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Zeta Global Radio ZGR, November 11, 2017

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Zeta Global Radio ZGR
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with Aroma Alchemist Bethanny Gonzalez

Zeta Global Radio ZGR with Aroma Alchemist Bethanny Gonzalez

Guest, Bethanny Gonzalez

Guest Name
Bethanny Gonzalez
Guest Occupation
Aroma Alchemist
Guest Biography
Bethanny Gonzalez, Aromatherapy Alchemist and founder of Gaia’s Healing Gifts is a certified aroma therapist & licensed skin care specialist in the state of Florida.
Her professional background is in the natural healing arts and she has worked as a certified chiropractic physician's assistant for 14 years. 
She has many years of experience working with essential oils through her skincare business and energy healing sessions, all with positive results. 
Bethanny chose the name Gaia’s Healing Gifts because she only uses natural, organic or wild crafted ingredients from the earth in her products.
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