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JD Rucker Show, November 17, 2023

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Tucker Carlson, Ray Epps, and the Failing Economy

Title: Tucker Carlson, Ray Epps, and the Failing Economy


Tucker Carlson, Ray Epps, and the Failing Economy

Recording: April 24, 2023

JD Rucker Show

JD Rucker Show
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JD Rucker

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hello my friends in welcome to another episode of the J D wrecker show if you're watching a video if you listen to us on radio in America a lot talk radio you listen to J D wrecker there's a reason for that and I'll explain that that maybe someday I want to get straight into the news thing because there's so much to cover so much first and foremost thank you all for for being here thank you for for watching for listening that we have officially for those who haven't been keeping track we've officially launched discern. TV now it's not the Adoration that I will once launched with but we got to start somewhere you know you never let the perfect be the enemy of the good so it's good and it's I think it's really good but you can go check out there's lots of scientist television is plenty of Articles plenty of stand-alone videos great stuff there tons of condoms to check out question was calm as well as America First Report other is a little
is inaccurate report my Flagship site we have transferred we have we've actually made it to where is Consolidated because I was running parallel I was running and oq and America first I just redirected knock report over to America First Report the reason being is number one is no reason to have a parallel have them have the same exact content on both what's the point but number 2 because when we first launched and if you report back in 2017 the idea was that number one would be called knock report and as we learned as I was doing interviews some people would with Santa and then here's the editor of Anarchy report here's the editor of of milk report here's the editor of no queue report I heard so many variations of it and then trying to get people to understand that and oq reports stood for the n o q stand for news opinions and quotes to attend workout I remember I had I was on a Jon B Wells His Radio Show
you said I ain't stands for news opinion than questions I didn't object I mean that's not bad we lost in 2017 the idea was it was quotes crossword means we're still pretty popular I know they're still popular today but the means of of taking people's images and putting quotes next to them something they said it was actually still pretty relevant and the time is right around the electrical cords Ark shortly after the election and it made sense people don't do that nearly as much today and really didn't do it nearly as much as I thought they were back in 2017 so between the the poor branding on my part be the inability to to get people to pronounce it right it just made sense America First Report you get the idea okay nobody nobody has any illusion when I see that of how to pronounce it or what they're going to get once they get there so
so that's that of course I still encourage everybody to go to the Liberty a news aggregator that I and the editor of ice not my site gang self a lot of people complain I mean oh my gosh you posted this is there's a two-man crew I am the editor and I operate I would say 30% of the time came the other 70% of the time is the owner Matthew Burke and he is fantastic he's been running this site since 2017 2016 I think he actually launched in 2016 either way he's been running it for a while and he does a fantastic job obviously I wouldn't work for him and so so there's that so anyway that's my lead and be sure to subscribe it is your first time listening watching viewing how we want to call it so it's goes straight to this first story I don't I don't to waste much time this comes to us from Slane New Zealand strongest man answers women's weightlifting competition
protest transgender athletes now I've been a huge fan for a long time with people that are able and willing to to do this and I'm not talking about I forgot the guys name of the guy that played tennis against Billie Jean King of made a mockery of a lost bad that I'm not talking about just some average average Joe going out there and say okay well I'm going to compete against when I'm talking about guys like this I came and it doesn't take the New Zealand strongest man to make it make an impression you know there are there are likely dozens maybe hundreds maybe thousands of men in New Zealand they could break it would go in and win win a weightlifting competition against against women in the article New Zealand strongest man has registered to compete in a women's weightlifting competition after the organization's out of the organizers agreed to allow biological male transgender athletes to compete as females fifty-two-year-old Dale Shepherd enter the global powerlifting Zealand's
Day of the Dead lift as a woman to protest the competition self-identification rules on gender event allows men to compete ass females if they claim to be transgender to identify as women Shepherd has been weight lifting for roughly four decades and holds nearly two dozen National records in the sporting a listing of radio you probably cannot appreciate just how Jack this dude is okay honey this dude is he's he's a big guy is applied to participate on the application form Shepherd Circle D female option for gender and Ativan know that said I identify as a woman for this contact it is important to me that both transgender athletes in biological women both have the ability to compete in sports Shepherd at Old Redux however regardless of hormone treatments such as giving a biological male estrogen the hormone is primarily responsible for female characteristics
it is not told me in the gate all the years that mail has had the higher with higher to testosterone levels are resulting in Greater bone density tendon and muscle strength as a biological as such biological women are at a significant disadvantage he he continued now number one I'm just going to use this as an opportunity I am not a fan of the term biological male biological female trans male trans female their men their women okay so there's a handful of hermaphrodites or whatever but but 99.999 58 per cent of the population of the world is either male or female there to start calling them biological males is to acknowledge that you believe there are transgender females who actually are our men okay let's just call him when they are there are men
damn there are women and when a man tries to become a woman they are a transvestite okay and I'm not even a fan of the word transgender because it kind of gives Credence to the concept this is this is always been a part of the advancement of the post truth society and I'm not going to do it today we are going to have a show in the very near future about how transgenderism is the key the key not just a key it is D key to the advancement of transhumanism ball they know they're doing okay we can assume these these powers that be these powers and principalities if you will or infusion 612 they are they are very smart they know how to dominate us and know how to outsmart us
well ways of doing it is by getting even even people like you people like me people who are saying lucid and conservative patriotic how are you and call it we're even using the term from time to time biological mail we're using the term transgender folks were just playing into their hands when we do that we are playing into their hands there are men there are women there are boys there are girls that's it stop trying to to acknowledge the left lunacy their mental illness when it comes to the stuff is once we start doing that they continue to win
continuing with the transgender or transvestite transsexual trans whatever seem professor's research on transgender Sports gets rejected by woke University because and use the word mail
like I said in the last segment folks their men their women their if they're boys or girls do their mailed there female there's no biological mail vs. transgender male okay that's the men and women and it says if a man wants to transition then once that man becomes a woman you do through surgery and and hormones and whatever they dress like they wear makeup it's still a man I'm sorry it's a man and I'm going to get vulgar but it's a man that has mutilated himself
to try to pretend that he's a woman this is why again though the turn transvestite I know it makes some people makes me sometimes think of me like this I like Middle School when do you know they look at the tranny yet you know I ate but that's the most accurate phrase we can use right now and they're the most accurate term transgender it just doesn't make any sense Mike I said a place in to the they won't crowd the leftists attempt to control language which is what they want to do by allowing transgender girls were born to compete against girls has been raging since the 2010 ever since Fallon Fox was smashing or bones and Mack Beggs was joking girls out a professor would like to research the topic but his proposal has been rejected using the word mail in research about males competing against female
this is Miss Jen during so his university needed the proposal the first time I've ever used in a an article before of course it's on louder with Crowder for those who are like me and maybe even older generation I had to learn from my from my five-year-old what the word yeet means cuz he would say it all the time in Crowley's from the me where you if you throw something you need it because there was this mean they showed me this me and this girl like throwing a can or something and she said alright so King's college professor John Armstrong 1 and 2 research the controversial topic was asked to use apps to buy the UK athletes commission they were working on a policy about trans inclusion Sports and had a crazy idea that the opinions voices of athletes affected by the policy should be heard for sure Armstrong did to King's college did not
I submitted a proposal for ethical review at King's College London which stated that the aim of the research was to go to find the values of athletes and Volunteers in the question on the question of when males should be allowed to compete in the female category and Athletics the Ethics Committee rejected the proposal on the grounds that using the terms male and female in this constituted gendering Allison have a problem with the survey questions just if the word male or female was anywhere in the research research on how I feel about people when they're born males competing against people who were born females not you know what the funny part in this is an important which I have important takeaway music or something and push a button attention to this reason they're going after this if they can convince us they being the powers-that-be again we're talkin about
