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JD Rucker Show, November 15, 2023

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JD Rucker Show
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Debating Political Hypocrisy and Social Media Anonymity

Title: Debating Political Hypocrisy and Social Media Anonymity


In this episode of the JD Rucker Show, host JD Rucker delves into the complexities of political discourse and the challenges of addressing sensitive topics in a polarized environment. He reflects on his journey from hosting non-political shows to engaging in the fiery realm of political commentary, acknowledging the inevitability of controversy and dissent in this field. Rucker passionately discusses a recent incident sparked by a tweet about Nikki Haley's stance on social media verification. He criticizes Haley's proposal to eliminate anonymity on social media platforms, arguing that such measures would infringe on privacy rights and fail to address the root issues, like child pornography and online harassment.

Rucker further explores the broader implications of this debate, drawing parallels with the gun control discussion and the broader challenges of public discourse in America. He laments the perceived shift in societal values and the difficulty of reaching consensus or even engaging in productive debate. The show takes a deep dive into the 2020 election controversies, with Rucker presenting his viewpoint on alleged voter fraud, supported by personal research and eyewitness testimonies. He questions the underlying causes of the current political and social climate, pondering whether it's a result of spiritual delusion or demonic influence. The episode concludes with a contemplation of historical and biblical instances of delusion and the potential parallels in contemporary society, leaving the audience to ponder the complexity of truth and perception in the modern political landscape.

Recording: November 15, 2023

JD Rucker Show

JD Rucker Show
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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of ejd Rucker show I'm your host J D wrecker and where do I start you know is it's ready whenever you start doing these shows way back in the very beginning I'm saying well not going to take me about the very beginning I used to do some some non political shows way back in the day but but once I started doing it political shows I realized that you're always going to make somebody mad and I don't care if you have a 100% America First Patriot conservative full-blown in a perfect show somebody's going to come in and they're going to tell you that your your rhino or that you're you're a controlled opposition or whatever it's funny because the one that prompted this early morning discussion
the story that they've got me, I guess you could say in trouble was just to tweet it was just a tweet about how how Nikki Haley was wrong okay Nikki Haley for those who missed it and obviously I'm not a fan of Nikki Haley but but she was wrong when she claimed and she said I don't even know what show she was on but you busy said luck you know our first an office I'm going to I'm going to make sure that we we can verify the users across social media you know everybody has to be verified nobody can use a fake name that'll get rid of of Chinese in a roni and fake fake accounts and people will be more civil because they know that they're their pastors going to be looking at their social media accounts and and this that or the other well it's idiotic and she couldn't get any lower on my list of potential presidential candidates from the GOP
statement that thought that she does take her even lower because to me and then look I understand the arguments I get it that there's people out there who want to and anonymity I think Jordan Peterson is one of them as I recall and I think in many ways Elon Musk has expressed an interest in trying to make it to where people cannot be anonymous online at least on social media I can understand the arguments in that the surface level okay maybe made it sound horrible idea until you do like just barely barely below the surface it doesn't take a lot of digging to realize wait a second wait a second that's that's like that goes back to everything that conservatives are posed to we want privacy and sometimes probably doesn't mean you're being able to be in Anonymous troll write some of those privacy means being able to to explore social media or whatever without having prying eyes no
exactly what you doing how you doing it you know why you're doing what you're saying even if you're not saying anything at all to monitor what it is that you're you're seeking and one of the biggest arguments against this is or not I'm sorry in favor of I've no anonymity online one of the biggest argument is as well you know you we've got to figure out some way to track child for a week and we can get rid of a lot of these pornographers in a lot of these you know sickos if if we just make it to where they can't go on Twitter or Facebook and and use fake names and fake avatars wheresweed we verify that it's them and I'm thinking of myself my gosh you know talk about a straw man argument
right so I put out of it I don't even think it was on Twitter I think it was on Gaba truth social or or get her or one of the social media accounts I'm not big on social media at all but I did I didn't address the issue from from Nikki Haley or against Nikki Haley and somebody came at me and it basically saying you know about the chop one thing and in Hughes the thing let's be clear this is very Kim in my humble opinion very similar in many ways to the entire gun gun grabbing debate
the people who would be affected by gun control laws are generally law-abiding people they're the ones that will be heard where if they take away our guns or try to take away our guns are try to limit our guns or create a no-gun zones and all this stuff because let's face the criminals aren't out there doing doing their thing thinking you probably shouldn't go into this this no gun-free zone I shouldn't go into this gun-free zone because well I've got a gun and I'm going to go shoot people but just so you know of course it's idiotic will this argument by Nikki Haley and others is also idiotic and no I'm not a rhino for thinking so like if you want to dress a child poor child poor happens on the dark web child-porn happens in a private chat groups nobody's going on twice since I nobody but but people generally aren't going on
and publicly posting Chop on a today they have algorithms to protect against that and so so that argument is it's it's silly you going to take away the privacy of of tens Millions movie hundreds of millions of Americans and probably billions worldwide take away their privacy
online they're there right to to say things and then they want to say without necessarily being attached to those things
all for the sake of trying to prevent something that it doesn't actually prevent
that has been the type of hypocrisy that we've been facing in our nation for four years now it seems to be popping up and it gets me to the point where I start questioning whether or not we can actually win debate it's not that we don't have the right ideas it's that the opposition
just cannot be reached we can talk about it we will talk about how this plays into the hole free Palestine from The River To The Sea Movement we can talk about how this plays out even in Congress today we can see how this type of mentality is is it almost impossible for us to overcome and it's important to know because there was a time not too long ago and I think we can win the Bates you know when we can lose debates not just about winning sometimes we lose the bait the days when we can wind abates it if you want a picture of time not too long ago we're talkin about 15-20 years ago there was a time when even California residents voted against gay marriage why because we were winning the debate the right around that time you had Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both running for the Democrat nominee for president
they too were both allegedly they're obviously they weren't but they were at least because we were winning that debate against gay marriage as well that they both claimed that marriage is between a man and a woman this is I guess we're talking about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama during the 2008 election cycle so it hasn't been that long
but somewhere along the lines that they've made it I don't know who I have a theory that it could be at a spirit of delusion of some sort of spirit of evil has made it to where even when we were absolutely right about the debate we we don't get the credit for it we don't know we we aren't able to to get those ideas out to the people you can definitely say that's the case during the 2020 voter fraud okay I think of the case was made well beyond the shadow of a doubt on Ambiguously the 2020 election was absolutely positively stole a 99.99% chance we had mountains of evidence tons of video everything out there that we needed to prove it it was there and in others about probably a hundred times more than we never found because we nobody was given the resources to be able to actually find it all to break it all down is just far too big of a
conspiracy and I'm not saying it's a conspiracy theory I'm saying people were conspiring tens of thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands of people foreign and domestic were conspiring to make the 2020 election happen the way it did at least the results to come out the way they did and I've seen stuff I've spent time I've read over 1,000 affidavit sworn affidavits from people's lives is actually zero interest okay they they would be putting themselves at risk and risk of of criminal charges if they're caught in a lie except they still sore by they swore
about voter fraud they witnessed voter fraud in some kind of at least a few cases they actively participated in a little late but still did it you know I remember this one if it was a one of them forgive me because this is now over three years ago are demanding that over three years ago this was when I first read it it was just it was a little over two years ago when I first read it but it was an affidavit this lady was basically saying look she detailed very clearly you know this I knew that what it what we were being told to do was wrong but you know of my boss is telling me to do and we had to unseal the the boxes and then reseal the boxes before we put them on the van and that broke protocol completely and I even went and checked the rule book and say no this and I believe is Arizona's a matter fact I'll be enough you know I I knew that it was wrong but it looked Mighty termite this is my boss and I didn't want to get in trouble and and then I'm sorry but I did do
listen I wanted you guys to know that I wish I would have recorded it she said you know these types of affidavit these types of eyewitness testimonies videos demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt to me that the 2020 election was stolen now I don't even have to look statistically and say that is that is literally zero chance that the Joe mr.joe racist Biden got more black votes than Barack Obama That's That should ring raise some Flags bring some some very clearly alarm bells in the minds of people that are Lucid the people aren't losing today people aren't they just kind of way from Logic the gun away from from sound thoughts
and again I'm not sure if it's just if it's something that demonic presence even something Divine we don't know you know there's people say hello you look in the past and you read your Bible and we've seen instances throughout the Bible where where God has put a strong delusion on people Pharaoh Pharaoh was he suffered through these delusions which allowed the the the plagues against against Egypt to happen and it was necessary for them to happen in order for God's plan to be fulfilled at the time I can't argue about Bob Moses days you know he has hardened Hearts sometimes I feel maybe this is one of those instances but then again what if it's something from the other side what if these are our demonic demonic possession necessarily the Demonic influence will say
that's making it to where people are ignoring the obvious people are ignoring The Logical the blatant the common sense that the things that are right there before their eyes and yeah they're willing to ignore it may be there. Lord I don't know maybe it's CIA brainwashing or maybe it's not even see a maybe it's somebody else maybe it's a corporate who knows there are so many possibilities out there what we know
with a certainty
is that the truth is having a difficult time and getting out there that's why I do what I do
