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JD Rucker Show, November 20, 2023

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FBI Attacking Catholics and 'Project Icebreaker' Ushering in One-World CBDC

Title: FBI Attacking Catholics and 'Project Icebreaker' Ushering in One-World CBDC


After a long hiatus, The JD Rucker Show is back and just in the nick of time. Things are going crazy out there. We have the FBI going after Catholics as domestic terrorists. Project Icebreaker is the precursor for a one-world currency driven by central bank digital currencies. Democrats' mRNA jabs are going into animals. It's a mess.

Recording: April 11, 2023

JD Rucker Show

JD Rucker Show
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JD Rucker

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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of The Daily Record show I am your host JD Rock Run has sobered me back I'm telling you it is so good to be back I think for the first time in about a month now I actually feel like you know what we're going to be able to do this I'm going to be able to move forward with show on a daily basis I've had challenges and some good some bad some of the challenge has been based around just things that have been weird happening in the Rucker World other challenges of been just timing-wise we have been watching some amazing stuff I've been working with a lot of lot of incredible people on various projects including the recently launched launched or soft wash I should say discern. TV to check out the TV and see videos from a whole bunch of people are putting a lot of effort into it every day try to get it built up now long-term want this to go to start TV will turn into a essentially a hub for or
like a regular television station we want there to be at least twelve hours of my 24 hours of program and Out 24 hours a day of programming but we can watch it now or watch it watch it live watch it later if it's not like I obviously I would put my show there to get some others I've been talking to a lot of amazing show host getting them involved with this project so but we didn't want to wait and wait for it to be perfect before we got to watch what happened to the stopwatch with a lot of various channels that we fight on the bus in trouble but also some on YouTube also on Friday on B shoot on various places or trying to get those aggregated now the discern concept of it obviously means that we do hope that people are concerning we're going to do the best we can to discern to try to try to keep people heading in the right direction but we also have to rely on you to be starting as well you're not going to agree with everything that I or the others put up in the
but it's okay 100 well most of us are our bible-believing Christians I would say most of us are conservative so we do believe in a certain level of freedom and individual is so you're not going to agree with everything I posted okay because this is for you to exercise your discernment we also launched whole cow's I'll tell that story little bit later but we lost it it was awesome it still is awesome we're just we're already after 3 weeks we're Switching gears a bit getting away from Frozen beef because it just wasn't selling and then shifting over to all freeze dried long-term storage food which was selling like like crazy just bought I think Jason just set up another load of ten cows were 20 cows to be slaughtered so we're obviously with the fears of mRNA vaccines being injected into cows in the near future and and all
do stuff the need to be able to Source your meat special when it comes long-term storage food that's why we're doing it, w h o l e c o w s, so getting those two projects going on top of being I wouldn't say deathly ill but persistently ill to the point that I couldn't talk for longer than 15-20 minutes at a time before my voice started long before I started coughing wasn't covid when we still don't know what it was because it wasn't it never got serious enough for me to have to go to the doctor but it just stayed and it would get better than it would get worse than you'll scratch one member of the family than they will get better than it was supposed to another member and then I was right back to another member it was just the weirdest thing we've never experienced anything like it in our lives but at this point praise God we are all feeling much much better so I got a big show today we're going to be talking
this article that I haven't read yet I just popped up on my screen from Brandon Smith overall Dash Market. You asked about Central Bank digital currencies and project Icebreaker know I've done a show a few months ago about project Icebreaker so I'm very familiar with it was funny I feel better than I have have the cough and its 4 please let me get through this she'll let me get through the air show every day we want to be getting this out every single day but with that said yeah we have to work under the constraints of health is always very important anyway so project Icebreaker I did a show about it a few months ago Brandon Smith bring it up again and it's a timely issue because this in my humble opinion and then a lot of people's humble opinion is the pathway through which they will be able to number one rule out Central Bank digital currencies across the world number to take those Central Bank digital currencies and consolidate them into One World Currency
yes it's going to happen other breaking news from Monday we have questioned Jordan and the subcommittee for weaponization of government they put out the information regarding the FBI's attacks on Catholics they're infiltrating Catholic churches and try to find the radical traditionalist within their the church that that have an ideology that makes them domestic terrorists you can't make this up and of course they went after 2 and after grandma's or walking to the Capitol Building of course they went after soccer moms went to school board meeting so yeah of course I'm going to go after Catholics and probably evangelicals already know they're going after after Muslims and Jews and if you have a faith that is not the time it's time to change called or Nah The lgbtqi plus Supremacy called when you are a potential domestic terrorist that's their thinking at least that's what they want you to think they think they know
it's all about control
first I've got a story this one actually pre-recorded so this is the only one that's got pre-recorded I'm going to go and play that and go to break it's about Jay Inslee in the demonstration that we now know with a certainty Jay Inslee in his group the Democrats if you're celebrating Easter they hate you so
it's a long time I've been saying that the Democrats are far more interested in our safe our faith being those of us who believe in Judea Christian religions and general Evangelical Christianity in particular they're coming after us that's coming after us from a legal perspective the coming after us for me and emotional perspective are engaged in psychological warfare against us they are hitting us from every angle you can actually take as I've said before you can take pretty much every issue that the Democrats hold dear and nine out of ten of them there's going to be a couple that the really don't have a direct impact on faith the nine out of ten of them to
and it's not just about trying to Outlaws through policies is not just about trying to keep us quiet through through persecution through oppression this about psychological warfare as I said all the ways they do at this by just doing those little things that don't really mean anything but we really have to start recognizing those quote-unquote little things as far bigger than they are because you getting me to put a lot of effort into this article I wrote over at the Liberty I have it here on discern. TV disparity in Jay inslee's Easter versus Ramadan tweets demonstrates satanic left hatred for Christianity and I'll be clear this is a direct attack they want us to be disheartened they want us to give up they want us to just say oh you know what they're coming after us where we going to do it's not much we can do about it so let's just not do anything right
so I'm not going to go straight to tweet this is what Jay Inslee Democratic governor the radical leftist Democrat Governor of Washington state is what he posted for Ramadan in observation of Ramadan we extend our warmest wishes to our Muslim friends and neighbors may your fasting and prayers bring peace happiness and prosperity Ramadan Mubarak hashtag Ramadan hash hashtag Ramadan Mubarak hashtag Ramadan Kareem
tell me what that means but that's what he's posting posted and Islamic symbol for Ramadan has a brand of a.j. Ensley respect and appreciation to mention specific aspects of the Muslim holiday demonstrating that he wasn't just this wasn't just a passing hello happy Ramadan tweet this was something they put effort into nose compare this to pass over this past summer tweet was to all those gathering around the Seder table this evening and I wish you a happy Passover. Stomach
that's it happy Passover obviously less involved that time of peace I'm talking about about you know the miracle that's the mission with the very first Passover the original story of Passover from The Book of Genesis nothing about that no no no
shl, Texas I mean let's go see what he posted for Easter hopping into Easter Sunday with joy and laughter. I wish everyone a happy and egg-citing Easter Happy Easter
you're mocking us folks
if you were never leave you came to this nation came to this world for the first time you read this week using okay so so Easter is it must be the celebration of rabbits
how big is into Easter Sunday with joy and laughter
eggcited eggd sighting Easter egg sighting Hoppy
they're doing it for insightful to do it right in front of our faces they're mocking us with those who think do you know maybe they just didn't even put much effort into this with this isn't about effort I sure do the hundred percent certain that all three of these tweets were crafted meticulously crafted they were designed specifically to come after us to to belittle us to mark this is their style this would have been doing for a long time it's been progressing this isn't this is why I don't say this is a new because it's not and you should look at his 2021 Ramadan sweet way or me a video about Ramadan Ramadan
but we're living in these modern times we see what Democrats are doing with I think a lot of forgetting this wasn't how it was not very long ago I mean don't forget in 2008 what 15 years ago what was Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton they ran on a platform that was against gay marriage both of them did both of them ran on a platform that was you know about about abortion being rare and safe and you know it's accessible but very rare the others aren't rare nowadays Barack Obama Joe Biden Jay Inslee Hillary Clinton all the Democrats all the Democrat lawmakers voted for the lawmakers
are they want as many abortions as possible I mean they're celebrating abortions they want as many gay marriages as possible this is just about right. Supremacy in their Park
this isn't new it's just been creeping for a while but that creep is turned into a Sprint the last couple years
there I guess you could say out of the closet so to speak with their hatred for Christian of you don't acknowledge this I see so few conservatives and Christians acknowledging they do you know what is the whole transgender thing that's just about walk this and it is your right but it's wokeness in an attack of the biblical Faith as I've said many times has the biggest reason they're so adamant about protecting trans kids as they like to say because they want to indoctrinate to brainwash children into thinking that they are not the the the gender sex whatever that they were born into why
