxed to be persecuted to be excluded from Society Hill saying how do you know about viral video I didn't see it I saw it on social media I don't recall it was a video or just a post the base I think I was supposed to say you know I'm responsible one that I feel like I'm just not very many responsible people out there anymore
do face masks stop covid-19 now okay we're in any way with these people want you to think
vaccine stock covid-19 know that's what they want you to think
is one of I would say top 10 most concerning aspects of modern society here in the United States of America has the fact that the radical left which unfortunately is most of the left right now it's not like it's only the French 10% know we're talking about like like 58% of the left have become radicals radicals compared to what they were fighting years ago and they become very woke they become very very unhinged
will not
reverse themselves it will not admit they were wrong
we deal with that
can we do that
now as having a discussion on my wife the other day yesterday as matter fact two days ago and you know I'm trying to work through them trying to figure out why why can't these people see the light has like five 10% okay I get it but know this seems to be a plurality is not a majority of Democrats are still completely lost brainwashed
I think they have to support Donald Trump or if the brainwashed from sings the answer at least acknowledge hey things are looking pretty bad maybe these these leftist ideas don't work maybe we shouldn't defund the police maybe we should properly trained and further from the police maybe we need to not focus on you know cashless bail or whatever it's called to actually incarcerated criminals
maybe it's a good idea to not just leave the borders wide open maybe we should have restrictions and focus on keeping the illegal aliens out while letting illegal immigrants in
I am a legal immigrant I am very blessed to be here in the United States of America and I'm completely against
illegal aliens entering the country illegally they should do the right way
against immigration
I'm against those who steal our sovereignty even now yeah I do understand that it's a Lefton see before you today that's my question that's my concern
I can't see after Lee has been happening today they're never going to see it
the point I'm trying to get out of this is the takeaway here
it's at this seems to be as I told my wife the other day question up
it's it it's either there's a strong delusion, Dunvale it's been put over the VIII's in the minds of the radical left to Supernatural forces preventing them from being able to understand that you should not take children to to drag drag queen shows k
that that big dudes with penises should not be competing against women
it's it's either that again it's either available or we're talking about literal demonic presence I'm not talking about all the leftists are possessed by demons I'm not saying that I'm saying that they're there seems to be a demonic influence over the people over many of these people is why I say Above All Else America we can fight I mean shoot fight the good fight spread the word and go to protest like the right people would you do all those things are really in the past we desperately as a nation desperately need Revival let me talk to you more about that in future shows but I just wanted to say baseball in started from Michael Snyder three or four times what I said for a long time Revival is the key to whether or not America is able to survive

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