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The Sports Doctor, November 10, 2021

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The Sports Doctor
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Guests, Noah Perlis and Donna Fatigato

The Sports Doctor with Dr Robert Weil

Guests, Noah Perlis and Donna Fatigato

Headlined Show, The Sports Doctor November 10, 2021

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Noah Perlis, Executive Director of Non Profit Resources Ltd, St. John’s University Law & National Senior competitive Sprinter returns along with Donna Fatigato, Holistic Nutrition, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach with her best selling children’s “Bucky & Daisy's Moody Adventures” health & nutrition books. Then,  it’s 'The Sport Doctor is In' with your questions and emails!

Guest, Noah Perlis

Guest Name
Noah Perlis
Guest Occupation
Executive Director of Non Profit Resources Ltd, St. John’s University Law & National Senior competitive Sprinter
Guest Biography

Mentor. Pro Bono Consulting: Nonprofit formation, board development, marketing, fund-raising. Fine Artists marketing. Business Plans.

Networking, fund-raising, donation of marketing/branding resources. Partial list: Int'l Disaster Training NGO. Int'l Art Foundation. NFP and Colleges students support services NYC. College Business Incubator. Large sports facility/programming. Sports clubs NFPs. Scholarship NFP. International NFP publication. Visual artists. Advisor to NY State Civic NFP. Cultural collaboration with 6 countries NYC Missions. 1996 - 2002 Sponsored staff benefits for staff of 10 Metro NYC & International NFPs.

Guest, Donna Fatigato

Guest Name
Donna Fatigato
Guest Occupation
C.P.T., Holistic Nutrition Coach
Guest Biography

Donna Fatigato has been in the fitness industry for 36 years; ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutrition Coach, NETA Group Fitness Instructor, Specialty Training in Yoga, Pilates, Kickbox and Cycle, Wellness Planning and Nutrition.  Donna is also a Director at USANA Health Sciences, Inc.  

A seasoned wellness professional of 36 years with an extensive history of coaching, teaching and implementation of corporate wellness programs.

Certified as an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutrition Coach, Group Fitness Instructor with specialties in Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing and Spin.

A professional member and spokesperson for the National Fitness Hall of Fame.

Food prep and monthly healthy cooking classes offered since 2013.

Best Selling Author of 'Q2 ~ A Healthy Recipe for a Balanced Life'

Best Selling Author of 'Rise Above: 8 Portraits of Life Transformation'

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The YOUnique staff is compiled of wellness-minded and professional trainers with YOUR best interest in mind.  We pride ourselves on helping people to reach their goals by positive steps toward permanent changes with realistic expectations.  

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The Sports Doctor

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The Sports Doctor is in! Dr. Robert A Weil, Sports Podiatrist, specializes in orthotics that improve alignment, stability, balance & performance. He has practiced podiatry & sports medicine for over 30 years in the Aurora- Naperville area and was recently inducted into the prestigious 2019 National Fitness Hall Of Fame. Dr. Bob has treated many of the world’s premier athletes from all types of sports. He is the host of “The Sports Doctor™” Radio Show. The show is now featured on BBS Radio Network, UK Health Radio Network & Sports 4 Fanz Radio. Dr. Bob was formerly on HealthyLife Radio and was also on WDCB public radio in Chicago for over 20 years. He has written articles for many newspapers & magazines and is a frequent guest on other networks. And his new book, co-written with Sharkie Zartman, titled '#Hey Sports Parents! An Essential Guide for Any Parent with a Child in Sports' - is now available on Amazon!

Join the Sports Doctor and his great guests for important topical information for injury free exercise, wellness and sports performance for both adults and kids. Frequent topics include, the role of the foot in sports, all aspects of sports medicine including, proper sports shoes, youth safety, health, wellness, and sports performance for both adults and children.