because if they can convince these kids
the bed there might have been born biological boy but they're actually a girl they can convince and in brainwashing the doctrine of these kids in this ideology then they win the second but I want to be clear myself so you know and I know probably my audience won't say that one of the argument because they're free and they're able to come out in this is they would have come out before they were free know they wouldn't because that didn't exist because they weren't getting a Doctrine in the past this is a relatively new phenomenon I'm not saying all trans whatever reason is is new what I'm saying is that the new as far as like across-the-board I'm saying that that it was extraordinary rare and now all of a sudden you got all these kids are my gosh they got to get their lgbtqia plus the pharmacy card why because it's a Supremacy car because it grants them better treatment more rights
be treated special course they're going to want that eight year old 12 your whatever year old is going to say oh well well I see no Johnny came out as trans and now everybody likes him
future street especially it's always super protection is always bullying him
you should come out as trans
course they're the most protected people in this nation right now
are part of the lgbtq + Community they are so much at least protected from a protected from whatever you and false attacks or whatever
they are protecting me we saw what happened in Nashville okay
a transvestite walks into a school
murders six Christians including three children and the last response to go protect trans kids. Christian kids trans kids trans people
that think they're protecting their they literally flipped the script
this is this is what's happening this is your that's why I say this little stuff like these tweets by Jay Inslee they might be little but they're not insignificant we have to acknowledge that all of this is about the safe returning to what I was saying before
the reason I want these kids to think o I was born a boy but I'm actually girl is because if they can get them to think along the lines of my my gosh you know I was I came out wrong then that must mean by simple logic even larger than an eight-year-old can understand if they were made Wrong by God they were created in correctly and there's only two possibilities either
God made a mistake and that means that he's not infallible war God doesn't exist at all to indoctrinate as many children into this is possible because they will grow grow to be atheists were agnostics adults their religion will be the Clinton the religion of climate change and wokeness lgbtqi plus Supremacy cult on them
Holy Spirit works okay can overcome anything
but the chances
come to the right conclusion about the nature of their presents the nature of their soul to make sure their existence greatly diminished its electronic documents to this radical
unhinged mental illness they're spreading mental illness and how do I get from Jay Inslee posting an Easter tune about rabbits to this is it's all connected
two more people realize that such attacks from different angles on the faith
but we're not going to win
it's no secret that the powers-that-be are coming after the food supply they don't want you to eat me they want you to eat black grown quote-unquote meet when she eats bugs they want to eat anything for is your protein Supply that it's not good they don't want any of the good stuff and there's a reason for that it comes out of control was Henry Kissinger who once said who controls the food supply controls to people while they're trying to control the people I for one will not be controlled I'm not going to eat crickets or mealworms or anything like that I'm not going to eat Abominations of lab grown meat I'm going to be eating actual beef beef in the form of beef cubes that we store Long in my our bags with oxygen absorbers do they have at least attend your shelf life if not longer than that you two can eat that you can just go to w h o l e c o w s use promo code JDR check out get for 10:15 get one out of his many bags you can of long-term storage beef
just in case you were still under the illusion of the Federal Bureau of Investigations specifically in the Department of Justice in general is part of the whole justice system law enforcement apparatus of the federal government designed to protect you you would only be right if you happen to be saved a leftist or an atheist or something like that because if you are a Christian or conservative or both chances are you're actually one of the targets they're not trying to protect you there trying to get you in this course comes from Revelations again on Monday regarding the FBI's Richmond document as I posted over at the Liberty the FBI's Richmond document exposes deep State spying on all those darn Catholic
domestic terrorists because of course that we seen all of these terrorist attacks by those those darn Catholics right course I'm being facetious as I wrote the article Congressman Jim Jordan the house Judiciary subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government delivered a demand to FBI director Christopher Wray on Monday for his cooperation in their oversight of what appears to be a massive sting operation on Catholic across the country code FBI's Richmond document reveals the feds have infiltrated at least one Catholic Church in hopes of finding domestic terrorists among those with quote radical traditionalist Catholic ideology
laugh and there's absolutely nothing funny about this this is a disgrace course this is a disgrace and let's be clear this house is something that maybe I would say a lot of us knew about him and maybe a lot of other people didn't realize is that the term domestic terrorist does not necessarily apply to those who are going to commit acts of straight up terrorism as far as what we have always known them to be flying flying planes into buildings blowing up blowing up stuff okay that's not the type of domestic terrorism to talk and I know they're talking about this is new version of domestic terrorism that goes applies to say nationalism you know or or whatever now look I myself and not exactly white supremacist I'm only half Caucasian and with that said I meant a legal immigrant I am not a fan of any bigotry at all of any sort when I hope the most Mass majority of my audience feel the
we want to treat people equally we want a meritocracy we want people to have equal opportunity but not necessarily equal results the only way they can get equals Ulta's if they work hard and earn their way right makes sense is matter what color your skin is with your race is your gender your religion or anything like that you you do your part earrings awesome rings hunky-dory that to me is what true nationalism is about not what they described as white supremacy or white nationalism or anything like that but that's what they're going after they're going after those of us who use use terms like like based or red pilled those are terms that will get you Flag by the modern-day Adoration of the Federal Bureau of Investigations is it turns that I've used I used the term red pilled many times I assure you I am not a domestic terrorist I've used the term based many times they even have a website called based underground it's funny I didn't intend it at the time
but site has has become sort of a representation of of modern-day America if you are quoting code based in other words if you say what you feel and you don't care you know you don't care what other people think about you as a result of that that means you're based and and apparently we are going to have to go underground in some sort of these digitally speaking of course we don't have to I didn't take out the name because I was expecting things to get this bad but apparently they are recording this document
and this is only one by the way let's be clear there are this document this what was the name of it is called the exact name of the document is up where is it was a mouthful so pay attention of the officially titled interest in this quote interest of racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists and radical traditionalist Catholic ideology almost certainly presents new mitigation opportunities this is a document those shared Across the Nation FBI field offices everywhere so we know about what happened in Richmond they sent at least one undercover operative into a Catholic Church that had traditionalist views they try to get people you know whether it's a church members or even clergy to start essentially knocking on their fellow Catholics hey who do you think my might be you know maybe maybe you're bigger than maybe they're racist maybe they're unwoke
find those people who are they 11 Church 11 Catholic Church one undercover operative that we know about and even then it's one too many reality is that we're probably faced with a lot more a lot more than just that one let's look at some of the reactions to this I'm going to read from the documents off here in a minute but I want to cut through Josh Hawley senator from Missouri I specifically asked Merrick Garland whether the FBI was targeting Catholic parishes and he said no now it turns out the FBI was using undercover sources in multiple parishes not good Rogan o'handley DC draino is many who use Twitter know him by he said remember when most of America was shocked. I would classify soccer moms going to school board meetings as quote domestic terrorists will now the House GOP has found evidence showing the FBI spying on Americans
and the church has to this evil has no bottom and Andy Biggs Congressman Andy Biggs former former chair of the of the House Freedom caucus said I wonder how many undercover employees were attending Easter masses Across the Nation yesterday this is just another reason why we must be fun the FBI and doj they've completely departed from their mission and I would actually argue this is been part of their mission for the entire time that that's a national law enforcement Wing division Bureau was that was never the case would agree with me Ron Paul famously said like the late eighties early nineties that that the FBI from its Inception
was inherently corrupt that it was weaponize from the beginning and then it has only gotten worse and worse and worse over the decades and that he's correct I think it when they they developed the FBI perhaps there were too many people who had the right intention to the actual use of the Federal Bureau Investigation As Weapons station to be used by the Deep state
that has always been the case we're not seeing anything new is just coming to light more and when I say when I seen you I would say they have gotten worse they come out of Shadows while they're not even pretending to be patriotic American loving our organization or group this is they are trying to order and actually participating in the downfall of the United States of America they are being and they have been co-opted I should say by this is why you know I often ask is the Deep state of one of the are they just a tool of the puppet of the globalist delete cabal or are they are they one of the front of the video of them the major influences we don't know okay something is evidence that goes in both directions maybe some of you know firsthand I know that I don't I just know that they're involved with the other they're using the Federal Bureau Investigation as their domestic Wing in order to isolate people such as you and me many of us I am sure you are all
Beyond FBI list they are probably watching this show as we speak I have don't want to sound too paranoid but but sometimes I'm pretty sure that there's drones flying over him that shouldn't be the case because we're close to an area where there should not be any drones at all my wife is even noticed it and she is much more perceptive as far as audio and visual perception than I am when she has noticed that as well