the global sleep Kabob that is pushing this if they can convince enough people that men should be able to compete against women in sports where there is an unambiguous scientific demonstrable and Common Sense Prima Fosse a man is more physically able to compete in the vast majority of sports they can out a form out compete against women the most the best trained women in the world athletes who've been working their terrible eyes to perfect their their sport they're they're playing of a sport they can generally speaking with every single Sport with vast majority of sports a well-trained may be that person I have to look this up it was a
it's probably 5-10 years ago it's been a while I'd be longer than that but but the national women's team okay this is the best the best of the best things are women that they were trying to win the World Cup in the work we're going for the gold or whatever it is these would be the best women to come to you guys and let you guys know about a book. I'm currently running called Following the Leader in this is a book that will be out hopefully by the end of the year maybe beginning of the 2024 but this is a bookworm documenting how the intelligence agencies have been working directly with Colts Colts like Scientology Charles Manson people like Jim Jones be even Jeffrey Epstein and the cult tactics that they perfected with Within These groups that they're now using on the masses now you now using on you and I are friends and family and people all over this world you know this will answer a lot of the questions about why your friends and family they see the truth right
nothing but I just cannot believe what is right in front of the rise was because they've been brainwashed and manipulated by these tactics that they perfected within the cult so it's so important to understand not only why this is happening but how it's happening what tactics they perfected the whole entire process so go pre-order the book Following the Leader go to Jeff, pre-order today all pre-orders will get the signed copy once the book is released again Jethro store
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female soccer players in the United States they did an exhibition game against like a Dallas Boys Club okay not granted these were the best of the best of poison that we're talking about 14 year old boys competing against the cream of the crop the very best female soccer players of any age in the United States whooped up the boys teen boys whooped the best female soccer players and then something else with their Sports out there there are there sports where women can do better say some would argue that the women are better at archery as some would argue that women are better at at in certain certain Firearms Sports balance beam okay I mean you have to be a very brave man to attempt to to compete on the balance beam it's a it's a beaut
Sport and one where are Athleta scism is not as it is necessary to definitely necessary but balance is more necessary than women have better balance that's why they're better better belly dancers OK Google Sports football basketball baseball wrestling MMA swimming whenever these vast majority of sports men are better than women. The back to so so we know that way we can accept that or we should be able to accept that as factual
now if the powers-that-be can convince enough people that this factual statement is inaccurate or even worse for the truth must be superseded by the lie that a man is a woman or vice versa man
if the LIE supersedes the fact the truth when they win they win the entire argument up and down the board you can't if we can't win this one we can win a debate about who's the man who's the girl who has the right to go here who has the right to go there I'm not going to get this story over the weekend about 15 year old boy need to be a girl went to the locker room in and was showering with 14 year old girls with a man get to see the video of the reactions but the social media Network by this here's an adult male it's not just like like all of this is an eighteen-year-old adult male with a with a adult penis in in a shot of naked in a locker room with 14 year old freshman girls
we're supposed to accept
no we're not cuz we can't even win on this whole push for transvestites playing whatever sex sport they want to get link that way we can win any battle you will sponsor Sports gets Just Sports but it's the most blatant Common Sense example of where men should not be pretending to be women who keep he gets ripped or even women competing against men
got to win this week
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I never been a big fan of rehashing things that we can't really affect anymore I think we have to always be looking at the current state of the future State and anything in the past that that maybe we lost when we won I don't know me and maybe even things that are are bad that we shouldn't necessarily address them or continue to park when there are certain exceptions course when it comes to voter fraud when it comes to the stolen 2020 and 2022 elections not going to stop on those ever because those were the attack attacks against our constitution they were attacks against our country and they will continue if we don't address them and it seems as if the vast majority of Americans including him any America First Patriots have decided to know when it's time to move on it's time to move on
it was nothing we could do about it we just got to move on they got sick of losing that sick of being told that they were wrong they were Liars they were misled they were conspiracy theorist they were whatever but here's the thing we all right okay do you like me believe that the 2020 election was stolen you are correct this matter what the wood Fox News and Dominion come to a plea bargain about it or anything like that and just sell them in a plea bargain settlement over no that's not what's important is the truth and the truth is the truth is that many of the 2022 elections the midterm elections were stolen this is why the red tsunami didn't materialize those until you always because of abortion I keep hearing this over and over again when y'all know you guys come at me with a reasonable explanation of how this is true as I said if it was abortion abortion was not knew before the election day before the 2022 midterm elections
even corporate media left his corporate media was saying there's going to be a red tsunami this was not a situation where all but people decided on on Election Day in the Life of a pair of the most them out in the balance but they decided on Election Day that I do now all the sudden the abortion issue is going to make me flip OK people tired of that the masses I told all the posters yes we're going to vote for a Republican vote for this pressure going to be in all the polls are showing red tsunami when all of a sudden millions of Americans woke up on Election Day in holy cow I just got out of work did you hear the Roe v Wade was overturned a few months ago I didn't even know that so now you know I told the post from voting Republican now I'm going to go actually vote Democrat that did not happen that did not happen it wasn't the abortion issue
it's been to the red tsunami it was widespread massive voter fraud where this video can I go on YouTube just as so so few of them can nowadays I do want to talk about another issue that we need to continue to bring up even though it's quote-unquote old news article over at just a FEC began probing twin 2000 my laptop suppression weeks before ex-spies stunning admission now here's the thing you know this is a story that we can't use this for example this cannot fix the 2020 election we can prove that they stole it through this week and sold a bit of influence to through these depression be hunted by the laptop I thing that's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt already we can prove that but that's not going to to fix things but he's going to tell him to come on
not going to happen up let's have a redo you know no that's not going to happen and why we still need to address it is because this is an example of government question that needs to continue to be exposed exposed corruption we are a step closer to preventing future government corruption in this case that is exactly what we want to do by the swing 20 campaign improperly colluded with big Tech and intelligence experts to suppress Acura stories about haunted by his laptop weeks before X by Michael Morales bombshell revelation that he works with the campaign to organize a letter the falsely portrayed the laptop as Russian intelligence dirt the ftc's investigation was confirmed on in a March 2019 letter to Timothy pilot or a lawyer for foreign President Donald Trump who filed a complaint alleging the letter and sweaters and Facebook suppression of laptop story on October 2020 amount to an illegal
time contribution to Biden's campaign un is a quote from the federal election law regulator wrote this to Carlos or you will be notified if he takes final action on your complaint
should you receive any additional information in this matter please forward it to the office of the general counsel you grieve let it here when I got to do that
in an interview with Justin news source said that when he filed the complaint he had strong circumstantial evidence of Biden campaign coordinator the letter but that Morales testimony released by house Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan last week directly confirmed his suspicions and could have a significant impact on the FEC probe we always believed the proper investigation you know giving us access to subpoena power and ability to interview these people under oath would reveal that because the circumstantial evidence strongly suggests a connection to the campaign and I got to hand it to Jim Jordan he just went there a whole lot faster more effective than I could because he has the subpoena power at his disposal what he saying learning for those who may be are catching up last week it was revealed that through whistleblower that the Biden campaign and worked with enough we can assume there were other people within the Deep State not just not just
the FBI not just leave department of justice but there are other people out there who were helping to suppress a hundred my laptop store that was broken by the New York Post of course they then well I'm to work with Twitter Facebook Google Now all the bad guys to work with them to make sure this got suppressed we learned later on months years later that have people people acknowledge that they if they had known about the stories I'd heard about this then of course they wouldn't have voted for Joe Biden talking about millions of people like 17% of Democrats said they would not have voted for by knowing that he was compromised and this is what that's the laptops or he was all about it the other day this isn't about oh here's hundred by naked or he was Hunter Biden you know with his cousin here is Hunter Biden smoking crack is about Chris Hunter Biden the man who was loved allegedly Love by his father and his father who would do pretty much anything for his family because he's willing to
the back them up in the Loudon to continue their their crime family Shenanigans there's a guy that's that's completely and holding Ashley compromised from multiple directions from China from Ukraine macchia probably from from whoever okay the only person doesn't control with Joe Biden does is Joe Biden everybody else as complete and total access to at least of those who have the dirt and Hunter Biden is one of the keys to access to that dirt I did hear a theory long not long time in a few months ago that they actually they being the Biden crime family led by Joe and Jim his brother James but they actually use Hunter for the sake of like basic pretending they're cop my so they can end up getting paid off it's the strangest Theory but it's not
