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Project Review With Q, September 9, 2023

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Project Review With Q

Part 14

Project Review With Q

Project Review With Q
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Project Review With Q

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Project Review With Q

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caloocan qqqqq soundtrack
thank you for playing music politics everyone so that's my my jokes with the licensing agreements for music how are you doing today off to you and everybody been fantastic for Bayview but I will start with a quick little little jingle that will put a nice little on Spin and start for our call today is that all right
love it
this is called a chance and it's interesting how this came into our reality
like a million little doorways all the choices we made all the stages we pass through all the roles we played for so many different directions are Sheppard Pratt my hips turned with every door that we opened every bridge that we burned some how we find each other to All That masquerade somehow we find each other somehow we have stayed in a state of grace I don't believe in destiny for The Guiding hand of face I don't believe in forever or love is Mystical State I don't believe in the stars of the planets or eight but I believe there's a Joseph we can find someone to love
I'll make it last like a million little Crossroads to the Backstreets of Youth each time we turned into corner for so many different connection ass might have made with every door that we opened every game we played some how we find each other to all that masquerades somehow we find each other somehow we have stayed in state of grace I don't believe in destiny or The Guiding hand of Fate I don't believe in forever or love is Mystical State I don't believe in the stars and the planets or angels watching from above but I believe there's a chance we can find someone to love and make it last
and that was written by Jim rushing and Carl Jackson but performed by the band Rush and certainly that has Neil perks fingerprint on it as a probably one of the greatest to us study years of Consciousness indirectly so that's how I'd like to start today is that okay I guess it's over now huh now that was quite a start that was incredible so true
yeah and it's it's a fun way to look at things in that's why I project review Q is so fun for me because the more the more we start envisionment of what we were accepted to put in front of it showing up it's time to get the band back together well you're getting are you getting shocked you can your chops on this radio thing is if you if you don't mind will will take some calls today to do you have something you want to start with
would you like to share the next stage we're going through with saskia beautiful saskia year-and-a-half of European folks I know you've been real patient so we'll go ahead and get a nice time zone brakes for all you European folk and I'll be the one waking up at Sunny times as I said before so I will send an invite out to our German translator while strained oblique she's got a good Spanish background of a good Austrian fencing background and so I've nuts with great courage and I say you should see an invitation this week for all the European time zones I'm going to call it so that includes Africa as well and I have a message into sausages so that'll be nice and then I'll strap
if you don't mind being a little more patient I'm going to accommodate your time zone and so we got that one well well identified and then North America think we'll just keep the dust X the way they are unless there's some suggestion but I think it would start looking at these projects now we're going to go and started dancing up and if you start looking at your project now even the people we haven't put into the advanced section or discovery of encouraging all to make up some kind of document that you prefer that looks like a performer but it doesn't have Finance to a week ago so that we can now use our envisionment and I had the fortunate I was fortunate to be able to up ocean track again this week in a fabulous job and so now I'm ready to
project and or Envision what are the next steps I need and so it is a great pleasure to be able to publish that everybody can see that's my great-great go so you can see my project the farmers are ready to go Perpetual Gardner has already broken down as I said last week they said the more they see the end in mind the more these things are showing up in our reality is very important that we practice is now and this is like I said this is where the real work is is not to have any doubt or fear
these things will actually show up in your reality and it gets easier and easier and easier and it sounds like you already know what to do it feels like you were going to do because it is innate know what's fascinating about synchronicity when you get hundreds of people in visioning
these projects watch how fast they go into the more we talk about everything back the way we talk about special gargle all these healing all these healing Arena all of these Retreat Center the more we keep putting those together in our Visionary engine so to speak the more they start showing up pretty soon you have a radio show and pretty soon you won't have radio station and I'm going to suggest meeting this week that we go ahead and dance the feeling groups all-in-one My Discovery section and so I'm going to ask permission this week to go ahead and get the healers all in one conference room and start standardizing
