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Your Heart Intelligence with Carmel Glenane

Carmel Glenane and the Divine Masculine joins Christina Winslow this week on Reach For It Radio Show. In the new book, “Embodying The Divine Masculine of All Truth Through The High Priest," the newest release this summer published by Big Country Publishing by one of our Australian Authors, Carmel Glenane, B.A. Dip. Ed.

This week on Reach For It Radio Show, Christina Winslow celebrates the newest release from Big Country Publishing by International Best Selling Author, Carmel Glenane!  Glenane, author of “Awaken Your Immortal Intelligent Heart, A Blueprint for Living in the Now” will bring to us the discovery of the secret power of your immortal intelligent heart. Carmel will reveal new scientific evidence that your heart has an important role in supporting the endocrine function of the entire human body.

Reach For It Radio Show with Christina Calisto Winslow interviews Carmel Glenane B.A.Dip.Ed., author of The Alchemies of Isis, Embodiment through the High Priestess, published by Big Country Publishing and distributed worldwide, available in paperback and eBook.

ISBN: 978-1-938487-21-7