if I come to you guys Monday through Friday
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get some Ashley phenomenal assistance with your stop I used to do this all by myself I did it for years all by myself and then just got to the point to where you know what's too much I need I need to produce and I've gone through a couple of producing the past you have to do with varying varying degrees of success but now that I found down on his team at BBS radio it's just wow love you loves to show reach out to the moon always reach me and I'll get you connected you can reach me with anything and goes directly to me if you go to JD Rucker, talk that's JD talk send me your thoughts just want to say hey I think this I think you're an idiot I think you're brilliant I don't know what I think or hey can you give me contact with Don over at BBS radio again wwcr 44 there I got to getting a little love to the people to work with wwcr their efforts and their patience has been phenomenal I love being on short wave say
said it before and I'll say it at least a few hundred times again shortwave is the future yes it's the past but it's also the future if you're not on shortwave you're listening to the replay on Apple podcast the rumble or breiding on garbage Chute or wherever else we put the show then then you you can always listen live at on shortwave we got frequency 7490 khz plus 13845 khz Monday through Friday 5 a.m. Pacific and we are live will be taking calls you can always call in at 888-627-6008 and yes it's funny we do use screeners and I I need to only because it's not that I can't handle anything lives because this show being so new I don't want to get in any trouble with with people coming on there and dropping f-bombs or anything like that you know we we I think
but he's heard our our callers over the last few days last few shows you can tell it's not like we're censoring anybody you know we're not we don't wheel sensor people respond disbelieve I would say that most of the least half the colors I didn't agree with him you know necessarily I love talking to you I love talking to you we don't have to agree as long as there's good honest discourse speaking of good honest discourse I did have an interview and I'm hoping that it will Air soon where I'm still crossing my fingers have done these for now for interviews debates with Democrats left is before and the first three never made it to are there was always some something that went wrong and I like to my ego tells me that it's because yeah I could totally annihilated them and they said they were embarrassed I couldn't believe how awful
live smart but they they pick the topic that they shouldn't have any pics of guy to bring on about it for the the other side of the fence that's that the didn't didn't treat them very with kids gloves the show that I did the other night with Jose forgot the name last name actually show that I did with Jose was was interesting because there was no there was no need to to dive too deep into deep analytical analysis right he was taking the side of a century from the river to the seat and it's an argument I understand your people want to say that they're anti-zionist or they want to say to their their Pro two-state solution yeah that's that's a that's a debate that's a discussion and there are valid points that can be made when people start taking the concept of from The River To The Sea and they start talking about
choose this choose that that's not defensible okay it's not Jews are the only race out there right now today where it's seemingly okay in certain circles to say that that you should you want to kill them
can you might not be able to say those exact words
but you can imply it mean even the phrase from The River To The Sea and Plies getting rid of Jews in the what they call the land of Palestine
and you don't have to get into specifics about how they want to get rid of those Jews because people know what those specifics are people realize what the terrorist sympathizers among supporters free Palestine groups
don't know whether they're insinuating and you can't even make those insinuations against any other race but you can't against the Jews I want to see you can it's I'm saying that there's limited limited blowback we seen donors mega-donors to these colleges are they pulled support because their schools won't stifling one of the I did talk about Free Speech as well during that show and I I also did this on it wasn't snowing and I was one of the other other shows out there last week or so yeah there's a difference between
free speech and the ability to to say certain things from a government perspective then there is from a from a private perspective there's also a difference between free speech given to US citizens and free speech given to people who are here on visas that's why I have no contradiction in my perspectives on whether or not somebody should be able to say the words as an example from the river to the sea or or whatever I do believe that is protected speech I believe in nearly all speech is protected speech people say always and nearly he's in the nearly all do you know what is he what is he where is his exception in a my exception is if you break the law in an effort to harm somebody that should not be protected I'm sorry
people can can debate that but I do not believe in my humble opinion that some disgruntled boyfriend can go on Twitter and say hey guys here's a picture of my ex-girlfriend she she's really just deserve to be hurt here's our address
here's the the times when she's normally asleep she is alone she is unarmed and her key is under the 3rd Rock to the left next to her front door
she doesn't have a dog she doesn't have an alarm have fun guys
if you want to make the argument that's that's free speech
Let's be protected by government I'll have the debate with you I don't care if your left or right center doesn't matter
I do draw the line at speech that is intended to and has a realistic expectation of causing somebody's harm that's where I draw the line
people want to say bigoted things they can free speech he want to say ugly things even semi threatening things and want to say semi threatening I'm saying generically threatening yeah it is it just as bad as an ugly as a heinous absolutely but it still free speech so so that's where I draw the line remember how I got onto that tangent where I was going with it but I guess it wasn't that important if it's shot out we've got the Chalet II this show I think it's two or three days ago and it show where I went through the entire thing I didn't one-time mention my fantastic sponsors the sponsors of the show the people that make this show possible and freshman portly the people that are truly truly legitimately saving the
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whatever it is invested in you were always going to be a risk and listen to let's face it every investment has risk to even precious metals yeah I think the only truly safe investment out there from a financial perspective is if you're you're investing in in action say that I was going to make a joke but but we're going to we're going to back way from that joke cuz that's how I forgot I'm in the middle of the sponsors sponsors so so let's let's back away from from crude jokes I just get back to the sponsor who is Genesis Gold group JDR JDR gold, that they can help you transfer your 401k your your old all your IRA currently erase 403bs whatever your government retirement accounts
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Walter should be held so contact them and find out how they can have I can get you into a financial Higher Ground of precious metals in Jay Dr to me not to judge by the way if you want to call them 800-200-4653 but if you want to call him right now and talk to me call 888-627-6008 we'll talk about pretty much whatever as usual I've got a handful of stories to talk about but generally speaking I just got to talk and we tried to determine and this is going to be news to my producer I probably should have talked to him about this first we've been discussing the possibility of going 3 hours just because it's I go through these two hours of the first hour I'm done it's over and done and I'm like holy cow I can't believe that
we get to station identification I'm just like when I get to the first hour and it's like like 1 maybe 2 to Crazy yes I am very very talkative destroys first today they talk about a little experience I had last night I went to a detect lie wasn't school board meeting because there wasn't School Board there as I get a Parks and Recreation meeting never seen the the show Parks and Recreation everything that's the name of it this is a Parks and Recreation meeting and apparently one of my kids goes to a charter school and this charter school does not have its own Fields doesn't have his own facilities and then they've got their their building but they don't have like a football field alright alright basketball or whatever they don't have the answer it to rent those from the city and they have been doing those as renting's for 4 years
all of sudden cities decided or is in the process of deciding that they want to they want to classify Charter Schools well below the Unified School District where I live so they have these various classifications of who gets priority to use these city parks City recreational facilities and they put the schools where they're at a solid the public schools rather right there are two solid be and they put the charter schools that they hate out here in commiefornia charter schools down at the very bottom as matter fact you have a higher priority if you or if you are a for-profit business that isn't even in the city that was it is clear absolutely clear and unambiguous that this was a very vindictive a very punitive
the effort against Charter Schools I can see okay they moved from from Level B2 level C okay well that's wrong but at least it's semi logical to move to Charter Schools underneath out of City for-profit businesses that's just a slap in the face that's a middle finger okay that's just saying hey we hate Charter Schools we want you guys to be completely in the public school system we are bought and paid for by the most powerful organization in the state of California which is the teachers union the teachers union runs everything and literally everything outside of Hollywood Hollywood has its own little bubble of protection but outside of Hollywood California commiefornia as we call it is completely until they run by
the teachers unions so it's understandable that they were going to do this Robin the school got wind parents got where we're told is bleeding us and we went down there and it's funny I am one of those guys that I don't like to lend my voice to a chorus okay maybe it's my ego maybe it's my my desire for the for attention right but it's not because I don't desire attention I shouldn't even have said that because it's not the top of the thing people perceive it but that's not reality I what I should say is maybe it's because I want to to lend my voice lend my support where it can be most effective and last night's meeting was definitely one of those I did learn my voice because I signed up to when my voice or put in the little car they they tell you go to the meetings put in the car and I would recommend everybody do this
not just at least have some meetings get involved in local community meetings at something that that every American should do you should know your city council's names better than you know your your Congressman in DC are your Senators that you have there's more influence on your life and the lives of your family members that takes place in city city Hall's and county commissioner's office has than anything that happens in DC I assure you but that's a discussion for another day anyway so yeah I went there thinking I got to fight this and we've got a I got a Lynn my voice to this cause and as it turned out it wasn't needed because it was standing room only and out the door you know I ended up I had a nice spot I got there super early had a perfect spot dead center I was going to be able to to to get to the board and I had to get up and go go use the restroom
and I feel around make some quick phone calls by the time I got back in about 5 minutes before the meeting started I couldn't get back in
I couldn't it was packed on the owner who all came to the meeting and turned out that it was everybody from my daughter's Charter School packed the room and then pack the lobby it was it was crazy and then the funny part is is that they did the the speaking in reverse order so I ended up being speaking finally speaking and that is why I know it wasn't necessary for me to do it but I finally got to speak about 3 hours into it and then they'd move the agenda to where we're all this this topic of parks and recreational distribution was going to move to the top of the list for the same time so that did so this is it's not like they were trying to stall but I ended up I guess you stay out thinking myself get there first and then the last time was because I got my name in to quickly so as it ended up I end up waiting 33 hours getting to listen to some brilliant people and talking point
