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Guest Name
Wendy Braun
Guest Occupation
Accomplished actress and success mindset mentor
Guest Biography


Wendy Braun is an accomplished actress + success mindset mentor, referred to by many supporters as “a positive + uplifting force in the entertainment industry.”

Combining her decades of invaluable on-set experience with her passion for inspiring others, Braun founded a top resource dedicated to providing practical + empowering tools to help actors turn self-doubt and setbacks into success breakthroughs.

Wendyʼs transformational teachings + guided meditation audios have inspired countless actors worldwide, some of whom are now Emmy nominees, Broadway performers + Series Regulars on hit TV shows.

You may recognize Braun from over 60 television + film credits, including recent appearances on Itʼs Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Castle, The Mentalist, Faking It, Bones and Criminal Minds, from over 100 television commercials, or you may have heard her voice in thousands of voice-overs.

Braun gives away a free guided visualization audio mp3 to help listeners turn fear + doubt into confidence + ease in less than 5 minutes.

Wendy currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys balancing career, family and marriage with her husband, actor, Josh Cox, and their two young + exuberantly active sons.