some of the models so I would encourage all the groups to get some kind of path with an R what I'm calling a form of what that advanced is going to look like for you yeah we're bringing in
Luciana Cola Evans our secret healing superweapon what do you think I'll sit in and take a look at everyone so projects with us and see if she can lend a hand soak very excited about that and
what else you got going on Kristen actually also had a brilliant brilliant idea for the healing group so they might be really excited about what you're going to share to that's feeling really really well and you also have two prospective shift set up for ocean check to don't you
yeah so what what would I do is I want to make a nice template for everybody when I also want to be careful not to make my way the way you would do it so truly be open about how you how you make your next steps. The key is to realize you don't you don't put boundaries in things you already and see happened in your life I don't think I can do it is not how we work as a race we we know we're going to do we know we can do I can't wait to do it and then you take one step towards what you're going to do each and every day at the risk of being redundant repetitive I feel I can communicate exactly how to do it if you watch mine The Gardener is the farmers these guys we have coming through
and so one of those steps for me with those contractor's let's go see what kind of vessels accommodate the modalities and curriculums that I desire to get people out of the water so yeah I like super got those are really cool but it doesn't fix Promenade didn't need in the end of the realization of what what is maybe safety parameters of comfort and durability and interest and an ability all of those things come into play with with my project and so now the vessels now only look for vessels at 10
a suit the the the ocean track
now why am I not worried about
all the all the things that makes him with possession of a of an asset like that because I don't care about that would be a hurdle how are you going to come up with the money I don't really care about that I can find other ways to negotiate terms and conditions for vessels and that's what I would want it to start
looking at other opportunities in which week picture assets by turning yourself into a performance contract expert really is a fun way to do business so it doesn't sample if you want it back though you wouldn't think about trying to buy a backhoe you would think about you would do would process I really love digging catches I love you so I need to find somebody who will need to text you all right
how much how much will you accommodate me for okay fine and then the backhoe comes into fruition so we're we're doing business backwards in North America is all I'm getting it if we're inspired to build a home for inspired to do these things the resources they seem to show up all the time. They are
yes and in fact that reminds me of a story that was posted on for the spirit. Space about a failing business that use their creativity and their playfulness to revive it and people can go read that or if we have any time today we can cover that for a few minutes I'd love to you so there was a walk a Yama electric Railway the Kashi station in Japan right was losing
I knew you could
electric Railway where they were going to close and the president of the Railway came up with this really fun idea they had a resident cat their name to Tama today appointed the cat the stationmaster and they publicized it and within a short period of time he sees Asian increase 17% income which was 1.1 billion yen additional to attend usually got so within a year they promoted, to Super stationmaster and of course they publicize that the ceremony was attended by the presidents and the mayor and three hundred Spectators and of course people started showing up at that station and on and on it went but it was really fun for everybody if they redesigned the station to look like a kitty's face and the kitty had a special hat
stationmaster and it was just really really fun and it boosted sales I didn't cost them anything except for whatever the hat and the special treats I gave to the cat but her main job was to greet the customers that's a really fun way to take a business area and put about the Urn to Speed it starting all day and they can meet the seal know that's a great story I did want to mention that one components that the mermaids extremely excited about is the Aquatic birthing we had a great presentation this week and we fell off our chairs knowing full well we have to do that and I'm finding an incredible atmosphere incredible Bay with spring water warm what better way to have a child birth when you say
everyone was excited about it that I could feel when you start looking at the healers re-educating the way we initiate our relationships we we bring a lot more positive positivity into our our our relationships from the get-go before before we consider having it a child and of course those epigenetics are greatly decreased these traumas of R&R bar
making love makes a loving baby
so we got to change the Tilt that is kind of fun to go through a lot of these calls as we are if our schools would start teaching that instead of the mechanics of sex that I think we'd have a little more dialogue in the people last week I know we took a little bit of a break there and I'm glad cuz it would been Trucking pretty good there but Miss Arizona showed up I always love hearing that going to give her a shout out and they are stoked as always and but the one that really is going to compliment a lot of farmers who is our are hemp present presenters this week when you say