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medical information obtained from our website or on the live show is not intended to be a substitute for professional care if you have or you suspect you might have an illness or other medical condition you should consult a healthcare provider the opinions expressed on this radio program are not necessarily those of the sports or their sponsors<br>hey everybody Welcome live from Chicago it is the Sports Doctor on Doctor Bob while Sports podiatrist all things Sports Medicine Fitness Wellness brought to you by global schoolwear school uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger Sport fitness wellness and lower extremities you and MVP Parents Magazine quick shout-out no Gambler excited about being with Bruce married the speakers Bureau you can go to his sight Bruce Maron celebrity speakers the guy's a legend and will be excited to be rolling with him we got a great doubleheader today couple of my favorite guests Noah promised lands the senior competitive Sprinter Runner he's also executive director of nonprofit resources limited st. John's University law he's returning along with Donna fatigato she's a holistic nutrition Fitness and lifestyle<br>coach with her best-selling children's health and nutrition books Bucky and Daisy's Moody Adventures then the Sports Doctor back to the sports doctor expected at the bar but I'm thrilled to be here and even though it took a year to get me back let's go for it. Hey you know the truth about your world of the initially let's talk about your sprinters world and your history as a competitive competitive Runner as a senior<br>well I'll be happy to share a little bit more from the year ago but I also like to get a few points in that I think your audience would love to hear that applies has them from like sore inside of the Visions cuz I've been involved since I got back into it from high school and college I took a 10-year break and at the age of 30 I discovered this whole world of people able to compete at they called Masters level and we're competing and Recreation as well as such a super competitive in five your age groups that's been a lot of fun to get you back into activity and health and in my case became competitive Foley many years join the team great camaraderie and able to go to events and meet relays and culminated in three years ago I finally able to form relay we set a world record by age group 870 and hopefully getting ready to break it again so we can so we can still perform and keeps us young and it's a lot of stress off mentally to do this.<br>hopefully my observations to help some of your audience understand they could be part of this it is not only for the super Elite now they are involved in the World of Golf and Tennis whatever happens to be as they get older they participate in the runners the joggers is no doubt about it that still taking part at these levels put your unique my friend we don't see many competitive sprinters in their 70s number one not staying away from getting hurt and having problems the number to being a world record holder in the Hat to to have you were on and is that so you better run her all these years you were very involved in the non-profit world in the charity world where you really lend a lot of your expertise including some of these particular topic and organizations don't you<br>all I do that at the passion out when I'm able to take my business experience and alterations and Mentor many groups of people and we've had many conversations and and thank you to say you're also interested in what you can just like last week you able to give attention to the wild run it in Poland which is a wonderful thing virtually people can get out as one of the new methods or she would covid virtual events are accepted now and everyone to do their own pace get out there fresh air exercise for a good purpose of the environment in the protection of animals in the species and they use their walk run activity to raise funds to be able to do these things it's just can't take your whole great idea and again there are many many businesses many organizations that are looking to spread the word and the idea of being able to use some of these Fitness activities is that<br>is it great addition to again that's this whole lot of fitness and of course on the sports talk with trying to stay out of trouble injuries as well as as in enhance performance everybody listening to the sports Doctor on Doctor Bob Wild Sports podiatrist to go to my website Sports Doctor if you go to radio shows you like two years listen to whatever you would like International guests National local guest was very active in the information as well as Twitter at sports doc Toc with Twitter with talking with Noah Perlis and he is again a retired attorney he works in many different organizations and groups I understand the world of art is a big part of your world for number of years having at the galleries in New York City a few years ago<br>and I like to help up-and-coming artists and now using the art to help many nonprofits as well by getting ready to do online furniture auctions and all the prophet goes to different charities hope that's important to me not to go that extra cheese but it's it's the only part of what I do to just give myself one of each and every day to get up and then whether it's looking forward to running or helping people with mentoring just like you do volume one of those positive guys I know and do it day-in and day-out and that's great thank you show since last year and you've been remiss there's one person that is not the interview that is available with a great history and I'm willing to do it for you but I'm just an amateur I think you should get a professional in an interview with dr. Bob you should be the guest interview and we should do an interview for you and all the things you've done to help people and<br>be part of that world know you know I'm a guest on many shows is how I do special segments my segments are almost always called The Sports Doctor Is In where I'm answering questions talkin to do Dace Insurance of my experiences in the endless world