okay cool well it was enough support here I'm not needed I should probably go but I can't cuz my daughter is here and I already told her I was going to say something so I'm going to go and say it it wasn't necessary by any means because again after it there was three hours of parents taking 2 minutes at a time
telling you these folks that it's wrong because it is it's a big is Iran OK Google left loves talk about Equity right they love to talk about about how do you know if we got to we can get it. Make sure that that everybody's got the same and and the you know none of it's not communism but it's kind of me there's a mall or whatever
and yet here's a situation where we're literally where they're saying is this the same these children going to public school they get the place Sports these kids going to Charter School they don't
didn't get to have banned didn't get to have a football team
hell isn't even an attack against the children this was an attack against the parents the parents those dastardly parents who don't want their kids in the public school system could tears it to not not throw their kids into the indoctrination meat grinder
we're the bad guys we're the ones are targeting where the the crazy you would they would probably consider to be domestic terrorists because we send our kids to a charter school
they're targeting us and giving us that the middle finger very big double triple middle finger
pretty kids long way but hey you know what whatever it takes that's what they say right whatever it takes if they have to harm children
to get to their parents say it's all it's all fair it's all fair whatever the whatever the study of the teachers union says that's what we're going to do that's why they're so opposed to school Twisted you want parents to be able to to take your school their children to whatever school they want to better school when possible they don't want students to experience a better educational system their focus 100% isn't making sure the kids get the approved indoctrination the in the approved Regiment of brainwashing and the only way they can do that is if they can as many kids to be stuck in their local public schools as possible
so yeah I would speak and I'm in had I known there was going to be 85 100 100 other speakers I definitely wouldn't have went to volunteer and I would have been like okay I came for Schmidt's looks like I'm not needed going back home got to get her some work done
but now I'd already signed up I already promised my daughter I would
the funny part is
by the time I got around to me I forgot to mention the one thing that I was supposed to mention that was the band
you know every time I let you know I'm on the football team baseball team I'm on the soccer team there was very little representation from a parental perspective for the band so I didn't get to go out there and say hey let's talk about the the greatest band in Southern California that was my intention I don't we forgot I muffed it had so many other things to talk about it and they they kind of instruments 2 minutes so I know it's going to have to cut down my my speech part that I had inadvertently cut cuz I didn't take notes was mentioning the band soap apologies to my wonderful daughter 888-627-6008 Ricci we almost made in the first quarter we can make in the first half hour but we did make it in the second half hours of the very first dorel I guess technically speaking with the Nikki Haley story was a story so we'll see we'll call this the Second Story
this is from seems Greener Over at the federals how dark money mega-donor George Soros hides behind the macher zpacks to sabotage it George Soros is not the ultimate bad guy his son is George Soros got things started George Soros has been evil his entire adult life and you could argue that he was at least demonstrating evil during his youth when he was as a Jew during the Holocaust as he was working with Nazis to expose his fellows and to get them sent to the gas chamber but hey you know his evil has has gone on for a long long time and it will continue to go on but his evil will be in my humble opinion will be eclipsed by the evil of his son Alex Soros who's taking over that has the the new big bad guy in the world
well Alex Soros George Soros and his son have already put their thumbs on the scales for 2024 and if they're past activities are any indicator South Kalamath is in Peril self-government by the way is Andalusia I got chastised for for defending of the other day chastise by I am not a journalist early but a
somebody in conservative media I don't want to add this person singing you look self-government is it it's it's an illusion there it doesn't exist in any form or fashion 091
is no longer exists it may have for a very very short. Of time following the American Revolution and before the Civil War but since then and has been usurped it's it's no longer it's it's all illusionary
and this person gave me examples of of why they believe this and I can't say the wrong
I can't see the wrong
it's at there's there's nothing just be on that by the way if you're waiting for further gems of wisdom there's nothing else to say
other than that we do need to strive to regain our control over our own lives we might not be able to breathe gain control over the nation and one could argue then maybe we haven't had control over the nation for years decades maybe even centuries maybe that 2 has always been an illusion that maybe they idea that then we are a constitutional republic that has always been a failure or at least for our lifetimes has has never actually existed maybe the illusion of voting really is truly 100% an illusion
especially in today's date were Technologies playing such a large part in all this I'm not trying to be Debbie Downer with you just trying to warn you that maybe not warning us early to wake you up to the idea that first and foremost you should prioritize yourself and your family over your nation we will see how many especially if you served in the military might think that that's like the worst possible kinds of that that's the worst idea ever because we've had so many men and women who have died who have put themselves below free to move put themselves below their own country
I'm a single lady God bless them thank you thank you so much for the sacrifice but I'm saying today as we approached 2024 maybe now's the time to be focusing but I'm not I should say maybe I'll say Tiffin now is the time to be focusing on protecting yourself protecting your family making yourself more secure and the reason I say this believe or not is actually for the sake of the country so I'm just for for yourselves not just the only way that we can win
is if we have enough people who are self-sufficient if we have enough people who are engaged in self-governance we have enough people who will not be beholden to government
when the time comes
because that time is coming folks
the time is coming you look around you look at the trends
Financial food infrastructure technological
we stayed as rising
economy is being turned into this crap but it's also being turned into something to me very easily controlled like an article coming out of driveway on Friday about how the cashless Society has many people terrified and understandably so and they're terrified from for different reasons this time you can serve it to him and Christian they've always shared I should say specifically evangelicals conservatives and even jellicles have always shared certain principles and I know that a lot of conservatives are even evangelicals and I know that a lot of evangelicals are conservatives but even if you are and evangelicals who is a conservative there still a separation they're getting your your ideology and wraps you you can say that you're right at your Evangelical your biblical worldview drives are conservative principles and that's fair you know I think that's that's very common
but the you know when you go out and you say just as an example when you go out and you say Hey you know it against the cashless Society because of the Privacy can help me that's not a necessity biblical perspective I'm not saying that the Bible doesn't is against privacy I'm saying that it doesn't really addressed that directly at least but it is a conservative principles to not want Central Bank digital currencies are digital currencies in general be forced upon us because let's face it cash can be much much much more private than digital transactions that's why a lot of us I carry cash I know any of you like what you don't just use your card I try to not use my card okay I use my car as sparingly as possible and you notice I said card okay I'm not too long ago and we're talking like 20 2017 2018
gosh I guess it was yeah to I think it's 2018 was what I finally decided to just shut down all of my had I had dozens of credit cards and I don't even know how it was it was ludicrous how many I had and I realize them or what I don't need them number to the they were there not just a crutch they're really at that ball and chain so I decided you know what we're going to go we're going to be cash people cash people so I've got a card technically I've got two cards but whatever and I got the cash I tried to pay with cash for anything when I go anywhere I pay with cash and I would recommend you do that as well whenever possible
putting I digress point is its we need people who are not beholden and that means people that are as self-sufficient as possible because when the crap hits the fan
when there was martial law when there's societal breakdown whatever whatever it is Invasion even natural disaster I don't know whenever whatever is going to happen whenever it does happen it's going to be people who will have no other choice they're just going to have to go and get take whatever government gives them in this release can be the most patriotic people in the world these could be full-blown America first people that are just like you know what I got my guns I've got my my I got my home security everything is good but I don't have my food I don't have water I think I didn't set aside the the the Taps not coming so I still got to go run down to the the government distribution center and pick up bottled water cuz I don't have any water in the house we got food got everything else got ammo but I still have to go get water because I didn't plan for water I live in in the city or suburb you know I don't know what it is that people are planning
how are you what your situation is but I would strongly encourage you make it to where your situation is if things start going South you do not have to rely on anybody for extra the time I don't get any out if you can get the 21-month great if you get the six months awesome can get to a year 2 years five years ten years Hallelujah get to a point where you have as much as stored away as you can and I'm not just talking about supplies talk about to make sure you got your Bibles make sure you got your meds make sure you got your your your board games or whatever assume that whatever you have today for me and then many of these prospective no electricity no no gas no water no whatever no internet
you should always have short wave by the way short wave of the future. But but yeah none of us make sure that you have as much of that as possible and figure out ways to make it self-sustaining if you ask me what's the best what's the best survival food to buy that's easy seeds
that's a no-brainer best survival food to buy is is a bunch of seasoned and land a planted is that will you do it right that can be Perpetual out I don't say never ending but it can it can be lastly can last a whole very long time if again if you do it right second best thing to buy chickens talking about chicken breast. Talk about whole chickens or Costco rotisserie I'm talking about actual chickens not for the chicken for the eggs
the eggs are the true gift from God I believe
Jenny leave I mean we have God gave us these these birds that can't fly that require essentially nothing other than dirt and grass and little bit of feeding worms and they take they take this stuff in it turn into eggs and eggs are so beautiful in that these eggs that they come out and they do so much they're so perfect
psych praise God for that and how could you it doesn't get any easier than that folks
