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Conscious Thought with Leo, September 2, 2015

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Conscious Thought with Leo
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with Magdalena and guests Sierra and Rono

Conscious Thought with Leo with Magdalena Winkler and guests Sierra and Rono from LifeStylized. Find out what is Pleasure Effect and how it can make a difference in your life creating what you want and what is holding you back. The importance community is playing in our life's ...what can we do to make a CHANGE ...the interview is packed with amazing information..Thank you Sierra and Rono and looking for to bring you back to share more of this goodies.....Magdalena

Guest, Sierra and Rono

Guest Name
Sierra and Rono
Guest Occupation
Expert & Passion Coach, Vocal Performance, Marketing , Design,Teaching & Music Production
Guest Biography

Rono & Sierra are often described as a dynamic duo and transformational force who have dedicated their life’s work to supporting women & couples create greater success in life, love and business.

Sharing over 30 years of adventure together as friends, business partners, lovers, husband and wife, change agents, pleasure provocateurs and ambassadors of fun, Rono & Sierra help their clients transform struggle, exhaustion and stress into flow, ease and the ability to effortlessly magnetize and manifest what they truly desire in life.

Using their diverse knowledge, deep intuitive gifts and real life experiences and lessons, they offer clients an opportunity to stretch beyond their circumstances to create the life of their dreams and become the person that were always meant to be.

They offer a plethora of programs and live experiences through their company, Life Stylized; a bi-coastal based personal development company focused on lifestyle design and empowerment mentoring for women and couples

The Pleasure Effect:

 Learn the art of pleasure, play and fun to get more out of life with way less effort.

Listeners will learn… 
• Why hard work and too much effort can actually push your desires farther away
• The art of Doing by BEing
• How to shorten the gap between where you want to be and where you currently are

Conscious Thought with Leo

Show Host

"Conscious Thought with Leo"

(We wake up from unconscious  to conscious self in Leo)

Tune in and experience the following:

- Conscious thought with Leo is dedicated to personal growth and global transformation support for awakening  global community

- An information highway helping everyone expand out to reach all those who are searching

- Becoming aware of our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behaviors and patterns, and how they impact our bodies and lifes

- Learning why we repeat cycles of patterns and how to consciously face what is not serving US

- Learning how energies within the environment impact us

- Learning to become conscious beings without blame and aware of information overload

- Waking up the passionate heart of Leo and strong sense of self with co-operation of intellect and heart for balanced living.

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