of the Sports Doctor you know you talked about you know doing what you do you want to feel good you want to get up you want to be productive the mental game is everybody knows who wishes to the sports doctor the big deal with us where do you are at world champion when he was a parent's of talented kids where they are coaching some of these teams are kids ready to try and stay on your program of losing weight with you trying to continue to show up exercise and try to feel good hold the mental side and like you and I know have spoken about numerous times the pandemic has multiplied<br>find a hundred the mental stresses of these kinds of challenges every guest I have wherever they are in the world whatever their vocation is a talkin about mental health and the challenges that have been so dramatic and in some of these different areas but I want to ask you about the world of competitive sprinting and some of the what events do you and and your teammates run Noah well if you don't want to share with the petition at a very high level and I want to see a robic ability that was not in my jeans so if I run up to a minute that's my limit but I do it very intensely we trying to test week and just get older it's really red line and it's it's we got to be careful cuz injuries<br>the huge point you just made yes this is huge you know I just farted article about pickleball it was all over the country yes your your event the full blast sprinting as we get older the tremendous Challenge and this is why we talked about it from everything from are you in the right shoe and are you overdoing it Guru overdoing it pushing the envelope is a tremendous Challenge and people need to know that it's those high levels are you got to be serious about taking care of your body and being in the kind of shape that will allow you to compete with the so you run like the for 500 or you run two hundred a hundred bucks or 200 I go down to 100 or 400 they go from 14 seconds to 65 or 90 seconds<br>59 seconds by gold going out of a billion who is some of his teammates on your championship team so well. It was by itself and I was able to to get three other people and to New York and we got the most incredible man in the world he's a world-renowned master Runner and he anchored us so we would have broken record anyway if we averaged it but he took his way down a credible you know Charles I'll leave Pittsburgh amazing wonderful guy and just to show you the example we averaged the golden 402a just to run your age we're all 73 of us ran 69 here and 59 sub 59 flu everyone away and that you know<br>it was the highlight of Our Lives we are so excited we have a photo for happy guys and we hope to do it again<br> about this event coming up in March in New York City is National indoor championships has all sorts of different age groups I think you mentioned to me that one of the gals 105 year old age group the other day or woman for the first time competed in a Fire HD shoes 105 and she did a hundred God bless her no one cares about the time you can do it now I want to share a secret about the Masters coming up in New York I want to fight you want us to come and look me up and say they hurt me and it came it is not necessarily competitive there are no standards anyone become a real qualify come in and they're different events and you know so she can we can driving distance have a nice visit in the orcas recovery now and think of lightly but you can just go and hang on National level indoor bench right in March is the Indoor national National Championship put out by usatf which is a natural order I can group that meets locally<br> clear all the countries and their clubs to look enjoying which I want to share with them you can join and find a running club they're very low cost and good coaching and the good people and relays and you don't have to be competitive it for recreational Runners only not only that but you just go out and do your best to not stay home and be a couch potato it's all good we do things all you like you said but the competition is fun an excuse the age we want to make it fun and relax and call you a tremendous help in the quote all things the sports doctor on quote my friend Noah Pearl was here but your idea of the various companies Charities 10th and the museum like we had to be talkin with the Lindsay Berra Yogi granddaughter the sportswriter and whatever was she was talking about some of her Museum<br> I am event and using the fitness world and help world as a great fundraiser or great the association with these kinds of things I got to give you credit great idea what you know it's a good thing I just was on the phone this week with Sean slave and one of your former guests and she has on swimming and she's a very competent person teaching swim haven't changed the ability to teach people don't see me on the other team is so important to them to kill sense of recognition and pride and its life-giving to get them oriented to good values so it just cuts across in so many ways and you see that but I want to question people become actors great they should not confused or miss with good health they need to have physicals and they need to make sure there's nothing get in there with a running biking swimming walking playing pickleball many adults ignore the regular exam and that's not a good<br> especially at The Simpsons starting with the feet up which is your specialty is shouldn't ignore chronic pain or injury and discomfort there remedies how many people are doctor Central Valley you know experts on in that exact topic and it's another mental topical we've had men positioned urologist whatever talk about Steve forever difficulties getting men to go to the doctor to check prevention is such a big deal I've always told people from you in years women are locked out of patience and then are you know it did not get so many different areas but it's very very important especially if you're going to be running and jumping in any of these Sports what do you want to get into adult soccer Hockey League adult baseball with my favorite patient she's a grazer his band the cave dwellers<br> so when we going to get into