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Sudden I Impact, July 29, 2020

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Sudden I Impact
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Guests, Clint Adams and Jaron Banks

Sudden I Impact with Lee

Guests, Clint Adams and Jaron Banks

Guest Name, Clint Adams

Clint Adams
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Suicide prevention and building resilience in mental health is a huge passion of mine. I wrote a book which was published earlier this year based on helping people and especially schools to help with suicide prevention initiatives. Below is a link to a book review and interview with me about the book. My ultimate aim is to help as many people as possible and I am more than happy to be involved in programs to run initiatives to help people. If you are interested and think it's worthwhile please feel free to share. Thanks.


Police Officer, Counselor, Senior HR and Change Manager, Program and Leadership develloper and published author.


Sudden I Impact

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Sudden I Impact (sii) is a talk show about discovery, helping people raise their awareness and identify their gifts, finding things in life they enjoy doing, finding their uniqueness, and potentially turning their passions into businesses that thrive, and most of all, living life by plan and design to earn a living doing what they love (the essential thing).

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