crazy it's definitely possible
is that story over at the federals by Margot Cleveland this this is a question we have to ask what other cries of Russian disinformation we're like I used to help by should be in no position now right now to decide what information is this information nor should anyone else in our government will hardly greet new drug on Friday the Biden presidential campaign and now Secretary of State Anthony blinking have prompted the crashing of the letter signed by 5142 Fishel that falsely claimed the hundred buying the laptop was Russian disinformation days after the New York Post brokenhearted by officials released a public has all the earmarks of a Russian disinformation operation less than a week later on October 22nd during the final presidential debate then can go buy more light on the public statement to counter Donald Trump's criticism of the buying family
play Scandal look terrible but it might look that there are fifty Former Intelligence folks it is a bunch of garbage hey guys this is Jeff Rak I just want to take a second just to come to you guys and let you guys know about a book that I'm currently writing called Following the Leader in this is a book that will be out hopefully by the end of the year maybe beginning of the 2024 but this is a bookworm documenting how the intelligence agencies have been working directly with Cults Cults like Scientology young people like to Charles Manson people like Jim Jones be even Jeffrey Epstein and the cult tactics that they protected with Within These groups that are now using on the masses now unit Now using on you and I are friends and family and people all over this world you know this will answer a lot of the questions about why your friends and family they see the truth right in front of them but they just cannot believe what is right in front of the rise was because they've been brainwashed and manipulated by these tactics that they perfected within the cult soap
it's so important that we understand not only why this is happening but how it's happening what tactic they perfected the whole entire process so go pre-order the book Following the Leader go to plaster pre-order today all pre-orders will get a signed copy once the book is released again Jeff drawer store
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by the nation again when the article by and sees that during the debate in response to Trump pouncing on the laptop Scandal but it was Intelligence folks were pushing a bunch of garbage laptop Michael Morell former deputy director of the CIA blanken who was a senior adviser to the Biden campaign is a time set in motion the events that culminated in the letter Y Kevin Morrell testified that to house investigators called him on October 17th 2020 to discuss the laptop later the same day blink an email today that claimed the FBI was examining whether the hunter by the laptop was part of a disinformation campaign then following the presidential debate Steve chairman of the Biden campaign contact Morel to thank him for putting Biden campaign with the Russian disinformation
intern handing blinking the state department our country now face the reality that the same men who I to America to win the 2020 election are now running the country so what else are they lying about what other claims of Russian disinformation are false Flags now let's be clear and just before we get back to the yard so I won't be clear about to eat the actual accurate answer that question all of it all of it
I am not a fan of Russia I'm not even Putin apologist
every narrative the week that is coming out of this White House regarding Russia and many of them regarding China and almost all the recording a run in North Korea the way that this guy has treat our enemies is is abysmal it's as if a crazy thought here it's as if even the president of the United States compromised by them it's as if this this regime is actually not working on behalf of the United States they're actually working on behalf of enemies doing everything they can
to spread. It's about what's actually happening I get very annoyed when I hear people say how incompetent the Biden Harris machine is they are not incompetent not by any means your store nearly competent they are very extremely successful as fulfilling their agenda agenda is to make our nation more woke their jenda stewmaker Nation more week or as they say in English weaker
their agenda is to take down the United States of America please show that they do wholeheartedly embrace the the ideology of globalism they are wanting to work with Klaus Schwab George Soros Bill Gates Rock Obama all the various Global Sicily cabalist out there they want to do what they think is right by fives having the global community that can ever happen is if United States is on equal footing with the rest of the world they need a multipolar world multiplayer two sided one that is year-round 10 Regional powers of ten Regional powers for those who have not read their your Bible was 10 Regional powers are very likely The 10th Kingdom spoken about a prophecy you myself you know why you picking up 10 I didn't okay that wasn't me that was Klaus Schwab in Henry Kissinger
in the 1970s for the formation of the water come out of for them in concert with the club of Rome and I went to before anybody says there's a whole that's a crazy conspiracy theory folks this is these are facts have been stated by the actual bad guys talking about 10 Regional powers under the control of a single one world government has been in play for five decades and working towards it but then I would argue that the vast majority within the leadership of these globalist has powers powers and principalities if you will now pushing for this multipolar world in which there are 10 Regional powers in the only way they can give that is not by bringing everybody raising everybody up to the United States is level that would be hard
a lot easier to tear down the United States of America that's what's happening
they are not incompetent they're not failing they're cheating their goals we're just very poor at recognizing what their goals actually are
that's the problem we're having here that's the issue
let's get back to the article
really bugs me but it's got to be smoking it's got to be said somebody's got to say it and somebody like you needs to spread the word spread the truth by the article Ukraine war while we catch phrase Russian disinformation rolls off my tongue more frequently than his favorite ice cream flavor is the president's use of that slogans demanding allegiance to the administration's Ukraine policy that proves the most concerning Americans cannot possibly make informed judgments on the propriety of funding arming and providing advisory military personnel much less boots on the ground without knowing the truth because buy them bling and have already themselves Liars by Framing and hunted by the laptop as Russian disinformation nothing they claim is Russian disinformation should be believed to be such further since the Legacy press I will played along with the under my laptop is Russian disinformation Kennard the public should hold no confidence in the word of the corrupt media either that's quite a quagmire Biden blinking and more
I have put the country in which where we can no longer trust our elected leaders then we can our enemy and the evil Vladimir Putin and the president and Secretary of State on the dangerous State of Affairs the release of internal Communications front splitter to a group of independent journalist quickly revealed the global engagement Center had bully the tech giant to censor Americans under the guise of Catherine suppose the Russians information since then investigations by the Federalists have exposed several more Global engagement Center in Michigan targeting the Free Speech rights of conservatives while one would think the global engagement centers credibility would go no lower news that blink and propelled the hundred my laptop is this information narrative achieves the nearest possibility because blind bike blanket binding blanket blinking his Napoli Secretary State meanwhile is housed in the state department
ultimate authority over the gec after all should Americans be the Secretary of States planes of the GC is a critical tool to expose to educate and to medicate this information of our enemies we just a few years ago to ensure the electricity boss Lincoln helped launch a massive disinformation campaign to interference in the to interfere so it should say in the presidential election given that the already exposed in hiding in the prices of the gec two more believable scenario is that when can I buy in the ministrations of using to JC's and frame as this information thereby prompting censorship and that's what it is really comes down to it it's not just about spreading lies about keeping people like you and me
is the greatest fear is the truth
it's unfortunate that in America in 2023 we have a hard time finding doctors and Pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies that we can trust I have been able to find one that I trust wholeheartedly based upon the the trustworthiness of the doctors in the people involved it took me a little while to vet them out but I'm finally come to the conclusion of the wellness company is definitely worth it you can check them out at JD Rucker, well JD well and they don't sell supplements and stuff like that that they do that but they do more than that they have services available that can help you for example to to break free from Big pharma's grasp of Our Lives they they help people to to even get away from Pharmaceuticals altogether if you ever heard of a medical company that does that so check them out the wellness company at JD well
segment the Biden Harris regime is compromised Joe Biden's and his brother James or son Hunter it seems as if anybody with a bike named Buddy close to within the Biden family they are are part of the crime family they are in some way compromised corrupted owned
search me saying that
James, representative James, was on over the weekend with Maria Bartiromo over at Fox News talking about this and as was Tim burchett one thing to know I I left a chat as a as a guy right
pretty decent guy but his voice man he's got a straight-up Sling Blade vibe to it it's not quite as as over-the-top as Sling Blade it was I didn't know what the character's name was but but played by Billy Bob Thornton in the movie long time ago but it definitely has that Vibe which isn't here in the beginning of the video but then we get into James Comer who is quickly emerging as one of my favorites I'm not a big fan of picking out favorites in Congress they just always seem to disappoint me in some way I think James Comer seems like he's a pitbull but it seems as if nine times out of ten just when we think all this guy seems to be doing the right thing this is Senator of this Congressman seems to be doing good then we can learn that they're not I just I don't have a whole lot of faith in pretty much anybody on Capitol Hill.