that world you have to be a big tension are you in the right shoe what's your history what's your biomechanics excetera excetera to try to again you know prevent injuries and nor do in many cases like your great example were interested in enhancing performance by strengthening things like alignment in and structure Etc and in your particular area you know you're part of the educational challenge which is to get many of the seniors how to pay big attention to something as simple as hey by the way are you in the right shoe for the other sport that you're involved in soap<br> thank you bro to go one further you know just because we get older we don't get wiser I'm going to go to example I'm excited because I just got in to try them out and will Dallas me and they pick real I'll Tan Your tension again to try to stay out of trouble so many to the Rowland ft imagine someone with flat feet coming the opposite might have very high arches somebody might have left lanes differences and once you start pushing yourself or increasing activity dramatically we can start running in a problem so it's always a good idea to take a look at that Noah is there any particular website<br> work<br> well I try to keep it quiet and I look for a charity some very selective about it I'm not out there going to look and feel to find me but I wouldn't that's fine I'm happy to follow your lead your great connector one of this network has I've ever met and he looks like Noah Perlis thank you so much for joining us we roll<br> hey everybody talked to Bob Wild Sports Doctor I'm excited to announce the release of my new book co-written with Sharky zartman hashtag hates both parents and essential guide for any parent with a child support you know Sharky is a former Hall of Fame volleyball player she's the mom of two daughters will be game Division 1 volleyball player we have over seventy years of combined Youth Sports Experience go to the book give me the attention to a guide to make your experiences for its parents the best it could be a sticky Sports parents is divided into four sections the first section Sports parenting 101 Sharky talked everything about parenting about coaching that whole interaction between parents and coaches coaching your own kid what's the what are the things to really pay attention to the second section is a sports doctors in yours<br> truly armoire discussion of injury prevention and treatment choosing the best shoes youth sports and drugs essential exercises that dilemma of Youth Football Orthotics third section experts speak out with bring together a different experts in nutrition sports performance in mental training in all aspects of coaching and that section of the last section is the carrots perspective some insights from about a half a dozen parents of athletes so everyone hate get out your megaphone now available on Amazon order now you'll be more confident so when you're young athlete #a Sports parents<br> everybody dr. Bob here l e r lower extremity Review magazine is celebrating the 10th anniversary in a decade of providing clinical and practical information about concerns conditions and Treatment Solutions for the logs dramedy both Sports non-sport to like the only multi-disciplinary publication for doctors about Specialties starfish and trainers they inform practitioners on current developments in the diagnosis treatment and prevention of lower extremity injuries lar Prides itself on editorial integrity and evidence-based content that tagline collaborative care for better outcome says it all he colleagues go to LR<br> hey everybody lied from Chicago we are back it's the fourth doctor I'm Doctor Bob while Sports podiatrist I want to welcome Donna fatigato returning she's a holistic nutrition Fitness and lifestyle coach with her best-selling children's books in that world attrition Fitness bucking Daisy's mood Adventures is going to be joining us Donna welcome back to the sports doctor<br> thank you so much for having you done talked to Todd<br> give me some background of Donna is also an associate the National Fitness Sports Hall of Fame member so active again is a lifestyle coach give us some background Donna on you and leading into your children's books world<br> well I did start teaching Fitness classes when I was a senior in high school Back 40 years ago and you're right I wish I would have known<br> put on this journey together completely but I'm glad that we did get to meet from through the National Fitness Hall of Fame your wonderful person and I appreciate you haven't answered and it just kept unfolding that this was going to be my my calling in life so when I was a senior in high school and also go through these characters and they were bucking daisytown artist but I came up with these characters I drew on all my folders so later on in life after working with so many people hundreds of personal training clients thousands of group fitness participants I would I really felt the need to to Jim into our younger generation because<br> if you don't know if I had to start early easier to continue throughout her life and I thought I wrote the story and then I thought about bucking pee pee afterwards<br> that's how it all came for you talk for two years or decades one of the main features on the sports doctors in the challenge of childhood obesity with still up to our ears with that challenge let alone adult obesity which contributes to so many nightmares including covid and the challenge of getting the word out until fun way to the kids is is a tremendously important addition and again you look at it you know when did you know whether it's going to be mental health as well as physical help the idea is have some fun couple of weeks ago<br> breast surgeon dr. Helen wrote the children's book involving again eating well in that regard so this is like a tremendous challenge we are still treading water when it comes to how well we're doing is a society let alone what the pandemic has done in that regard so the tell us more about the focus of the your book series<br> the last time you had me on the show I did publish Bucky and Daisy's what Adventures discover eating healthy