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The Tony Durso Show, December 13, 2022

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The Tony Durso Show
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Winning Customer Love with Howard Tiersky

The Tony Durso Show

Winning Customer Love with Howard Tiersky

His background is a professional theatre director, before the Internet got very commercialized. But, his side-job was in graphic design to help meet with the rise in demand for businesses that wanted web sites.

He learned that his love for creating theatrical experiences fit well with creating digital experiences for his clients: bringing together technology and creativity, telling a story, engaging with an audience and creating an experience that people could interact with in one way or another.

With the rise in the Internet, and as the capabilities became greater, he became consumed with it and eventually quit theatre directing. He’s been in digital ever since.

A big difference between the two is that in the theatre world you can’t necessarily, or easily, inspire people to take action. But in the digital world, not only can you get people engaged, but you can enable them to do so by creating tools that allow people to create, build, order things and so forth.

Digital is such a huge part of everyone’s life today. It’s key part of how we do almost everything. From working, to dating, to health care, to personal finances, to you name it …


Howard Tiersky is the CEO and Founder of FROM, and the Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance.

He helps companies grow revenue across digital channels by supporting the customer journey resonating with today’s hyper-Connected audience.

FROM’s work includes the creation of award-winning web and mobile products for shopping, banking, travel, and entertainment. Its clients include Morgan Stanley, Avis-Budget, A&E, Universal Studios, NBC, Viacom, and Mattel.

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The Tony Durso Show

The Tony Durso Show
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