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this into ticular this this Richmond Richmond document FBI's Richmond document year-round obviously Catholic churches but let's assume that this pertains to pretty much all religions all houses of worship we've known for a long time that they have that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been infiltrating the mosques around them and we have knowledge they have been been infiltrating synagogues and now we know for sure that they are there if he'll trade in Catholic Church what about Evangelical churches what about whatever it was a house of worship they believe they being the the Deep state are Old Government they believe that the if you're going to find radicals you're going to find them among the faithful you know those those silly agnostics and atheists they're not going to be terrorists they're not going to be speak out and again based upon their being there being the Deep States their definition of what terrors
terrorism is not about what we think it's about their eyes terrorism is about dissension towards government and if you have a government is growing more and more authoritarian as our government is of course when you have freedom people that are that believe in God given rights for example we are going to be the target. We're going to be the Target in there making that crystal clear now imagine if the House of Representatives of the midterm elections were completely stolen from the house as well just as they were from the Senate imagine if we did not have this house judicial what is the house judicial committee's subcommittee select subcommittee on weapons station of government I just called the weaponization to me but whatever what if what if we don't have that we would never know about the stuff he's not never have heard of any of this when we part of
yeah yeah I am a part of what
what Jim Jordan had sent to Crystal Ray because this isn't something like brand-new alright this is actually he's been working on this for a little while now. Lehan not getting much much cooperation with the committee on the Judiciary is conducting oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigations handling of domestic violent extremism investigations against Catholic Americans and its effect on protected First Amendment activity based on the limited information produced by the FBI to the committee we now know that the FBI relying on at least one undercover agent to produce its analysis and of USB I propose that its agents engaging Outreach to Catholic parishes to develop sources among the clergy and church leadership to inform an American practicing to inform on Americans practicing their faith this shocking information reinforces our need for all responsive documents and the committee is issuing a subpoena to compel your folks
operationally repeatedly sought information from the FBI relating to a January 23rd 2023 document generated by the Richmond field office entitled interest of racially or ethically motivated by extremists and radical traditionalist Catholic ideology almost certainly presents new medication opportunities and they're just calling it thankfully they just calling it FBI's Richmond document in this document the FBI report to categorize Catholic and relied on the Southern Poverty Law Center just that certain kinds of Catholic Americans maybe domestic terrorist the Southern Poverty Law Center okay. You know but just a perfect! In the middle of all this because you don't know the Southern Poverty Law Center has been working with our government working with the FBI and the Department of Justice to try to isolate and in between fingers at
faithful religious as well as politically motivated people Americans and I slay them as potential domestic terrorists but keep in mind they don't go after and they don't go after black lives matter they don't go after any of these various groups that may actually be engaged in a while I don't know domestic terrorism instead they should go after you they got after me to go after Kathy 6 to go after Muslims to go after Presbyterians the gulf to choose they go after probably Hindus for all I know I don't have confirmation that but I would assume that that the way that they look at it anybody who believes in a higher power higher than climate change in the lgbtqia plus Supremacy called that they might be domestic terrorists because by golly if they don't bow down what the government wants then they're troublemakers we need to keep an eye on them we should probably just be ready to the round them all up and throw while in jail
yes this all sounds like Nazi America because it is exactly what this is exactly what we're seeing developing right in front of her eyes. What was at least at one point called the United States of America I don't know if we can even call about anymore I'm not willing to give up the fight not yet there's still a chance as long as we saw this information coming out and we share this information with her fellow Patriots organized protest we worked try to to stop this from happening with Andy Biggs on this one wants to defend the doj and FBI Amen brother let's do it if not demonstrated anyting is it far as it pertains to their ability to actually protect us
they are not a law enforcement agency anymore maybe they never were and their ability to go after soccer moms at school board meetings or Grandma's walking through the Capitol Building old are good that
but you you get them to try to actually stop real crimes you give them to try to to try to help to Define pedophiles
sex traffickers child sex traffickers child rapists
kidnappers murderers no no no no that's not there southern thing
no not if they can go after patriotic grandma's or concerned parents weird the domestic terrorists and their eyes that's ridiculous so yes I am with Andy Biggs on this defunding defund them
there was a time when they were talking about you at AOC and all the the crew talking about abolishing I swell I say abolish the FBI okay rebuild or not maybe just don't rebuild it all maybe let's just rely on local law enforcement and get that something is just as a quick side note you know I am I am a back the blue kind of guy I know there's bad cops out there there's also a lot of good ones
maybe there was a time when I used to like okay so so there's good after the eye and bad at the I have this point I can only assume it would be safe to assume that FBI agents and every level anybody who works with the FBI if they are aware of Destruction they have to beware because we're we're so they being being this the organization that they work for they have to be aware of this massive corruption as well they're still willing to work for them that means they can't be trusted gheissari might save specially I know some of you out there FBI's maybe you fighting the good fight from within okay you get a pass but others you know those who are like the French benefits are nice you know I'm I'm close to my pension cares if they're taking out some Grandma's walking to the Capitol Building who cares if they're ignoring ignoring child rapist so they can they can go after soccer moms
yeah no no no no no
you can I believe still rely on your local law enforcement and your Sheriff's Office which gets billed to go where you want to go see it's not as if there's one thing we've learned very quickly since since the Trump Administration was it office we started really many other than I do a lot of going to go now the rest was probably working you can't trust the FBI
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what's the most common questions I get ratchet a series of questions because the questions are usually differently between the different foods but of the general subject of the question is how long do certain things last right how long can you eat certain foods how long can they stay in the refrigerator in the freezer and whatever canned foods for example I hope most of you who was already know that canned foods generally speaking can last longer than are beyond their best-by date is the best by dates on this early next break and at least you're in the United States of America so I've always tell people yes of course she can go beyond the Best Buy day but keep in mind that every food that you're going to eat and this doesn't seem happy expire you should inspect your food before you
inspect the cans example make sure that the Kansas is a bulging there's no snow rush there's no holes in it and then once you open it inspect the food itself isn't the right color is the right smell maybe give it a little taste of the right taste and then go for it to actually I've been experimenting a lot more lately over the past few weeks has been months I don't know maybe we'll say weeks just in case I don't know if it's been more than six weeks which means that it might not be up to 2 months yet but for a little while I've been experimenting with foods that have been expiring and we used to there's a long long time ago couple years ago we would take her foods that were close to expiring or close to being beyond their best by dates and we will take them to the to the homeless shelters and food soup kitchen stuff like that and as long as it was expired they would generally take them sometimes they even wouldn't have bills to call
but once I learned that number one food doesn't necessarily go bad as soon as it's beyond the best by date and plus once it became much more of a hassle to do it and we decided you know what let's just keep the food because we don't know if we're going to be able to get more but I don't have like tons of stocks of food I wish that I had years and years of food I have a lot of food but but not enough for sustaining in definitely will say we get there we're trying but we're working on it but I've been testing out some food so we have we have some cans I hate I took a can of beef barley soup is beef vegetable soup with barley or whatever it was not very expired or very beyond the Best Buy that has about 6 months but I went ahead and made it home okay and that maybe it's been awhile since I've had beef barley from Campbell's but it was
great I don't think that it was bad but it was a little mushier than I remembered okay the potatoes were actual harder than I remembered in The Barley was a little bit most you're almost like oatmeal this smell not be good but it's the flavor was okay so I went ahead and ate the whole thing and then waited to see if I got sick and I did not so over the weekend we had a state with steaks and chicken actually I took pictures of them steaks and chicken has pictures up there
Swiss steaks and chicken from that were both fourteen months old in the freezer and generally speaking they say that most Meats will last for approximately 12 months I keep in mind when it comes to meets frozen meats that are that are vacuum sealed properly sealed frozen meats should last last technically is indefinite can they don't go bad in the freezer as far as to let Julie to make you sick but the quality does starts interior 8 and we know the quality of me deteriorate the moment that you freeze it and then it just gets worse and worse and worse over time they say 12 months is 14 months I've had me that's 24 months so we went went ahead and tried it through it on the grill my wife she wanted to barbecue the the the chicken thighs