I want to head and republish it to make it cohesive free box so there's four total eating healthy exercise relaxation and then health and wellness four separate stories for separate messages and see what you just said about the child obesity it's we can get children to start coffee and colorful food to them they may not want it so if we can get them to start tasting the flavor I think about feeding them we would be we would just be so much better as a society it's already on the loan<br> this is a gigantic topic the mental health side of everything that we've been blindsided with and the idea of paying attention to this all with children become one of my favorite guest Teresa power has sponsored for five years up the international kids yoga day 15 countries into hundreds of thousands of kids one day sometime in April and again these kids to the relaxation book and paying attention mentally<br> I think it's extremely important<br> yes yes for sure and the relaxation book I use some guided visual imagery for them to learn how to relax as opposed to okay we're going to breathe in and out which is so crucial importance of early childhood book really really enjoy this book and enjoy the message but I know in school I didn't go to parents corner to hell yes I included a two-page parents corner and each book they can either recipes or kids exercises whatever it may be in the relaxation book at the end of the book you know when they're done with this visual image<br> quiet to the parents weekly again please it is fun to be still a mansion and find peace so every book has<br> what's your background you know we have featured on the sports doctor for decades call of the word holistic call it the world complimentary the word the idea is that dog that is a lot more than just taking a pill getting an injection of having surgery in in the many times of American Medicine let alone the blending of Mind Body and again when you was started and you were paying attention to these things and let alone nutrition<br> I would know what I mean I would ask you how you sport psychology skills were you know because it's it's it's trying to trick the Mind into it not even drinking to mind it's more about it's more about looking at the longevity of your life and what kind of quality of life you want to live I mean everybody has their different why but you know in the bottom line you know what kind of quality of life do you want to live through those to the chronological I mean it's really important to take care of your body and your mind and nutrition is really 70% I mean exercise is crucial is very important for your organs as you know but you do nutrition is really<br> you know the whole fast-food world that we've all grown up around and it's amazing realization that the new medicine is Nancy eat smarter and on the other hand has to keep moving to try to keep active and going back to the old kinds of things you know the three meals a day in our diet was hell and in some of the areas we've got to be so much so much re-educated and in a lot of different ways especially if you take a look at the World of Sports is not a competitive team to nutrition and to the whole idea of Sports Nutrition what's the best website people can find out about you and the book<br> the children's books down if I got and then that will lead you to queue to which will call the other difference things that I do and some corporate Wellness to personal training to group fitness to nutritional counseling so I just do an array for events and services so either John or to tell people you're a lifestyle coach they look at you like you're nuts you know little loan adding the idea of Health and Wellness too many companies in many organizations you no idea couple of decades ago this was a tough sell I would imagine that that's changed dramatically in your career will you talk in corporate wellness and group<br> witnessing on the one hand this is all great stuff on the other hand and we ain't doing that well<br> it all yes I agree I agree and you know it again A lot of times coming to factor could be you know their pocketbook it could be you know they're just didn't want to put out the money I hear that over and over and over again you know I don't want to put out the money for service or it cost too much to eat healthy I hear that a lot but you could have paid later you're a pay later on if you don't take care of yourself and it's going to be in Insurance can be and hopefully not but medical Medical Services you know so it is so crucial to just get the word out and I believe at an early age and that's why it came out with you so the way that the kids can have fun with it really learn about it we're going to talk more about it so I can read on the side of God I wish the sports doctor will be right back<br> everybody and VP parent magazine is special evidence-based topics on all areas of Youth Sports Rich stupidest Sports down himself takes his three-decade the publishing the celebrated 12th anniversary of the acclaimed WR lower extremity Review magazine sports doctors key supporters and he pours it into and the Pea parents factual evidence based info on such keep topics like physical and mental training nutrition injury awareness treatment recovery prevention I am proud to be contributed to MVP parents with the sports doctors in article in each issue go to MVP MVP is the unique physical fitness experience who's breakthrough formula is built for all ages and abilities you have special needs or seeking post rehab and Recovery Center<br> right fit has a 15-year track record of measurable results right fit has to Illinois location LaGrange and Willowbrook no membership fees as you go go to write dash cam right Fit sport Fitness Wellness right there at fit. Calm by Tommy Hilfiger within the school uniform Market more schools are understanding the value that you don't want to provide school pride and identification be one of them another is the well-recognized reduction of student pressure to keep up with classmates in the real world of what to wear each day to school school uniforms by Tommy Hilfiger provides amazing quality and value to its