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Investigative Journalist, Newspaper Editor, Author, Writer, Lecturer, Actor
Author, Editor, Business Manager, Board Game Inventor, Creative Consultant, Writer, Salesman
Television Reporter, Investigative Journalist, Activist, Documentary Producer, Author
Adult Film Producer, Sexologist, Speaker, Lecturer, Sex Educator, Counselor, Therapist, Author, Erotica Product Developer, Designer, Performer, Actress
Author, Theoretical Archaeo-Astronomer, Executive Director, Researcher, Writer, Producer, Speaker, Explorer, Ancient Culture Expert
Actress, Writer, Producer, Sales Person, Miss Virginia-USA
Author, Keyniote Speaker, Director of LIfe of Learning Foundation, Music Composer, Film Writer
Publisher, Ufologist, Investigative Researcher, Writer, Editor, Author, Actor, Speaker, Lawyer, Ph.D
Journalist, Film Producer, Environmental Activist