new product that we are promoting up your buddy extras from Touchstone Essentials dr. Sherri Tenpenny and she told us about this product in the end she recommends this for anybody who may be a bit maybe you've been jammed and you are concerned about getting adverse reactions or vaccine injuries or even if you're not jumping you concerned about shedding or being supposed to heavy metals and toxins in it in any form again this is not a product is designed specifically for covid-19 us it with that clarification but what it will do is it will detox your body from heavy metals and toxins which are found in both the covid jobs and other vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs and all sorts of things and so if you're concerned at all about that and want to rid your body of these heavy metals in in and toxins that you're coming into contact with constantly I highly recommend you guys go to Freedom First / pure body your self a bottle of this is zeolite heavy metal detox okay that's Freedom First pure body if you go to that link specifically you will get $50
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on the grill and their way through the the beef on the grill and I waited a couple days I didn't want to do the video actually right there as we were eating it but I thought you know what number one this is it's not sad nobody wants to see me eat the number to I want to do the video after a couple days because just in case you know you don't say okay I just have the food tasted great and then you put on the video and then a day later I get like food poisoning or some like that so we're not two days removed from that and so far so good no no sickness no illness no stomach pains no nothing like that but that said the beef these were New York strips USDA choice I believe we can put on the packaging but I'm pretty sure that would I purchase them 14 months ago they were USDA choice we taking them and I sealed them in the vacuum bags they put two in there but they were they were together so there was no are okay as you can see you saw the pictures snow are in there and we put for 4-2
thighs in an air packaging as well and vacuum-sealed it was stuck at the name of the vacuum sealer got a vacuum-sealed through their freezer immediately as quickly as possible it wasn't weed in a flash freeze it like we should have we did get it frozen pretty quickly the beef came out a little too tough mean quite a bit tough for them than we're accustomed to even when New York strips on the grill the chicken that I couldn't tell the difference are the chicken seemed like it was just funny so so that's good that was a good test we will try again here in probably two or three months pull out from the freezer we will keep a freezer rotation so I try to get the the amit's eaten as quickly as possible that I said a couple months ago you wanted to to
STAAR testing out so I went ahead and put in some aside to let them a jab it in the freezer and then eventually we'll get to 2 year old Frozen beef and frozen chicken and see how they give you guys the report on that wants to refer to an article by a wonderful Daisy Luther over at the organic prepper we pulled out of here if it's I would say an important type of article I'm going to agree with most of it will say because it's so things are getting tight over the weekend we had there was a lot of people that aren't doing Easter eggs then do Easter eggs over the weekend they did Easter potatoes basically it's a cheaper than eggs and so they painted the potatoes in and use that for whatever Easter egg hunting
odd stuff but hey yeah but it's it is a tough times out there right now I get it we all get it unless you are super rich and I mean you can be wealthy and still be good feeling the pain I know I know a couple of my wealth of your friends than me are feeling the pain and so unless you're superrich you're feeling in your feelings on energy on taxes on food and only seems like it's going to be getting worse here soon so this article by Daisy Luther rock-bottom meal plan for those weeks when money is tight I think that it's it's a best practice at this stage to say you know what money is going to be tight money is going to be tired just pretend like it's even if it isn't that like it's going to be tight indefinitely and start making lifestyle changes that if hey you know what if things go back to normal or near normal or things get better the economy gets better or whatever happens rate
okay then you got extra money and extra food next to whatever sitting around that you can then go go turn Netflix back on if you want to but for now I would suggest turning off anything that's that you don't actually need
get more frugal so many of us we don't even have a choice and might be a good for best practice to start these Rock Bottom your plans now and keep going with them so she has one section here title flat broke meal plan these this meal plan is is per person per week multiplied by the number of people in your family I tried to make it as early as possible Yo Gotti Gotti I know what she's doing is she's picking up cheap food for you to be able to eat and still maintain a certain level of sanity you know I would say in here real quick cuz I want to say this to the camera I would say that one of the may be that the second-biggest mistake that Peppers make the first biggest regret is not having a plan for all the very situation so you think know I got food prepper navigation to the plant second-biggest mistake that newer Preppers make is that they don't take into account the psychological effects of their decisions okay now I have this
I'm not going to say who was but it was if somebody close okay who had basic said look you know I don't know if I'm going to make and I was like why is he could because I've tried we went ahead and did a tester him his girlfriend is a tester a test run of how they would survive the apocalypse with his survival food in Psych man I just couldn't do it as I got to know that we just stocked up on like I've got like like a dozen Bach buckets of rice and beans like what do you put with it so that's it you know we're just getting rest apparently Joe Rogan said yeah I'm stuck up on the rice and beans so they went out and bought a bunch of rice and beans and it was cheap and so they like okay you know we've been eating nothing but rice and beans for last week and we can't we can't do it anymore we're never going to order rice or beans and Mexican restaurant but she's kind of the kids just look at the caloric intake that's important obviously but you have to take into account the psychological effects this is why I always tell people make
do you have to take into account emotions you take into account sanity okay if you are let's say you're stuck bugging in with you by yourself or with your family for four days weeks months and years at a time are you going to going to make it psychologically just having enough calories to survive enough enough toilet paper to survive that's not even a living living is is more than just calories and toilet paper to the article with that said let's see what variety Miss Daisy Luther has for us for breakfast with brown sugar and again the idea here is that these can be created cheaply and oftentimes they can be stored for a long. Of time oatmeal is something that you take if you put into a mylar bag with
with oxygen absorbers you can keep keep oatmeal for a long time not as long as I don't like this survival food 25-30 years or anything like that but you keep for years and be just fine with it to oatmeal with brown sugar and bananas bread with butter and jam leftover corn bread sliced and heated with butter and brown sugar drizzle not anybody I am a big fan of corporate anybody who who
is not familiar with maybe you don't keep cornbread in your home cornbread is something we're here yes it's it's flavorful it's a lot of empty calories okay but it's it's he can be Dirt Cheap there's one thing if you're trying to go if you trying to go organic be sure that you're getting truly organic corn bread because a lot of corn cornmeal out there that has to be organic actually isn't you can do your research I'm not going to talk about that today and cracker Apple rice cooked with milk brown sugar and cinnamon that's a very Asian my mother used to make that my Filipino mother used to make that for something I would send them but just milk and brown sugar with rice for breakfast loved it biscuits and gravy personal favorite I can you know they talk about diversity if I were stuck on a desert island and I can only have one type of food it would probably be my spaghetti but my second would be biscuits and gravy I could eat that almost indefinitely in forever and toast or homemade pancakes
forget when I first started prepping I actually have eggs listed as one of the cheap foods to get not anymore. J with an apple pasta salad with tuna music by Days by the way that's why she has seven this day one day to day three bean burrito tomato soup with crackers called peanut butter cold peanut butter noodles with shredded cabbage I have no idea and they're even heard of that tortilla Pizza so we're good I am at a leftovers never dinner beef and veggie soup with fry bread soups are very good by the way because Sushi do get and there's a lot of empty calories there but they're also their great way to be able to put vitamin-rich foods such as vegetables that you may not normally eat a lot of and be able to maintain a lot of the nutrients was in there because when you take them raw raw vegetables and you boil them versus steaming them are trying to run things as long as you're drinking the soup the nutritional value is retained big beans of the mac and cheese fried gnocchi with canned marinara sauce that sounds good
crockpot white chili chicken pasta and marinara sauce and parmesan cheese at ground beef if it's in the budget homemade pizza very good my daughter is excellent at that and then hand sliced in yada yada yada Christmas beans the bus through that by the way the reason I didn't sit there and have you take notes number one you can always find this article over at the organic prepper., put over this hurdle to stream TV that, is very place has the mentality okay this is an example this is Daisy Luther's idea she doesn't put as far as for for cheap dinner she didn't put in there for example of what we like to call anything burrito okay you take flour and just make homemade tortillas throw anything in there with with sauce you get your your various sources that you can make from powders or whatever and you can make a super
I'm talking like it it comes like you can have a whole dinner for like 4 bucks like a family right need to certain things the right way and you can really start saving money this isn't just about saving money today is about preparing yourself pairing your family for this type of situation because whether we want to admit it or not there is I would say at least a fifty-fifty chance that in and many of our lifetimes we are going to experience some sort of catastrophe that will make it to where we are stuck bugging in or bugging out or you just in horrible situations food-wise water-wise energy-wise shelter wise all the various aspects of survival we find ourselves in these terrible situations so getting prepared to go but we have to change
about whether or not we're going to be able to eat this week okay we might be hungry we might not be able to eat what we want to eat but I would say the vast majority of Americans are at least still eating that may not be the case here at some point in the very near future so building up prepper mentality is just as important as building up prepper supplies okay maybe it's not just as important but it is pretty darn important to be able to make sure that you and your family are emotionally prepared psychologically prepared for hard time so I'm not saying just do this just to save money I'm saying come up with a good meal plan that may be tested for a week and make sure it's not just rice and be tested for a week so you okay so severely this is what what it could look like if the crap does hit the fan sometime in the very near future
what can we do to make it better what can we learn from this