that was that is the I can't wait to put them in with the other farmers and professional farmer or the container farmer and revolutionary former I think I'm calling you guys are not screwing around and and I think them so much they really want to get some work done and so do I so what else you want to chit-chat about us we are a couple calls coming in I just wanted to make a comment that farmers are a very special quality of human they're so so beautiful it's stopped at 1 it is confusing for me that we would not want and I realize that it's fun living in cities and there's so much to do and as a society something everyone should be farming we should be close to a form at least and
it just surprised me that we would monopolize and and commercialize living things, so that's the Bartell Ranch Farm organic farms and it's got 6,000 Acres I mean commercialize strawberry I can't believe how we did that
if you want to chat about something else and love talking to the people I'll take a deep breath. Okay
okay if you're ready to go we have Debbie Swan from Hawaii online one
can you hear me hello hello
well a big shout out to the team
2 of course your support group the mermaid oh I love it so this is your with me my entire days
it's just something that's in my heart and this is before Hawaii Lahaina
the volcanoes this was before I set foot here
but I wanted a way
and I know it will happen
I know it its heartfelt but I want to transmute lava that has hardened
and has cool
plantable soil
I want it safely
I'm going to make it happen
this is because
families who are displaced
Drumm Farm's
should be able to move anywhere on these islands
they're all volcanic
sustainable food for themselves
without having to
with the land the lava without having to chemically fertilize it
I know it's a matter of time
but I I feel it and I know it's going to happen
that's my project blue lava black lava it doesn't matter
yeah. That is a great thank you for your call I'll make sure to look for you in the hopper therefore give me will go to the next caller but that is outstanding outstanding observation getting process for many materials here has been locked I know the professional Gardener has even more mineral technology that has been lost and obviously a lot of people garden with vortices as well
and water Technologies and you're seeing people come out with the other thank you thank you thank you next caller ID shows that okay that is such an exciting project thank you for sharing that we have Karen from California online 3
and I am here high cheer you well last week
are y'all there today good day please continue
okay so so I'm calling on on my own regard today but I wanted to
there's no way to say how much gratitude I feel for your conversation and are quick Lubes Sparkles are just flying off of her eyelashes name for her house in Stereo better every day it gets a little stronger and she's the same
and you can post for each day
the feedback you're giving me I can't I just love it so much thank you so much it since it is so exciting to have proof that armed our abilities are real and they took do I want to be sensationalising this work whatsoever I I just want people to have some success and then I get to learn to because there's so many different degrees and incapable our capabilities are so vast that there's no way we can standardized from anybody on how to recalibrate to Source that's that that is my great agenda if I have one as is to play with it and make it yours your own thank you so much for that is there any questions you have for me
no I don't think I have a question but Kristen asked me if I wanted to make an appointment for hats from what you said in your introductory remark is too late but had I realized that she was actually speaking to me and how I realized it's Tammy's computer was on mute and I make an appointment I don't know if it's too late too late for that
yes so it's it's being to its there's some key people listening right now you're in good hands but I'm sure we can accommodate that all of us are get it uses a gray this is a great conversation because all of us are getting our capabilities back and you know you're doing it is what I mean about our natural communication process as it does it never works and that's how that's how we get getting a little bit of trouble so when you just know when you know yeah it is the real deal
so no symbols numerology know if you see identity that's always our clue you got to be careful with it cuz we we can get to feeling that you really soft really soft it's really sure though does that make sense
quite sure how you're lying it that's okay we will work on that in some of these as he's collaboration centers come come together I can't wait to be a part of that and and show how we do it and how we are able to merge and and change and I before that I'll take the next column and I think you so much your question just a brief synopsis of my project
okay alright still if I know how to do is Mike my project is a neighborhood choirs and they start on Earth and in my mind they go Galactic and exports that needs technology in time but at some point we're going to have choirs in the sky that are starting on the ground
after all is said and done when the kids are out in the well I don't know whatever is going on everybody depending on when my contacts everybody is going to need to recover and the way to recover a way to recover and get your frequency back off or up for the first time any of us is and so I aim to set up neighborhood Flyers that I don't know maybe