so far so far James Gores been doing doing okay he's been doing okay and you has been at least attempt to expose the the Biden crime family go ahead and go first let me get to the article about it real quick stop in there is an article by Luis Cornelio overhead line USA it doesn't by the relatives implicated in form business schemes going to, there's no not there's not going to be anybody left for a Christmas picture if the Department of Justice did their job which of course they won't but hey we can at least hope and pray that somebody has a conscience somebody still believes in the constitution in the United States of America coin the article at least a dozen relatives of President Joe Biden are likely to be exposed for benefiting from for businesses tie to buy house oversight committee chairman representative James Comer from Kentucky to Maria Bartiromo on Fox News has a Sunday morning
Futures there's not going to be anybody left for a Christmas picture of the doj did their job and went to went in there and indicted everyone that has any type of fingerprints involved in this influence peddling scheme that's just you know this is going to play the video itself and they're talking about him teaching Biden how could how could we not in page five and if this doesn't track reach him I wonder what their defense will be it's just going on too much and end like I said the documentation that I've seen I can't comment on all of it but what I can comment on it said it is bad and it is getting worse and it is showing it is showing illegal monies from Chinese Communist flowing into this White House
wow strong words of potential impeachment from house oversight Committee Member of Congressman Tim burchett with me on Friday on mornings with Maria over on Fox Business on the when dealing with communist China after the house oversight committee report on millions of dollars the Biden family has taken it from communist China House oversight committee chairman, Sir James, revealing that sticks more members of the Biden family benefit from the family's various business ventures around the world the new information comes from examining the suspicious activity reports those reports sent by fax to the treasury Department in transactions involving President Biden's family show me right now to get to the bottom of it with more in an exclusive interview is house oversight committee chairman, Smith James, I just want to welcome
good morning what can you tell us about your latest findings and the Biden family receiving money from adversaries
well we went in to treasury after a long battle to have access to those Trace reports I thinking that it was a certain number of suspicious activity reports and never that have been previously reported and we thought that there were two or three Biden family members that would be implicated in these Bank violations nearly three weeks later we walk out of Treasury I having red poured over thousands of pages of documents and I can tell you that there were more suspicious activity reports and have been previously reported and many more Biden family members that were involved in the influence peddling team we do have and counting by family members who are Zing by at least one bank for receiving suspicious wires for my adversaries around the world and family members is there a chance
there's the key Maria they sent money to these llc's that the Biden family members created and that's another aspect of this we went in thinking they were around a dozen llc's through our informants in through our research over the past year and through other investigative reporting we thought they were around a dozen of these llc's that were created by Biden family members to disguise or launder where does the source of the revenue was coming from a but there are many more llc's there many more buying Pampers and family members many more llc's and many more countries that China was probably the most reputable country that the Biden family what was dealing with a in the question remains what were these family members doing to receive this money there's no Rhyme or Reason for some of these family members to to receive any type of payment from around the world much less
number that we've uncovered and we're still digging through these by Polly as one of the huge benefits to Chinese May well have paid for was then Vice President Biden presiding over the signing of a memorandum of understanding mou on May 7th 2013 and the Chinese Regulatory Commission to Wave Federal auditing requirements for hundreds of Chinese companies listed on us exchanges was that part of it thousands more traded in our markets all in violation of the US Federal Securities laws
there are six specific decisions that Joe Biden made either as vice president or president that are very concerning to us that we believe could potentially lead back to payments that were made to these llc's that were then lock her down to the bike and family member so you have to look at the number of the llc's and look at the transactions and look at the limited bank records that we have to realize the Great Lengths to which this family went to try to disguise the sender of the money and then deceive the IRS so we hear about the bike family lawyers are meeting with the doj to talk about a potential indictment I want to be very clear Maria it would be impossible for the Department of Justice to just cherry-pick Hunter Biden for an indictment and not do anything to the eight other Biden family members because they were essentially doing the same thing and receiving the same types of payment for Miami
around the world that Hunter Biden was doing
make it look like the numbers were lower because they were just forcing money to other family members how many family members were involved
well right now we have 9 but I believe in the end of that number will be at least 12 I mean this was the Biden family influence peddling scheme and in your when people say what they were called Adventures around the world I haven't found a legitimate business on the bike then Maria I found legitimate business is that that were paying the llc's that were then turning around and learn the money back to the bike but I haven't found any legitimate business dealings on the biking it looks like if there was a legitimate business dealing in any of these llc's it was in spelling and you know if you want to get technical and if you want to get to a legal term that's called being a foreign agent and they weren't registered as a foreign agent and I'm sure the ethics laws would prevent immediate family members of high-ranking government officials from being for naked either way this is bad there are more laws it appeared to me that have been broken than just tax evasion and there are a lot more than just the president
son and his brother wow so the lawyers for Hunter Biden meeting with the doj this upcoming week do you expect to be on their back or not all this doj just ignore it all
well they're in a pickle here especially now with the IRS whistleblower I mean there's no Rhyme or Reason why you shouldn't have been indicted years ago even before the the last presidential election but what are the challenges that I've learned that the department of Jake if there any legitimate serious people left in the doj that are really trying to do the right thing is what do you do with this many family members of the president I mean there's there's not going to be anybody left for a Christmas picture if the doj did their job and went in there and it died and everyone that that has any type of fingerprint involved in this what's peddling Steve I mean it's the entire family can you name the six decision is divided made whether as vice president or as president that helped so that we can better understand what he was doing for the money he was being paid
what we're going to talk about that later we hope to have a press conference very soon to update that the American people and if anyone in the mainstream media is going to really care about it I we have a lot of new information those six decisions are going to be involved in more investigations I think some of them that the American people know about some of them have been out there for a long time but there are some you and that I think I have just popped on our radar screen here lately again there's no reason and there's no explanation for this family to receive this mini suspicious wires from adversaries around the world is Joe Biden work directly involved in some type of decision making because I'm confident that these people who are wiring these were expecting to get a return on their investment and they're in a single one of those family members that had the ability to do anything to influence foreign policy other than the big guy Joe Biden
covid-19 no investigation is this the reason
methadone covid-19 on Tik Tok nothing on the Spy balloon I trying to continue to steal our intellectual property they continue to manipulate our current to their buying companies around the world that a problem for us from a national security standpoint and yet this President does nothing about China makes you wonder Maria whether or not he is in fact compromised because of the millions of dollars his family's already taken in from the Chinese Communist Party
thanks for having me where you house oversight committee chairman a congressman James Comer thank you sir I'm going to buy no no we are not we are not going to the Brian Kilmeade let's get back to your real quick and then I'll move on actually it's almost never mind. Let's talk about it so we've got a crime family in the white house right now and you could say that we've had that for a long time and I'm outside of trump we had the bush crime family then the Clinton crime family than the bush crime family in the Obama crime family speaking of which reports coming out that Susan Rice is leaving the White House to join the Brookings Institute fitting but certainly I will say this
night when I hear that that seems to at least to me and have the feel of hey she's coming back some at some point I have to try to salvage Joe Biden 2024 run by replacing Kamala Harris pull out now separate ourselves distance herself from domestic policy issues of course no for for foreign policy but she is a domestic advisor for whatever reason the the puppet of Barack Obama the puppet of the globalist leak ball and someone argue this is not a puppet she's actually one of the one of the ringleaders but either way she is out at the White House apparently and being being a moving over to the the private sector I would say that's temporary I do believe that she is the most likely a person to replace Kamala Harris as the VP candidate for providing second-term if he were to assume that he's going to run or be pushed to run by the power
gosh so much stuff speaking of a dram of course of the weekend 60 minutes
