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The Tony Durso Show, 03/05/2022

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The Tony Durso Show
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Cultivating Sovereign Leadership with Michelle Sorro

The Tony Durso Show

Cultivating Sovereign Leadership with Michelle Sorro

Michelle Sorro built a 7-figure online mentorship business with zero ad spend. She invested over $300K in spiritual, personal and business growth and has a degree in Transformational Studies.

A certified Canfield Trainer in The Success Principles, she’s a former TV Retail Host for EXTRA, QVC, HSN, and more, generating $220 million dollars in Live Sales with over 4,000 hours of Live TV.

Michelle has also launched a top 10 podcast in self-development called Fire and Soul; launched 128 podcasters into the world, coached a US Presidential Candidate, meditated with the Dalai Lama, and many other cool things.

The Tony Durso Show

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Join Tony DUrso with Special VIP guests from some of the biggest names in the world from Hollywood Stars, Sports Greats, Business Experts, Game Changers, Bestselling Authors, and World Class CEOs who share their insights and personal journeys on their road to success.

Each guest opens up their World of Fame to the audience covering a variety of topics from Business to Sports, Literature to Music, Television to Film, and much more.

The Tony DUrso Show with Special VIP guests gets into their core essence: where they’ve been, what made them who they are and what they’re doing today, along with future goals and plans.

The audience is sure to come away with valuable gems and insights imparted by these world-class guests.

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