fortnite like a population is like a would be covered by a high school area and I don't know I haven't looked at eight and a half but people in the neighborhood know each other come together and and Chris in concert 20 years and eventually Edition test it's in your neighborhood you know and even if it's three people that's why I'm not coming and going home and interesting songs practicing and pretty soon there's more people coming and walking down the street is your neighbor singing this song and what are you are you suggest are you suggesting we start singing hymns again is that what you're suggesting
oh no no no that's a good idea I think that's
that's not what I think they're okay but that's not what I was thinking the first first round is something called meet with your heart it's my group called The Tenors and it's about meeting with your heart that's the one thing you can try things like that and I do when you're down and out and when the the storms raging will you come and anchor me some stuff like that in my mind is actually right now
I'm thinking maybe the second year maybe it would be good to get everybody jumping again and we can do a year focusing on doing and rock and roll song you know like she's so fine or walking down the street or you know what's your name stinks like that right off the top of my head does that communicate better
perfect R&B hymns rock and roll hymns I love it I love it and ask a question
what stops us from doing that today
all right I'm going to ask you to clarify what stop my project is going on it or what
let's not identify with stay as a collection of all of us are in our neighborhood why do why do we not do that because we don't get out and associated with each other but on the other hand whenever you're or walk down the street I'm singing so and then it's always a chain-reaction I guess somebody else is happening today but not on
it's a really big topics for for me to give me if I'm interrupting I have a break in my phone so I'm not sure what would I found so we the Legacy way we used to live here would be to have a Grange hall a large auditoriums we all connect share resources material so you name it and then of course one of the ways we would celebrate and record our events of the day was through song
and that's none of us can really understand or at least where were buffalo believe they came from a fish sticks so it is so nurturing to have faith in your group or Community your communities used to be based on people you wanted to live around 2 that's what's unique about the Western world where in communities and we don't even know our neighbors because we didn't move there together we'd make a tribe and move somewhere and and so I am celebrating all these great project because they're they're they're doing 180 with with the story is quite clear we need to make our own, system within our communities
regardless of what style weathers trading and bartering it doesn't really matter when you start trusting each other again and judgment removed I would say with you
having your heart rate with harmonics that's scary for a lot of men to show their true selves and we talked about it every week all of us who say where are them then why why are they afraid to show themselves the true authenticity of a man there's a great agenda there isn't a charity for us all to realize that our communion together help us all heal when you say
yes absolutely I would say again.
I would love to talk about this forever and ever and but yet I want to be fair to the other callers to is that is that okay if we do we continue this Sunday
is it eventually will build the neighborhood music club and we'll have rooms for practicing a giving free singing lessons I remember last week I guess it was last week you said that you're interested in taking yourself the same stuff you the rest of you that was a beautiful conversation I thank you so much and thank you for calling in and I will send your daughter another boost today tell you when but I'll give her I'll give her some more wind in your sails and I love these calls and my great love to you and your daughter
oh thank your aunt and see you and thank you
thank you Karen and the next color please forgive me John your name was somehow invisible John from California who is supposed to be before that online to go ahead John
hello again
it's good to speak to everybody thank you I'll Esha great to see you again Q
just real quick couple times before and I'm just kind of going out here on a couple of questions that might be off topic
condom the Ebe part one will there be a part 2 or if not are you going to be able to share with us what happened to you after the video ended
we've been talking about that and it's in the works
my suggestion is a better person to ask about this as far as the intrinsic stuff I want to do a documentary regarding much of what occurred in Area 51 in it and many many other place
but this is also a good tool for the people who conducted this this who did this to me and many others this is our opportunity to tell the story and we can check them when I get to check to see if they're going to cough it up and as you can see pretty tough information
I mean
I went as I mentioned before I was awake or I guess the channel to be awakened about
all four years ago now but I can't imagine being
Dominick's not aware of what's going on trying to live their life right now I know everybody thinks I'm crazy I don't care. I want to answer the next question real quick my closest relative which is my younger brother he is very tolerant and even him and his his wife my sister-in-law they don't
