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Reach For It Radio Show, December 31, 2015

ISIS the High Priestess

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Reach For It Radio Show
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Isis the high Priestess

Reach For It Radio Show with Christina Calisto Winslow interviews Carmel Glenane B.A.Dip.Ed., author of The Alchemies of Isis, Embodiment through the High Priestess, published by Big Country Publishing and distributed worldwide, available in paperback and eBook.

ISBN: 978-1-938487-21-7

The Isis story is the story of all who love.  Hope, restoration and magic are yours when you lovingly embrace Isis in all her aspects.  Every word brings Isis into your heart with ‘her’ words of wisdom, power, truth and magic.  Isis heals, restores, renews and resurrects new life; helping you open your heart to receive more love.

In the companion volume “The High Priestess”, Carmel Glenane explores core issues in women’s lives; Relationships, Intimacy, Emotional Love and Spirituality in direct dialogue with ‘The High Priestess’.

You will receive Moon, Stellar (star), Nature Speak Meditations and Rituals for activating your ‘Core Identity’ to receive love, as well as lessons inviting you to deepen your relationship with your hearts truth.

“The Alchemies of Isis teaches us that every woman needs to be grounded and feel empowered to be truly sexy and secure.  I now feel both.”

Dr Shelley Sykes – TV Host & Award winning Author of Sexy Single & Ready to Mingle.

Guest, Carmel Glenane

Guest Name
Carmel Glenane
Carmel Glenane
Guest Biography

Carmel Glenane B.A. Dip Ed. Owner/Director of Atlantis Rising Healing Centre™ and Mystery School.  Founder of the philosophy of The Divine Feminine in 2002 and Senju Kannon™ Reiki in 2008, teaches The Divine Feminine Mysteries through her Mystery School Ascension Training program.   A powerful interactive and dynamic motivational speaker; Channeled writer, esoteric teacher and sought after healer.  Carmel is known for her transformative tours to Sacred Destinations such as Hawaii, North, Central and South America, Turkey, India, Bali, Japan 3 Tours, Egypt 12 Tours and the great central heart of Australia, Uluru. With over 20 years in business in Personal Development, Carmel’s intent is to allow people to receive through the Heart’s Intelligence through The Mother’s wisdom.

Carmel is the Australian Ambassador for as Director of Happy Spirits and is currently writing training programs for all her books to take her courses On Line.

Reach For It Radio Show

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Christina Calisto Winslow

Reach For It Radio™ is a live weekly broadcast on BBS Radio, hosted by best selling author Christina Calisto Winslow. Tune in every Thursday at 11am PST, 2pm ET, for an enlightening and entertaining hour about life, love, finances, spirituality, health, and business as Christina challenges the status quo. This show is dedicated to assisting listeners to reach higher to attain what they really want out of life. Christina brings no-nonsense and practical tools to her listeners though her interviews with great thinkers, healers, and spiritual teachers of the world combined with her intuitive coaching abilities. Callers will be given the assistance to remove blocks and become empowered to see what is actually possible in their life. Reach For It Radio™ is a catalyst for change and provides new ways for you to reach for the stars!

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