partner School families it is truly the first brand in this market that students are excited about wearing go to the website global<br> global<br> play everybody we are back live from Chicago it is the sports doctor I'm Doctor Bob while we are talking with the lifestyle fitness coach Walter Chef Donna got a guy that we would talk about the children's books we were really focusing on the tremendous challenge we haven't helped in Wellness in our society how important it is to get the word out the earlier the better with the children and they could become more aware of nutrition and activity and lifestyle we talkin with Donna with her Bucky and Daisy's Moody Adventures is that a three-book Siri<br> it's for for books<br> and what are the ages you find are tuned in to the world of children's books that they could both you don't have read to them as well as read themselves what's that thinking how are<br> well you know it puts me into a category of Ages 2 to 8 but I really believe that I did a story time at a bookstore this past weekend and this 10 month old little girl little baby she was so loud in this book every page her eyebrows turned out bench and I got these selfies and stuff you know stuffed animals and she keeps grabbing them and holding him and hugging them and everybody there was like Steve really is listening to this book and she really loves it and I believe<br> yeah probably 15 years you'll see what the Olympics you know but again you know whether you're getting families to walk together was always a article that wrote about I called it let's get them walking I wanted the schools to include walk as part of the children's curriculum but you know what it's like to try to get the schools to add or subtract anything in our world it's a real challenge long ago where we started to see challenges against a having gym class or having the DSM to be a challenge like my first guest said you know people have to understand that the competitive Sports and school sports isn't physical fitness<br> Wellness necessarily so again getting the word out I would imagine that the school and the parents are the various organizations that you're speaking to would be excited about the fact of having something else to really have these children pay attention to<br> exactly. I have a lot of a lot of things that are happening with these books and I'm trying my best to get the word out the associated with which schools in particular and I agree with you our bodies were made to move not to keep still and it is it is really a disappointing that they're going away with some of the physical education for children in I mean<br> so involved now we can't afford it it cost five times more for a young child growing up with diabetes because of the concerns of lack of physical activity terrible diet developing earlier in earlier because of again in activity social media is brutal on all of us we can't see straight from the challenges again of the kids and all of us being addicted artoo-detoo the social media so against sponsoring some of these activities like again my friend Teresa with her now International<br> a kids yoga day and activity and walking getting these families active you know makes a lot of sense setting good habits and you've been pounding away with that what you said for decades with the adults right<br> absolutely absolutely sometimes it's like a broken record but you have to keep eating healthy and you know and always made them you know why it's important that has exploded on us in so many ways including the incredible growth of zoom and doing things virtually which we never dreamed of these the explosion of telemedicine for example so I would imagine that the resume and people being able to do exercise virtue are you at least be educated that way that's got to be a big deal now<br> oh absolutely absolutely I started doing some classes for free when it depends on the began and then I just you to try to go back to full swing you know right away but try to go back to what my schedule was and it never did go back completely because people did prefer to do something because his way they can I watch the broadcast anytime they want it's not closed for year for the most part and then when it came back and it's been very very challenging for the whole Fitness industry haven't gone back to the train exercise at home as best they can so I would imagine that that's become a big area in your world<br> yes absolutely families would of hearing depends on if you guys you know enjoy anal kitchen time with the children in you know cook with them and you know how how the relaxation time with them or you know exercise website or the place to find out about you and the book<br><br> and you can find, thank you so much for joining me hold on Donna will be right back everybody.<br> You live in or near Aurora Illinois and you're into sports fitness at any level will you son and daughter is you cannot forget about your feet you see the sexy everywhere else there are complex emotions that come into play especially in sports your ankles knees hips and back wall or affected with your foot mechanics come visit the office dr. Bob and get evaluated a check what you the best for you I offer prescription Orthotics which is usually one of the major tool to treatment and prevention of foot related ankle and leg problem also enhancing performance stepper to quicker or 630-898-3505 or go to sports doctor<br> hey everybody and VP parent Magazine Special evidence-based topics on all areas of youth sports sports damn self takes his three-decade the publishing to celebrate his 12th anniversary of the acclaimed over your lower extremity Review magazine sports doctors key supporters and he pours it into MVP parents actual evidence based info on fritzke topics like physical and mental training nutrition injury awareness treatment recovery prevention I am proud to be contributed to MVP parents with the sports doctors in article in each issue go to MVP MVP<br> hey everybody welcome back it's the Sports Doctor Is In segment where we preview some upcoming shows answer few emails<br> eat your particular topic maybe in hashtag is