and it's blatant here this this creature can't get away and will give you eggs everyday or every other day it'll turn it'll turn that ground into stuff that you can eat stuff that you need to eat protein
and you can grow your carbs grow your vitamins yes anyway wow I'm supposed to those who may be glazed over for the last 10 minutes is it from the Federalists CMAs Brunner how dark money make a donor George Soros hides behind the mocker C packs to sabotage it
how does an extra by the way from from this book by exposing the billionaire classes at their secret deals and Global's plot to dominate your life says United States Global Financial Financial Speculator George Soros has been the single biggest financier of overtly political causes for decades in 2020 to afford 178 18 million dollars in federal campaign is making him by far the biggest campaign contributor in that cycle then there are his hidden and commingled political contributions a very vast web of dark money that are intentionally designed to influence elections and avoid public scrutiny
it's funny it was George who I will admit George Soros is one of those and Nick Muslims and so too is Alex one of those enigmas in that he's he dives into they dive into dark money as well as direct contributions very strategically so they use the open contributions to the non secret contributions they use those as signals to for where others supposed to contribute but then they put a big chunk maybe the bulk of their donations dark money where they can't it's not a signal it's just the money can't can't be can be tracked can be properly traced
it's just there and it's just influencing American politics
usually people do one of the other most mega-donors go maybe dabble in this one that dabbling dark money because that's that's what they're there's a little bit of incentives are for the most part they want it known that they're contributing to the Democrats are contributing to the Republicans or contributing to both that's the whole idea public as far as how how old political donations are wielded As Weapons they use that from a public perspectives say this is who I support I hopefully then they support us right anyway I'm not going to dive too deep in the Dallas let's continue with the story a research organization organization tracks money and politics quiz Deli funded by Soros open Society Foundation I don't know if people knew that opensecrets yes I am I shouldn't just glaze over that opensecrets is funded by The Source Foundation their Soros open Society Society Foundation moment
is that as a no to the butts in it that's Soros fund management was by far the largest single political contributor going into the 2022 midterm elections the final rank first out of 31955 contributor organizations with a known war chest of approximately 180 million not a single dollar that by the way went to any Republican candidates only only nine Republicans which means Democrats Independence people that that will oppose our Republicans and conservatives in and just anybody that actually likes America that's George Soros his goal is to destroy America
the political research group noted that organizations like Soros fund management cannot legally contribute directly to candidates or Party Committee instead the fun funnel cash to political Affiliates the large being entirely innocuously titled democracy back to democracy pack to Super Pacs Federal Election Commission filing list Michael vacant as its treasurer
they got it served on Boards of left-wing organizations tied the source is open Society Foundation such as nypc partners democracy Alliance and Catalyst to put this is a longer are you expected let me cut to the chase here
George Soros we already know he's evil where do you know that he's he does things both in public and out of public would we all know that that he his son Alex has now taken over the organization is out there firing people
and you might be like oh wow you know this great this is this a few are bad guys out there that's one of the that's on how you should be feeling that he's firing people let go let go of at least 40% of the workforce for open site that's a single one of two possible things number one in there I would say this is the most likely scenario is that old pops had an old-school methodology behind managing things running things and Alex came in and said hey there's a lot of inefficiency Sierra's get rid of it just like you wouldn't have if a kid comes in and takes over takes over a manufacturing plant from his pops maybe he might make those changes and get rid of you maybe goes in the opposite direction okay but you know I speak in those those decisions if they're in this scenario of of Junior coming in and wanted to add more fishing Seas generally speaking that's what they for profit organization in other words the kid comes in and starts firing everybody so we can make more money this we're talkin about the foundation which which wields power
it's not about the money and you would think that the more people have that are in the more the more powerful it could be but this is why I believe the really the truly more likely scenario is I the Endeavor to which is George Soros was doing things very publicly and as as much as I could for various reasons not for good reasons not because he's trying to be transparent because he's evil but anyway I digress
where is Alex comes in and says Okay so we're going to make some do some restructuring we need to get stuff and dig even deeper we need to make things even less transparent we need to to find ways to cover up our influence as much as possible so we're going to fire a whole bunch of people on the reason we want to fire a whole bunch of people
things where you put on your you are tinfoil-hat if you like one of the the benefits of firing 40% of your work staff your your work force within a quote-unquote non-profit charitable organizations such as open Society one thing that you can do in such a case scenario is to quietly rehire a percent 10% of those people
into a separate organization that maybe his is under the radar maybe it's completely off the books
maybe instead of getting rid of the the dead weight what if Alex is building a team building a special team building in an elite team building a secret team
to me considering and I've done extensive research into both George and Alex Soros
considering what I know I would see that second scenario as the more likely one I think whatever Alex is doing Alex's is is coming okay I don't think he's quite as smart like straight-up is as intelligent as his father George Soros we hate him but he's brilliant he is absolutely brilliant the dude's Wicked smart
and wicked just Wicked Alex Soros on the other hand I think he is pretty smart I think he's more clever
Camp George Soros try to find a picture of George Soros with world leaders try to find a picture of George Soros with with members of Congress members of the Senate whatever yet it's hard to find the Mustang that don't exist I'm saying that the George Soros didn't didn't project his influence the events that he has over these people Alex Soros you can find selfies of him with pretty much anybody Nancy Pelosi Kamala Harris Joe Biden I mean he flaunts it Barack Obama
he's taking the exact opposite approach and I think that in many ways that really truly is more clever if your goal is to destroy America then
I can see a strategy from Alex source that doesn't involve
yeah waving waving the flag as brightly as possible and no I'm not talking about the American flag taking the the flag of the swirls flag will say and waving to be implanted on every piece of ground that you can
take a selfie with Kamala Harris
Alex Soros and that's the signal that he's putting out there saying see
we own the vice president
see we own the president as he's taking a selfie with Barack Obama with a Freudian slip with the Joe Biden and then takes pictures of the bomb they see we're working with the actual president in his third term those the messages that he said that he sending out and it is again very very very different from what George has done traditionally over the years but it is what it is is it better or worse for their cause I don't know I don't know I don't know what strategy is better I think that that there are some advantages to with what Alex is doing what sources do George Soros
bottom line is this whole push for the dark money being used I think that's what George Soros thing and I will be very very surprised if Alex doesn't pull back from that more and more and again is there there's two components such as I should say again but there's two components to this important distinctions sometimes people put money in the dark money funds for the sake of keeping privacy but at the time they do it because they just have enough money to spend and that's the way it is they're not trying they don't care about the the secrecy aspect that what they just want to win a place where they can deposit fat checks to support their there people there cause whatever and I have restrictions where limit to how long we can contribute to two candidates we essentially aren't limited to what we can contribute to in dark money bottomless pit you can throw
the entire life savings into their you shouldn't but you could anyway
we're about to go on break we are not break its station identification that's something that it's the waiting so many for so needed to reach out to me by going to j.d. Rucker. Calm slash talk and maybe you can explain to me what exactly is station identification what's the purpose of it now is it is it just a Remnant is there an actual real purpose today I don't know we have to do it every day so
so let's do that let's go go to station identification I'm going to be shutting up for probably about 30 seconds to a minute so see you on the other side
why do we do I don't know but I will do it because that's what wwcr wants us to do if you are listening on Rumble Breitbart O'Brady on bitchute maybe Breitbart should have their own on video channel. Channel they have their own chance maybe they should have their own own bike video platform that they may put together I love Rumble I love riding on I love that shoot all three have their own individual quirks and challenges and I know there's Odyssey there's others out there that's what I would love I don't know I want I want the best of all worlds I would love something with the functionality of YouTube but without the censorship so terrible a thing comes closest to him but you were great too so I shouldn't shouldn't complain but
but anyway
you know we've talked about gold we talked about gold a lot here but there is another obviously desperate me we just got done talking about Soros there is the grandfather of modern-day socialism Henry Kissinger who famously said who controls the food supply controls the people now I for one do not want to be controlled. That's why I got was some some disable veterans we figured okay what's what's going to be needed what do we need to put a product we need to develop that can help the people to survive if things go crazy so we launched Freedom First where people can go and get a very very high quality All-American mRNA free beef
Scooby and we're not selling beef crumbles which I equate to being meat flavored porridge know we're selling ribeye New York strip Tender Loin sirloin we're selling the good stuff it's sous-vide so it's cooked it is freeze dry and is put into mylar bags with oxygen absorbers and it has a a shelf-stable life of up to 25 years no Refrigeration necessary until you open it comes in packages of 512 adult servings
now you take it and you rehydrated and then you eat it you serving we only put beef and that we don't even that salt no seasoning no salt no preservatives nothing like that that's one ingredient beef so this beef needs to be flavored but hey a little bit of salt and throw it in that beef stew or a chili or something and you will be eating well during the apocalypse because we do believe that they are going to go after they've supplied go to Freedom First use promo code JDR and gets 15% off the check out so it's good stuff this is good meat and it's worth it stored away store it away
for whatever we need to do to be a sad face face those issues the election and I know there's a lot of you out there that are Nikki Haley fans there's a lot of you out there that are Ron DeSantis fans there's a lot of you have there that are Donald Trump fans and expenses out with C Scott's out his leftover steak ramaswamy I know he's still got a lot of fans out there many of you probably like Robert of Kennedy Junior because it was anti-vax to Stan's look I when I look at all the candidates I see a bunch of candidates that I I don't don't necessarily like
that I like Donald Trump lot but he's not perfect of all the candidates Donald Trump is still my guy.
