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Aggie Kurzyna
Aggie Kurzyna
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Parent, Education Activist, Possible Candidate for New Britian CT BOE
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My name is Aggie Kurzyna and I am running for the New Britain Board of Education. I am a parent, a grandparent and a lifelong New Britain resident who cares deeply about my community. I am taking the leap to run for a seat on the BOE as I have found education advocacy is my life’s purpose and passion.

For too many years, New Britain parents have struggled with trusting the New Britain school district.  My mission once on the board of education will be to rebuild the trust between parents, students and the school district. Clearly, if families and schools are to form partnerships that work, there must first be a foundation of mutual trust, confidence, and respect.

Students will need more than just good teachers and smaller class sizes to meet the challenges of tomorrow. For students to get the most out of school, we need to promote a partnership between parents, community leaders, and schools. Only through partnerships can our schools keep improving and stay on the right track. In my opinion, the biggest single dilemma in local education today is making significant decisions about schools without genuinely accepting input from parents and community members. This demoralizes and discourages those who are most actively involved in our city’s schools.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a first generation Polish American, born and raised in New Britain. My parents emigrated here in 1973. My significant other, Gerry Benitez, is Puerto Rican, which makes our children Polorican. Gerry and I have been together for 15 years.

I was a high school dropout who worked diligently to get my GED and college degree and have established an 18 year career in Project Management. In addition to my job as a Project Manager, I also chair a mentoring program at my place of employment. Now in its 30th year, the program provides an opportunity for students in grades 3-8 from the Fred D.Wish Elementary School in Hartford to spend time with a caring adult in the business community.

I am a parent and a woman with a diverse background that has been through many life experiences which have brought me to where I am today. I am a passionate, caring person who wants to work with other compassionate and focused people to bring about meaningful and sustainable changes to this community. The amount of heart I possess for this work is clearly displayed in the amount of research, time, and energy I give to the many issues that must be addressed.

For over five years I have dedicated nearly all my free time to advocating for an equitable and quality education for ALL children. I've worked hard with many other passionate people to bring concerns to light and look for solutions.


Dr James Miller

4 August 2015