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Mr Adrian Gilbert
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Adrian Gilbert is a well known author of books on ancient mysteries and forgotten history. His most famous book is 'The Orion Mystery', which he co-authored with Robert Bauval but he has written many others. Particular fields of interest are pyramids, Mayan calendars, King Arthur, Ancient Britain, the Magi, Alchemy, Astrology and self-transformation.


Biography of Adrian Gilbert Adrian Gilbert was born near London on 26 July 1949. From 1962-7 he attended St Edmunds College, Ware, Hertfordshire—the oldest post-reformation, catholic boarding schools in Britain. From 1968-71 he was at the University of Kent at Canterbury ostensibly reading for an Honours degree in Chemistry. Once there he very quickly realised that, philosophically speaking, modern science is founded on quicksand. This only sharpened his appetite for the ultimate knowledge: to know who we are, where we come from and what is our purpose in life. In quest of the answers to these burning questions, he became more and more interested in philosophy and eastern religions. He took to practising yoga and studied deeply the works of Patanjali and other classic texts such as the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita. He also read his way through hundreds of books on western philosophy including most of the works of Plato, Aristotle, Schopenhauer, Seneca and Nietsche as well as books by such modern luminaries as Camus, Sartre, Russell and Wittgenstein. At age 21, whilst sitting on a beach in Kent, he experienced an extraordinary awakening of a type described in the Upanishads. Unexpectedly, he became suddenly aware that the whole universe: the sand beneath him, the air he was breathing, the stars and moon in the sky and above all himself, were all particles of the same great being which we call God. Though it lasted for only a few minutes and is impossible to describe in words, this mystical experience changed his life. He now "knew" with the innermost parts of his being that there is another "world", surrounding and penetrating our daily reality. Following this experience he lost what little interest he still had in Natural Science his life now totally focused on finding practical techniques for self-transformation. The period of his twenties was spent living in two worlds: his inner, mystical world which continued to grow and the outer world of travel, jobs and relationships. During this time he continued to read voraciously and studied various systems of practical philosophy. On the work side, for some years he was employed in the publishing industry before in 1978, feeling that his brain needed disciplining, he retrained as a computer Analyst/Programmer. He continued to work programming computers for the next eight years. In 1986 he went back into publishing, working as a representative for Element Books. This career move was done with some forethought as he wanted to reconnect with the world of books before launching his own imprint. This he did in 1991 when Solos Press was born, its first title published being his own first work: "The Cosmic Wisdom Beyond Astrology". The intention behind the writing of "The Cosmic Wisdom" was that it should bring together scientific reasoning and mystical insight. As things have turned out this has continued to be the hallmark of Gilbert's writing and explains why his books have achieved wide recognition. In 1992 Adrian met up with Robert Bauval and together they wrote what was to become a huge, international best seller: The Orion Mystery (1994). This was followed by a string of other best selling books including The Mayan Prophecies (1995), Magi (1996), The Holy Kingdom (1998), Signs in the Sky (2000), The New Jerusalem (2002) and The End of Time (2006) . His latest book is The Blood of Avalon, which traces the Arthurian/Grail lineage to our present day. One branch of this leads directly to the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Given that Prince William has the middle name 'Arthur', he has the credentials to be the long-anticipated 'Once and future king'. Adrian has also written his first novel, Knight of Swords (previously titled Shadow of the Dragon), for which he hopes to soon find a publisher, and he is engaged in putting together several, very exciting TV projects relating to ancient, British history. Ancillary to all this work, he has set up a universal, on-line community called The Invisible College. Though still in its infancy, it is hoped that this will grow into a full-scale, esoteric community with lectures, tours, documentaries and other participatory work that will be made available worldwide. Free for anyone to join, its website can be found at At present Adrian does not have the time to run a separate, personal website but he has a YouTube channel at: He also has a Facebook page at Adrian lives in England with his wife Dee and their daughter Alice.

England, UK.