But he has challenged let's face it I mean he's still to this day is not disavowed the vaccines but nobody has except for our for Robert of Kennedy Junior he's the only one who has this about the covid-19 vaccines
Wiley Sanders has done little bit you know he's he's been very clear about how hey you know we didn't Joseph lapido the dots his his Surgeon General in Florida he's recommending against taking the new new boosters and I know that if I had had this Emporium Symposium or whatever of doctors and people talking about vaccine adverse reactions that's awesome okay I really have the time with a man this guy really might be be a great candidate in 2028 and that he's going to run now call me naive I didn't think he was going on in 2024 but it's a good thing you did Back to the vaccine is Trump still hasn't come out against this and I think it's going to be his Achilles heel is the only thing that scares me even more trials can we know the Deep state is doing everything they can to prevent him from being the nominee we know that they're trying to put him in jail
born on crimes we know that the system is completely rigged as you dishel Judiciary System is rigged the the entirety of the Department of Defense is rigged and weaponized on behalf of the unit party swamp and in particular only have the Deep State through which the locals to the cabal have complete control right okay all this is new and there are none of this is new to you you're aware of this stuff
so they are going to try to take him down there would have been. Let's say just as an exam or not example it's speculated bit what if
what is instead of trying to take him down with a follow this is a gigantic 4D chess play to to not take him down to to elevate him to make sure that he is the Republican nominee bear with me and and has your bearing with me keep in mind that I'm not saying this is an anti-trump thing I support and endorse Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States
but I don't think we should go in with their eyes shut and pretend like there are no risks
I do believe chances are this attempt by
by democrats by the Judiciary by the Department of Defense I'm sorry the Department of Justice to take him down I think the most likely scenario is that it is exactly what it looks looks like it is it is a an attempt to to you lies the to weaponize the law essentially against him to prevent him from from even being able to run from to prevent him from getting the nomination to prevent him from from being able to be on the general election Ballot or whatever to keep him off from a state-level through the 14th Amendment with 500 different attacks what if let's just say
it's possibility we got about 5 to 10% chance with still not not 0% chance what if they do they're going through these trials there they're going through these these attacks and they know how Republicans and conservatives are going to react and then they know that we're going to to be against this
what does it do that
at what if
down the line for the the primaries are over what if things are going really well for Trump what if what if judges who know who weren't were never really on the side there is one but what if what if Chuck getting in and Oregon or whatever his name is what if all of a sudden they are defeated what if they they are trying to take him out but they can't wear charges get dropped what a furnace come back in Trump's favor what if he goes through all this stuff and turns out that that he's still alive at that point I believe that if that were to happen and I didn't ya again $0.05 percent chance here is that would happen then I would say that they are trying to set him up for a fall through the vaccines and this is where you know I say that I piss people off all the time this is not going to be one of those times where I'm not pissing you off chances are you going to hear this and you're going to be upset with me
this is just an analysis this is what I think is a possibility
and again I'm saying this as a trump supporter
what happens if sometime in 2024 will say probably met or not and probably will say maybe around September or October right month two months before the election what if the we start seeing even more people dying from the vaccines and I think we're already seeing why ramp up of that as we speak what if it's even more and even more than start giving these studies in the Studies released pricing with multiple studies are released that you say yeah okay the anti-vaxxers were right we are wrong these vaccines are killing people
vaccines are killing more people than there than there helping in this matter fact as we look at the day that you're not really helping at all we can't even demonstrate that the vaccines they they can't prevent you from getting covid they can't prevent you from spreading covid they don't keep you out of the hospital
they don't they don't prevent you from dying in other words what they finally complete and say hey if you if you're not vaccinated then you're less likely to get covid-19 less likely to spread the less likely to be hospitalized and you're less likely to die from it then those who got vaccinated lives matter of fact people got the most vaccinated are the most damaged as matter fact if you've been vaccinated chances are you should probably not do any physical activity because the myocarditis has developed in your chest well there's nothing we can do about it and if you workout or do anything too strenuous you might fall to fall over dead I don't care if you're 21 year old fully healthy person you might die from from walking your dog
you might think you saw my gosh course that information never never going to come out why were they why would they out themselves
that is where we get to the ugly part
I can assume this happens next year
you got big Pharma and Democrats and probably a whole bunch of rhinos coming out and saying hey we wanted
to do this the right way we wanted to do the research we wanted to the trials you have you guys are asking why we didn't do enough more launcher trials it's because we weren't allowed to is because Donald Trump told us that we needed to get this vaccine out before the 2020 election he rushed us with operation warp speed we would have been able to put out a perfect awesome amazing vaccine and we just had six to eight more months
I just had one more year we could have done this but no Donald Trump said get it out for the election and so we did and now that's why people are dying and you again I have to reiterate this like the 15th time
I am a trump supporter despite his stance in the vaccines I am a trump supporter
I'm not because I agree with everything he says but when I look at the competition I don't really I still accrue troubling them even even with the vaccines I so agree I agree with them
you know I do I agree with Robert of Kennedy Junior more about the vaccines yes
do I disagree with with 80% and 90% of the other things that Robert of Kennedy Junior composes yes I do
he's against the war in Ukraine great is even sending a great he's against the vaccines great then you look and pretty much everything else and say oh no that's not great that's horrible oh my gosh did you really say that holy cow
apartment I know it's a lot of RFK Jr fans out there probably listening to me today it's just a relay it's it's too much of a gap ideological I would love for the next president to be an aunt anti-vaccine guy
and Clark a junior is the only one who's like that and many of them both I should take most of his other policies will destroy America use some of his policies believe you're not actually worse
then Joe Biden's I know it's hard to believe that some of his policy proposals are actually worse than Joe Biden's especially as he he cannot me stances he claims it's funny he claims to be a free-market guy but he's a totally controlled Market guy. There's a big huge difference between what he wants or what other people and what what fiscal conservatives would want
it would drive forward modern monetary Theory already in the midst of it he would make it he would basically close the deal so to speak
so as much as I personally like RFK Jr as much as I personally Embrace his stance on the covid-19 quote-unquote vaccines I can't vote for
tonight with the other guys of the Republicans and they just don't stand out none of them do so Trump with his flaws is still well above and beyond the other guy that's why I know I didn't endorse in the very very beginning I have high hopes for some of the guys and they all failed miserably failed me and why do logically failed the nation as far as not being able to do more we didn't get a good crop this year maybe it's by Design maybe we were supposed to get Donald Trump it again I go back to this
they can and will if things go south to the point to where they have to acknowledge the covid-19 quote-unquote vaccines are killing people if that's the case then okay
they're going to blame Trump ahead of the election
and it's probably going to work and will have Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom or whoever or maybe even Joe Biden maybe she'll buy this is the next president is crazy but yeah pump him full of enough ketones and bee pollen maybe maybe he's got at least until 28th February 2025 I don't know I don't know what the plan is all I know is that is that there's a possibility that again I'm putting it at about $0.05 percent chance does the case was a possibility that if they can't beat him with long fair that they're setting him up to be able to play the the vaccine card of the operation warp speed card and try to blame him for it
try to blame Trump for it. I think it would work if they if they did do that I really do sometimes by how many people are dying if its death if death rates from the vaccines were to Skyrocket then I think they're that narrative they were forced into it is easily reinforced will by the fact that you got Donald Trump being quoted multiple times talking about how he saved a hundred million people
we'll see how that plays out back real quick back to to Ron DeSantis though it seems came out recently what's your name Nikki Haley it said that she's
but that she was really hard by the whole of George Floyd thing
the George Floyd in on she did come out by the way in 2020 based on talking about let me see if I can try the exact quote here to speculate what she say she said she tweeted in 2020 that George Floyd's death needs to be personal and painful for everyone okay and this is the Santa Stevens Point is that while the Santa's I guess I forgot to notice that the same as actually came out right when it was happening he's bragging about what he's doing in Florida about how he made sure that that the Florida police don't allow the same move the George Floyd's murder a cop is what he said Santa's called and called Derek Chauvin a murderer
does the guy that murdered George Floyd
again this before the verdict right around the time whenever all the stuff is happening but it just unfolding
just throwing that out there
just throwing it out there not trying to bash on on the Santa's supporters just trying to
highlights of the Santa's might not be the guy that you think he is
