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Reality TV Producer, Radio Producer, Print Journalist, Editor
Conspiracy Hunter, Author, Filmmaker, Hermetic Scholar
Child Star, Pop Singer, Writer, Spokesman, Child Rights Activist
Historian, Playwright, Political Activist, Author, Director, Producer, Pilot, Doctor of History, Teacher
Actress, Producer, Healer, Intuitive, Empowerment Coach, Public Speaker, Doctor of Divinity, Humanitarian, Creative Art Director, Host
Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, Harpist, Cinematographer, Documentary Producer, Crop Circle Expert
Documentary Producer, Writer, Networker, Transformational Strategist, Painter, Actress
Special Investigator, Ufologist, Reporter, Researcher, Author, University Lecturer, Consultant, Choral Singer, Producer, Narrator, Writer
Consumer and Natural Cures Advocate, Whistleblower, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Radio SHow Host, TV Celebrity, Teacher, Motivator