Sri and Kira Live, May 29, 2016

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

IGNITE THE FLOW of your Mystical Presence and LIVE Fearlessly!

A Fireside Chat - Lance White, April 23, 2016


Andrew Foss and Laura Walker inspired, enlightened and brought wisdom to the airwaves!  The creators of the daily Oracle Report share their experience in relating what's going on, what's coming and how to live empowered and in joy. You can find them at the link below, as well as on Facebook!

A Fireside Chat, March 5, 2016


Tracy Twyman is the first to have done extensive research into the Knights Templar and their use of occult rituals, which established the first known identity of Baphomet* This is a fascinating show, taking us down historical paths which have previously remained obscure.  Tracy is a prolific writer, and has many books "under her belt"...

Guest Name, Franco


Franco is somewhat of a Renaissance Man: mechanical engineer by day, parent, musician, athlete, astrologer, energy worker and Wiccan priest.  He reads Tarot, Runes, Astrology, Numerology as well as hands and crumpled paper making him an omnimancer.  He is a regular speaker at the astrological State of the Art Conference, and has spoken at the Mystic Roots conference and at various festivals across southern Ontario. 

Guest Name, Benjamin Bernstein

Benjamin Bernstein of AstroShaman.com
Benjamin Bernstein

Benjamin Bernstein is a shamanic healer and awakening activator who consistently facilitates powerful healings and spiritual awakenings in his individual and group work. He has devoted himself to nearly 40 years of spiritual practice.

Benjamin's greatest joy is helping others access their own awakened state with his simple, effective Heal and Awaken Invocations. Benjamin’s spiritual path has included Kriya Yoga, Vipassana Buddhism, Peruvian shamanism, ayahuasca and San Pedro plant spirit medicine, Deeksha/Oneness Blessing and his invocations. In addition, Benjamin is a Shamanic Minister and Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator.

Benjamin hosts iTunes’ #1 astrology podcastThis Week in Astrology. He has been a Best Astrologer Winner in 2013, 2014 & 2015 (1st or 2nd place) in Western North Carolina’s premier reader survey. Benjamin is a professionally certified astrologer, and has done about 6000 astrology and shamanic healing sessions with a global clientele.

Benjamin has lectured at three national astrology conferences, and taught at two national astrology retreats. He has written numerous astrology forecasts for Natural Awakenings Magazine, and wrote the Shamanic Astrology chapter in the book Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier.

Reach For It Radio Show, January 14, 2016


Tolec shares what is in store for 2016, Will this be our breakthrough year?  Join Christina Winslow this week on Reach For It Radio Show when she speaks with Tolec about facinating updates to the new changes coming!

Reach For It Radio Show, December 31, 2015


Reach For It Radio Show with Christina Calisto Winslow interviews Carmel Glenane B.A.Dip.Ed., author of The Alchemies of Isis, Embodiment through the High Priestess, published by Big Country Publishing and distributed worldwide, available in paperback and eBook.

ISBN: 978-1-938487-21-7

New Earth Journey, October 13, 2015


New Earth Journey with Candace Craw-Goldman will be speaking with Belle Dessa from the Great Plains Earth Institute located in the heartland of our country in Wichita Kansas. 

A Fireside Chat, September 19, 2015


Barbara Hand Clow returns to share insight into her new work of fiction, Revelations of the Ruby Crystal.  This first book in a trilogy focuses on the period between 2011 and 2013.  These were tumultuous times of anticipation, with the Mayan Calendar being the centerpiece of numerous "end times" predictions.

Guest Name, Karen A Dahlman

Photograph of Karen A. Dahlman
Karen A Dahlman
Author, Speaker, Business Owner

Karen A. Dahlman is known as a leading, expert Ouijaologist within paranormal and metaphysical circles. Since 1973, Karen has been directly communicating with her Spirit Friends via the Ouija Board, while receiving consistently profound and relevant messages from the varying consciousness and sentient beings with whom she maintains relationships. She is the author of her recently released book, The Spirit of Alchemy: Secret Teachings of the Sacred Reunion and from 2013, The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication. Karen holds a master’s degree from the University of New Mexico in archetypal art psychotherapy and is experienced in hypnosis and past life regression. Having a strong, spiritual connection to her Spirit Friends, as she has throughout her entire life, Karen shares within her books the positive benefits of using the Ouija Board and other creative means as pathways for being in contact with the various spiritual dimensions that exist among us. Her writings teach us to discover our greatness within and find expression of this within the world for purposeful and meaningful life experiences.


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