speaking of globalist let's be kind of food I'm hungry. I've got all these food food source they Bill Gates is from bizpac review that BP are Bill Gates increasing farm buys this is a headline I'll reword it real quick as by by Freda powers and I got a alert Freida that she needs rear right headlight Bill Gates is buying more farms and it's a National Power move according to researchers that's terrible headlines to behave better than the original new book suggests Bill Gates is ramping up the purchase of American Farmland in the name of saving the planet but his efforts are really about fattening his own wallet crazy stuff with what you telling me that this big guy
this this this huge globalist is also still trying to get rich while he's engaged in his Global Lowe's the population is agenda amazing amazing stop by the building there is one of the targets of a new book called I can control the guards who I like that control lagarce that's great which its bookshelves Tuesday I'm supposed to be building our class for the same lie hidden power their money holds over the last word Nary people Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has reportedly amassing more control over food production in the country as he continues to buy a Farmland and invest in fake meat fake meat production and patented fertilizers you know if it's funny people don't realize this may be another nation's they do get it but here in America we don't realize a lot of stuff if you're farmer if you're in an agrarian society and you probably are very well aware of this but fertilizer holds the key to pretty much every
okay you got great soil great seas great son great water you don't have the right the fertilizer your crop guilds drop tremendously
fertilizer is it's the key in this wind by the way that's why they're going after nitrogen CO2 used to be the big bad guy now all the sudden you're there so you know it's the matron they know if they can get rid of fertilizer or change fertilizer go with some some weird Bill Gates the fertilizer that they can further control the food supply anyway when the author of her and investigative journalist CMAs pruner teams LED teams whose findings sparked multiple FBI investigations and Congressional probe into the cleanse clean inviting families says that his research uncovered gates gates his efforts to buy up American farmland and invest in synthetic Dairy and lab grown meat in the name of preventing climate change in the process Brunner says Gates is doing more to inflate his net worth than eliminating carbon emissions it's funny because that is
something it's important about lobbies these is oligarchs the lot of these Global suleika by members like Bill Gates or Barack Obama George Soros Klaus Schwab Henry Kissinger whoever
almost always take both things into account
and it's something that that makes them in many ways even more dangerous than if they were if they were out there like let's say Elon Musk but we'll talk about him later
but when I say both things I mean the number one hey how do I make money number to how do we control the world and I shouldn't have even put them in that order because it really is reverse I think the money is a fringe benefit they have enough money they do don't gets doesn't his lifestyle doesn't change he gets another billion dollars you know if you got a billion dollars I got a billion dollars tomorrow our lives will change completely Bill Gates's would not he might not even notice okay I'm not saying that he's so rich that he doesn't care about a billion dollars I've seen that he's so rich that adding a billion dollars or subtracting billion dollars doesn't change how we live doesn't change what he does on a day-to-day basis
who's that said they still want to maintain still want to have more money to engage in there they're globalist evil ways they want to be able to launch more programs get together tentacles around more countries more more cities more people and so that's always that strong Fringe benefit of hey if we can do evil and make money the same time it's just a win-win for us
I paused for dramatic effect LOL I'm going to cuz I need a drink
get some coffee in me
Wednesday's we're going to find a coffee sponsor know we love I've done a couple now first one I did was the idea was great the coffee sock can confirm with them then I found one where the coffee was great and the the idea sucked in my idea of the coffee's almost things where people generally speaking people have their coffee and they drink their coffee that's their coffee don't go switching coffee brands all the time so that's why it's hard it's very competitive market especially conservative world so you have to have some kind of stick and there's some kind of some kind of of sales pitch that that gets people to try your coffee and Scotty more than hey we got the great coffee because people think yeah I've tried 50 different coffees in my life and this is the only one I like or maybe this one I like the best I like to try 50 I like 25 of them I really like and this one is the one that again
and it's going to be hard to get people to switch off that so that's why you need a gimmick I did finally find one that had a very good Christian message behind it and I try the coffee in the blue me away and I have not been able to really push it very hard so maybe they'll come some day but today we're just smoke some gold and beef gold and beef because of people like Bill Gates and by the way that's I think I mentioned this yesterday but we do try to pick up sponsors based solely on whether or not they're going to be beneficial to our users we don't take the most lucrative sponsors out there tell you a quick story some of you may have heard of the the company called established titles I got a batch of the company but I will say this and there was a lot of money to be made as you are promoting his concept of you buying a 1 foot by 1 foot plot of land in Scotland in the technically being being able to call yourself a lord or lady
your Laird or whatever it is we become part of Scottish royalty as a landowner of Scotland
that was the year of the pitch is he is cool as gimmicky things like buying a star right yeah we named this star after you baby that's awesome only cost me $69 it is one of those gimmicks was it turned out he had simple jumped on it I think who I was Paul Joseph Watson Ben Shapiro you had a lot of them into two large names that the hopped on this is Ban right was it turned out exactly not true like based on Scottish law you can technically tie that one foot by one foot on land that doesn't actually Grant you anything you know you paid basic $70 for a plot of land until never see in the certificate so yeah they got called out obviously but a lot of people the point of trying to get to is this
is that
that type of advertisers there's dozens of them out there and some of them aren't even as they don't live so we have to be gimmicky like that in order to to not fall into the category of necessary. A lot of good stuff out there that I would like to sell that I would like to promote but I just won't it it's not Mission critical
I love Michael until I think that he is his heart is in the right place and that's why I love my pillow for years my pillow was was was my very first sponsor for years I would promote them on my show the only reason I stopped is it because of anything negative about Mike Lindell MyPillow is because that market has gotten so saturated everybody in the dog has a my pillow code ya Mind by the way happens to be jtr if you still want to go to my and buy from there
but I I remembering that one up is because there are times when a product is is mission-critical is something that people need such as beef after the first there times when when a service is very necessary very mission-critical so chess with Genesis Gold group of jtr
there times when people are mission-critical switch is my pillow and Mike Lindell in particular so that's why I I do from time to time for my promo code jtr but I don't promote things that aren't mission-critical either the product or the service or the people behind it needs to be
and are there better more lucrative I shouldn't a better and should know better but other more lucrative sponsors we can take you back at you but I won't because it's not what I want to I want you to to need what we have
how can I trace a tangent dad to apologize apologize upfront no more tangents I'm not going to lie I probably will change it but I don't know why I'm going directions to have been in one of those days but you know what when you called call me at 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 give me a call and talk to me and that'll keep me from going off on tangents I'll let you go off on a tangent so back to this article British the book Piers into the the Futures improvise a haunting and revelatory expose of the leftist Elise play booked for the next five years roads Author Peter Switzer in the forward to control the guards we had them on it was supposed to be a 15-minute conversation the last
an hour I couldn't I couldn't stop listening to him I didn't want to cut them off because he was at all sorts of of Juicy information
is a quote from from Brunner talkin to Fox News digital first it was patented season and pandas fertilizer now they're patenting meal meat Alternatives Banning cattle would Grant affected monopolies to the alternative protein companies and benefit Wester such as Bill Gates Jeff Bezos Mark Zuckerberg and even BlackRock why I don't even like oh my gosh we found the black rocks involved with the really isn't wholly cow breaking we found the company the black rocks not involved with bow be impressive back to the quote fake meats are about controlling Food Market not saving the planet
Gates backyard no Gates is essentially Gainey Monopoly of the nation's food chain according to one chapter of the book with a focus on the war on Farmers to take over the food system like so many other control schemes in this book began with the Rockefellers and has advanced was Advanced by Bill Gates like most of their monopolies from oil to software and eventually biotechnology the Takeover of food is all about controlling the intellectual property of food production through trademarks copyrights and patents suck up like I said so I got my meds
stock up on food stock up on Ammunition stock up on water they are coming after us in the I need you to not be beholding The Government Can you doing and not just for yourself you didn't for me
I need you to not be beholden to government the only way that I can know that's going to be the case is if number one
you have yourself prepared and you have your family prepared you making it to where you can't easily be compromised by the powers-that-be a number to look the people who are there there's a reason why Christians in particular are so difficult I'm talking about true bible-believing Christians why it's so difficult
for most of them to be controlled it's because they've read the book they know how the story ends and ends well for them and there's no need
