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Saving with Steve, October 17, 2023

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Saving with Steve
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With Guest, Arvee Robinson, International Public Speaker

Saving With Steve with Steve Sexton

With Guest, Arvee Robinson, International Public Speaker

Episode 151: Guest, Arvee Robinson, International Public Speaker

Saving with Steve

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The Save With Steve Show, hosted by Steve Sexton will help you with ins and outs of money. We talk about financial issues that that could be costing you thousands of dollars and keeping you up at night.

We talk about “money”… tax reduction, saving more, how to spending less and get more, 401k’s, risk management, retirement, and everything under the sun that relates to you having a healthier happier relationship with money.

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everyone has their own unique views and needs when it comes to financial success if you'd like to leave your financial woes behind and live a life of Financial Freedom you've come to the right place welcome to the saving with Steve show hosted by Steve Sexton the show will help you with the ins and outs of money we talked about financial issues that could be costing you thousands of dollars and keeping you up at night we talked about money tax reduction saving more spending less 401K is risk management retirement and everything under the sun that relates to you having a healthier happy relationship with money now here is your host of saving with Steve Steve Sexton
Steve sure when we talked about the ins-and-outs of money pretty much everything in the center lie to you having a healthier happy relationship with money my name is Steve sex and I want to thank you for joining us today we have over 600,000 lizards here in the states and over 50,000 listeners no received or so thankful that are listening to these teeth keeps growing want to thank you for sharing this with your friends and family and Associates you have a topic that you would like us to talk about or have a guest on to do to viewers at stating with Steve. USS viewers and saving with Steve. USA were going to look at those topics maybe have one of those topics on here in the future or maybe even a guess if you like to hear from today we're going to be talking about five things you can do financially right now to put yourself on a better footing yell next so we can't wait for this one your ability to effectively communicate will make all the difference in your future success your income and so on how would you like to learn how to speak persuasively
coworker your boss executive team that potential new client or group of people when we want them to utilize your service if you don't speak well persuasively you might not get the promotion or on onboard a new client or get your project for the planning committee don't worry we have Master speaker trainer International speaker and author Arby Robinson to teach you how to speak like a speaking superstar in your industry millionaire speaker podcast re I just want to say hey welcome to the show we're so glad to have you welcome to the show all right baby thank you Jake to be here. Everybody just jumps into becoming a public speaking code so how did that get started for you because I didn't plan on being a coach it wasn't something that when I grew up I said I'm going to be a public speaking code It Happen by accident my degrees in information systems and happy and I will
the work out of college for a company by the name of Deloitte Haskins & sells now Deloitte one of the big CPA firms and I wasn't a CPA my job was to set up financial accounting systems on microcomputers we just got micro computers in and teach bookkeepers and controllers how to automate their County because up until then they were using manual accounting systems for the Revolutionary time and my boss came to me one day and said RV I want you to get out there and start speaking and tell people that were offering this brand new service myself a piece of cake I took one speech class I knew everything there was to know about public speaking but I didn't I didn't get any any projects nothing and I knew that I better do something fast because I could lose this job but I didn't know what I was doing wrong I just need going out there and speaking and have no clue
I'm so one day this woman comes up to me out to go to my house and she said honey I hate to tell you this and I'm like they didn't do it right get a job you know that after every sentence you say okay and I just like Jaw drop to be okay but I got it I was a problem did you think if I could block my job didn't make me a public speaker that I needed to respect this thing called public speaking why decided in that moment that I was going to get trained not only came to I was going to master I took classes anything with public speaking of communication in the title I took and I hired a coach and I read books I did everything I could and then the most amazing thing happened the better I got the better of my clients. And the more client I got and then my colleagues wanted to know what I was doing I started teaching them then the big