that suggests very normal as poverty within our own lines but being prepared for that situation or maybe it's not a money issue maybe it's a supply chain issues whatever reason being ready if and when they just go shopping that's the key to making sure that you survive it
it's a secret that my partner's live in building a company called whole cow's in order to help people get freeze dried beef cubes they can store for or the apocalypse but I'm not of the illusion that you couldn't do the same thing you should do it as a matter of fact which is why I have also partnered with a freeze dryer company in order to help people to get their own freeze dried and I strongly recommend this day even though we do freeze dry we got we got plenty of machines to do the freeze drying for you for many of you who's you to do it yourself so you can go to JD Rucker. Calm Harvest that's JD Harvest and you'll be able to start to get your own freezer they've got on sale right now you can get a small medium large the big ones just get a freeze dryer and if you want there's been some that are cheaper talking a couple thousand bucks but but hey it's so check it out, Harvest
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there have been conflicting reports of the last couple of months about mRNA vaccines are injections are so sore being put into our food supply every time I see somebody give a definitive answer of yes it is no it isn't then there's a contradiction to that my partner right partner Fellowship has been really just the charge of the last week and a half or so regarding the use of mRNA vaccines be injected into cows pigs everything livestock of All Sorts sorry heard about this being done with with vegetables over the last couple of months so we took her to about technology is being research currently by those affiliated with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
go get some stuff I don't know how involved Melinda Gates is in any of this but at least Bill Gates himself has been trying to figure out how to get some sort of a vaccine technology into every every human being alive and not including his cronies which you may or may not be human beings at all we don't know for sure but I digress point is that they're trying to get this stuff into us now when I say conflicting reports I actually was caught a cold fact check by what I forgot which states that she sent me a very harshly worded letter about an article that I posted over regarding how you know we do not have been ejected accounts are currently not being injected with mRNA vaccines of any sort here in the one I never accused any particular talk about Missouri legislation and and stuff in Texas and whatever I haven't even mentioned our stable number to I'm not saying that it's already been done and saying it is that they're wanting to do it
and there was that has been no denial by the way of that nobody has come out and said this technology being developed and it will never happen that just their big you know debunking I guess is that it's not happening now number one we never said I never said that it's happening now actually funny part is we have an article here by dr. Joseph Mercola that says that it is happening now and has been happening since 2018 at least important of course we also have this over at natural news they were going to be talking about that I have to I have a reminder now so let's make sure we started the whole cow's prepper all natural butt hole cows we went there because these cows aren't Organics so we aren't going to put them on a proper organic site because we're going to be Frozen and freeze dried beef from there okay awesome stuff right right right for the future when he was the thing
we actually had I guess I'll wake up call this first couple of weeks and weeks since we've launched the company and yes it's only been a couple weeks crazy feels like I've been doing it forever but but in the couple weeks that we've been out there we have seen the expected there to be a proximately you know one of us or between 121 and 2 to 1 when it comes to freeze dried food versus versus Frozen daddy it was okay we'll take care of the cow that we would probably take house or buy one small batches we have them slaughtered and you're from local Rancher stuff nothing I'm tryna nothing like that I have slaughtered and then we take the the meat that we're going to put in enough restripe bags for for long-term storage we take that we haven't chopped up into Q's sous-vide it and and freeze dried out and then the rest of the Ribeyes the New York strips all that stuff you take those we put them into freezer boxes that can be shipped people I was expecting somewhere between 121 and 21
the pepper stuff would be more popular but I didn't realize that it would be much much more popular we're talking ten to one I think it's actually more than that so we have change I think I'm actually funny cuz I haven't had that we're going to be playing at least be updated because we're going to take the frozen steaks we have and we're going to we're going to take the shot them into two cubes freeze dry them and then offer them as a premium version so we will be the only company out there that's selling freeze-dried cook Filet mignons chunks Reserve Reserve their shop in the cues but still it's good stuff and you can use that for the apocalypse imaginating filet mignon during the apocalypse 10 years from now because it's in my lower back to the oxygen absorbers for a long long long time which as I've learned last for about
two years well maybe a year maybe two will see I'm still testing that one out anyway point is that we are shifting gears we're not going to be selling so we had a lot of words I appreciate those of you who ordered for not going to at least for now temporarily maybe see, who knows but for whatever reason everybody wants the we we can't keep enough of the freeze dried beef and and the soap where we're moving to just please try we're just going to take the truck going to do the whole cow's when I going to be buying like it's hard to source of you just buying the the beef chunks or whatever so instead we're going to be still slaughtering the entire cow and taking that meat in the partitioning partitioning it out fun exciting stuff with that said none of that beef liver ever ever ever ever have mRNA injection put in them that said let's get to this article by Ethan Huff over at rats naturally a mighty confirms that are in a vaccine can be absorbed through the stomach and intestines so what about mRNA vaccines in meat for the article there is much debate over whether or not the administration of messenger RNA or mRNA I will have coronavirus vaccines in meat animals will in any way affect the quality of the meat you stops what is suggesting the fully vaccinated meet is just as safe as natural me but what's his that the science say in January 30 or on January 31st 2022 MIT news published a piece revealing that Mirna vaccines deliver therapies for gastrointestinal disease straight through the stomach and intestines this would imply that the drugs distribute into the body including in muscle tissue the article is very straightforward and our readers are encouraged to read through it for themselves to see what a mighty had to say versus what the governor
the media are now staying in defense of mRNA vaccine Administration in Meet animal questions question we all want to know the answer to when well I wouldn't say all of us some of us are just never going to take the chance but you never know because again they're trying to get sneaky about it and make it to wear whatever food you either going to find a way to get the stuff into it so that's why I always say started Garden raised chickens raise cows if you can do what you can to have total control over the very least make good real good relationships with local farmers local ranchers those who you know that you can trust be the best scenario other than becoming that local farmer Rancher yourself anyway but for the rest of the question is does mRNA persist like many believe or does it degrade like the government claims I need to know
play the general public is now Wide Awake about the spread of mRNA and I disagree with that wholeheartedly I don't think that the general public is wide awake about that at all but whatever I usually agree with you. I believe many of us are but not the general public would ever deliberately avoid avoided taking the MRNA jobs during the pandemic worried that the food they are eating my vaccinate them without their knowledge and consent when he producer spring Ranch in organic peas matter has responded to inquiries it has been receiving lately about the use of mRNA vaccines in Meet cattle here is what Glenn elzinga of all the Spring Branch had to say quote when researching the subject I found it very clear that no company is yet offering mRNA animal vaccines on the open market first of all no one drug company has laid claim to the first to produce it or put methodologies in place that would allow for master.
second item any article process is still ongoing in other words animal pharmaceutical production companies are just now getting money to explore the new technology for all classes of livestock but what about the future when mRNA vaccine to become commercially available to American livestock I was thinking says it is unknown if mRNA will transfer into the meat that the people eat the government says no of course about the government is known to lie if they are the government said hey don't wear face masks hey wear face masks hey don't wear face mask where to face mask
hey the face masks don't work Haley face masks work fine oh no here get jab know I'd rocks clerk when do you get the idea no I don't trust government not anymore I wish I had my eyes closed like a lot like hundreds of millions of Americans right I'm trying to open them up more and more everyday and I'm trying to open your eyes eyes to the fact that our government a pretty much every level lies to us to some degree some lie more than others but you know it is what it is so weak I was trying to answer these questions you know can you can this mRNA vaccines once they are in the food supply will they transfer over
through the meat and I'm not going to waiting for the answer that question because here's the thing in this the unfortunate part because of these lies and we've been told you can't trust that the science will definitively dictate anyting and otherwise you're not going to sit around if they really want if you assume that the plan is in place for them to get these injections or this this Gene altering the DNA alternating altering the contraction of abomination into as many bodies as possible and they've demonstrated that has been the goal really true that the covid-19 vaccine themselves then we can assume that this could be another pathway through which they can do it
it wasn't she the can or not I'm going to assume the worst that you guys are so awesome that these these drugs that are put into these animals or vegetables or nuts or whatever they can't transfer over this way knowing where your food is coming from a cruise grow in your food can you trust them this is so important there's one piece of advice I can give you your best over we're going to do our best to make Ashley certain that every level like we can track our cows okay but can we track that the Farms where they've been do I you have the capabilities of being able to track that no not necessarily which means I have to work with ranchers that we can trust like-minded ranchers and by the way we're ranchers best of your in the Texas area where production facility is if you're a Rancher and you have no intentions of ever injecting your cows contact me please Jani
reach out to me and let me know hey I got a ranch we got beef cows we got chickens we got whatever and we're going to we're never going to let this stuff in there you know we're always looking for the partners because American needs us to band together you know those of us who are against the MRNA jobs in any form or fashion with her inner arms Runner cows red tomatoes or whatever the band together
