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Patrick Adrian
Guest Occupation
Author, Teaching Spiritual Knowledge, Lectures, Workshops, Researcher,
Guest Biography

Patrick Adrian, Synchro Zone
Are we Prisoners of Karma ?

Is Freedom from Karma Possibile?                                                                              

Patrick Adrian has written over 40 books, including 15 novels, 24 non‐fiction  books and 1 poetry book. Those books are the result of a lifetime spent  studying and teaching spiritual knowledge. He continues to work on new ones  in which he conveys the knowledge to his readers in a practical way.

Patrick is based in Croatia, Europe. By nature he is a seeker of knowledge and  explorer of human potential. His spiritual journey started at the age of 13 and  all of his work is based on his own experiences and discoveries. Most of the  books are available in Croatian, but also in other languages: Serbian, Slovenian,  Hungarian, Ukraine and English.

Patrick is the founder of DA Spiritual Academy where he teaches Integral  meditation, conducts a three‐year intensive study of Indian astrology (jyotish),  teaches a spiritual dance called NeoDance and runs a number of other  seminars and workshops (Hidden Messages, Life‐Death‐Life, Vastu etc.).

He is also the founder of, a Global Network of intuitive communication, and  the humanitarian association The Art of Giving. Patrick is also one of the  founders and an honorary president of the Dolphin Dream Society and an initiator of Celestial Labyrinths Project. However, the main focus of his activities, talks and seminars is on explaining  and showing the way out of conditioned thinking, programmed behavior and  confined living. The spiritual goal, as Patrick sees it, is the remembering and re‐ creating the natural state of absolute freedom of consciousness.