wanted me to teach these group communication skills to other Consultants of what we're of public speaking was born with in Corporate America for me and then I used it throughout my 23-year career not only to get clients Victor upward mobility within my own firm it is great I'm so then once after 23 years I was at the highest I could go without being a CPA and that was a senior manager and by then the industry was so full of Consultants it just wasn't any fun anymore I wasn't trailblazing anymore so I decided it was time to make a change but I didn't know what kind of changed today so I prayed about it and God said public speaking the 17 years ago I left Corporate America just started my own business and since that time I've trained over 5,000 business coaches Consultants you name it and given over 3,500 speeches all over the world and I don't trust anybody up on everyone that you can do
this too can be a lifestyle if you choose but you two can you speaking to change the world save lives and make a difference he's a senior he's top of his class of electrical engineering his worst class was public speaking he got to be he was so happy if it's actually got to be but you just let you know I always other people look like they're on TED talk to do engineering friends they're they're afraid of standing up in front of people and talking with the reality is there probably could be better at it because they already have a process just like you and I T because once you learn the process your Golden's public speaking and I look for systems and processes already there I recreate the wheel well there wasn't any the closest that I found it on Steve was how it be getting the norm in but no one would tell you what to put
in the beginning that were alone so I can long and I'm telling you exactly what steps to create a persuasive presentation that will get your business and change lies and your people being out if you're just trying to get people to think like you do don't like you do whatever it might be this system will do it I want to help us understand the process by how you would go about coaching somebody to speak well in public speaker system which is the signature that you just over and over and over to get business but first of all I would teach you how to do your core message which is also another formula that I put together the core message is what some people call the elevator speech but I called the car message because it's the essence of what you do and from there it's like your heart and from there everything else comes your professional Story the title of your
everything stems out of that core message the once we've got that Rick a very hard and what it is you do for client then we start in that formula and to work the system for developing actual speech putting it together step by step how does somebody get used to a room and get comfortable being onstage practice practice training training page because a lot of people step on stage especially business on her because business owners don't look at themselves as speakers so they think that they can just get away with murder and you can because of you step on stage when you're a not trained be not practice see not prepared and you're going to lose business if you have the opposite effect that you want to make sure are
reputation and future opportunity so if to cost me to go out there without being trained rehearse and of course out well prepared once you learn once you've been trained then I recommend that you practice 1 hour for every two minutes of presentation so that means if you're going to do a 30-minute speech they do you need to practice 15 hours that would makes you good that's what actually makes you go from good to great that's what helps you. Always know your speech you become the script so that nothing will tell you off you won't forget what you're going to say which is always a beer and you will have that kind of confidence to deliver I'm not only a great speech for yourself that really threw your audience with bajor and when I talk about practicing and talking about practicing it out loud not reading it not writing out your speech I am against writing out your presentation.
then you become a prisoner of your own elegant word so dull outline only that you will be, it's like that song Steve when we're in the car I was listening to that popular song on the radio and that's what happens to Aubrey when we hear something over and over and over so I recommend you speak it out loud walk around your office walk around the park walk around wherever you need you in this is so wonderful you're driving your car going to work do you need to hear this stuff to stick with this will be right back more expert advice for having a happier relationship with money still to come on the saving with Steve show
don't let your financial woes keep you up at night and prevent you from living a life of Financial and personal freedom hi I'm Steve sex and post of the saving with Steve show where did he talk about the in an ounce of money those financial issues that could be costing me thousands of dollars causing stress keeping you up at night we're going to talk about money tax reduction saving more spending your investment risk management retirement and everything is so sweet with you having a healthier happy relationship with money soon as you've ever dreamed of living a life of Financial and personal freedom you owe it to yourself and your family to tuna to the saving Willis TV show join me Steve section of the saving with Steve show as we talked about everything under the sun when it comes to money to learn more about the show visit savings
Steve. Us that saving with Steve. Us saving with Steve. Us will see you soon
