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Straight UP Sex Talk!, July 24, 2015

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The Reality of Transgender - part 1
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with guest Dr Sherman Leis

Straight UP Sex Talk! with Linzi Levinson

Part 1: Interview with Dr. Sherman Leis with, physician, professor and chairman philiadelphia college and founder Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery 

Transgender surgeries and more.

Straight UP Sex Talk!

Show Host

Linzi Levinson, creator & host of Straight UP Sex Talk! is launching a worldwide sexual movement for the purpose of Education, Freedom, and Quality of Life. Her guests will join her in sharing so many ways to know one's self, and truly access self-esteem and potential. Linzi is passionate to offer enlightenment globally on sexual issues, options, health, and pleasure.

Straight UP Sex Talk! – A Sexual Movement is launched!

Linzi is taking this show into areas of pain, suffering, identity, equality, pleasure, health, wellness, safety, prevention, life, death, choices, rights......and clarity........ delivering you a show that allows a global platform for us to become more aware and compassionate about SEXUALITY. NOTHING IS TABOO!

It is time to change the world. Self-Esteem is your right; it is absolutely your road to a happy life!

Let the movement begin!

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