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Michelle Sleight
Michelle Sleight
Author, Motivational Speaker, Personal Coach

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Michelle Sleight

I’m a Survivor. I didn’t start out that way. I’ve spent many years as a Victim, living but dead. Sadly, I had NO idea. I didn’t perceive myself as a Victim. First reaction as a Victim, put up walls and never be a Victim again. This imprisoned me. I existed through the eyes and mind of a Victim.

Being sexually assaulted multiple times spanning the first 32-years of my life weren’t the only challenges I’ve faced. 1997 I set a legal precedent around sexual assault trauma. I’ve overcome a motor vehicle injury and learnt how to live with a permanent work-related chronic pain disability. Motherhood also bought challenges and learning curves while raising two gifted children.

Although my life has been difficult at times, I don’t see my story as sad. Instead, I share it as an inspirational tool to help others realize, they are free to live whatever life they choose despite the roadblocks. I transformed from a Victim to a Survivor, and I’m no one special. If I can, anyone can.

Radio Toni Insights with Michelle Sleight

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Michelle Sleight

Over her life, Michelle has experienced multiple sexual predators assaulting her in various ways. Insight spans her journey of never giving up, her fight to overcome trauma and her courage to find true meaning in life against a wall of deaf ears, fear and resistance.

Michelle fought to have the serious impact of sexual assault trauma recognized setting a 1997 NSW legal precedent at sentencing. Her courage and honesty are inspiring. Her insight empowering, not just for those who have experienced sexual assault, but for the wider community.

Anyone wishing to survive a sexual attack needs to read this book. Be aware, be prepared and be a Survivor.

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