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Zeta Global Radio ZGR, October 24, 2015

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Zeta Global Radio
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Guest, Flordemayo

Zeta Global Radio with Laine Sevante Quirk and guest Flordemayo, a woman of prayer!

Guest, Flordemayo

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Healer, Spiritual Leader, Curandero Espiritu
Guest Biography

Flordemayo is a Curandera Espiritu,or a healer of Divine Spirit. As a seer, she has the ability to see other realms of color, light and sound.  In additions, she has the ability to see the effects of existing imbalances on a physical, emotional and spiritual realms within a person's energy system.  She was born in the highland of Central America, specifically Nicagura and she was the youngest of 15 children.  She was born under the sign for the seed, in Mayan Astrology.

As a world traveler, she has offered ceremonies and has spoken on a wide range of topics from healing with th use of herbs to her more recent projects including The Seed temple, located in Estancia, New Mexico. She was one of the founding members of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council, which traveled all over the world for prayer and education.

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