just Story by dr. Joseph Mercola I don't know I should probably I probably don't need to ask him I could probably just watch a video reason I was introduced maybe one of you guys can leave a comment anyway how long have you been consuming gene therapy pork and I myself don't eat pork butt and pork is as a Pulp Fiction that's a dirty animal a time when I used to love bacon I love bacon beef bacon cleaner than pork whatever I have in the last couple of years I've recommended not eating pork okay well good there's there's that I'm already in Good Company I'm not recommended not eating pork to do it's high linoleic acid content there's any
bigger reason to avoid it now since 2018 pork producers have been using customizable mRNA based vaccines on their herds and this has slipped completely under the radar I myself just found out about it that's described in Merck Animal Health Website this is from Marcus's from the producer than themselves revolutionary swine vaccine platform sick with a really, please names by the way I just just curious they come with some of the some of the worst names in some of the best things I would say that's a pretty good names for ice work you're going to make an mRNA vaccine for pork when I call in sick I think I just want take a quick break and come to you guys and let you guys know about a new product that we are promoting help your buddy extras from Touchstone Essentials dr. Sherri Tenpenny if she told us about this product in and she recommend this for anybody who may be a bit maybe you've been jammed and you are concerned about getting adverse reactions or vaccine injuries or even if you're not jumping you concerned about shedding or being supposed to heavy metals and toxins in it
this is not a product is designed specifically for covid jobs I would just want to preface it with that clarification but what it will do is it will detox your body from heavy metals and toxins which are found in both the covid jobs and other vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs and and all sorts of things and so if you can start it all about that and want to rid your body of these heavy metals in in and toxins that you're coming into contact with constantly I highly recommend you guys go to Freedom First purebody order yourself a bottle of this is zeolite heavy metal detox okay that's Freedom First your body if you go to that link specifically you will get $50 off your first order which means that you're spending about $15 as opposed to $65 I highly recommend you guys do that go to Freedom First a body and Order bottle today and start detoxing your body from the heavy medicine and toxins that you're coming into contact with again Freedom First pure body
hey guys this is Jeff to work I just want to take a second just to come to you guys and let you guys know about a book that I'm currently writing called Following the Leader in this is a book that will be out hopefully by the end of the year maybe beginning of the 2024 but this is a bookworm documenting how the intelligence agencies have been working directly with Cults Cults like Scientology young people like Charles Manson people like Jim Jones the even Jeffrey Epstein and the cult tactics that they perfect with with in these groups that are now using on the masses now you now using on you and I are friends and family and people all over this world you know this will answer a lot of the questions about why your friends and family they see the truth right in front of them but they just cannot believe what is right in front of her eyes was because they've been brainwashed and manipulated by these tactics that they perfected was in the Colts so it's so important to understand not only why this is happening but how it's happening what tactic they perfected the whole entire process so go pre-order the book Following the Leader go to
pre-order today all pre-orders will get a signed copy once a book is released again store
sounds almost country equivity harnesses are they particle technology to create customizable prescription vaccines against strains of influenza A virus in swine what kind sir coronavirus coronavirus and Beyond its Vice fiskin dashboard filled with Comprehensive data and insights Sublimity is a custom swine vaccine platform security only targets of Interest doesn't replicate or cause disease delivery pathogen information to the immune system there's no need to transfer at 11 serial like Auto genius killed or modified live vaccines targets Exist by the way that they are being so careful about the delivery mechanism for this quote-unquote vaccine not worried about it it would drift on you
and evolving what is not covered by conventional swai vaccines allow for the creation of multivalent formulations by blending RNA particles to Targets in one shot in 2012 Mark was not alone in developing Veterinary our mRNA shots however they weren't even first on the scene although they later choir the company that started first are they based livestock vaccine a swine influenza are they shot was licensed over a decade ago in 2012 and was developed by Harris vaccines the company followed up with an Avian Influenza mRNA shot in 2015 was acquired by Merck animal hospital later that year all right and the reason I wanted to get that part out there
are you going to have to wait R Us talking to somebody that you trust who said hey then they're still trying to get grants for this stuff and and yes you you have this fully developed animal vaccine, that Genie conundrum you know you have the genie will grant your wishes but they're only going to Grant you the exact specific way sure is that in my mixing my my old anyway isn't Jim Genie whatever who knows when is is that
on one hand we have somebody saying and hate there's they haven't even there Stone the grant process on the other hand we got somebody else sang Hey this is been in circulation for over a decade which is it I don't know all I know is this was the big takeaway from today know when your food is coming
assume the worst assume that is going to be sunny dad whether it's Cameron injections or preservatives or something else in the food and start going as natural as possible started working with your local farmers start make better relations with your with your local Ranchers
your body because it's your body
one does not have to be a quote-unquote Doomsday prepper in order to appreciates to knowledge that the pharmaceutical supply chain could could be challenged could even break down completely at some point in the future after a 90% of the ingredients used in the Pharmaceuticals that we produced here in the United States come from China that should scare you that should concern you greatly
I have started working with a company that helps people to stock up on long-term storage antibiotics you can get five different antibiotics using tell me how do you want to go go visit a doctor or answer your question of why do you need this you know it's so whatever reason antibiotics are you deserve lots of questions when I'm with these guys go to meds JB meds and stock up because you never know what's going to happen we don't know if and when we won't be able to get these without may be representing our vaccine passport or something so I stock up now
as most of you know if you've been watching my show on the patch know that I'm not a very big fan of Central Bank digital currencies for obvious reasons to be doing just that has b g Smith over at alt-market out all Dash Market. Us is the actual URL get to that I wanted to throw out my a to sense when it comes to Central Bank digital currency isn't going to be a very popular thing for me to say because I think that many of us are our don't like to use the word scared but I am a little bit scared of this concept
the unpopular thing I'm going to say is I don't know if we can stop it now before anybody turns off but then we're going to continue to fight no matter what even if they get rolled out in full force we're still going to be fighting I'm still going to be trying to build alternative economies maybe micro economies with in local areas were still going to be trying to encourage and help people to not participate in this orwellian form of currency Central Bank digital currencies represent in my humble opinion and an existential threat and I think that the momentum that we have seen they the push is so hard so so massive right now there's not much we can do about it now again I wanted some Doom and Gloom say oh well just throw up your hands and give up you know we we we can't fight that snow we're going to continue to fight this for two reasons number one we are not in control and neither are they to be clear
hey God is still in control and those of us who do believe that that God is able to do whatever he wants to do we know that we fight the good fight not because we think we can win we fight the good fight because we know that we're supposed to fight the good fight because of where intended to win there's nothing they can do to stop us we just have to do a part of height and if we were not intended to win there's nothing we can do to win that's just how this stuff works folks I'm not going to get into a theological discussion about all well you know Free Will and and the preordained this or whatever no I'm not we're not going down that road not right now all I know is I can I focus on things that are at my pay grade in my paygrade tells me to fight Central Bank digital currency bad so we decided
like I said I don't foresee I can't find an angle through which we can stop at because we are talking about the majority of wealth in the world is crashing for be even worse than that hears that are the really bugs me this is second the second take away before I get into this article second Revelation I guess you could say is that unfortunately a majority of Americans are not only going to accept that they're going to welcome it they want this damn thing call my gosh this is going to make things so much easier oh my gosh you mean even people can't just steal my credit card and and the other that they don't have my Biometrics so they can't they can't stop it or how my gosh that they're going to be able to trace everything so anybody does try to steal for me and buy with with my money that will be able to track him down and and get my money back whatever all yes I me up sign me up I'll give me I don't have to touch that.
the cash because cash physical money is is just loaded with germs and probably got tons of covid on it and something else
there's a billion reasons that means there's there's a dozen will say dozen reasons that people average American Norm he's going to find to be acceptable to them and possibly even beneficial in their minds for why we should have re Central Bank digital currencies if I thought that we could get the people to know what this is actually going to do to them then I would say we do have it a fighting chance but because I don't have faith in my fellow Americans not the normies at least you guys are do I know that you guys are there but unfortunately there's not a whole lot of us it's not like my show gets 10 million viewers a day and maybe if we can get your Tucker Carlson and Glenn will Glenn Beck's already talking about it and maybe try to get some of those weirdos over CNN or MSNBC to the wake up and start talking about it or they won't because they embrace it