welcome back to the show that is here to help you achieve your financial goals it's the saving with Steve show now here's your host Steve Sexton welcome back we're going to have some more with Arby Robinson I truly appreciate you letting your friends family and Associates know about her show all the replays are available in Saving with Steve that us if you're enjoying the stories of helpful information inside on saving was the been encouraged you to subscribe to your YouTube channel but he's never missed a show check out a few of our Affiliates at UK help radio BBS radio talk radio New York City New York City as well be 360 TV Las Vegas TV network all these networks are dedicated to empowering you to solve problems uplift your spirit live a life of personal and Financial Freedom and you can also follow us on Facebook doing the same thing with Steve Sexton insiders Club sitting with Steve. Us and get all replays exclusive access to her after the show videos guest gifts and see all the behind-the-scenes we're back here with RV
Robinson we were talking about this is like a muscle and you were just talking about practicing and practicing and practicing it but it's like working out I thought to myself you know what I've written many speeches and all that kind of stuff but it was really interesting that when I started thinking about how much time I expect going through it was a lot more than 15 hours and it's one of those things were and I'm not saying this is everybody's people told me that that was outstanding when I've been completely prepared but had some sort of thing happened just before like horrible day the whole shot in your Russian and grinding through your day and all the sudden you're there you got four minutes before you walk on stage and for some reason that's the best editor in some times for me that's the most authentic things go very very well and people want to buy my God I can't believe you just did that you know I'm curious do you have a free-speech routine as I do have a priest
and I recommend that everyone create their own this is mine I'm not recommending that this is for you but I've been on stage with a lot of speakers and I've seen their Priests get routine also and I can share that with you my personal want is a mantra I swear I do two things first before the Mantra by step on stage I do one thing I pray about it and I think God give me a shout of the hallway. I'll give me a shout of the Holy Spirit energy right and then before I step on stage I say I'm the best I'm the best I'm the best and I don't say it out of Eagle I say it because my audience deserves the best and so does your eye every time you step on their I know things happen like you said something happened in your life doll Jenner do whatever that's going to happen once in awhile but for the most part we can control what happens
another words if I have a speech I'll make sure that I have a light morning that I can just you know get up at ease and get ready at ease and I'm not rushed and frazzled I don't try to cram so much stuff in my schedule like today Steve I have three speaking engagements you're one of them love to more and so I created my day so that I can come into those full-on full energy full attention playing my AJ if you can plan your day like that around your speaking engagements then you'll be left frazzled and there won't be time for these other things that got to come in and bother you or get you off because life works that way it's going to try to knock you off your feet so again a mantra of some kind that gets you propelled into speaking not seen a couple of speakers that what they do is they taste that gets them gone they pasted before they go in and some of them you know pray or whatever whatever propels you and it's going to be different for everybody
that's what you want to do but self-talk is so important do not step on stage or even close to the stage and tell yourself you're nervous or you're not prepared if you're not ready you need to get ready because that audience deserves the best from you it's funny my little Mantra is I actually like to get there about 45 minutes early if it's a 30-minute talk and I like to walk around the stage look out the stage and say hello like my old sound check and then I go off in my corner and do my speech not to myself but out loud to the wall and and I I practice everything from my hand gestures to my jokes try not to laugh at myself right now is speaking in a different environment because people can look at the TV their cell phone they can go all different directions there's a process of that what are some of the
what's that you can help some of our listeners when they're dealing with that and I'm going to get to how to keep your audience engaged as well as Speaker you're in control of everything now see when we would go in the live room we would maybe speak in speak on a stage or maybe in the restaurant we had no control that no control over this town no control over the environment no control over the crowd or anything really just only our message but in this environment we're in charge of everything that is very important to make sure you have while texting so many speakers present in the dark if it is going to be on some videos you have to make sure you have a professional microphone so that people can hear you and it resonates with you. Something that is why were we didn't have to worry about unless it was a big crowd and it was always provided for us then me the PowerPoint or the computer it was provided for us now guess what if you're going to use