did their thing they're their propaganda of for on behalf of I should say the Deep State propaganda to try to to get ray after his name cleared I guess it sounds like the guy that sells house moving to a an RV with his wife and now they're just trying to hide that look I'm not going to pity the guy because I do believe it was my personal opinion but I do believe that he worked and maybe still work for the FBI that he is a thief state or whether he's a direct member or just an informant or whatever the evidence is just Crystal Clear he's sitting here saying we go inside the Capitol building and it every people yelling fed fed fed and yet he still seeing him here you can get arrested Grandma's getting arrested for for taking selfies in the in the Capitol building but then you got Ray out soon as literally literally encouraging people to promote it propped
people to enter the Capitol building and he's not even he's a hero to the to the January 6th committee he's a he's a friend of the FBI guy as the FED but hate 60 Minutes I love this Jennifer Oliver O'Connell of what red States said 60 Minutes screams livre absolute loan I don't let me know about Britney Spears but that was obviously funny back then years ago is wreaking havoc on supposed former oathkeeper and passion Trump supporter Reyes going to the interview which aired Sunday night because of Fox News is Tucker Carlson revolver lose in the conspiracy theories surrounding, as an FBI plant on January 6th 2021 his wife or in hiding death threats forced him to sell their 5-acre Ranch in Arizona and they're now living in an RV somewhere in the Rocky
as my colleague she wrote on Saturday if that's in the federal government have an explanation for why the one guy caught on tape inside and January 6th managed to avoid even be charged for Grandma's we took selfies outside with prosecuted then let's hear it instead of me cuz you need to be treated to nonsensical assertions that EPS was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when I had no ill intent as if that offered protection for anyone else who was present you know I'll just come out stairs side talk okay Trump is he coming out against against Reyes I want to hear Trump go to sansar who ever say that the moment they're in office everybody who's involved in January 6th
gets a party that's what I want to hear
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Phyllis Hickman attorney to the Epic Economist their YouTube channel I did an article or sorry I ate a video of toy retailers passing right in front of our eyes it's important we understand exactly where we are in the current economic State and I think seeing what's happening retail second may be easier than any mention of central banks or anything like that so here is the Epic economist
look on each feet in the retail sector has not stopped even established names that have been with us for centuries until starting to fall apart all around us to the toughest economic environment was seeing since the 1970s consumers will lose some of their favorite stores this year according to data provided by Starbucks to Disney from apparel retailers to department store everyone in the industry seems to be haunting The Edge the masked shutdowns are already happening as retailers grapple with a declining sales inflation and he's at a time of increased Financial volatility and high potential for disaster we've decided to compile several companies that are fighting for their life in 2023 Only the strongest will keep standing and you should check this video
to see if you want favorite brand is on the bankruptcy you watch list but before moving on WE kindly ask you to support I went with a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel to hear off in front of our eyes Kohl's department store is being in trouble for years when it founded in 1946, the market is a supermarket chain but over the company started to be crushed by big names in the grocery sector leading its Executives the rebranded for instilling the biggest victims out the retail apocalypse full scene calls to exit the sector and restructure its operations to retail Fitness
athleisure and denim clothing data provided by inside of shows that for the past 7 months of dropped the company's thin margins coupled with a nationwide decline in discretionary spending or financially eviscerating caused which is now on Moody's Analytics bankruptcy watch list for 2023 it's Bridal known as the Rhino retail chain just filed for bankruptcy and announced it has plans to lay off 2% of its top or around 9201 has the company was in distress for several months before seeking chapter 11 protection that Mark the second bankruptcy in five years was Malcolm revealed that in case the company does not find a bar stools
close by the end of this year an announcement that spot anxiety among brides-to-be from all over the country since 2021 the struggling Children's Apparel retailer is being experiencing severe cash-flow problems declining foot traffic and increased competition in March negative and just a few days off and use about its most recent bankruptcy filing was released the company closed 450 Stihl hundreds of employees without giving notice as a result on top of a complicated bankruptcy process the companies also coping with a multimillion-dollar class action lawsuit for 99 Cents Only stores
Angel problems an assistant inflation and high operational cost of listening it's in tunnel ision the company has over 350 locations in full States but consumer demand is falling steadily is people complain about Rising prices disadvantage compared to larger retailers that have a significantly bigger net worth of supplies and cash flow with its low ratings are also an indication that won't travel as they had for the company has shoes conscious Footwear brand wood used to do need a pair of shoes to charity for every bad punches has been facing increased pressure for several seals
go down there is no secret that has gone through a revenue decline last year to control its dead it stopped donating shoes and the started to donate a share of its profits to charity in order to prevent a cash-flow crisis retail analysts predict that this may be the last for TOMS Shoes sinks Los angeles-based fashion has been slumping sales as premium price jeans of giving away the trendy athleisure clothing if the bankruptcy in 2017 350 million dollar in the pandemic let the company to file for chapter 11 for the second time
does the economy slowed down since then it is closed 6400 stores in bankruptcy loans given that demand for apparel continues to fall tops the supermarket company that is roughly 180 Tops Friendly Markets locations Massachusetts in Pennsylvania is a serious risk of disappearing from the US economic landscape according to the Wall Street Journal the already bankrupt Regional grocery chain has this substantial deep load 375 billion dollars in dividend consequently making its business unprofitable and unsustainable and list of written interests to acquire the indebted company that's why experts in the sector believe the tops is being left to die
reach the crossing retailers balance sheet is be looking quite miss you for the past couple of years the company has actually seen the seals booming with more people than ever picking up new hobbies like sewing and knitting but I'll today economy reopen Joanne has had a difficult time keeping its numbers up in the last quarter 2022 net sales declined by 6.8% compared to the same period a year ago the four hundred sixty three point three million dollars and gross profit also decreased by 20% during that period and it's bruised to 21.5 million dollars condition still look diet for the company and they recently announced it will be closing 7 laying off hundreds of workers as it attempts to reduce cost to save the business
movie morphe Cosmetics cosmetics and beauty manufacturer founded in 2008 and most known for its Partnerships with beauty YouTubers like James Charles Jeffree Star Jaclyn Hill is closing its doors for God the company is shutting down all of its tools in the United States the announcement came after the company has been hit by several lawsuits over the last year including one by the owners of Aden allegedly failed to pay rent in 2022 what were the movies parent company for my brands has now filed for bankruptcy 10 is the downfall of Sia's has been playing out for many years the retailer continuously closed-door since it filed for bankruptcy in 2018 but 2020
Julie Johnson's do most prominently the company decided to sell off by itself to help generating, diversify its Revenue stream is the company wasn't able to make profits beat up Aver otte retail expert and CEO of my life the note that the company hasn't made a full year profit since 2011 has reasons 2023 might be the sea is goes extinct 11 milk the north carolina-based department store chain that operates in 16 States making an appearance in 2021 in 2023 experts predict department stores and apparel Brands will be vulnerable in shifts in consumer
when will you be home I'm disposable income spending any discretionary companies in the apparel and department store in space now at risk of declining is discounts in Greece and consumers spend more cautiously this increases the risk for retailers such as bound Moody's analyst highlighted Christopher and Banks the women's apparel retailer founded in 1956 has filed for bankruptcy in 2 lb of business sales of 40% to 60% across hundreds of locations Christopher and Banks president and CEO carey-jones said the company chose to seek protection due to the financial distress resulting from the pandemic and its ongoing impact at the moment over 400 stores are closing all around America as Christopher and Banks
good-byes do they loyal customers Starbucks not even the world's biggest coffee house was able to escape the retail Cottage that keeps accelerating all across the industry after facing extensive shortages of key ingredients packaging and Personnel the company decided that God caused to be able to weather the storm is brewing in the sector right now Starbucks is in the process of closing 500 location and you may be next on the list for teen Disney Disney retail stores with retail clothing toys Automotion died since my advice famous films of suffering with the lowest sales in a day if you who reports that's why an additional 50 of being shunted off to the 60 closings of God in 2022
the entertainment giant disgusting 7,000 jobs this year would using its 14 by 15% as the company is focusing on its online presence to keep selling its products and fewer asleep and Scott shuptrine Interiors just went into Chapter 7 bankruptcy and have liquidated assets 70% of its close by the end of the year one about three hundred locations that whistled to a different parent company of the shoe retailer recently went through a buyout to improve its financial situation a Chinese company has purchased a 200 year old UK Footwear brand.