get the idea is that we still do a part our part is to try to inform people of the risks try to go for people of informants play out where this takes us we seen what happened to the truck was in Canada we seen what's happening to the farmers in the Netherlands we see what's happening all across Africa before paying attention that is unfortunate people are not so Whit if and when they are able to get the stroller out we need to be as protected as we possibly possibly can. And the story that's the that's the big takeaway so I do encourage you and what I've said this for a long time as a late prepper you know you should be doing whatever you can't build a life friends relationships with the people around people that are physically around you with something within walking distance I'm talking about shop owners Farmers ranchers every bite
first I was getting confused with somebody can help you get your eyeglasses her or whatever try to look like as your personal economy as much as possible if you can do that then the effects of that the rollout of Central Bank digital currencies will be lowered perhaps you might be able to avoid it altogether I don't know how it's going to come to pass I just know we got a fight and I'm open to ideas okay I told you open ideas go to JD talk send me some your own thoughts put him down in the comments I try to read the comments whenever I can hear the videos on my sub Stacks all that good stuff I'm open all right you guys tell me let's get this article by by Brandon Smith now for full transparency I haven't read the article yet you know his articles generally tend to be pretty long not like super long but they tend to be pretty long and this one just at my desk for the show sounds like
where does fresh thyme get so I'm going to this one blind but I do know number one of the topic is one that I embrace number to that brand of Smith I agree with about 87 80 per-cent of the time so we're taking a shot roll a dice and some project is Project Icebreaker the beginning of a one world digital currency system? Is it I don't know we'll see when they are there has been extensive discussions in the past couple of years within alternative media circles about the dangers of Central Bank digital currencies currency framework very similar to blockchain bitcoin but directly controlled by Central bankers and this is where we get into the whole public-private partnership that I've been discussing for a long time this is one of those public-private Partnerships that they were there they have our nation's and they have already developed okay BlackRock central banks governments all tied together all it'll lock step all working together well as the world economic Forum the counts for capitalism United Nations and all the berries bad guys were
Health Organization being one of the tips of the various spheres and they have pointed at us back the article it's a threat that some analysts including myself have been writing about for more than a decade so it's good to see if I always see the issue being addressed more in the mainstream and I don't know if I'm the mainstream that I have been talking about every ten years like I didn't care about this stuff 10 years ago I'm new to it too
back to the article less, traemoor article here we go in nature cbc's cannot be overstated in a cashless Society most people would be depended on digital product for exchanging goods in labor in this would of course mean the end of all privacy and trade and then you buy or sell for in your life would be recorded and its lack of anonymity could be used to stifle your freedom in the future let's be clear it will be used to stifle your freedoms in the future all of you every single one of you one hundred percent of people have freedom stifle as a result of Central Bank digital currencies backyard for example say that you like to eat steak regularly but the increasingly authoritarian government decides to list red meat as a health risk and they haven't changed due to carbon emissions from cows they determined by your purchase history which they have full access to that you've contributed more carbon pollution than most people by eating red meat often they did
but you must pay a retroactive carbon tax on your past purchases of red meat not only that but your insurance company send you a letter indicating that you are a medical risk and they cut off your help I just want to take a second just to come to you guys and let you guys know about a book that I'm currently writing called Following the Leader in this is a book that will be out hopefully by the end of the year maybe beginning of the of 2024 but this is a bookworm documenting how the intelligence agencies have been working directly with Colts Colts like Scientology Charles Manson people like Jim Jones be even Jeffrey Epstein and the cult tactics that they perfected with Within These groups that are now using on the masses now unit Now using on you and I are friends and family and people all over this world you know this will answer all the questions about why your friends and family they see the truth right in front of them but they just cannot believe what is right in front of their eyes was because they've been brainwashed and manipulated by
these tactics that they perfected within the cult so it's so important to understand not only why this is happening but how it's happening what tactics they perfected the whole entire process so go pre-order The Following the Leader go to Jeff pre-order today all pre-orders will get a signed copy once the book is released again store
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coverage on that scenario that he painted if you are thinking that's far-fetched that couldn't happen folks if you're one of those people wake up not only do I think that could happen I am almost certain that's exactly how it will play out for many of us
having taxes based upon your your food consumption absolutely being told that you have to pay extra or that you can't buy tell me that all. You can't buy beef at all yes that could happen I'm not kidding
I want to see couldn't it's almost really going to happen
just wake up this phone so it's not just about tracking it's about controlling which one is better that's one of the aspects that I'm sure Brandon Smith is going to talk about but something when I don't think many people understand those athletes who are embracing this concept they think it's just it's just it's it's just a credit Cars Plus Bitcoin that's like combining of the gatherers but but we have we don't worry about the fluctuations we don't have to worry about that the others be price controls and value controls it's all going to be fine it's going to be great you know you just have to look into a thing is going to scan your eyeball or scan your palm print or or read your DNA from afar or whatever oh yeah great you mean I can just do things make it even easier awesome people are going to love this unfortunately they're going to love it I would say well until I realized what it actually does and then psycho what what what what what
Baba bhakti article products you consume and services you can use you use can be traced to create a psychological profile on you which could then become a factor in determining your social credit score just as CCP authorities do in China today maybe you refuse to purchase an annual mRNA being anti-vax in your social credit score plummets cutting you off from various public venues maybe you even are you in fired from your job in the worst case scenario though he cannot make access is the greatest oppressive tool cbdc in place and Will CBD seeds in place in no physical cash in existence your savings will never truly be yours and you'll never be able to hold or you're purchasing power in your hands the means of exchange would be a bottleneck by the Banks and governments would have the option to freeze your ability to transact if one day you get angry about a particular government policy and hopefully called the system front on social media
they can't simply shut off your option to transfer your digital money to others until you submit or die cbc's give establishment officials The Leverage to a star the political opponents without rhythmic position it would be a new world of technocratic Oppression don't understand the central Bankers are moving at Breakneck speed to develop and introduce digital currency is not a matter of experimentation they already have these systems ready to implement Federal reserve's instant transfer program or fed now and if you don't know what fed now is one word you have to look it up folks this is one which is not a CBC but it is an intermediary step towards institution cdc's in the near future in my investigation very CBC program I came across an interesting program called project Icebreaker that I have a project Icebreaker about 4
five months ago but that's why I want to read this because I haven't followed up on a thankfully he has is being run by the bank of international settlements in for those who don't know what the B is is I can look it up yeah you think of the international monetary fund of the various other central banks are bad the bank for international settlements there the the one ring to rule them all there's a bad of the bad when it comes to banking backyard for those not aware of the bis is a global institution with a clandestine past known as the Central Bank of central banks it is the policy making her for most of the central banks in the world if you ever wondered how it was possible for so many national central banks to operate in tandem with each other instead of acting in the interest of the countries they reside in the bis is the answer another words organizations like the Federal Reserve are not necessarily loyal to Americans or American officials they are loyal to the dictates of the B is the bis is at the Forefront of the movement toward the adoption of cbc's they have
funding a vast array of products to test and refine cbdc technology and as of this year they estimate that at least 81 central banks around the world are in the mist of introducing digital currency system any one of them stop it
project Icebreaker in particular grab my attention for a number of reasons to be the be is described the project as a foreign exchange Clearinghouse for retail cdc's LCB these seas are digital currency is used by the regular public and businesses and they blamed currencies to be traded from country country quickly and efficiently this is accomplished using the Icebreaker Hub Abby is control mechanism which facilitates data transfer for an array of transactions while connecting Banks to other Banks as a video here from Project Icebreaker themselves or 4 minutes you know what I'm going to continue on this path talking about this work no play will play that in the next segment let's go ahead and say that all that good stuff too I don't usually read entire article I usually take Snippets again
when it comes to Brandon Smith like I said I agree with him eighty-seven 88% of time so I got no problem he's a great writer smart Wicked smart again we disagree on a lot of stuff 12 13% but that's a lot but ain't nobody reads it with anybody I understand the time was she shouldn't matter if you're a hey ya thinking individual bottom line before we go to break I want to just say it's about Central Bank digital currencies
getting your friends prepared for this is going to be hard because this isn't one of those things where is very similar will be rolled out of my humble opinion very similarly to the way that the back seats were rolled out for a while but then all of a sudden they were here okay they they were in the middle of some of them two weeks and it just fell into place on like November 12th so we're good to go you know they they couldn't wait wait as long as they could they could have rolled these out I can probably roll these out for the covid-19 was already rolled out of here looking at modern at least lot of these I don't want to get in that conspiracy theory because what is true number to it's not the type of the spot point is that the same thing is happening here with Central Bank Digital Press they can roll out tomorrow.
