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EDWARD PECK - Former US Ambassador discusses American foreign policies focusing on the Middle East and the current situation with Iraq, Syria, ISIS, Israel and Palestine.

TRAVIS WALTON - perhaps the most famous Alien Abduction subject case in history reflects on his experience and the ensuing 39 years since.  Travis recounts the actual experience, talks about what he's been through, the film Fire in the Sky, the book, his ongoing work appearing in public including upcoming appearances throughout the USA.

Life Changes with Filippo with Filippo Voltaggio and special guest Ben Bryant

Singer, Actor, Producer, Writer, Editor, Manager, World Traveler

How can a filmmaker help those in need? In the next hour, Dean Adams will explore life, suffering, abuse, gratitude, the void and where it all intersects. He has used a talent and passion in filmmaking to be a way to rise to his potential and help others rise to theirs. Dean Adams is an Emmy-nominated director and cinematographer whose work has been showcased in documentaries for the BBC, ABC News, France 24, Arte Reportage, PBS and the Discovery Channel.

C0- Artistic Director of Highways Performance Space, cross-disciplinary practitioner who works in film/video, theater, performance and the visual arts