School of Human Potential, July 2, 2014


School of Human Potential with Allen Vaysberg and guests Jamie A. Bishop and Megan Potter.  Topics include: Face Reading, Reading People, Personology

Guest, Megan Potter

Guest Occupation: 
Face Reader & Five Elementalist

The Expansion Point: Dreams and Subconscious Mapping, June 18, 2014


The Expansion Point with Brad Johnson

Guest, Cathy Bilsky

Guest Occupation: 
Spiritual Intutive Healer

Receiving is Giving!, April 20, 2014


Sri and Kira Live with Douglas Newsom

Episode Description: Most have been taught that it is better to give than to receive?  Yet, what if the greatest “giving” is when we allow ourselves to receive the fullness of our life experience?

Guest, Brad Johnson

Guest Occupation: 
Conscious Matrix Communicator

Sri and Kira Live, February 2, 2014


Sri and Kira Live - Show #2

Guest Name, Ashley


Nicolas Aujula - Bio


'Nicolas Aujula has featured in leading British and international media outlets - from showcasing how past-life regression can cure medical problems on TV to writing for Hollywood magazines, working alongside UK's leading psychics on the Biography Channel to Regressing a celebrity for OK! to having successful medical case studies published in the British press. Nicolas has demonstrated and proved that exploring our soul memories can be a life changing and healing experience'

Nicolas Aujula has always been interested in the Metaphysical from an early age but it was an esoteric experience at 17 where he fall into a trance state to see past-life flashbacks that changed everything. Leaving his sixth-form education, he embarked on what was to become a profound journey of personal self-exploration and professional learning, including a life changing stay in a Buddhist Nunnery in the Himalayas.

After discovering the transformational power of past-lives and working in deep trance, he began working with Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression to transform people's lives as Nicolas found time and time again how our health, emotional and psychological challenges could be explained and healed rapidly through re-living and re-newing our soul memories. Also combining in-depth knowledge of Astrology from the New Age Foundation, Nicolas is an adept in forecasting how planetary energies and transits affect your personality and life trends.

"My own journey of discovering past-lives and personal realisation allowed me to develop an

empathic and holistic approach to tapping into our subconscious minds for life change and

empowerment. I feel there is a huge need for people to look within rather than look for answers

on the surface; once our mind and soul is at its optimum best our external world will automatically

change and enhance" - Nicolas Aujula

Nicolas' sessions are a transformational process that seeks to take you on an inner journey to explore the journey of your soul; past-lives, present-life and even future-lives to help health problems, fears & phobias, relationship and behavioural problems. It is a solution focused approach that directs the client to gain personal insight and resolve patterns/problems today. He also specialises in helping life-long unexplained health conditions through past-life work that sometimes the medical field has difficulty in treating such as migraines, asthma, allergies, aches/pains, digestive disorders, skin problems, fertility, obesity etc.


Nicolas first hit TV screens in 2008 when he appeared on 'Our Psychic Family', a 6-week TV series on the Biography Channel that followed the lives of UK's leading psychics Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker. He was personally chosen by the psychic duo to star alongside them in their show who were impressed by his gentle and soulful manner. On screen Nicolas read for 80's icon Toyah Wilcox, regressed Jane Hamilton-Parker to a past-life, hosted a psychic speed dating event and even went ghost hunting in a haunted gym.

The international therapist went onto prove his sceptics wrong in front of millions on ITV Daybreak (April 2012) with life long migraine sufferer Lisa Palmer who remembered dying of a head injury in her regression that completely cleared her 30 years of migraine agony overnight, a common pattern found by Nicolas. This proved to be a triumphant occasion to advocate the medical benefits of Past-Life Regression that are largely forgotten by the public. The health benefits of Past Life Regression went onto feature in The Sun (Nov 2012) with the stories of migraine patients Lisa and Kimberley who were cured of their symptoms. Life-long IBS sufferer Nicola who reported a 90% reduction in symptoms shared her story in Spirit & Destiny (June 2013) and Jo appeared in Chat Magazine (April 2013) after overcoming her fear of water and Rhinitis (blocked nose and laboured breathing)

Nicolas has also worked his magic on many celebrities and journalists - when showbiz client TV-presenter Lizzie Cundy left her footballer husband after 16 years of marriage in 2010, she turned to Nicolas to see if a Past Life Regression could help her move on. Empowered by the experience, she went onto speak about the benefits of Regression in OK! Magazine (April 2011) and Fate & Fortune (Nov 2011). Zara Rabinowicz in Psychologies (June 2012) found physical release to the tenseness she experienced during sleepless nights, Flic Everett in the Daily Mail (Jan 2011) wrote about how past-lives helped explain her life long insomnia and anxiety, Sonia Shah in 2010 revealed her various past-lives in the Daily Record, Chat It's Fate and Asian Woman while Christine Fieldhouse discovered a life in Eastern Europe journalled in the Sunday Express (April 2009).

His reputation has extended to Hollywood, having featured as an Astro-columnist for the Beverly Hills Times where he has analysed the personalities and lives of A-list stars such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp etc, also contributing to Hollywood Weekly and Malibu Magazine in LA. His columns have also featured in UK and international titles such as Glamour, Asian Woman, Chat It's Fate, Spirit & Destiny and Wedding TV.

Sri and Kira Live, January 26, 2014


Sri and Kira Live - Show #1

Dream Interpretation, December 31, 2013


Layne Dalfen, Gestalt Counselor, and dream analyst is a published author, who founded The Dream Interpretation Center in Montreal in 1997. Layne's focus is introducing the general public to the value of decoding our dreams. She does this by teaching easy to grasp ideas about how to uncover the solutions to our current issues that appear in our dreams every night.


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