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Radio Toni Insights with Michelle Sleight, March 14, 2021

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Radio Toni Insights with Michelle Sleight
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Insight Making Sense of Sexual Assault with Michelle Sleight, An Empowered Survivor

Radio Toni Insights with Michelle Sleight and cohost Toni Lontis

Talking Points Radio Toni – Insight Making Sense of Sexual Assault with Michelle Sleight

  • Welcome and intro – Listening live on FB, LI we have my EVA Pao ready and waiting to respond to your comments and questions with website links etc, like subscribe and email,, big shout out and thankyou.

  • Today’s guest is the beautiful Michelle Sleight who as you can see is right here in the studio with me! This is the first of 6 shows having an open discussion about sexual assault.

TONI - An Empowered Survivor, Michelle knows the difference between being empowered and just surviving.

Michelle was the victim of 6 rapes and one sexual assault beginning at 5 years of age, has experienced the persecution and challenges of her permanent pain work-related injury, has been stalked and powerless, and has lost some close to her to domestic murder.

Now Michelle helps people to stop being at the mercy of their trauma and triggers.

When a 17-year-old girl in Europe was allowed to die because she was struggling with the trauma of sexual assault, it broke Michelle’s heart.

She decided to share her knowledge and offer a voice in what has been a sea of silence.

Michelle is an advocate for change in sexual assault culture, and for those who have experienced sexual assault, and in 1997 set a legal precedent around sexual assault.

In 2010 Michelle disempowered a sexual predator and stopped him from raping her because she didn’t respond like a victim.

Michelle authored: “Insight Up Close and Personal Profile of Sexual Assault” for communities to better identify sexual predators and respond in a more resourceful way to the trauma of sexual assault.

Michelle has the processes and knowledge that set her, and clients, permanently free of trauma, triggers, and PTSD.

“Together we safely and easily dig up the root the difficulties, and plant something that will bloom into happiness, peace, and security.”

Stop focusing on what you don’t want and follow a proven, safe pathway to live the life you do want.

Good afternoon Michelle

Today’s topics are of a sensitive nature so please reach out and connect and talk to someone if you experience and pain listening to us today.

  1. Let us talk about you first, Michelle – tell the audience about growing up, life and surviving sexual assault,

  2. Before we get into the book, I want to talk about some of the things we are seeing across Australia right now and I wanted to stand in solidarity with the women who are marching all across Australia today – We have had enough haven’t we? The women’s march4justice is calling for an end to gendered violence, protest in peace, seeking equality, justice, respect, and fairness in society – what are your thoughts Michelle?

  3. Your best-selling book is called Insight – Up Close and personal profile of sexual assault – what prompted you to write the book?

  4. How difficult was it to write?

  5. How long did it take? – Toni’s connection and perspective, writing about difficult subjects can only be done form a place of healing

  6. Victim silence is a major contributor to the crime itself – why do victims stay silent?

  7. How difficult is it for victims to speak up and what has to happen to facilitate this disclosure?

  8. We hear the women are assaulted multiple times, this statistic in itself is horrendous BUT there is a valid reason why this happens, and we need to make the world more aware of this – Michelle can you talk us through this concept? Hunters section on the website – we will talk in depth about this subject in subsequent shows, just want to introduce the concept here in the first show.

  9. On your website you have copies of your documentation – why was it important to share these publicly?

  10. With a bestselling book on your hands I know you will be in demand, what else fills your time? Introduce the work you do – briefly so we can expand on it in further shows – the coaching and workshops etc

  11. Part of my healing has been animals and I wondered since you have such beautiful white fluffy dogs called Coton de Tulears if that is true for you as well?

  12. Thank and join us next week where we continue this important discussion around survival planning. and LinkedIn business page

Radio Toni Insights with Michelle Sleight

Show Host

Over her life, Michelle has experienced multiple sexual predators assaulting her in various ways. Insight spans her journey of never giving up, her fight to overcome trauma and her courage to find true meaning in life against a wall of deaf ears, fear and resistance.

Michelle fought to have the serious impact of sexual assault trauma recognized setting a 1997 NSW legal precedent at sentencing. Her courage and honesty are inspiring. Her insight empowering, not just for those who have experienced sexual assault, but for the wider community.

Anyone wishing to survive a sexual attack needs to read this book. Be aware, be prepared and be a Survivor.

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