video or anyting else during your presentation you better make sure you have a strong internet because there's nothing more frustrating to the audience than for you to be Frozen and in mid-sentence Oakes number one you were in charge of everything and just know that you're going to speak in this environment you need to invest in some possibly some new equipment number to to keep your audience engaged because yes we are so competing with emails and people that have two screens in their half listening to us and have nots you have to bring on your A game every single time you have to do and what I do to help me is I stand up so I have a stand-up desk because if I spoke on a live stage I would be standing up that's going to help you to have that type of energy you need to make sure you're well practiced in your well reverse you not read the screen we can see you read a right or a teleprompter be a professional
be sure and know your material and just think of your eyes I didn't even you know your material than you are they can go to watch and see your million-dollar speaker podcast the whole shot a man talks podcast that you can go and see them anywhere to get ahold of me you could just email me and that's our varde at RB or reach out to me on LinkedIn Facebook I'm everywhere and then it's our varve Robinson, I'd love to hear from you in German if you're listening take your life to a new level with a d business personal public just learn to be a good speaker it'll make all the difference in the world and since his money the shows about the ins-and-outs of money
this can make a big difference in the ins-and-outs of your money thank you for joining us today thank you so much for being here I hope you have a wonderful week and stay safe and healthy okay Arby Robinson she's an international speaking trainer and if you want to make your life a little bit better because you learn how to speak the right way so you can get more clients that promotion and so on do you want to go check out RV Robinson I think that was wonderful helpful hands especially that that close never even thought of that stick with this will be right back more expert advice for having a happier relationship with money still to come on the saving with Steve show
don't let your financial woes keep you up at night and prevent you from living a life of Financial and personal freedom hi I'm Steve Sexton post of the saving with Steve show where did he talk about the in an ounce of money those financial issues that could be costing me thousands of dollars causing stress keeping you up at night we're going to talk about money tax reduction saving more spending your investment risk management retirement and everything is so sweet with you having a healthier happy relationship with money soon as you've ever dreamed of living a life of Financial and personal freedom you owe it to yourself and your family to tune into the saving with Steve show join me Steve sex and out of saving with Steve show as we talked about everything under the sun when it comes to money to learn more about the show visit saving with
Steve. Us that's saving with Steve. Us saving with Steve. Us will see you soon
welcome back to the show that is here to help you achieve your financial goals it's the saving with Steve show now here's your host Steve Sexton ins-and-outs of money right now we're talkin about money right now okay Dad overall cost of living increase while median household income decreased setting up Grand big gigantic financial goals may not be realistic for every budget but there are still Smart Steps you can take the shorter spy binance so the first thing is examine your spending household expensive change drastically for many Americans over the past couple years pandemic relieve the stimulus program as well as reductions in certain expenses because of the restrictions like commuting travel have added money back into some Budget on the other hand the overall left across the living
I just heard on the news it's up 7% while medium household income is down 3% and that's putting the squeeze on a lot of Americans I knew your is an ideal time to examine your but you don't have a budget start pulling all your bank and credit card statements for the past 3 months add up your spending a different categories like house food eating out vacation self bills utility bills everything listed all out there okay see what the average monthly budget looks like for you know how much you're spending now is great and creating a budget because once you built your budget you can now compared to your income to see how much room there is to progress toward your financer goes like saving and investing you can then determine whether you need to increase your income or decrease expenses one of the big things about increase your income is you can simply do that by adding a job or a sidehack and what I mean by that is you can go to work for her
Home Depot you can be a tutor you can drive for Lyft or Uber or one of the other Drive services and you know what you can make some extra money to bring money at the house while the other part is expense reduction you want to look at everything that you're doing whether to be your mortgage hey can you refinance to get a lower payment look at your credit cards can you know she negotiated with the credit card company to get a reduction of Interest chart can you look at how much you're paying on your cell phone bill to see ways to reduce that by changing the carrier Special beer with a big one looking at your cable bill and say hey you know what I'm not using all these but I am using this app Services cuz there's a lot of people who just went in but they have services in a live TV program along with their Internet Interstate 57 $800 a month so you can save a little increase the amount of cash that you have at the end of each and every month next look at