to to be fearful there's no need to be too and we can be concerned that there's nothing wrong with that but there's no need for us to fear because if we are in the end times great we're going home for a z and X great we're going to win four is all said and done we don't we can't lose basically
that gives us a certain level of boldness now on the other side of the fence you've got the people claiming to be bible-believing Christians maybe they're they're just unfamiliar maybe their new maybe they're learning maybe they don't care baby maybe they just throw it up there as a late I don't know but those ones they they can be more easily controlled and I would argue they can be more easily controlled than just about anybody else if they don't have the food in the water and anything they need medicine
how long could you live if the faucet ran dry
you can leave your house with say
are you prepared for that scenario but having no electricity no no water
if you're not prepared for that scenario which that scenario is not unlikely especially in the cities
then you will be beholding the government government will have to say to you or you'll die of LOL I don't know, I'm laughing but once again it is not funny that article is over at you can read the rest of it over at the bizpac title Bill Gates increasing farm buys part of a major National Power move as I said it wasn't my favorite headline of all time but it is what it is Washington Free Beacon this Harvard students group wants to combat misinformation by promoting new new sources that pedal Hamas propaganda and I don't even know if I want to read this one because this is just this is every day every day we see this corporate media fighting misinformation by spreading misinformation
corporate media using fact-checkers to take the truth and pretend like it's a lie
covert media completely owned and operated by the Deep State University swim with a global delete the ball that corporate media and here we have now Academia hopping in with a Harvard student go go figure this is over at again Washington Free Beacon Alex Shamu at Harvard University to blame the Jewish date for Hamas has October 7th terrorist attacks assault is that working to combat media misinformation on the war in Israel by promoting alternative news sources that disseminate how much propaganda schools Palestine solidarity committee which pain the infamous student group statement that held Israel entirely responsible for the monsters attack last week criticized American News sources for pushing putting this information on the quote violence in Gaza the group urged his followers to instead get their news from Gotham quotable journalist who the group said our quote working on the ground to convey the reality of being pal
singing in Gaza right now
those so-called journalists however have four weeks should false and misleading claims on the war some of which has come from Hamas itself nearly all of the Palestinian solidarity committee suggested new sources for example where did the now-defunct Hamas claim that Israel bombed the al-ahly Baptist Hospital in Gaza killing hundreds of innocent civilians in the process another committee endorsed Source a Twitter account called times of Gaza has used years old photos from Syria to claim that Israel is using white phosphorus in its retaliatory attacks on Hamas the Palestinian solidarity committee committee has promotion of Hamas aligned new sources in Gaza reflects the proliferation of anti-Semitic activism seen at Harvard and other Ivy League schools following her mosses Terror attacks and sent earlier than it needs to be a distinction between
between freedom of speech that is protected by freedom of speech that that comes from government or the seductions of the defenses from government it doesn't come they don't want it but it offends us from government and gives us the power to say no you cannot stop me from saying that you are just the little weak governments you can't prevent me from saying that because I'm not saying anything unlawful that's the freedom of speech that is protected free speech that's not protected that a lot of people for some reason think is is he building for private organizations to be able to condemn
the right of Public public organizations to say Hey you know you can't you can't support that you can't go after that not publicly when I try to change hearts and minds are necessary we just saying you can't go out there and call for genocide which is essentially what you're doing when you're saying from The River To The Sea so no we're not going to allow that
now is that right do I support do I support any age of a company or a school that that says that
maybe maybe not the right to do that
it's important distinction there so here's Harvard in Harvard's out there there's spreading misinformation is that bad absolutely what I want them silenced no not by government the least
now Harvard wants to silence and they can the student group
but by no means should government in any way
try to prevent them from being able to share misinformation there's nothing missing formation is protected speech Let's be clear about that you're allowed to lie you're allowed to spread falsehoods you're allowed to to do things that are inaccurate as long as you're not engaged in liable as long as you're not engaged in in the defamation as long as you're not slandering people as long as you're not causing physical harm you can spread misinformation like that no I don't like to the misinformation get spread wide defendant you bet absolutely they want to share this lying Twitter account
Twitter account that's using old videos to try to paint Israel as using white phosphorus on goossens
I don't agree with message but the message is legal
the two people to be Discerning such as those who are following and seeing those posts to make the determination Is that real or is it not real
if we start limiting speech based upon that it's it's false or based upon that it's just an accurate are based upon that maybe it's satire you know me look what's happening right now January 6th you got people that did nothing other than then nothing other than they didn't really do anything either in jail for four years before it was having with Joe Mackie Gay Post of the meme is a funny meme send
this is funny Ha-Ha
people are idiots people actually thought that it was real
and as a result he's going to jail he's in jail I should say
where's the house that even possible in the United States of America so we post a funny meme saying hey guys you can text your vote Hillary Clinton to this out of the other
Asian get mad at your macular that you should get mad at
message on messenger make your voice has the first name after yet
you shouldn't get mad at that that the meme or whoever is putting out the meme you should get mad at our education system public education system that did not teach people the very basic common knowledge or what should be common knowledge that you can't text your vote
I don't know sometimes
just don't know
give me a second and find that a nicer nicer story stories are really starting to piss me off
that's a nice that's awful Story one more office for you then I'll close with a nice one The Ville I'm not a fan of liking
you're liking a DC politician I can tolerate some of them
very few of them I like I can say that I like Ron Johnson I like Rand Paul I like Matt gaetz
it's not a whole lot of others that I like by Thomas Massie even though it doesn't support Trump I like these guys on a personal and mostly ideological level
but even then I just like I don't I don't really like greatly like them I think they're good
this one is emerging who might also join the good ranks since Tommy tuberville Summerville has really easy sections guns on this whole not promoting not allowed on the promotion of military members being as long as the illegal abortion rules replace okay there is no restrictions on abortion rule if if if a member of the US military is deployed in a state where they can't get an abortion while the government will pay to move them move them over to a state where they can get their abortion
Summerville has a problem with that and understandably so
and yet Democrats have two solutions they're not they're not employing solution number one is that they they just have some Department of Defense drop the rule let's stop using taxpayer money to fund abortions because it's illegal
the other day that's the only reason you need you don't need them social justice just need to know that hey and see legal so don't do it so Tommy tuberville saying
the Democrats are saying I don't know is about is about accessing
so they have that option they also have the option of just taking these nominations for for advancement is nominations for for new jobs for promotions of these of these members the military take those and vote on them one at a time that's an option that's never been off the table you have somebody you like OK Google, Villas is
is blocking is the the blanket advancement and I laugh whenever whenever these Senators like oh my gosh you realize how long that would take would be with you like working like like 14 hours a day for like 6 weeks okay will do your damn job to write a fat bubble up a 16 hours
cut lunch have pizza delivered
get to work it's going to take you six weeks eight weeks a month I don't care do it you're cute work for us
you were elected to do this
you told me that you won't do the work unless you can do it all at once with the push of a button the raising of one-hand hey do we approve everybody being promoted yes okay past let's go move on
it's like there's no in between the snow the snow is a logic to this it's just they would rather spend the time blaming Tom and Tommy tuberville to keep my it's not just Chuck Schumer the Democrats glitch McConnell has been all over Somerville about this was it turns out now it seems as if they might have a way around there tell Bill tuberville problems Town Hall Rebecca Downs Senate Democrats come after Tommy tuberville with rules committee vote on Tuesday the Senate rules committee voted along party lines to advance and resolution that would allow Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to advance the military promotion and nominations did Senator tuberville as placed holds on due to the pentagon's illegal abortion policy under the policy which violates tenuous e1093 female service members and their dependents can receive paid time off for abortions and travel expenses are covered if the boy
things take place in another state there's no gestational. Limit for such abortions we've been hearing about such a resolution for weeks but it finally happened on Tuesday afternoon as soon as chairman of the armed services committee Jack Reed was all too happy to share the corner reads release to today the Senate rules committee voted 927 to advance of temporary standing order resolution sponsored by Senator Jack Reed the chairman of the Senate armed services committee that would allow for a bipartisan majority of 60% or more Senators to override 2 reveals Lincoln blockade of military promotions now that the Senate rules committee Advanced a bill it may be considered by the full US Senate however the cinemas first contend with passing Appropriations