breeds in the US and Europe however the change in command has prompted the company to shut a 25% of its Tools in America almost live in cup so far many more may soon be on the chopping block is the company faces a bumpy restructuring Seventeen and still order the beauty retailer that offers its Brands like Bobby Brown lamade Clinic MAC Cosmetics Origins the libido frequency is Bumble and Bumble of has seen sales declined by 32% in the last quarter of 2020 to be closing Market exposure over 2,000 jobs will be slashed during that process and the outlook for 2023 remains gloomy on Wednesday the company said it
sales declined between 12% in the first quarter of 2023 due to Falling demand $0.53 this week alone when it was acquired by American Freight but things haven't gotten any better for the company discretionary spending and Rising debt load the clothes over 40 stores and location in and stay afloat 19 gas in the past decade the retail Jean specialist field to find a pasta long-term success in the u.s. in the last quarter the company reported a net loss of 2.9 Million Dollars
supply chain problems Rising Transportation cost and depressed to even admit the holidays over the country and recent controversies around copyright issues me further damage at sales Outlook his famous artists like Banksy protest against the brand on social media and fuel pump Lake outrage funny H&M one of the largest clothing retailers in the world is falling apart in plain sight in January 2023 the company said it was still suffering from the loss is caused by the pandemic right after that would be this year but then he'd originally planned in November 2022 over 1,500 roles will be impacted its profits tumbled more than expected cost stop to buy
CNBC reports
good morning retail is being threatened by a myriad of problems that continue to pile on the greatest challenges as we enter another economic downturn is the proved that relevant in any Rush of rising e-commerce retailers as well as how to attract customers back into stores have been a trend of skull has been due to the soaring cost of living if these retailers do not find ways to increase their revenues balance their dads and differentiate themselves from other emerging Brands suit of the people realized they will be gone for what are your experience here let us know in the comments and we look forward to seeing you next time thank you for watching
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I wonder who likes to jump in and give a hot take when I don't know the details but I'm going to go ahead and and throw in my my reaction my analysis of the whole Tucker Carlson Fox News debacle crossword course left Fox News or was fired we don't know for sure yet and at least as of the the this show I don't know why he was removed all I know is that Fox News immediately removed a show on Friday and then Monday morning they released a statement since Fox News Tucker Carlson agreed to part ways we think of her service yada yada yada final shows Friday you look at the show Friday and I didn't watch it but apparently you were saying they didn't seem to be anything amiss concerning show
like that so let's talk about something again just so you know if you listen to the news already broken about in a year listen this after-the-fact news has already broken about we know what happened please don't think that I'm an idiot for thinking these things but I will admit this comes as a complete shock and then let's face it is Fox News Fox News probably would be a Mustang they don't have any other decent shows I don't watch him ever okay to be clear but I know there are some other people to like certain other shows got fell out or whatever the five apparently is very popular I'm not much of a Fox News guy I'm out of Fox News Conservative Republican or whatever you want to call them I don't trust Fox News Tucker Carlson was the one shining Beacon of light or hope or whatever you want to say it and now that he's gone I am literally never watch anything on Fox news ever again unless I actually have two for whatever
I need and then I never actually turned on Fox News Clips you know I rarely watch him but at least I enjoyed him I saw I saw him he is a patriot exception to the rule most people Fox News I believe our are all controlled opposition even the so-called conservatives amongst their commentators I think that they are only conservative when they're allowed to be conservative in otherwise they're just rhinos puppets unit party swamp supporters the works okay so that said hear my possible theories I'm just throwing it out there and again I don't want to sound like an idiot if the listening after the the truth is revealed but the number one course there was the Dominion the Dominion lawsuit the settlement or over with nearly a billion dollar
Fox News paint dominion over over the clothes about voter fraud which voter fraud I don't know what to what extent the minion played if any and I don't want to get sued either but I mean you would think that considering all the evidence of Racine there just didn't seem to be something there but again you know who knows but that that as much as I would like to say that's probably it I don't want to because I mean sound like tiger Kross was out there with the minion all the time he really wasn't he might have had some shows here there where he mentioned them but but for the most part he didn't really go after Union lean into it will say the meaning of being part of the mass of widespread voter fraud the soulless 2020 election for President Trump Dominion I don't watch
Tucker very often but I think I would have heard or at least remember hearing about him going after the mini and claiming the Dominion help to steal the election I don't think that he said that so we can say that that's got a good chance maybe maybe not or stand there is the whole Ray ABS episode it Raves of course was on 60 Minutes over the weekend and he did his thing in each state I didn't know what the purpose was at this stage why why he was even put on 60 Minutes in the first place I know that from their perspective is to get ready isn't it their duty to the Deep state to try to try to clear his name or get sympathy or something maybe it was just the straction I don't know but I do know that there's a good chance
maybe a great chance that Tucker Carlson wanted to do was show a follow-up show the 60 Minutes interview showing the video evidence of Ray apps going after you know prompting people to go to the cap I mean we've all seen you seen in some of it some of the evidence of Reyes participating in inciting these so-called Riot the most beautiful protest but the the incursion will say that the illegal the trespassing many people into the Capitol building on January 6th 2021 that have something to do with who knows I would say
if I have the to put something out there is a most likely scenario yeah I was saying this problem yet Tucker says hey you know if they're going to do this then I want to show all this video of Rahab some Fox News is no you can't do that thing in Tucker says but it's my show you know I've got this all the video footage we got tons of video footage of this will be great and they said it's Hornet's Nest as I've said many times I do believe the Fox News isn't just controlled opposition I think they are a very integral part of the control mechanism from the global Sleek the ball even use Fox News as a way to sprinkle a little bit of a father you know just enough fodder for conservatives to keep watching okay but they won't let them talk about certain subjects and I think this is probably what I think that this is something with these State calls Fox News says now that you know we got re-ups we got his victim card we handed it to him he gets to play it so leave it at that don't like talking to his thing and text as well I want to do anything
it's very clear the Raves was was if anybody is supposed to go to jail for January 6th not the singer he should have for what he did but I'm saying there are people that are in jail for January 6th but it's far less than what Ranch is done and that's just on the video footage of leucine what if Tucker Carlson has more what a Tucker Carlson and his team were able to find re-up soon farm when he wanted to get involved with that just a thought again I'm saying all these things for the repeated disclaimer this is a breaking hot Tay K that's it this is just just my thoughts yeah right after the fact right after we hear about Tucker Carlson and Fox News parting ways but of all the things I've seen so far that's the one that makes the most sense with Dan bongino leaving I don't think I would say I would argue that allowed to or she always knows Alexandria ocasio-cortez
said that the tunnel crossing to be centered and then all the sudden Fox News gets rid of him near where they bound to to AOC it's like no no stop that's just know they're not say something to do with AOC now that would be really funny but turns out oh yeah it turns out they're just listen to feel like a real idiot then I really be the idiots at Fox News and they have seen anybody else involved in that Shenanigans if that were the case I don't think it is I would say that it's it's not that's not what happened I'm going to say that the whole thing is the most likely scenario because of his January 6th footage I would picture that is being you know the the most likely circumstance that would go take them from basically January find a show and then be normal. All of a sudden Monday morning their parting ways no no follow-up no no no goodbye show
oh no nothing like that always the possibility Shenanigans I know that in my audience many of you love Tucker Carlson but let's face anybody anybody who is a celebrity anybody in media anybody who's not a celebrity or anybody can be become embroiled in controversies especially when it comes to their personal affairs we don't know it is possible that maybe maybe and I wouldn't we learn a lot of stuff about Bill O'Reilly for example the O'Reilly did his thing and have his Shenanigans and then he was out maybe something similar happened talk across
I think we probably would have this point maybe maybe it's not I don't know I don't know I don't know
so now the question becomes are we going to find out exactly what happened and it really comes down to whatever agreement Fox News Tucker Carlson made guys this is just want to take a second just to come to you guys and let you guys know about a cult following the leader in this is a book that will be out hopefully by the end of the year maybe beginning of the 2024 but this is a bookworm documenting how the intelligence agencies have been working directly with Cults Cults like Scientology I am people like to Charles Manson people like Jim Jones be even Jeffrey Epstein and the cult tactics that they perfected with Within These groups that are now using on the masses now you now using on you and I and our friends and family and people all over this world you know this will answer a lot of the questions about why your friends and family they see the truth right in front of them but they just cannot believe what is right in front of the rise was because they've been brainwashed and manipulated by these tactics that they perfected within the cult so it's so important to understand not only why this is happening but how is happy
what tactic they perfected the whole entire process so go pre-order the book Following the Leader go to pre-order today all pre-orders will get a signed copy once a book is released again Jeff store
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did did she get a shoot payday in exchange for his silence I would assume so if we don't hear from Tucker about what exactly happened and we can assume that it was something probably the Raves thing and that they said look you can't do it he says I'm leaving it's a fine you know good riddance Trump guy in nine rhino guy good riddance but hey you can say anything and if you want to hear your big hundred million dollar 500 million dollar I don't know
big bonus then you never talk about this again you know there's a non-disclosure agreement yada yada yada if you already signed but here we are reiterating it and you can't say where you can't even tell me why why you left the matter fact you can't say anything at all. I don't know I don't know what we'll see we'll see I hate these that's why I hate hot things like this because we don't know the details on when those things out who knows it that it was very sudden unexpected stocks of their stock started tanking not good not good at all I don't know I don't know what's going to happen since I don't know who they're going to get to try to replace my there but they're going to apparently running live show tonight and have various people guest guest host Fox News personalities filling in until they can get a permanent I can't imagine who they could possibly get to fill that shows funny the only person that I would say