they are prepping us swear fed now comes in and I assume project Icebreaker is going to play in as well as those who want to know what the end game here is a nice not to roll out the digital dollar that's not the end it that's another step for the ultimate end they're going to get all the Central Bank digital currency we rode out the digital you want a digital Euro the digital disc to digital that day where we going to have her own variation was something to do first when it's when it's going to happen is going to happen and it's going to be a need for them with its to equity or hacking or disaster or whatever they're going to have a need to then consult Central Bank to do the person when currency
with Central Bank digital currencies rearing their ugly head with the banking crisis in progress with the push to to cause massive amounts of inflation attack true ESG on your retirement funds it because you you have a retirement account of any sort of behooves you to move part is not all of it over to a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals that is why he's out there that offer you know whatever get $5,000 $10,000 $50,000 and free silver if you sign up in the cat I can assure you your business is not so important as well as give you free stuff in otherwise you're paying for it that's why I work with a Christian company Genesis by Genesis precious they are Faith driven they will treat you want to see they will help you get into a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals and you'll be happy that you did because your money will my humble opinion not a financial advisor but in my humble opinion your money will be safe
communicating or something large amounts of data around the world is cheap and easy but sending money to another country is usually expensive and slow the way money troubles across the Reliance on money into meter is increasing the complexity time and cost of transactions one of the main difficult days is that most payment systems are designed for domestic payments not the international payments and Dustin did not communicate with similar systems in another country the reasons for this very for example due to differences in legislation and Technical Systems and different watching hours in various countries the development of Central Bank digital currencies cbdc on the underlying technologies that can be used for a solution CBD seeds used between consumers and Merchants a known as retail cdc's retail cbdcs could offer advantages such as far as the transactions will competition and payment
love a risk I'm safety in the form of central bank money countries around the world of researching and experimenting with retail cbdc with many pilots on the way the central bank's of Israel in Sweden of joins forces with Abby is Innovation Hub Nordic Center in Project Icebreaker which aims to explore how we tail cbdc systems can be linked together International payments project I break the ice break a KUB payment until I was National cbdc systems to talk to each other despite being based on different Technologies in this project is distributed Ledger Technologies used by it country for that proof of concept cbdc systems what can I take to be a nice break a hub let's see how this works say onyx in Stockholm
wants to send money to naira in Tel Aviv to pay for a camera she V online when she enters know his payments address and the amount into her mobile app the only spray can hop out so I find the best available exchange rate this is calculated from the right store and exchange providers submit payment to some broken down into two payments 1 in Swedish Krona to US foreign exchange provider in Sweden and another and it's Riley digital shackles from the foreign exchange provided and it's real to Noah these two payments to collect crime known as a hot time locked contract htlc the payment for modest to the foreign exchange provide I will only be released if the foreign exchange provider has paid no I'm with no foreign exchange provider can I exchange Swedish krona for Israeli digital shackles the only spray can hop will find a bridge currency for example Norwegian kroner
changed about Swedish krona and Israeli shekels and we'll use that to bridge the gap Swedish krona are exchanged for Norwegian krona which isn't an exchanged it's raining that you do shackles
the pub will always chase the payment past the cheapest for the paella
the benefits of the model demonstrated in the project has cross-border interoperability alarm systems with different Technologies to talk to each other in a standardized why do you say settlement in counterparty Risk by the use of coordinated payments in central bank money increased competition and choice for consumers by decoupling tires from specific foreign exchange providers as well as through the use of bridge currencies it helps reduce cost it helps achieve increased crossbow to reach it's a scalable easily connecting the systems of many countries has fast transactions Take 2 seconds to complete and cbdc does not need to leave a national cbdc system
project Icebreaker has demonstrated the central bank's can Implement different Technologies for that National cbdc systems that meet their needs and enable cross-border payments with minimum requirements other areas of work is still necessary but the lessons so far can Guide central banks when designing the national retail
project Icebreaker breaking Utah for cross-border payments
what well hex sign me up my gosh that was a very good sales with the right scent could I be so easy for you to buy from NOAA whatever it in Israel now yeah just just sending me your money and I won't convert to a digital shekel and everybody's happy and everybody's is great but the technology is an appeal here okay cuz we as as as a nation we is capitalism loving people in general we like the idea of having access we like the idea of having fewer restrictions but what we don't understand what we do you like it but what most Americans most people around the world aren't going to understand the limitations and is actually going to impose on the skin till it's too late by the time they realize how crap
that was going to happen yeah you get the idea it will be at that point too late so let's give the article I want to I didn't realize you were already early on that the last segment today so what's the backyard if I want to finish this up because I do want it at the very least talk about ways we can't fight back hopefully more willing we can fight against the stuck over at off dash Market. Us investigation investigating further I realized that the Icebreaker Hub is m-theory functions exactly almost exactly like these Swift been in system used currently by governments and International Banks more than 10,000 financial institutions in 212 different countries use the switch Network to transfer funds overseas for their client is an incredible centralization bottleneck that gives its shareholders considerable power
is point of reference after the start of the war between Ukraine and Russia the expulsion of Russia from the Swift network was used as a weapon in an attempt to crash the Russian economy Russia has found ways around using Swift because of their trade relations with major economies like China and India but some damage was still been done to their financial structure consider this however what if all monetary transactions were centralized through cdc's and the B is controlled the Hub in which all retail cbdcs are exchanged globally this is what Icebreaker is now imagine that you operate a business that relies on overseas transaction so you need to pay manufacturers in Vietnam or Taiwan to produce your products with CBD season place you will most likely be completely dependent on a system similar to the Icebreaker Hub to move then digital money to Vietnamese Banks
into the accounts of your manufacturer's say officials at the B is for whatever reason decide they don't like you and they initiate russian-style sanctions 9 your access to the hub your business is a bad what if you need to meet certain standards in order to be allowed to use the Hub in the bis dictates the standards what if Abby is decides that your company book ESG related categories before you can get permission for Icebreaker transactions now that he is has the ability to manipulate social and cultural Trends using your business and millions of other businesses ask for start messenger or the average consumer that doesn't that does most of their transactions within their home country this might not sound like a big deal but if the businesses in the business World a swift like hub for retail cbc's could be used to dominate all International Trade running any kind of larger organization or company with me by Bow Wow
to the whims of the BIOS but it gets worse oh wait there's more
put the process of the spoken wheel exchange method used by the Icebreaker Hub includes the exploitation of a bridge currency to fill gas in exchange rates and liquidity in the surface on the service this seems like a clever way to speed up transactions by avoiding cross-currency shortages at banks that said I want readers to think about the long-term path of this kind of bridging sets in Motion in the realm of cbdcs let's say there is a global scale economic crisis event which causes many currencies to fluctuate wildly let's say for example the US dollar loses its World Reserve status in petrol status and has Emma this sends a foreign exchange markets into a panic price inflation becomes rampant and banking institutions falter under liquidity pressures let's say that Central Bankers introduce cbc's as a solution to the problem and the B is Icebreaker Hub as the intermediary for international trade populace is so frightened by the
trying to crash so they didn't erase the digital frame work now let's say that the bis players they can still find a currency date consider stable enough to act as a means to bridge the most Global transactions what happens then
well luckily for all of us the bis and IMF have been working on their own Global cbdc in the case of the IMF This One World Currency would be based around the special drawing rights basket system they've been using for decades to broker currency transfer between National governments the bis didn't uses this One World Currency product as the bridge for Icebreaker going forward eventually the bis and IMF and very central banks will ask the public to me and never will question why are we bothering with these National currency exchanges we have a perfectly good Bridge currency in the form of this one world CDC why don't we just get rid of all these Superfluous National see what he sees and have one currency for everyone bus total Global Financial centralization would be achieved and once you have a One World Currency completely centralized and micromanage global economy and the most vital trade systems in the world controlled by a tiny handful of faceless unlike the bureaucracy
why then have Nations at all local government would be the next step and final step I can see that I'm a play out when I look at projects like Icebreaker their seemingly innocuous but they act as the DNA by which economic tyranny is given birth
Branson has a way with words but his
his understanding of the situation is pretty spot-on
and like I said I didn't read apologize for the duration there you know I would say something who would say something we're on the same page I didn't read it ahead of time so I didn't know exactly what he was going to post I want to make sure to get the message out there
this is the pathway to the One World Currency and they will need a One World Currency to have a little government and if you think that this is all super far-fetched or this is going to happen to Dickie's from now folks it's already in motion it's already in motion so my humble opinion there are two things that we must do two groups to individual actions with two two ways that we have to address this one was trying to find it a try to stop with try to prevent it from happening at least in our lifetimes I think it's going to happen okay unless there's some some wore something that the takes us back a few notches technologically as a planet this is the natural progression of me this is the way that things are technologically speaking or intended to evolve we might not like it and I definitely don't but that doesn't mean that it's not quote-unquote inevitable
I would just like to prevent it from happening now or in the near future or in the distant future may I let them deal with this a hundred years from now five hundred years from now or whatever or maybe not at all that's just have have the Apocalypse in and that be done with it and go to heaven but I'd be good with that too but let's assume that that's not the case in this is going to to be fulfilled they're going to fulfill their dreams going to have not only Central Bank digital currencies but the eventual single Central Bank digital currency a worldwide currency a One World Currency resume that's going to happen here in the near future then we do need to fight it especially can number 2
we have to prepare for it as if it is going to happen and like I said it doesn't mean localizing as much as you can it's not just you know making sure that you know your farmers and ranchers it's making sure you got everybody's form groups forming localized groups that you might say all but then you know this every time I talk about forming any kind of group especially a localized when somebody's invariably going to chime in and say help with the FBI just going to infiltrate that's probably true you got to be smart you have to assume the risks
but here's the thing you don't want to be alone on an island your own little island in your own suburb or city or even if you're out out of me in a rural area want to be there alone and everybody else's is doing their thing in yours kind of trying to Buck the system is chance are you still going to end up being sucked into the system if you do that we need support when you community I'm not by any means I'm talking about Community Support as in being able to help each other out being able to trade with each other even parked okay let's say that there's going to be certain things that you you're just going to have to have some of the Central Bank digital currency that you're using because you got to use it to buy medicine or something maybe you can't get a in a Black Market amoxicillin or something if I don't know whatever you know maybe you won't be able to get that local and you are going to have to participate in part minimizing that participation may be the key to maintaining as much Freedom as possible may be preventing you from having to to not
bow down to other government demands so just for me so just 44 medicine so just for whatever you know how much your travel reason they're making everything about locusts the reason they're making everything about climate change trees than making everything about lgbtqi plus Supremacy there tax on the safe so what are your faithful Christian or not doesn't matter they're coming after you if you do hold a free world you want to be able to control us
this is one of the ways that they do this I was Henry Kissinger who said and I'm quoting a Loosely cuz I don't have it in front of me but but he said who controls the food supply controls the people who controls the energy Supply in control entire continents who controls the money controls the world
right now the global sleeker ball including to be is booting BlackRock Vanguard State Street the biden-harris regime the Deep State Bill Gates Barack Obama
Klaus Schwab the world economic Forum the couch counselor Cruisers capital I can go down the list of all the bad guys we know that will only be a b e b e list the forces arrayed against the forces of evil a tremendous but you got the ultimate ultimate here at the ultimate winner on her side so hey I'm okay with with with our chances and we still have 2 or part is in the big house so yeah fighting making people aware what means caring for if you can't then that particular leg of the fight me a little tube to win on an individual level
we're Willie I will be back very soon with another episode of the meantime stay strong stay safe and God bless

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