legislation to prevent a government shutdown and they got they they finally did what they've been threatening to do McConnell has been against this even though he's against tuberville he's been against this he says let's work it out internally but it just can't it won't be in it nor should it be
they should I even if they they give his past I'm still very proud and happy to tell real has done what he's done will it be sort of a defeat Yes actually because he wasn't able to get that overturned the abortion component but
he's held back he's made made it known he's brought attention to it for a month I would consider that lease to minor victory
does it suck that he wasn't able to change it absolutely where are u.s. military Department of Defense is breaking the law. They are breaking the law with this for the sake of some of some of whatever pregnancy Justice are pregnancy equality or whatever they are breaking the law
what else is new
it's 123 what else is new there's nothing new Under the Sun so they do are able to over overcome this very able to get his passing and I need a supermajority it's not spelling everything in his path along party lines they would need to buy the way okay there are plenty of Lindsey Graham's out there that that will do whatever it takes to to do whatever it takes because that's what they do they just take your granny got my collar you got enough they're going to get this passed another words there's going to they're going to find at least 10 Republicans who wanted to go and throw throw Tommy tuberville under the bus and get these in though all have their reasons Joni Ernst will say all we know is because I'm in the middle in the military and we can't we can't have a military and Israel's going to need us and we got to we got to do this quickly and yada yada yada
whatever anyway so yeah I said I have one more bad story and I it's funny because this one is supposed to be good news but it's not either so I'm just going to I'm going to the zip right through it as of last night Tuesday evening last night Tuesday there was the house to pass the the strangers the most unique funding bill I've ever heard about
and it comes just before the government shutdown this nonsense done deal but at least least they're in there seems to be but I thought this is going to be the biggest roadblock I thought they were going to get enough Republicans to vote against I was way wrong I mean not even flows they I don't think they even got you a hundred loyal as this check out this article so it's from Mark Angel leads from Liberty Liberty comes Liberty Nation news people I've never actually spoken to any of the Articles titled house pressure cooker let off some steam as funding bill passes
late Tuesday evening the House of Representatives voted to pass a stopgap measure to keep the government funded past this Friday's looming deadline the atypical bill was a two-step continuation resolution that kicked the can down the road funding some agencies until January 19th and I was until February 2nd assuming that the Senate and the president both approve it however it was also a much more than just another spending package passing with broad bipartisan support at 330-6295 okay so yes it's only 94 Republicans voted against it to Democrats as well as the legislation not only keeps the government paying its bills but also acted as a release valve for a Congress that seems ready to implode as Speaker of the House Mike Johnson noted members have been here for 10 weeks the place is a pressure cooker I hate when people say that I'm sorry I don't care if members of Congress have been there for 10 years gay
I just hit me up maybe call me about a weirdo but I think the people who are paid to work for work we pay these people to work not to gallivant we pay these people to work
we let them to do the job doing the job such as raising your hand or saying hi
place like a pressure cooker
I would say at least I know he was there are some hard workers there by the way I shouldn't try them you say it blanket condemnation of all of Capitol Hill but I would say 90% of them could not handle real work could not handle a real 16 hour blue shift in a four-day week shift and as some doing the the medical industry or other Industries I don't think they can handle a a a 10-day work day in construction
why things I would say most most jobs most physical jobs
they have these people couldn't handle and Sons are they just couldn't help because their house elderly not just talking about Mitch McConnell here saying that they couldn't handle their young even
I found that the mentality behind those who seek public office
rarely maybe 10% of them may be less than that rarely are they doing it for the right reasons really are they doing it's really for their their schools their districts are there cities or counties are states that there than their country I mean I've talked to a lot of politicians the most successful ones are absolute I mean they're they're just narcissist as much as possible their egos are through the roof
you find a handful of aren't the most of them are so I don't want to hear about how Mike Johnson says that Ohio if we've been here for like 10 weeks we've been doing our job for like two and a half months straight without like a huge long vacation what was me
back to the article
events of the just the past 24 hours just the chance of a recession of a recess not a recession reset River Rd intersection I don't care what anybody says chance of a recessed comes not a moment too soon they needed a break for guys McCarthy recently after the house Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been accused of probably assaulting a fellow Republican rep Tim burchett said McCarthy elbowed him in the kidneys and I want because I don't even say this properly in this article it wasn't just the shows a cat that got the news out there by the way it was like oh my gosh you know Kevin McCarthy just elbowed me know that's terrible burchett is always sounds like by the way in real life but the reporter that the person was interviewing for the time she's the one that actually reported on it she's the one that posted a Twitter thread sing Oh My Gosh if there's anything like this in my life so there's a witness that Sam is looking a channel that I watching
McCarthy go buy an elbow him in the kidney scenery action on burchett's face
and who has no by the way in if as a member of the press would almost certainly be more favorable to Kevin McCarthy then somebody like Tim burchett who's got a this guy is is he's one of those you know 10% or less that I can actually say I like he's he's he's conservative he is he is very adamantly opposed to to Kevin McCarthy
you know he's one of the good guys
why would the reporter lie about that reporter is someone who said that Kevin McCarthy elbowed him
so now McCarthy's come out there and saying it wasn't all known it was crowded crowded hallway or whatever
I could picture Kevin McCarthy know if there's other people that I dislike maybe on a personal level that I actually would like them ideologically okay you're there there's some people that I would say that you Mike Lee for example I'm not a big fan of how he carries himself I'm not a big fan of how he presents himself I like his Twitter account is based Mike Lee account but otherwise when he's talking sometimes he couldn't even a better example than likely is Jim Jordan Jim Jordan and maybe it's just Jim Jordan 40 because it when you hear the first two three five times it's like oh yeah man that's got cash this guy's just talk straight talk to guys just do that then all the sudden it's like like wow he sounds exactly the same the last 10-15 is using the same talking points to and
he's just what seemed like passion that seems robotic anyway yeah I agree with Jordan and Mike Lee ideologically probably me a 60 70 80 per-cent of the time but I don't agree with them on a personal level so there are people that vice-versa where I like them cameras and arcade you I love to sit down and just talk to RFK Jr about stuff I can probably talk to her an hour or so I can never go for and I disagree with with 90% of his policies but I would love to talk to him right I like him Bernie Sanders I can sit down and talk to Bernie Sanders cuz he entertains me
we're talking about like literally like like almost 10 right and it literally like almost zero as far as the
a policy alignment but I think that I think that he he would be very entertaining to talk to for a long time you know a couple hours we'll say maybe maybe a stick it gets old after a while so Kevin McCarthy I disagree with them ideologically and I don't like him as a person I would argue that he's probably the most scheming conniving just just emotionally ugly person on Capitol Hill missing a lot when you got here like like Nancy Pelosi okay you got people like me you just have Adam kinzinger used to have a list Cheney you have some pretty bad guys out there that are that are just
just hard to like Alexandria ocasio-cortez and come on but I would say Kevin McCarthy may be the least likeable member on Capitol Hill and I mean I can't stand Mitch McConnell but I think I would actually rather talk to Mitch McConnell for an hour then Kevin McCarthy
the guy like oozing slime
his his yeah it's terrible while I'm sorry it's go off on that but yeah when is that he's coming out tonight that he sang it was a it was a a crowded crowded hallway or whatever the dude is a liar the dude's a scumbag and if anybody on Capitol Hill as you were if you were to say hey who do you think is the most likely member of Congress or Senate who would it be who are physically elbow a
political enemy
in the kidney and it would take me about maybe 10 seconds to think about it and if you like well
I was going to say Eli no more but I think that you would just use a knife so let's go with Kevin McCarthy yes Kevin McCarthy is the most likely person to Elbow somebody in the kidney
a political enemy so when the story came out yeah I can agree with that I can buy that that makes perfect sense
speaking of my Johnson this in the end just so we're clear because I think we glazed over that story a little bit too fast this budget deal of the spending Bill they're trying to get get sealed up for the end of the week it is weird it is unprecedented mean we've never seen anything like this before it's like we're paying for this feeling in this running you were going to pass them both but where they have different days for the the funniest we have different priorities were splitting it up to make it easier to try to negotiate before the the deal right out I get it it makes a lot of sense but at the end of the day like this wasn't what we wanted Mike Johnson went out and I'm going to the summer we wanted him have his speakership I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say okay he didn't have much time by but this is it this is the last one he's got to get this one right
he's just another just another Rhino just another unit party SWAT member
that's it for Shirley folks
so I'm going to go more willing I will be back very soon with another episode but in the meantime you'll stay strong stay safe and God bless

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