might have been somebody who can fill that spot was Dan bongino he left last week to Fox News is likely in the whole lot of trouble I can't I mean I think that there are millions of Fox News viewers who were Clinging On to Fox News only because of Tucker Carlson last time I actually ever heard on in this is I'm not this is not like some exaggeration this is this is this is the absolute truth my televisions have not turned on Fox News Channel since the 2020 election
okay it will say the overnight sells them to text me the morning after election day was the last time I ever watched Fox News I have seen clips of Tucker Carlson I've seen a handful of Clips usually what I'm trying to do some research and go after Sean Hannity I've seen clips of Sean Hannity I seen in case play the clip earlier of Laura Ingraham you know I'll I will see clips from Fox News, I don't even seek out their their videos it's usually only if it's in bed somewhere else do I even find them I put them in the same category as a CVS or seeing anybody else are they more right-leaning or Centrist or whatever sure are they controlled all opposition absolutely in the difference between media that is it look if media wants to be unbiased I'm off for that I wish the movie wasn't bias
about Fox News is is not unbiased and they're not better because they're a little bit right-leaning on most issues they're actually worse because if you're going to be look if you're going to be completely unbiased you're going to be truly as a safety fair and balanced awesome if you're going to pretend to be right-leaning but use that power to Lauren conservatives and then give them give them feed them crap feed them otherwise for as controlled opposition and that's not a good thing folks say this is one of the reasons that I've been so so against a lot of these networks yeah I like one America news I like Italian I think they're pretty good okay I like some of the newer I've been listening Lotsa to Badlands media on on Rumble okay I listen to listen to podcast I'm getting Clips cave it's pretty much I don't watch Network news I don't watch cable news
don't I know a lot of people do and I'm not saying that you you should be like me I like to go to the try to find my sources regarding the news I go to conservative websites I've read a lot and like I said I will get Clips usually that are embedded in those post rather than going to to television channels and having it said to me okay it's not a big fan of that takes but as of right now I would say the real situation is the most likely cause of the departure of Tucker Carlson to be more specific or it'll be the whole January 6th taped debacle I said the bottle because I don't think enough has been put out even by Tucka Crossing this team
I think that they that they should have leaned into this for for many many many many shows are there was really no reason to have other shells when you've got like $17,000 or however many at 1445 to I do remember how many watts of hours of shows shows of a video footage to go through I'm sure they have plenty that they could demonstrate hey this person is a fat you know we can see this person over here pushing the people inside and then over here he's he's hanging out and you taking his badge off at so I don't know but I'm sure they can find that stuff should I get ahead tons of footage of Ray steps so they can figure out who the scaffold Commander was I'm sure they could do a lot of stuff with that footage and so far they happened and I would say maybe that is that's that's where what caused this Rift between Tucker Carlson and Fox News maybe he didn't want to do more and they said no I don't know
are those are the socks America I see a lot of people out there saying oh you know this will be better for Tucker maybe it will I don't see the maybe we'll reason I say I don't see this because listen there's that he had the biggest audience in the United States of America with Fox News and Will some follow wherever he goes absolutely will that be most know they're going to just fortunately majority of people who are watching were watching Tucker Carlson on Fox News that's going to watch whoever they put in that spot not going to chase him down and find where he is no getting subscribe to his Rumble Channel or his his his his whatever Spotify podcast it's just not going to happen. Yeah a lot of he can he start a podcast tomorrow it'll be the biggest podcast be as big as Joe Rogan okay
but that's still not going to be at meme I should say as big as your we're going to be bigger bigger than most people maybe not as big as Joe Rogan because again it's brand-new podcast whatever you get the idea what it Beez big asses show on Fox news now I don't think so I could go to Newsmax and make them big short but as big no I mean
nothing short of him going to Trump and saying let's start the Trump News Network and he becomes the the chief executive and the primary Primetime show host that's the only way I could see him Danny from this we would you normally gain from this but financially as well as you do an exposure he did have the platform platform lest we forget Bueller just look at his predecessor pick a part of him is Bill O'Reilly Bill O'Reilly in that time slot on Fox News was the most-watched Cable News Network guy on television okay so the spot the best spot
now does he do better than Bill absolutely what happened to Bill O'Reilly at the grandkids stamps so silly and so he had that kind of bounced back I believe I can do whatever and then Bill O'Reilly they all took it gets a big hit that they had good exposure from Fox we have less exposure now and I think I took him to have less exposure wherever he goes
as well
one does not have to be a Quantico Doomsday prepper in order to appreciates to knowledge that the pharmaceutical supply chain could could be challenged could even break down completely at some point in the future after a 90% of the ingredients used in the Pharmaceuticals that we produced here in the United States come from China that should scare you that should concern you greatly
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add a heavy data come back from my first show in a while for those who've been asking yes and I've said this in the last couple shows which unfortunately I've been 3 weeks apart we are finally taking that point where I can't consistent start doing the show everyday that's enough a blessing I am very grateful to God first and foremost I'm very grateful to those who helped me to get to that point where we can finally start doing the show on a daily basis. TV getting that launch that's lunch now you're probably maybe watching it on this turned on TV right now or maybe you're listening over in America Web talk radio Malcolm and his team have been extraordinary Li patient I'm so grateful for them for for what they've been doing that with with that great radio red
the station at the podcast we listen to a podcast 1 of the podcast that works I'll be seeing that Spotify since I've been there and I'm going to be listing the others podcast that works thank you for your support I appreciate that we are going to really try them to make this show grow make it make it strong make it better and all that good stuff but when there are stories like the talk across the story The pop-up yeah of course Don Lemon fired from CNN timing definitely not related I can assure you that when that stuff like that happens that we've got a report on it so so that means that I've got a whole bunch of stories try to squeeze into this final segment so let's try not to get them all in there I don't think I will but you know what I'm not going to give up just yet this story comes from Steve Watson over at 7 News explosive new study finds face masks main Kris stillbirths testicular dysfunction cognitive decline in kids now he won't he's reading the article real quick what will get to the rat
the mics all that stuff and the people over 2 years 3 years web free you're sorry saying that from the very beginning with K number to you don't want to be breathing in your own CO2 that's bad bad stuff whatever anyway carbon dioxide poisoning wind warning for short periods and may have contributed significantly to still breastfeed when worn by pregnant women as well as testicular dysfunction and cognitive decline and children among other destructive health issues as reported by The Daily Mail the research published in the journal helion comprises a review of 43 previously published studies on exposure to CO2 mask-wearing and pregnancy the study notes that even short-term exposure to concentrations
CO2 as low as 0.3% cause brain damage increasing xiety and impaired memory in both pregnant rats and young mice in one study keep remember that that number 0.3%
brain damage 0.3% of CO2 and increase their concentration sorry in another and back the article another study when male mice were exposed to 2.5% Co 24 hours testicular cells and sperm were destroyed the equivalent amount for humans will be 0.5% of CO2 over the same period of Time 4 hours 0.5% per cent testicular cell and sperm being destroyed
yet another experiment discover the stillbirths and birth defects occurred in pregnant rats and we're supposed to just 3% CO2 which will be 0.8% for humans and study also points to research that found just five minutes of mash wearing result in CO2 levels in between 1.4% and 3.2%
your back during the the lock down. We would you know I hate to admit it but I don't hate it I mean we did what you do what you have to do and we weren't going to wear masks we just weren't going to do it if we have to do to the doctor I get it but outside of that we just wouldn't go places that Force us to wear Matt hey guys this is Jeff just take a second just to come to you guys and let you guys know about a book that I'm currently writing called Following the Leader in this is a book that will be out hopefully by the end of the year maybe beginning of the 2024 but this is a bookworm documenting how the intelligence agencies working directly with Cults Cults like Scientology did Charles Manson people like Jim Jones be even Jeffrey Epstein and the cult tactics that they perfected with Within These groups that are now using on the masses now you now using on you and I are friends and family and people all over this world this will answer the questions about why your friends and family they see
treat her right in front of somebody's just cannot believe what is right in front of their eyes was because they've been brainwashed and manipulated by these tactics that they perfected within the cult so it's so important to understand not only why this is happening but how it's happening what tactics they perfected the whole entire process so go pre-order the book Following the Leader go to pre-order today all pre-orders will get a signed copy once the book is released again store
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with the part that I hate to admit we ordered a lot from Amazon a lot from instacart what are the last from GrubHub and doordash we were working with what companies as much as I like to say oh you got to be at work was working with what companies I'm also not going to put my family's health at risk we are sensing not sense of deducing the health risks of mask-wearing millions of you have as well you were like oh no way I'm not going to wear a mask that's that you know for me I have a hard time breathing okay I literally had a hard time breathing with the masks on okay and I'm not just talk about it maybe it's just some undiagnosed claustrophobia I have but I was like man this sucks you know I don't want to do this I got to do it not going to do it and so
this before the site is being so much we learned after the fact after the damage is done that's what we learn about an hour after after the 2020 election that's when we learned that the hunter Biden laptop story of course you and I knew that was real from the beginning as soon as anybody in the left Democrats they did not know he thought it was a Russian disinformation that's what 51 different guys in the intelligence community that after the fact it's too late
they were wrong
after the fact after they've spent three years making people wear masks as well as any of the lot of people that wear masks voluntarily they love it they feel wrong to not have a mascot
bugs me that all bugs me to death
The Masks are bad enough but what about globalism coming from our presidents including so-called Republican or Rhino George W bush in what can only be called I mean I'm still not sure why this isn't isn't being caught out of the illegal not sure why not very many people are covering this I saw it over the weekend and just the news has broken out here from American greatness over American greatness I don't see a whole lot of others writing about it maybe it's just I'm not going to get all riled up like why is conservative media and then like 2 or 3 days late so I can start seeing more stories popping up in Gateway pundit or or Infowars or whatever those of you can't see the screen if you listen to talk radio thank you very much or on podcast the articles by illegal aliens
into the u.s.