Ford's parents excetera we do have some great guests coming off as usual one of the podiatrist podiatrist great Champions dr. Bruce Williams dating Alice's shoe technology researcher he'll be returning to the sports doctor and then Matthew Morales he is the author of never be poor again and talks about the spiritual side and challenges of the whole financial World interesting stop the following week day before Thanksgiving I'm not going to give it away we will have a replay of one of our past shows the following week kicking off December Mary Rochford physical therapist with physical PT and Balance Centers and then we're going to be talkin hypnosis that whole world great stuff coming up<br> again everybody knows that the sports doctor is a huge supporter of charity events nonprofit again last week was a great example with the director of Poland's leading zoo and their Fitness activities so this is something we really really pay attention to my first guest Noah Perlis is a big part of that whole connection so we want to thank them for introducing us to that whole area we've got some emails here Tim says you know those Skechers commercials Podiatry certified arch support you know Tim for the most part in the shoe good idea if it's comfortable with could be helpful the key is when you start trying to incorporate into mass-produced shoes and this is one of the things that doctor Williams talk about next week<br> the whole 3D World sometimes you create as many problems as you prevent not comfortable but I used to tell my friends I want to sponsor the show for gosh about 45 years not that long ago I said someone's going to beat you to it but diet recertified and nearest Skechers they did at the rule good idea they've become a real prominent brand and again compared to not having any support at all to step up Jerry's is my daughter's now young adults skated for years they loved Evan lysacek can you talk a little bit about him I'd love to Jerry you know Evan the 2010 men's Olympic gold medal figure skating Champion was a little under 10 years old when I first saw him growing up in Naperville Illinois special then<br> is coach long time since Katie colleague and frequent guest candy brown Buick had set him up for us to be screening some of these kids and Evan was already a champion novice champion at that age was ready flirting with the triple jumps and then he just started winning everything he came in contact with Andre was a tremendous ride with him all the way to the Olympic gold medal and he was a great example of some of the challenges that we see today he always seemed to be extremely fun loving he didn't seem to take it that over seriously his parents like Don likes to check if Mom can you really really orchestrated his his career and he really loved what he was doing he ended up really really combining the world of Art<br> with the world of skating the whole area of performance a very very special kid I can't believe it's 11 years since he won if you go to my website speaker newspaper articles in magazines and feet Podiatry management I wrote an article about the Gayatri about having an orthotic right after the Olympics so you can check that out cuz I'm 65 years old and running about 10 years doctor said I've got tarsal tunnel of got some of the symptoms of shooting pain in and out of the yard is it always a surgical problem though Richard is it many times we can treat tarsal tunnel is entrapment the pressure on the main nerve one of the main garbage that runs down along the inside of the ankle into the arch of the foot if it's compressed if it's activated you can give a symptoms numbness stinging shooting pains etcetera often is wheat a big attention to the mechanics if we control excessive pronation for example<br> that might be aggravating this condition like with a retarded are we can really really help Physical Therapy can help injection therapy could help so if you've been told that you need surgery is the first opinion get another opinion you might but this great success with conservative management want a little talk a little bit of you have a minute go cash Dicky Sports parents part of the book is some feedback from some sports parents Kurt mango both his daughters became Division 1 of players won volleyball one soccer Nancy Ryan Chloe Ryan her daughter became a solo Nationals ice dance champion and they share some of the challenges some of the stories of them<br> their daughters in this particular case and the tremendous challenges both as a family with the children themselves playing Sirius Sports at early ages is something that we talked about a lot on the sports doctor and getting some of these parents to share some of their history again Timber Halligan and he's been a coach of some of the great Juniors Champion over the years both his daughters were very serious are very serious players this day and he shares a lot of his seat back in these kinds of the areas again preventing overuse injuries both physically and mentally with these kids the mental pressures<br> competition the mental pressures of not only the coach but including the parents orphan is problematic so the back of some of the parents is is a great idea along with the section with eight different experts again mental training physical training coaching parenting all of the seat back from some nutrition from some of these experts and all these different areas of the deception and again it's still available on the Amazon #a Sports parents promised everybody that the following issue with all the famous volleyball player and coach and geology professor and she's a talk show host with LP like radio<br> who wrote the first segment Sports parenting 101 but the the sequel has got to be Sports parents and sports grandparents and you got to remind me next week we did this with your candies cartoons about 20 of them and one of the first cartoon and cheering outside of the stadium and the guy comes out it's a category he got to include it so everybody thank you very much thanks girlfriend to CBS Radio see you next week it's the sports doctor thank you<br>

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