Guest Name, Shynna Key

Shynna Key
Shynna Key
Author, Speaker, Contributor, Financial & Business Empowerment Coach

Shynna Key was born in New Haven, CT into an Entrepreneurship family, where her late father, Larry McCown of New Haven, CT was a nightclub owner, which had multi-family units above the nightclub, which also made him a landlord.  As she watched the accountant come over every Saturday morning to go over her father's books, her and her sibling’s helped with unpacking the club deliveries, as well as helped maintain the properties and through continuous self-taught since her father's passing, as she states, has turned her into the Entrepreneur that she is today!

She was also partially raised in Buffalo, NY,  when her family moved upstate her teenage years up till her mid twenties before moving her family to Atlanta, GA.   

Shynna Key is the voice for Financial and Business Empowerment. As the founder and CEO, Shynna Key, Author, Speaker, Financial & Business Empowerment Coach, she has tailored a powerful movement dedicated to empower you and the audience around the world to BUILD YOUR EMPIRE!  As Shynna have been there and have done it herself with the struggles of it all of running a business and having multiple streams of income; Shynna provides an outlet for the ones in a financial struggle, to shed the shame and lack of financial and business knowledge.  She is a charitable mentor, a fanatical and visionary leader while improving others financial status by aiding with building multiple streams of income and credit just to name a few under the financial umbrella. 

Shynna is a member of Atlanta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), Women Speakers Association, Atlanta's Urban Professionals and the International Association Professional Writers and Editors. 

Her experience and knowledge gained over the years has afforded her many opportunities to be invited as a special guest on numerous TV & radio shows, speak at events, host workshops, seminars, contribute articles and work with charitable organizations in different communities worldwide. 

As The Financial Fanatic, Shynna believes that with her empowerment you will began to love your financial relationship.

Shynna resides in Atlanta, GA with her family.

United States