and as the article reads three of the five living former presidents have joined forces with American Express Global business travel and welcome. You as to create a non-governmental organisation NGO that will fly illegal aliens to an any desired destination in the United States just a news reports of the new NGO miles from President Bill Clinton George W bush and Barack Obama welcomed by us was a pre-existing in jio phone 2 by far-left billionaire George Soros and is open Society Foundation originally created to provide logistical assistance in the roughly 80 5000 Afghan refugees refugees were brought into the United States after the collapse of Afghanistan which result in the disastrous from the disaster if you withdraw from that country now with welcome. You are steaming up with American Express with a joint effort miles for migrants will raise money to provide air travel for illegal aliens from drain with the illegals being allowed
to fly to any destination that use cash
it's because you have three presents doing that make it legal know so how how is this why are there not raids being done of the office of these various places miles for migrants welcome. You as well as the homes of George W bush Barack Obama and Bill Clinton then literally engaged in illegal human trafficking illegal aliens in the United States via air travel paying for it let him go wherever they want that's illegal I mean how is this not
something FBI rate of any form of DHHS right I don't know
they were talking about their knowledge in hey we're committing crimes here we're taking illegal aliens from outside of the country where flying them wherever they want to go
I mean
I got nothing folks literally I got nothing I don't know how this makes any sense
how many tell me somebody you know who I am because of the crush I get it because of the government that is because you know whatever I I understand the logistics what I'm wondering is why is there knowing you screaming about this but I'm screaming about obviously you listen to me scream more people screaming about this
illegal aliens I just don't get it
you'll be there in okay they're refugees I might disagree but at least that doesn't seem illegal
hey there.
Shooting out all right so like I said we're trying to get through to all these stories here's one from a Tyler Durden techniques from Jessie Felder over the field report but curated by Tyler Durden / Zero Hedge title weigold may be on the cusp of another major bull market you know what let's get that one make sure we get these last couple in this is comes from the epoch times via Reuters Credit Suisse has continued Swiss billion Swiss Francs in a billion dollars in assets left the bank in the first quarter and that outflows were continuing underscore the challenges faced by UBS group and that rescuing its rival customer deposits declining by 67 billion Francs in the quarter and the paint noted by many
short time deposits had not been renewed so it's not just that the money is being pulled out it's in the money is not being pumped right back yet not good but have not yet reversed as of April 24th 2023 another been having challenges Prince was as long as Silicon Valley Bank we know what happened with the with the Old Republic Bank when did the banking crisis worldwide global banking crisis is real and they're trying to keep it as soon as possible they don't want people to panic as I said many times just comes down to if you really want to know what drives the economy is perception they sent them that I should say perceptions perceptions I sent him a text and said it was actually happens with the common people are confident that the economy is based in the buy more when they attended by more than it does go up
I like it almost a self-fulfilling prophecy and when they took all my gosh you know your money is not saving the banks people start start going doing Bank runs and all the sudden your money in the bank why because of the bank runs that will probably buy people thinking their money wasn't saving the banks
I mean those are very simplistic ways of looking after that's why show me presidents so many members of of of government in general they tend to if especially if it behooves them at that moment they tend to try to promote positive about the economy's they try to downplay any negative because they know that they start talking negatively there's a good chance of being negative things will turn into more negative things can start crumbling very easily the opposite was true Donald Trump as you look at Donald Trump's fiscal policies they were good parents tax cuts to special they were good they were very pro-business but it wasn't wasn't a bad his policies as much as about his attitude and the attitude of the people towards is policies people like he didn't put out these amazing incredible policies that that made the stock market go I'm a wealthy acree and wealth and Josh
it was cause people believed in it it was because the policies did well and so things are getting better than people try to see things getting better and so they started doing more to make things better is up and up and up and up and up right in the pandemic and I don't get started on that and then you said exact opposite with with Joe Pyne okay it seems as if they're back and forth between good Center Ambassador good-news-bad-news really quite crazy you know what I'm not going to time to get to that other streets I do want to touch on the skull store real quick
again why gold may be on the cusp of another major bull markets by Jesse field over the Field Report via your hedge last week the treasury Department revealed the federal deficit had 1.1 trillion in the first half of the fiscal year ending in March 432 billion larger than the same period a year earlier more over most of this expansion came in the month of March spending Rose 36% year-over-year not in small part due to rapidly Rising interest cost longer-term there is a clear widening Trend that began back in 2015 and a two now have resumed after some pandemic Inspire Generations is any guide this deteriorating fiscal Trend should we represent a structure a bearish influence for the dollar in the months and years to come or if history is any guide the best protection against deteriorating fiscal situation mathematically guaranteed by rapidly growing social security and Medicare spending is that the goal
last time he doesn't reverse from a narrow in Trenton begin a major widened ran back in the early 2000s it coincided with a major top in the dollar Index which evolved into a major bear market for the Greenback this was one of the primary Catalyst for major bull market in price of gold which rose from a low of $250 in 2001 to hire me on $2,000 a decade later which is still looking at that investors have little to no respect interest in owning gold which is a bullish contrarian sign my book as my friend Kalin Thomas recently pointed out assets in goalie TS like GLD are tiny fraction of those invested in equities efts like spy however there's a good chance of the deteriorating fiscal situation will overtime light a fire under investor appetite for precious metals relative to financial assets just as it did two decades ago and that's exactly the sort of thing that could power
another major bull market for precious metals not one of the things to it to keep in mind as I read you all that stuff I was so we share a lot of financial news we did just pick up our fourth gold sponsor my people ask me all the time and why would you get another gold sponsor the reason I tell him the reason is pretty obvious because not everybody has the same needs and then and JD Kirk k i r k j d wrecker. Calm day then work with any Christian organization service organization and there but they are very good. We're just getting started with him so far I have no taste whatsoever and we still recommending the others as well as you think this is the knock-on that I will be back very soon with another episode of the meantime you'll stay strong
and God bless

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