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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 May 2021

Zeta Global Radio ZGR with Lainie Sevante Wulkan

Zeta Global Radio with Lainie Sevante Wulkan, Your Visionary Platform for Spiritual Journalism

Talk Show Program Archives for Podcasting

Holiday Show, December 9, 2017 with Lainie Sevante' Wulkan
Beyond the Headlines of Autism and Vaccines , December 2, 2017 with Andrew Wakefield
Conscious Filmmakers, November 25, 2017 with Lainie Sevante' Wulkan
The Legend of Primitvo Garcia, November 18, 2017 with Monica Garcia Saenz
Zeta Global Radio ZGR , November 11, 2017 with Aroma Alchemist Bethanny Gonzalez
Follow The Light Tour, November 4, 2017 with Spiritual Communities Network
Dealing with Major Life Knocks and coming out the other side, October 28, 2017 with Anita Heidema
Speaking to the Spirits - Perspectives of The Other Side, October 21, 2017 with Candice Thomas and Garnett Schulhauser
Akashic Record Knowing of Your Soul, October 14, 2017 with Lisa Barnett
Detoxifying the Body, Mind & Spirit, October 7, 2017 with Lucille Lopez Trice
Stepping into Your Power Back and Leading with Strength, September 30, 2017 with Dr Gail Hayes
Zeta Global Radio ZGR , September 23, 2017 Reflections on Irma
Zeta Global Radio - ZGR, September 16, 2017 with Dr Judith Orloff
Zeta Global Radio - ZGR, September 9, 2017 Victoria Reynolds - Growing up in a Cult and emerging victorius
Zeta Global Radio ZGR, September 2, 2017 You won't know what your brain can do until you test its limits with Dr Deepak Chopra
Zeta Global Radio - ZGR, August 26, 2017 Becoming a Money Magnet with Money Intuitive Coach Mary Knebel
Zeta Global Radio - ZGR, August 19, 2017 Creativity as a Spiritual Path with Halli Bourne
Zeta Global Radio - ZGR, August 12, 2017 Babies & Breastfeeding
Zeta Global Radio - ZGR, August 5, 2017 Surviving and Thriving thru the Cancer Journey
Zeta Global Radio, January 2, 2016 Guests, kirtan wallahs, Jaya Lakshmi & Anandia and cohost Nick Johnson
Lainie Sevante Wulkan
Radio Show Host, Author and Conscious Media Producer and Branding Consultant

Lainie is a 30-year veteran in the entertainment and media fields.  She is the Host and Creator of Zeta Global Radio, a socially conscious and spiritual talk show featuring established and emerging leaders moving the world forward in a positive way.  Guests have included Dr. Deepak Chopra, renowned Tai Chi healer, Mingtong Gu, award winning Dalai Lama Documentary Filmmaker, Leon Stuparich, bestselling Huffington Post writer, Carole Brody Fleet and many, many more! ZGR is in its third year and is currently listened to in 50+ countries with platforms

With the taglines #expandingthemind and #nourishingthesoul, there are archives of the show available on a myriad of topics to shift consciousness and perspective.

Lainie is also the Author of Finn’s Giant Leap (, a positive messaging children’s book for ages 3-9.  Based on a story of believing in oneness, dreaming big and all we ever needed is already inside, the touching story of a frog who gets “his golden wings” to fly while meeting a fairy is capturing hearts young and old all over the planet.  Her newly released music singalong cd, features music inspired from the story. She is currently writing her follow up book, next in the series taking Finn and readers on a new mystical journey where Finn and his friends meet a magical unicorn.

When not on radio and writing books, she is helping others build their unique presence with media content with her companies Cinder Cone Worldwide and Enlightened Audio & Sound. Whether its a commercial, promo video, film, audio CD or Signature Branded Audio ID, her company will work with you to create the right branding to get noticed to the exploding world of transformational media.

She is also working on a very enlightened project for humanity with her Husband, Music Producer and Film Composer, Howard Wulkan. Called Music2HealtheEarth, the project gathers world musicians and celebrities from the four corners to share music and voice to support Mother Earth.  The two cd music compilation will be released Fall of 2017 with global concerts, music videos and other appearances in the works for 2018.