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Guest Name
Guest Occupation
Healer, Natal Chart Reader, Tarot Card Reader, Prognosticator, Clairsentient Psychic
Guest Biography

Chiron  (the wounded healer) practices under the nom du plume of Chiron, a name inherited from the Greek man/centaur God of healing, wisdom and education whose name was applied to the mysterious minor planet/comet discovered in 1977 by Charles T. Kowal, and orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus.

Chiron’s unusual technique in reading an individual incorporates casting a natal chart, analyzing natal patterns, observing the current outer planet transits as they impact the natal chart and then utilizing the Morgan Greer Tarot in tandem with the chart; all to discern events happening, and about to happen, to the querent in the immediate future. An excellent clairsentient, he is able to gain some insight during this process to determine the opportunities and challenges for those he reads.