play they all boy they just flash me and I don't care anymore so I just send them updates from my heart and what I think is going on the next question I want to ask you and I know what the project review with Q on the zoom calls you're super busy during the week but you mentioned in one of your early calls on the BBS radio interviews that you might be able to talk more about finding an hour somewhere in the week or you could talk more about Jesus or the black or the original Bible so I'm wondering I know there's a lot of crammed in here and Society is so in need of an Awakening is there a chance that you might have something where you can talk more about Jesus being the the one Redeemer the one
true Son of God and and what is an example of what the other what the other high spiritual entities and how it all works because you talked about heaven being a spiritual fractal layer in and out of all these beings that one time and it's very confusing even for people that are awake and really love to learn more about that
yes well let me let me just summarize real quick and to be Noble to the other college going in the biggest travesty of the video You're talkin about is all the technology that was given to you that has been hidden from you and one of those one of those piece of technology conference Gateway so I mention it many many times I'm sure this is all news to me when you can sort and look and extrapolate to Hartmann live Silo Consciousness incredible communicate with the help people wear to understand the variables show the big game here is we don't want you to know that you're all time travelers you're all creating a timeline you're all incredible Powerhouse that's the game and so that
my that's my great gift if there is one here as I have my memories. I know what they don't want you know so I'll probably stay for that because I'm not real excited about any past identity because you've all had multiple multiple multiple I get there and and we need to get get good at playing with it it's going to be very fun I'll go on to the next caller but yes I will be available very soon when we get these collaboration centers that set up so we can do some some really good work thank you thank you so much for calling and having so much faith in us
thank you thank you John and also there is the Ebe post and there's also the is the post if you haven't seen that one that's start a continuation and there will be many more so thank you for your questions really good questions so we have
Dan Witt from Canada online for
hello hello
hi we can hear you got some okay thank you for this call it's just as I just love it I love your Enlightenment and all the enthusiasm and thank you to bbso a great day to you queue and Austria and all the listeners
I just had a question
I heard you mention a little earlier Q about the the coming week and hemp farmer or Farming Farming Community is there a way that
is there a way that we can sit in and and listen the end yes we are so with these advances were recording them all and so now you'll get to listen in on in that and that's why we're doing it is so you don't have to sit on all of these professional conference calls you can where we want to be the crash test dummies for you and you get to learn a positive or negative how these projects being fulfilled and what maybe you would have ideas how to make us more successful project look for a way in the future where we're going to populate
we have populated the hierarchical system that you can drill into based on Project Styles and types and which ones are advancing on progress I have several ideas but I want us all to put it together so everyone knows everyone can have access to it so that sucks that's good news you don't really the people put their project and I we just want to get some nice twins if you will and then we get we get on our feet underneath us and then I would expect if there's a lot of people coming for the one to help too and so we can backfill some positions at ways that make sense
yeah it sure does just call me at the previous two callers the one on singing she can sign me up I'm I'd love to learn how to sing and I think that's a really good Community Endeavor and also putting together a show on the timelines and and to me that's got to be maybe in my mind it may be the most important thing is is
you know
ascending Trends transcending the abductions and everything is so I really look forward to that and that what they're saying thank you thank you so much thank you I would encourage you of Billy and Gina hallworth they did do a pretty good timeline presentation one day yes we'll move on to the other call thank you thank you thank you
thank you so much we have Rhonda from New York online 5
hello q and Asha I'm so glad to be talking to you thank you thank you for
I have what
your amplifier goes to 11 and let me get it away from my mouth thank you I'll be happy to send it to you yeah and thank you for all the lessons I started listening like last I think October and anyway listening to you guys getting educated only learning about who I am and
what I can be as just been an emotional ride but in a good way when I'm finally starting J able to process things and what doesn't need to stay go so I can make room for all the good stuff anyway I don't know if you saw my project is called on the road again maybe maybe not
I do that was a lie about going to go ahead
and what I want to do is be my cats and some friends take a road trip around the country and just talk to people converse with people stop wherever when is it feel inspired to stop and just have conversations with people and find out what they want what they need and connect them to the people and they can get those things for them and it kind of tries a little bit into a couple other projects I have where I'm focusing on senior citizens and wanting to repair everybody's homes just the way they want them and make sure they have access to any services or support that they need. That's pretty much in a nutshell I have experimented with doing things for people without expecting anything