Timberjack paid off your credit card revolving housing credit card yet his credit card balances are carried by fell 14% during the pandemic but you know what some Americans attacked many Americans have leaned on the credit cards to get through the pandemic 20% say their overall credit card debt increased during the pandemic relied on their credit cards to pay for the stuff that he's doing this time around the time my people feel like they're not getting anywhere paying off his credit card balances are or anything like that so the key here is how can I add a little bit more each and every month but there's a path to doing that and that path is called the snowball method all you need to do is lose all your creditors the balance is highest to lowest interest rate payment date in minimum payment the key here is as you pick the one you want to pay off first I like the one with the lowest dad why because it allows me to get some momentum and all
going to do is make the minimum payment and everything and had as much as I can each and every month to that minute that that want to want to pay up once it's paid off I take what I was paying their and headed to the next one and the next one pretty soon you're making bigger and bigger payments and each one of your dad and you got them paid off next investment Americans hate the received the pandemic relief stimulus checks and you know they've got that the alarm is the last year 10% of people use that money to invest in things like cryptocurrency that might be in line with your risk tolerance as your goals but the thing is you want to take the time to review your overall investment Holdings consider diversify your Investments to reduce your risk increase your potential for return over the long-term if you have a workplace retirement plan like a 401k 403 b make sure you're contributing to it cuz every time you're contributing you're not paying taxes on it gives you a short turn game cuz you're not paying taxes but it'll also give you a long-term game because you're earning interest on the money
you should have paid taxes and next to your work place has a mat put at least enough money to make sure your company matches cuz otherwise you're giving up free money next time the last two years bills medical bills they've gone up they've been significant and if you're in one of those situations where Gees I've got those medical bills I understand and people are afraid of those cuz he has gone up almost 30% over the last 10 years when you have those bills paired with a pandemic you have reduced helping hospitals it's pretty frustrating now the thing to understand is this medical bills are negotiable or even reduce your cost if your in a low income situation or financially strapped it makes sense for you to give the hospital call or the medical center call explain your situation ask if there's any Avenue is where they rebuild can be read
news and you could possibly set up some sort of a payment that's better than putting the whole bill on your credit card and paying those large credit card interest payments okay you could do it at a lower interest rate by negotiating and setting up a payment plan one of the biggest things you want to make sure is this okay you never want to avoid paying your bill Kay if your medical provider tells your dad to a collection agency you're going to have 180 days before that collection agency will put that collection bill on your credit card report now could then hurt your credit card store at making Financial moves in the future a whole heck of a lot harder save for something don't care what it is 40% of Americans every pentamic funds the stimulus plan and they saved a little bit of money would it be for emergency a home or something else so regardless how much you can say what your specific goals are
ways to save $5 10 dollars $15 2500 whatever the amount is your goal might be an emergency flood it might need to stay afloat so you can stay afloat the family emergency had that dream vacation but no matter what gives you the option you want to try and find a way to make it automatic robotic so you don't even have to think about it you already have a checking account we have funds from your payroll go right into it but you know you can set up a second or third distribution from your payroll so think about this besides having a distribution go to your paycheck for your income once you set up another one for vacations emergency fund and doesn't take money out each and every month to go to those other account that way you'll be fun in your travel account for your Burgess seed fun and won't even think about in fact you won't even miss the money because it's already in the account
look at these things that can make a difference in your life specially if you start doing them right now joining us for the saving with Steve show hosted by Steve Sexton to learn more about the show and how to become a guest or sponsor visit saving with Steve. Us that's saving with Steve. Us join us again next time as we continue to talk about everything under the sun that relates to you having a healthier happier relationship with money this has been the saving with Steve show hosted by Steve Sexton

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