can return and is the results are very interesting sometimes because example we don't stop at a gas station and I happens you know I happened to be working and if if my gas tank full or I will actually approached other people at their gas tanks and ask him if I can put like $5 worth of gas in their car and it's almost comical the responses I get but some of the resplendent I just want to pass this kind of stuff you know one guy was like you don't have no idea how much I needed that today and then another guy was like I know he didn't need the gas but he's like man I'm going to go do this for other people so I want to be able to inspire people to do that for four people and and be able to connect them to whatever that is
they need to get with their hearts desires are so I'm not sure if that really fits into a project but it's kind of like all the prospects in one no that's really great thank you so much for the call yeah I experimented with synchronicity so many times and that is I can remember having less than $500 in my pocket and the panhandlers real young kids
making maybe some interesting choices in their lives they asked me for $5 any money you can I gave him all of my money that I had on at which it was all the money in the world and and just to see how fast it comes back into your life knowing that I wanted to help him I didn't give him money I just knew if I gave him enough by maybe they would get things cleaned up and do something that maybe they would prefer better and sure enough not not even the next day when is my resources comes into my life and I'm not endorsing that modality but there there's just so many opportunities when you do things with great care. That energetic comes right back
call attend time Grandeur when you said hi
I've experienced it and yeah and I remember when I was down and out and people out of nowhere helped and it's like I would like to pass that on
absolutely thank you for the call so much I will make sure you get in the hopper stay with us I'm sure you'll be a great fit for many any other complimentary project thank you thank you thank you
and thank you
thank you Rhonda and Q great call really interesting and exciting we have Lisa from Colorado online one
hi thanks Tasha IQ good to talk to you again I just want to get my frequency back up and running you guys I was one of the first I think week of the presentations and I had the backyard pantry and I just know that you guys are kind of continuing on and he said that you were going to forward me on and I just wondering if that happening at Olive Garden happening with some fruits and I didn't want to get in there as soon as possible so much that's why we do these radio show so we don't have the triage the emails it doesn't work in my opinion it slows down our creative Force
this will be the first week we're having Advanced invitations out and yours and healing group death-defying projects are the first to go and so I feel we're going to have to do probably two weeks of that and make sure everyone has their proformance put together that I don't want to be a poem for my lights being on the line items just so we can see what you need and get you resource so if you can just prepare for that that's my suggestion work or come into the conference with other suggestion so we will everything is for you absolutely everything
I can switch you okay
does that help
yeah yeah I just wasn't sure if they were going to send emails like it's the first time for the zoom or how they were contacting us don't worry we got you and I appreciate your patience it's going to be really fun actually this will go really fast soon
awesome okay thank you guys so much for everything you do talk to him
Thank you Lisa and we are all really really love you so much for all working is as diligently as we can to honor you and get back to everyone so thank you for your patience we have Carol from Florida online tree
Carol are you there 93
okay we're going to move on to
Hey Ron I'm sorry that you Carol I was just calling to see if you had received
hello we can here you go ahead
we can here with Carol go ahead
you're not getting anything in Russia
can you hear me can you hear me
oh can you hear me
do I have a question please
I was just calling to see if I had sent a project and and then did a resubmission for the project and I just wanted to
it's for sovereignty and I did one for healing also
both are in the mix yes stay tuned for give us a response yet we'll make sure you get taken care of my great love Steve okay thank you
thank you Carol we have about one minute left raw from Honduras online to thank you
all right we got to get Lithuanian Bulgarian do for nausea
so he is he saying thank you but I'll take a call because he wants to wait thank you
well so we caught a rap everyone getting down to the wire your own way going to be respectful of BBS if it's a good it was a good show today though I feel like we got a little bit of work done what do you think yes it was bentastic show I love all the calls and all your responses really fun keep following us folks takes a beautiful beautiful tried to to have a beautiful try but I need you I need all of you to to find your your beautiful space and I love this work. I love you and how much help you've been everyone see what you want see what you want and you're going to get it now my great-great love to you all have a beautiful day thank you to thank you Don and the team and all the colors thank you bye bye

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